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The Injured Dancer: The Benefits of Yoga

Over the course of my injury journey my motto towards healing has been: “I will try anything.” A few weeks ago, when I had some down time from teaching, I decided that I wanted to take a yoga class. When you are injured it is easy to give all of your time and energy to […] The post The Injured Dancer: The Benefits of Yoga appeared first on

The Bald Ballerina Uses #TheTurningChallenge to Raise Awareness for Metastic Breast Cancer, and you can help!

Last summer we met Maggie Kudirka, also known as Social Media’s, Bald Ballerina.  Maggie is a 23 year old ballet dancer, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a year ago.  If you have not seen her Facebook page, or don’t yet follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@BaldBallerina), you really should. Show More Summary

Social Media Reacts to Misty Copeland’s Promotion To Principal at ABT

As you probably already know, yesterday American Ballet Theatre announced promotions for their upcoming season and with it came news that Misty Copeland will be ABT’s first African American Principal Dancer.  (Congrats Misty!) Normally news of promotions is huge in the ballet community, but this promotion was different. Show More Summary

Incorporating History into Dance Education

One of the great things about summer layoff, is that I have the wonderful opportunity to teach and coach the next generation of dancers.  Yesterday I sat down with my students and asked them if they had done the homework I had assigned to them on Monday. Show More Summary

The Injured Dancer: Expectations v. Reality

A few weeks ago I introduced my readers to the injury I am currently recovering from.  My hope was to offer readers an insight into a very real part of the professional dance world that is not often discussed.  In sports you may seeShow More Summary

The Injured Dancer

The stage has a way of creating a fantasy world of perfection: beautiful men and women adorned in glistening costumes dancing together in perfect unison. Off-stage is whole different story. Not only is the road to the illusion of perfection a difficult one, but it often comes with set backs. Show More Summary

Dancer’s Career Transition: Rachael Sage, Singer/Songwriter

Through TENDUS' series "Dancer's Career Transition" my readers have seen numerous stories of past and present dancers chasing new dreams, finding that these individuals are all extremely successful at whatever they put their mind to....Show More Summary

3D Printing Technology Creates the Ultimate Customized Toe Pad

We have all heard about the remarkable technology that is 3D printing. We hear about it’s impact in medicine, construction, aerospace, manufacturing, and much more. It’s possibilities seem endless. But have you thought about how 3D printing could impact your dancing? Cornell student Jenna Witzleben has. Show More Summary

Summer Teaching Diaries: Progressing Ballet Technique

Marie Walton-Mahon, a ballet educator for 39 years, has a passion for safe ballet training. Through her series of programs entitled "Progressing Ballet Technique," Ms. Walton-Mahon has developed a strengthening program revolving around...Show More Summary

Summer Teaching Diaries: Challenges of Being a Ballet Teacher

I did learn long ago that just because you are, or used, to be a good dancer, does not make you a good teacher. Please do not misunderstand, I am by no means calling myself a good dancer or a good teacher for that matter. I am just illustrating that dancing ability and teaching ability do not go hand in hand. Show More Summary

Through a Social Media Movement, the ‘Bald Ballerina’ Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer in Young Women

Meet Maggie Kudirka. Some of you may know her from the Social Media movement, Bald Ballerina. Maggie is a 23 year old ballet dancer, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 2 months ago. If you have not seen her Facebook page, or don't yet follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@BaldBallerina), you really should. Show More Summary

Summer Teaching Diaries: Fostering Young Dancers’ Love for Ballet

Dancers all know that more work is put in offstage than onstage.  The same goes for young people studying ballet.  Though they may not be assigned “homework” as they are in school, education outside the studio is just as important as the education they are receiving at the barre. Show More Summary

A Letter to My Former Ballet Student-Self

A Letter to My Former Ballet Student-Self: __________________________________________ Dear Rebecca, It has been over 8 years since we have met.  Since then I have become a corps de ballet dancer with an internationally renowned company,...Show More Summary

The Remarkable Story of a Ballerina’s Struggle for Life and Happiness: You, Fascinating You

There are many stories that touch our lives; many of which are portrayed through moments in history that many of us cannot even fathom.  Take for instance the story of Margit Wolf, a woman with her sights set on becoming a prima ballerina. Show More Summary

Dancer’s Career Transition: Dancer turned Filmmaker

I am pleased to introduce former Miami City Ballet Dancer, Ezra Hurwitz as a continued part of my series, “Dancer’s Career Transition.”  After retiring from ballet last year,  Mr. Hurwitz is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia University. Show More Summary

Free People’s “Ballet” Campaign

As many of you in the dance community have probably seen, the clothing company, Free People, has developed a ballet line.  But instead of considering the clothes, all we have been able to focus on for the last week are the photos and the videos published to promote the new line. Show More Summary

The Dancers’ Artistry: How We Are Evolving

I recently came across a very thought provoking article in Dance Magazine about the delicate balance between artistry and emphasizing the execution of  ballet steps with technical proficiency.  This is a big topic of conversation these days as reality television brings dance into our homes more than ever before. Show More Summary

Danseurs Turned Bandmates: 20 Eyes

When contacted by the Southern California band “20 Eyes,” I was delighted to check out their music video featuring Russian Danseur, Alexey Kulpin.  The video showcases their song “Lost” while following Kulpin through his warm up routine and showcasing his tricks in an empty studio. Show More Summary

‘Breaking Pointe’ Brings Something New to the Table in Episode Two: Reality

After a disappointing season 2 premier of Breaking Pointe, the show redeemed itself quite a bit in episode two.  Yes we did look into some company relationships at the beginning and end of the episode, but the true focus this week was on rehearsals for Cinderella. Show More Summary

‘Breaking Pointe’ Transitions into the American Definition of Reality Television

Breaking Pointe returned last week for it’s second season, full of drama and new faces. Last year ballet fans across the internet expressed their desire for more rehearsal and performance segments in each episode, a desire that is seeming more and more far fetched. Show More Summary

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