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Reset 3ds Max (user settings)

2 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

Suddenly my 3ds Max 2014 crashed 3 days ago! 3 days instialling any update when the solution was so simple… SOLUTION Remove the folder for the specific version of 3ds Max.The next time you start 3ds Max it will create this folder again with the default values. Under the 3dsMax or 3dsMaxDesign folder there will […]

OceanMaker + Mighty Coconut

It's been too long since my last post, but that's because I've had a lot of things in the works and a couple of them are finally ready to talk about! The OceanMaker short film wrapped up a few months ago and we've been playing the festival circuit while gearing up for the online release which will be happening this spring. Show More Summary

Shawn Kelly from ILM, in Europe for a special Masterclass!

3 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

For the first time in Italy Shawn Kelly with his Masterclass: Lead Animator at Industrial Light & Magic, and Co-Founder of Animation Mentor!

Shawn Kelly from ILM, in Europe for a special Masterclass!

4 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

Per la prima volta in Italia Shawn Kelly con la sua Masterclass: Lead Animator della Industrial Light & Magic e Co-Founder di Animation Mentor!

Love in the Time of Advertising

Here's an awesome new short from David Bokser, a talented director and now a fellow Austinite! I love the production value, and the story is rock solid. One thing I have to point out from a filmmaking perspective, is that the use of the song is pure genius. Show More Summary

Gravity – Making of

4 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

Let's investigate how I simply created this image, using a rigorous photographic approach --> [ CLICK HERE ]

Looking for an… english voice!

4 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

We are planning to create more and more training about vray, modeling ecc... for this we are looking for an "english voice" to dub the video lessons.

Alembic and Open Source pipelines

It seems like every year there's recurring themes at Siggraph... hot topics that several people seem to be trying to tackle from different angles. A couple of years ago the buzzword was spherical harmonics. Last year there seemed to be 20 different companies all tackling cloth setup and sim. Show More Summary

SIGGRAPH 2013 Wrap Up

I'm just now waving goodbye to siggraph. It was a fun week, and I'll be doing a few posts in the coming weeks highlighting some interesting things. In the meantime, they've published the keynote talk which was a fantastic discussionShow More Summary

Animated Short Film "Legacy"

Adam Floeck just released this awesome and touching animated short. There's a lot of things to love about it, and I'm particularly impressed by the cinematography and the facial animation.

Steve Carrell Explains 3D Animation

When I saw the post on Cartoon Brew, I thought great... another actor taking credit for the work of hundreds of under appreciated artists. But I have to say I'm impressed, this is hands down the most respectful, truthful description of the animation process I've seen targeted at a "mainstream" audience. Show More Summary

Animated Short Film - Mirage

This is a fantastic and well told short from Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace at SVA.

Gamma 1.0 for output in Max 2014

5 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

This trouble of Max 2014 adding gamma 2.2 when saving in JPG made me think about.. and I found this interesting super-easy solution!

Evaluate gamma compensation at a glance!

5 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

Can we evaluate if gamma compensation has been applied correctly, knowing the color and texture objectively? Yes, let's see how with some simple examples.

The Final Straw Animated Short Film

I love the animation and pacing on this one. Very snappy, and the jokes come fast and furious!

IndieGoGo wrap up

A huge thanks once again to everyone who donated, posted and helped spread the word during the IndieGoGo campaign. We were thrilled to raise a grand total of $9188! Now that the campaign is over and I've caught my breath, I'll be diving back into production and deciding where the money we raised will do the most good. Show More Summary

The OceanMaker Poster Studies

My friend Nic Mulvaney graciously offered to help design the poster, and he did such a great job putting together some ideas that I thought I'd put his rough sketches out there so that people could chime in with an opinion if they wanted. Show More Summary

OceanMaker Research Trip: Airplane Graveyard

The idea for The OceanMaker started with my love of planes... and not shiny new fast planes. I like them old, rusted, and quite frankly... ugly as hell. I've always wished I could go to an airplane junkyard and cobble together my own little flying zombie. Show More Summary

Everything I Can See From Here

A lot of people have commented on the unusual aspect ratio, which is pretty cool. I also love the timing and pacing. It's a very simple story, but the execution really makes it a lot more humorous than it would have been with less deliberate timing.

Motion blur – It’s all about balancing

5 years agoArts / Digital Art : CG Blog

Motion blur is due to rapid movement or long exposure: let's try to verify if V-Ray is so real as they say.

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