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Workbox Magazine, TTB, and the Art of Mutual Support

I was kindly asked by Workbox magazine whether I would agree to be featured in their March/April issue. I said yes of course, and here we are being featured, John Hopper and ttb in that March/April 2015 issue. For me it is an opportunity...Show More Summary

Emerging from Winter's Coma.

I think. I've lost my voice, but I think I've found most everything else. I only today picked up a needle and began to build a bluer Basket Self. Because it was hanging there and the repetition of the indigo...

A winter patchwork

Been sick these last two days. Mostly sleeping. I stitched this in a dream I think. It is so cold. Another storm on the way tomorrow. Very frigid temperatures. And high winds threatening power outages. It is a hard winter...

My UFO’s are still UFO’s

I’m still plugging away on my unfinished projects. Why is it that I have a hard time finishing things?  And winter seems to have passed over us and moved right into spring. In the meantime, I recently read Mollie Makes’ list of 50 things to do before you’re 50 in celebration of their 50th issue.  […]

Nature is Everything, and Everything is Nature

Illustration: Lilly Jacker. Detail of a costume, 1928. Nature is everything, and everything is nature. What do I mean by that? Nature is the world, there is no other world but the one we live in, and all of its elements no matter how artificially derived, have compounds that are part of that planet. Show More Summary

A little Sanity in winter

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Just relaxing. Without a lot to say for a few days. The man has returned from his small journey. Safe and sound. More snow coming.

a little Home

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Ice. It is raining ice. For hours now. No sun. Dark. Cold. It's a one room day with a big fire. The man left in one ice storm and is flying into another. It will be a struggle to get...

Maybe in February

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Drawn to the warmth, maybe.... He said, possibly... Rug. I said maybe. Maybe Pillow. Vessel? Maybe Gift. The gift of possibility.

I am

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Journal Feb 7 2015 I am none of the things that are expected of me. I am working on what I expect from myself. This morning I took a deep breath. Deeper than I remember. I breathed everything in. Just...

Night then Day

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

There was Artificial Moon Light. The man likes to read at night. He's got this tiny LED clip on. I've been using it for night stitching while he's away. I should get one too. It's cold. I will sit by...

Keeping warm

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Snow. I managed to shovel out yesterday. The ground was showing. Oh well. alternative video link if you see no player Wool is warm. I pulled out this old needle-punch thing I made to use up some weaving ends. I...

Checking in

It doesn’t seem like there has been anything noteworthy enough to blog about lately. But here’s the last month’s rundown. ~ I’ve been knitting along with the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL on Ravelry ~ I started working on a gift quilt ~ I found a cool crocheted doll that I want to make as a […]

The First Hint of Inspirational 3

Illustration: Cover, minus artist names, of Inspirational 3 Here is the first look at the cover of issue 3 of Inspirational. I have purposefully left off the names of the eight artists that will be featured in this upcoming issue, you will see why a little later on. Show More Summary

Reconsidering Tender

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

I was up early with inspiration this morning. Reconsidering pink for the first time in a long time. My basket is filled with pink today. Like the birth of warmth, I will use it to melt some personal snow. The...

Three almost somethings

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Three stitched fragments. Waiting. Tomorrow will be warmer. Absence make the heart grow fonder.

As February continues...

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Late yesterday. Last night This morning. Still in my pajamas. But Soul-o kept me up all night, so I am going back to bed anyway..


2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Morning. 8AM. A wonderful quiet. The snow has all but blocked out the morning light that fills the warm room from overhead. Interesting light for photos. But not for sewing... I turned a light on. I sewed a few warm...

Undoing in February

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Today. I UN-Did merchant mind. I will not be opening the shop. It died. But I am still here. Poor. Yet alive. Warm. OK then. I added a small journeys link to the last post, in case you traveling companions...

Into February

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Not Waiting. Just Looking For Warm. Finding some. Gathering.

The magic birth of pots

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

As the man landed in Turkey, there was a bit more fresh snow here. But then some sun and a bit of melting. My impression was the vessels were being born of white. But then noticing they might seem to...

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