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Through the Looking Glass

I can feel the scritch and scratch of pencil on paper vibrating through the long wooden table as it sit, my own pencil poised motionless, staring into space. Sora sits to my right with her biology homework spread before her on the kitchen table, while Canaan studies his english grammar at the end of the table facing me. Show More Summary


3 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Are you a college student or know a student interested in participating in our Summer Workshop Series? Good News! We are offering a special discount for students- 25% off workshop tuition. Use discount code student25 when registering on EventBrite. Or call 828-285-0210.

String of Beads - A Dangerous Doodle by Miraculous Mosquito

3 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I thought this was fun, and so I thought I would share it with you today. I don't have my hands in the clay today; I'm outside in the garden.Have fun and enjoy! - Natalie

You Might Be One.....

3 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Yes, I work in a store that sells home-brew supplies and yes we often have a tap gong of a really good microbrew, and yes I still prefer Budweiser. Chillin' on the porch last night with a cold one. Gerry read me the following list this morning and it just set me off. Show More Summary

New Stuff

3 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Y'all know what happens when I get a check in the mail from my mom with a note that says buy yourself a cute outfit for Easter, or get yourself a pretty dress, etc, you know...... poor woman, she means well..... but..... I got myself some new boots! I have a small obsession with American flag motifs. Show More Summary

Fast and Easy

When you google "fast & easy" you get mostly recipe links. But one of the phrases google suggested to me was "fast and easy ways to get pregnant."Um. I guess I thought the fastest and easiest was the one everybody already knows?NoneShow More Summary

Loot from the Conference

I saw so much over the last few days, my head is swimming with ideas - which I guess is the point of NCECA. I took a bunch of photos, but I need to go through them and attach the correct names to the works, and then I can share them....Show More Summary

New Bead Design

4 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I have been having fun with the clay in between working with the copper pennies.I decided to do a combination of sprig and piercing technique and the lentil shape is such a fun bead shape.These are intensive to create and my hand gets a bit tired of all that poking, but the end result is so pretty.Can't wait to glaze and fire these.

artist date

I have been holding myself accountable for making time for an artist date each month. The idea comes from Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, a book I've been using (and ignoring, and using again) since I was in my 20's. The idea is to get yourself out of your usual creative routine in the studio and go do something creatively fun, even indulgent. Show More Summary

2015 Windgate Museum Internship Host Institutions announced, applications now open for interns

4 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) is pleased to announce the 10th Windgate Museum Internship call for applications. Show More Summary

Transformed Pennies

4 weeks agoArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

SO here we are.... sanded and sealed.This has been quite the experiment for me and I've enjoyed the process. Hope you've enjoyed following it as well.If you are interested in purchasing these, I will begin adding them to my website as soon as possible.Thanks for stopping by. --Natalie

The Book of (Egyptian) Faience by John Goddard

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Through the magic of instagram, I've met John Goddard, who has done a ton of experimentation with Egyptian faience, aka Egyptian paste. If you're interested in working with Egyptian faience, check out his downloadable book, "The Book of Faience," on his website. Show More Summary

Liver of Sulfer Patina on Copper

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I'm nearing the end of this project. Today I braved the LOS part of this project. It was not as smelly as I thought it was going to be.And it did not take as long as I thought it might.All that is left to do with these is to sand lightly to bring out the texture and seal with Renaissance Wax.

Haywood Clay Workshop with Susan Feagin! Monday 3/30!

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Professional Crafts - Clay Workshop with Susan Feagin! Monday, March 30, 2015 1pm - 4PM at HCC!Susan is the Clay Coordinator at Penland School. She'll be demonstrating her various approached to surface design treatment. Please join us! Call Terry Gess at 828 565 4159 or email for more info.

Stories Potters Tell: Clay and Community in the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour

Here's a great new video by the American Craft Council about the St. Croix Potters Tour. There are so many family faces and pots!I'm very excited to announce that I will be showing my work at Guillermo Cuellar's studio in 2016, so let's get together next year in the St. Croix Valley!

Ceramic Art Bead Market series of GIVEWAYS

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Dusky Seafoam Ceramic Sprig Beads Hello Everyone. It is my turn to contribute to the Facebook Group "Ceramic Art Bead Market series of GIVEWAYS" For a chance to win these DUSKY SEAFOAM CERAMIC SPRIG BEADS, please comment on THIS post IN the Facebook group of the same name. Show More Summary

Kiln Shelves for Sale

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Fourteen(14"x28") kiln shelves for sale. Fired to cone 05. No warpage, no kiln wash, only a few drips on one shelf. Selling for less than half new price. $350 for all 14 or sold individually. Tzadi Turrou828-675-4241.

Mad Dog Shino

Now you'll recognize me at NCECA One nice thing about working at Portland Pottery is I always get a handful of pots out of each kiln load. I don't fire all my demos - I'd be buried in a mountain of not-quite-polished pot - but every firing there are a few.This one is a trick I love to show students. Show More Summary

Is it Food Safe?

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I have a new article entitled "Is it Food Safe?" which tries to address the many questions and confusions regarding ceramic glazes. I also include tips on studio safety.I am selling as a PDF (electronic file) on my site for $0.99 for 3 days and then for $1.99.CLICK HERE!

Mariah Blows the Stars Around

They may call the wind Maria; I call it a giant pain in the ass. Though it was slow to get rolling, I was very excited to finally be firing. The past winter had not been conducive (not that the so-called "spring" has been a hell of a lot better so far!) but I finally got the kiln loaded and candled overnight last night. Show More Summary

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