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Are You A Solopreneur?

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Sawdust & Dirt

I listen to every one of Gary Vaynerchuk's #AskGaryVee shows/podcasts and he ALWAYS has great advice on social marketing, biz, etc. Every so often I find myself saying, "yes, that's what I want to know." Skip and FF to the question.

Clay Club tonight at Shane Mickey Pottery in Bakersville

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Clay Club is tonight!Details:When: 6 pm tonightWhat: discussion about making a living: selling online versus at shows versus having your own retail space.Where: Shane Mickey Pottery in Bakersville (see link below for directions)We will have the usual potluck, so bring food to share. Show More Summary

How to Press Mold a Large Bowl in Sections

Those of you who are avid CAD readers may remember the work of Belgian artist Ann Van Hoey from a couple of years ago when she won the CAD Peoples Choice Emerging Artist award. I was immediately smitten by her work and even more smitten when I saw the snippet of her making it in... Read More »

When The Mud Meets The Bat

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Sawdust & Dirt

I listened to The Potters Cast #116 with Connee Mayeron and heard the most wonderful way of describing the excitement of throwing.At 49:10 Connee explains,I don't want to measure what I'm throwing with a caliper, because I want the tension of when the form is kind of at it's most significant moment, when it's the most alive. Show More Summary


2 months agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I started my big kiln yesterday morning... or at least I thought I had started it. So there it was, 3 pm in the afternoon before I decided to go into the kiln room Hubby built to see how far along the burn had progressed. And the digital...Show More Summary

Guidelines for Using Commercial Stains in Glazes

It’s really pretty hard to find a bad thing to say about commercial stains. They produce brilliant colors, are safe to use, and are very reliable. I suppose the only negative is that they can be pricey, but that priciness can be made...Show More Summary

is it time to leave oakland?

I recently returned from a trip to Spokane, Washington. My husband and I went there to do a preliminary assessment of Spokane's real estate market and potential as a possible future home for us.It was not randomly chosen. It's beautiful, outdoorsy, with a river running through it and more city parks than I have ever seen. Show More Summary

Vote For Odyssey To Receive A Grant

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Odyssey Clayworks is in the running for a $100,000 grant! We need 250 votes to make it to the next round. It takes only a second. Click here to vote. Please cast your vote and share with your friends. If you would like to know more about our organization, click here:

Yay for Family and Friends

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Arches National Park Hubby and I spent time with family and friends all last week. It was a bit weird not being on the computer but I did sneak time with my phone from time to time.We ended up going on a loop from Southern New Mexico...Show More Summary

Clean Sweep

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Years ago, Gerry and I put up a climbing route at Saurtown Mountain on a rainy Christmas eve. It was a great day, I was probably as strong on that day as I have ever been. We called the route Clean Sweep since our last name was Broome...Show More Summary

Toe River Studio Tour this weekend!

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

The Toe River Studio Tour is this weekend and lots of Clay Clubbers are participating. If you're near Mitchell and Yancey Counties in Western North Carolina, download a tour guide and go on a tour of the studios!From the Toe River Arts Council website:This year’s first tour boasts 61 studios, 94 artists (7 new) and 11 galleries. Show More Summary

Nanny Cam for my kiln

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Finally did it...hooked up a Nanny Cam for my kiln that I can watch on my phone at the house!Awesome sauce!

Even Heat Kiln For Sale Asheville $400

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Used EvenHeat 220volt electric kiln. Works great. Good shape. I used it for 06-04 firings and sitter (cones) work fine. With kiln I have added 4 1/2 shelves with posts, glazes, cones, stains..etc all you'll need to have fun. 17 1/2 " diameter and 18" inches deep inside. Show More Summary

Screen Printing and Mono Printing Techniques on a Simple Handbuilt Plate

Screen printing on pots is definitely a trend these days and one of the main trend setters in this area is Jason Bige Burnett. Jason draws on his background in screen printing and graphic design to create his super fun work.   In today's post, Jason shows how to transfer a screen printed image to a slab and then turn that slab into a simple plate. Show More Summary

Kiln for sale in Asheville

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Skutt 1227 kiln for sale in AshevilleThe specifics:Skutt model 1227New elements last August3 half shelvesOne whole shelfStandEnviroventLocated in Asheville$1800Contact:Betsy GrayTanners Creek Asheville NC

Mother Daughter Tea

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

How many of you remember the mother daughter teas from girl scouts? I was a girl scout from 1st grade brownie scout all the way through high school cadette scout. Every year we had a mother daughter tea and and father daughter banquet. Show More Summary

June Clay Club at Shane Mickey Pottery in Bakersville

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

June Clay Club will take place next Wednesday, June 10, at 6 pm at Shane Mickey's new gallery in Bakersville. (Thanks, Shane!) We will have a discussion about making a living: selling online versus at shows versus having your own retail space. Show More Summary

Thirty Years

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Gerry and I spent this past weekend in Asheville NC. Many of you reading are plenty familiar with Asheville, I'm sure. What a great town. So full of art and fun. It was a perfect spot to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We were only there for a couple of days, but we packed a lot in. Show More Summary

Crater Test Series

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Here are some Crater Glaze Tests with stains. The recipe is Pinnell Strontium Matte at cone 6 E1 firing 60 Nepheline Syenite20 Strontium Carbonate1 Lithium Carbonate10 Ball Clay–Old Mine #49 Silica100 TotalAdditives5 Titanium Dioxide 2.5 % Silicon Carbide 600 MApply VERY thick. Show More Summary

Custer Feldspar 200 Mesh is out of stock for about 8 months

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Pacer Feldspar said they will not be making 200 mesh Custer for 8 months until they fix their grinding machine. So they will only have 325 mesh until then.

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