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An Introduction to Issue 2 of Inspirational

Welcome to the first general introduction to issue 2 of the Inspirational project from The Textile Blog. As promised, this article will give some details as to the artists involved in this second issue, which includes the disciplines of ceramics, painting, 3D/basketry, glass, and textiles. Show More Summary

Last Night

4 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Last night it rained all night. The roof leaked. The sleep loft was very warm. That is not where the leak is. There was no moon. But that depends on your point of view. One more day of reconfiguring a...

Rain on paper

4 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Rain. It has been raining since yesterday. We thought we fixed the roof leak but apparently not. It is so dark I cannot sew. So I drew this. Meanwhile, "Chicken" has outgrown the nest.

November mist

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

A soft morning. A softer transition than expected. Colder but only a bit. A November mist, like a curtain separating yesterday from tomorrow. Leftover moisture from the recent warm days. Leaving. I can almost hear it going. And so i...


I finally finished the first quilt I'm going to list for sale. The colors in person are so much more vibrant that the picture shows them. My camera has been acting weird lately and doesn't seem to want to focus. I think this came out beautiful.


I started this out as a magic tile then I made a wrong cut and rearranged it. I call it Batik Glass, like stained glass. The yellow makes it look like sun is shining in from behind it,. This goes to my brother in law, Mark, Jill's hubby. Hope they love the batiks I picked out for them

November vision

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

It rained leaves all night. I imagined the moon watching. As it had been so many times before. and this is post #3066

Changing seasons

I’m longing to switch gears and head in a different direction, quilt-wise. I’ve been pondering this for some time. But a conversation with a friend last week was just what I needed to push me into action. Over the last couple of years I have been slowly cutting back on my extra freelance work. But […]

Unrolling in November

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

8:00 AM Leaves are falling. Inside and out. Everything unrolled in November is being touched by that. Today will be warm enough to be early September. Yet, they say Friday will be more like December. And I will be back...

Handcrafted in Ghana - Weaving the Contemporary and the Traditional

This article is dedicated to the work of Akosua Afriyie-Kumi who founded AAKS with the intention of introducing the planet to the weaving techniques produced by the women of Ghana, and through this engendering sustainable employment for those women. Show More Summary

The Stray Storyteller

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

A late night sketch. Thoughts about story. The stray. How a storyteller might weave time and place together. Master the art of just going and saving the thread that runs through it. Tell a better story. How then, a good...

Time frames

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Tuesday Nov 4. 8:00 AM A small fire. The only one today. It will be warm. The unusual reverse in temperature combined with Grandma's clock that no longer moves, well, time seems to stand still on this November day. 10:27...

The Flower - in Nature, in Creativity, in Life

Illustration: Ceramic mosaic work from the Radiash College, Isfahan, Iran. There are so many aspects of nature that have enthralled and intrigued human artists and designers across the countless generations of our species existence.Show More Summary

Behind the Studio Door

This quilt was made on the heels of the Kaleidoscope quilt last spring and is now making it’s appearance in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Generation Q magazine.  It is also made with the American Made Brand solids. Obviously, I was in a muted color palette mood at the time. I love chain quilts but […]

November wall

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

November. I always casually think of September and October as the big change months here. Physically everything is becoming different. But November. November is when it really takes hold. Inside. Something like a chill. But really a pulling INward. This...

Hello November

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

And so we move toward winter. Yesterday there were leaves on the trees. Leaves on the ground. Leaves in the air. There was even the smell of leaves in the air. Today we will move more toward leaves on the...

Goodbye October

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

It was nice day... autumn chores. A good healthy dinner. Some silly stuff. November will begin with heavy storms. Right now, the calm before that.

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