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5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Dyeing. What is it for me? I hope to answer this question this year. This is part of UnDoing too much. We cannot be everything. It is too much. One thing can be enough. Narrow it down. Pick a way....

Going and Keeping Track

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

So this linear Nine Patch... (back here as a path) I made another, in magic black and white. It seems to keep the old rhythm that rocks me in a new way. Something for in between. In between appearing and...

Issue 6 of Inspirational is released today

Just to let everyone know that the day has actually arrived at long last, and issue 6 of the Inspirational magazine is available for instant download from this site, just follow the link here, to be taken to the Inspirational magazine page. Show More Summary


5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Yes, the Feather Cloth we call Home has landed safely. The story is here, a button up top if you want to visit from time to time. More stories to unfold for sure.


5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Powering down. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Rain. Probably too much of it today but then probably not. Humidity is off the charts. The birds are out singing in it. Nine for Rain unrolled. On the table today. This is part of the Nine for Everything series....


5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

What can I say? He is just something.

Inspirational Issue 6 - less than a week to go!

Illustration: Mosaic of the work of all eight artists featured in issue 6 of Inspirational Less than a week to go until I launch issue 6 of Inspirational, release date September 15. Everything is in place, all the text written, images gathered, permissions granted, it is just a matter of putting it all into place as a magazine. Show More Summary

Political Patchwork

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Yesterday's late in the night 9. Reach is now part of a new alignment. Nine for Reach Alignment is a big part of composition. Piecing things together in a way that moves us for a reason. To form a way...

Everlasting love

Between trying to finish this quilt, going back to school, and dealing with my rib all summer I know I have been a less-than-present blogger.  I’m happy to say that my rib is now A-Okay!  Hurray!  And…  I’m a happy to announce that this quilt is finished!  Hazzah!  And… the two classes I am taking […]

Hot and Dry

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

I think we will peak out in terms of temperature today. I let the house cool down with all the windows and doors open last night. I'll close it tight for the remainder of the day. Not air conditioned but...


5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

I decided the house is clean enough. Take it or leave it. Heat is returning. But Dogwood is still turning. A few walnuts have dropped but not enough so I'll wait before gathering. I have some walnut ink from last...

Pulled again

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Pulled Across moons. Feeling pulled across Moons. I will go with that because the only real truth we can know is how we feel. Which makes personal truth very scary sometimes. We cannot really judge that about each other. But...

First Brew

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

58 degrees this morning! Thinning leaves, mostly water starved, let more light through the windows.. Beautiful shadows today. Hope I look this good as I age. Brewing up some Pom skins and avocado pits to make some room in the...

Sometimes a Journey

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

September through thin linen. Sometimes, location, like the time of year, can be guessed through the memory of having been there before. Memory is a map in a way. We might use it to feel safe. Chart safe stepping....

Good Morning

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Last night sleep came early, fast and deep. Before bed I stitched a quick path-through-it patch. These little story squares are being scattered across the new cloth. I woke before dark and completed some pillow case mending. By lamplight. In...

Some stitched cloth

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Lit by the lamp. Mom's lamp close by. I am sad today. Disappointed. I hate that feeling, a reminder to lose expectation. I'll sleep.

The Slow Patch

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

This is the heart of it. Beneath the dream. Wake, stitch, patch. Not saying. The center panel of Holding pinned over Time Flies. As good a place as any for now. This one (eventually) for my son. What I love...

Turning a page into September

5 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Turning has begun here. Not because of chill but because of dry-ness. Long hot humid days but no rain. I am a bit fatigued with the humidity. I just want to sit in the chair and stitch. Catch stray stories....

The Back to School Blog Hop – The Quilter’s Knot

When I teach classes, one of things I always teach my students is the quickest way to make the “Quilter’s Knot”, which is the fastest, best knot I have ever learned to make. I’m sure it’s called many things, but this is what it was called when it was taught to me. it is a...

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