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Ceramic equipment and property with ceramic studio for sale in Arden, North Carolina

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Hank Goodman is selling his property in Arden, NC, and it includes a ceramic studio. Hank says it would be a great place for a younger potter to walk in and get to work. You can view the property here: is also selling the ceramic equipment listed below. Show More Summary

Stencils à Deux: Making My Own

I played with the commercial stencils for a while, as I mentioned last post, and I like them, but to me they look conspicuously commercial. Though I like the crisp perfection of the image - the better to contrast with the softer qualities of my work - I want to personalize it.One thing I discovered is that I don't really know how to make a stencil. Show More Summary

Epic move

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

It's hard to believe I am actually saying this, but we have moved and are settling in to our new home! Whew, this was one hard earned house. We started this process with the listing of our old house back in October, and tomorrow the final papers will be signed. Show More Summary

NEXT WEEK! Designing And Making Multiples Workshop with Nick Moen

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

What Is YOUR Shape? Designing And Making Multiples With Precision 5-Day Workshop with Nick Moen In this workshop students will learn techniques for making multiples and matching sets that fit together cohesively. We will start by contemplating how objects can enhance our lives in deliberate and meaningful ways. Show More Summary

Stencil Me In

You know who I love? Karen Dicenso! Karen is the voice on the phone (one of them) when you call Portland Pottery. (Like, say, when you call to register for the upcoming Raku Workshop! Seriously, do, it's gonna be fun.) She also teaches in the adjacent classroom during my Thursday pm class. Show More Summary

How to Make a Berry Bowl with Clay Slabs and Few Tools

This clip was excerpted from Simple Elegance: Slab Building & Glaze Color Exploration, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!  The Berry Bowl: A Great Slab Clay Project I am always on the hunt for fun and interesting slab clay projects and, in addition to loving Birdie Boone’s pots, I am super impressed by her slab... Show More Summary

Toe River Studio Tour this weekend

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

The Toe River Spring Studio Tour starts Friday and runs through Sunday, 10-5 each day. 100+ artists, including a number of Clay Clubbers, in Mitchell and Yancey counties. Reception at the Spruce Pine Toe River Arts Council (TRAC) Gallery 5:30-7:30 pm on Friday. Details on the TRAC website:

playing catch up

I got up at 5 am today so I would have time to write a post. The lack of blog writing has been jabbing at me. I haven't been writing not because I don't want to or have nothing to say. In fact it's been the opposite which is what makes that jabbing so painful. Show More Summary

Kids Summer Clay Camp at Odyssey ClayWorks

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

We are thrilled to offer another solid line up of exceptional programming for kids this summer. We are starting off with a bang with Round and Round, and My Pet Dinosaur Clay Camps, June 13-17. Calling all young artists! Join us for a full week of creating unique works of art with clay. Sibling discount available. Click here for more information, or call 828-285-0210.

Studio Potters Open the Doors to Their 60X60-Foot Workspace

I think most studio potters have at least a tiny bit of voyeuristic tendencies when it comes to the work spaces of other potters. But don’t be ashamed! It is not as creepy as it sounds! It is practical to see how other ceramic artists have set up their studios because it can help you... Show More Summary

Two Deadlines

I can never get my act together enough to apply to the shows I'd like to be represented in. I always seem to miss the window between oh-that's-ages-away, no-need-to-think-about-it-yet and OOPS TOO LATE. Both of these shows are in the...Show More Summary

Simple Elegance: Slab Building & Glaze Color Exploration with Birdie Boone

In this Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video, Birdie Boone shares her practical techniques for making lightweight, graceful pots with thin slabs, as well as her testing process for glaze color exploration. If your goal is creating refined...Show More Summary

Its Happening....

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Today is my 31st anniversary. Gerry and I have been on a long crazy journey together and today is probably the craziest anniversary to date. We used to go on vacation every June 1. Then we had Wesley and had to wait for school to get out. Show More Summary

How to Handbuild a Hexagonal Jar Using a Template

Throwing is great, but if you are interested in exploring more angular shapes handbuilding is a good way to go. If you want to be able to repeat those forms consistently, using a template will save you time and hassle.In today’s post, an excerpt from Handbuilding Techniques, Don Hall shares how to make a hexagonal... Show More Summary

Easy Peasy Three Ingredient Glazes

In today's post, our own Holly Goring not only includes some versatile three-ingredient base glaze recipes, but she also gives simple straightforward explanations of the chemistry behind them. If you have always wanted to experiment with your own glazes, but didn't know where to start, this post is just the ticket. Show More Summary

My Beautiful Balloon Basket

Woven clay baskets present some challenges. Because there's a lot of air space, they obviously don't hold up well without support, at least until late leatherhard. Building within a mold is one solution, but gravity works against you: the horizontals stick to the verticals and complicate matters. Show More Summary

I'm good

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Tracey Broome

Wesley sent me this photo on her birthday. She has become fascinated with horses lately and for her birthday she wanted a horseback ride. We sent money for her birthday this year so she could have a nice weekend on the beach. She found a ranch at Bodega Bay, found a sweet AirB&B and had a festive 23rd birthday. Show More Summary

FREE Slide Lecture Tonight at Odyssey ClayWorks

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Melisa Cadell & Susannah Zucker will be giving a slide lecture TONIGHT at 7pm at Odyssey ClayWorks FREE and open to the public. Please join us!

Color Splash: How to Make Vibrant Bursts of Color on Pottery Using Ceramic Colorants and Slip

Impressing textures into soft clay and then playing with those textures in the glazing process is loads of fun (in my humble opinion). I often do washes of color on my textured surfaces, leaving concentrations of the glaze or colorant in the recesses. Show More Summary

Needed: mullite, kyanite, etc.

2 months agoArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Does anyone in the Bakersville, Spruce Pine or Burnsville NC area have some Mullite or Kyanite or Pyrax. I need a couple of pounds. 929-467-5020 John Britt

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