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Ceramic Equipment for sale in Nashville, TN

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Ceramic equipment for sale in Nashville, TN, 3/19-20----- Please share:Skutt kiln, large, KS1227 equivalent (c/8) has add'l blank ring (c/1) Slip mixer & mold pouring table (w/ recycling mixer) Great-good-or-likely-good-though-officially-as-is condition -- Owned and maintained by my electrical engineer uncle, who was also a great ceramics nerd. Show More Summary

New Direction part two

In my last post, I showed some of Lowell’s facejugs from the wood kiln. I had a few pots in there, but most were from clay bodies I wanted to test and see how they acted with our clay and glazes in this particular kiln.  More testing, more testing. I really like a wood kiln. There’s [...]

New directions

A year is an awfully long time between blog posts. Well it may be time to revisit the practice of blogging. With so much personal stuff going on plus the allure of Facebook, and all the other Social Networking platforms, blogging seems to have taken a spot way down the list. Well here I am, still [...]

Rolled Pennies

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Ooooo.... so pretty! These are all pennies minted 1981 or before. Why that date? Because they had a higher copper content.Looking closely there is still the hint of the imprint of the white house on the back and Lincoln on the front.A bit of sandpaper will take care of that. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by! -- Natalie

Potters, Gardeners, Pets Need Help? The Perfect Assistance is Here!

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I'm posting this for my assistant, Sarah Holt. Jump on it now! Thanks from Gay Smith. Hi! My name is Sarah Holt,and I am looking for work to support myself. I have over 10 years of clay experience, and I can mix glazes, mix clay, process...Show More Summary

The Chosen Ones

Out of the 30 swirl cups that I fired last month in the wood kiln, these are the 5 i have chosen for the annual AKAR Design Yunomi Invitational [2014] [2013] [20??]. I wanted to choose a group that showed a variety of color, swirl, and...Show More Summary

Time To Start Paying Off That Rolling Mill

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

About a year ago, maybe longer, I purchased a rolling mill. I played around with it for a few days but other things needed to be done and this got put away.I try to pay for my equipment by making stuff on it and selling it until it is...Show More Summary

The Ides of March

The frost carves geometric landscapes in the surface of the puddles in our driveway as we slide once more under the edge of the eternal sunrise. There is such beauty in the world, from the minute to the magnificent. We are blessed with a fresh new start everyday, an opportunity to write a new chapter in our lives. Show More Summary

Playing The Pro

new inlay slip test tiles I had an interesting conversation with a student who is taking Cynthia Bringle's concentration at Penland last night. We made introductions and she said she was more of a hobbyist than an artist. I chuckledShow More Summary

Revisiting A Design

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Brownish Red Ceramic Beads with White Rivets I came across a few of these in bisque form the other day but alas, I had forgotten to put in stringing holes. That is the reason, I guessed, I must not have glazed them in the first place.This...Show More Summary


@ceramicscapes I was just doing my morning #750words and thinking that it might be a nice challenge to write that on my blog instead.— Michael Kline (@Klineola) March 13, 2015 I have been writing each morning for a week or so, now over at and it has been really great. Show More Summary

New Additions to Both Stores

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Peachy Teardrop Sprig Ceramic Pendant Blue Green Asian Style Ceramic Pendant I have been busy adding pendants to both stores. This one on the left is a happy sort of spring and summertime pendant. I used copper strips, such as is used in stained glass making, and soldered a open backed bezel on it. Show More Summary

Great Job Opportunity for Ceramicists in Burnsville, NC!

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

From the Crimson Laurel Gallery facebook page:Great Job Opportunity for Ceramicists!We are looking for potters for a brand new enterprise in the Burnsville, NC area involving multiple production lines using various techniques and processes.The...Show More Summary

Treat yourself

Can I just say, the Lodge Sportsman cast iron hibachi grill is the cutest thing ever!! My mom sent me some money for the usual, "go buy yourself a cute outfit". And if you have read my blog for awhile you know where that money goes. NOT to buy a cute outfit. Show More Summary

March Clay Club recap

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

Thanks to John Ferlazzo for hosting Clay Club last night and to Michael Kline for leading a terrific demo and discussion on social media for potters and ceramic artists. And thanks to everyone who came and participated, too - lots of...Show More Summary

Square Sprig Beads

last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

Golden Squares Bead Trio I took these out of the kiln last week. They are square and I added sprigs of clay for interest.Right now they are on auction over at the newly formed "Ceramic Art Bead Market" on Facebook. Here is a direct link: CLICK HEREI also added a small stamped leaf pendant in a similar glaze to my nkpdesigns website.

Ayumi's White Pots

White PotsStudio Assistant: Molly SpadoneMichael WilsonMW Photographic: Director and FilmingChloe Beaven: Video and Sound EditingMiles Beaven: MusicHere's is Ayumi's video transcription.Best artist statement I've seen, heard AND read,...Show More Summary


last monthArts / Ceramics : NKP Designs

I recently set up a 'Vine' account... and while I have in mind to only use it for nkpdesigns sort of stuff, it has quickly evolved into a mishmash. Because I'm currently babysitting my grandkitty, I have a few grandkitty 'vines' up, no longer than 6 seconds. Show More Summary

Purchasing used equipment:

last monthArts / Ceramics : Clay Club

I am a studio manager working to get my studio in Boone, NC up and running with more equipment to offer large classes and workshops. Also looking for materials to start my own clay studio.Looking for wheels, kilns, extruder, slab roller, any & all used clay related tools.Please contact Laurie Harris, clay@artoflivingretreatcenter.orgThank you!

Sling & Slip

Though I'm in the firing end of the making cycle in the studio, I am still doing wetwork demos for my classes. This platter is made by securing cloth over the top of a container and then draping a thick slab over it. Some call it a sling...Show More Summary

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