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#widrn is a hashtag that stands for “What I’m Doing Right Now”  that goes around on Instagram from time to time.  My dear friend, Letty, tagged me a couple of days ago and I haven’t posted anything yet. What I am doing right now is taking it easy and recovering from a dislocated rib that […]

Simple Joys

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

There is a lot of fixng going on here this summer. Not the kind where you go shopping and buy better things. Add stuff. Nope. The kind that finds us UnDoing that. Paring down. Simplifying. Making the best of what's...

Looking Deeper

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

I woke up. After dreaming a dream I cannot remember. And a long rest that has left me refreshed. And I stitched this. It's been a long time since I stitched words on a cloth. Sometimes it is just more...

Feel Free

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Magic Feather Project.

Life, the Universe, and Everything!

With half the planet going into summer, and the other half going into winter, today seemed the right time somehow to talk about the sheer magnitude and beauty of something that we seem to take for granted, that is the cycle of the seasons, and therefore the cycle of life. Show More Summary

Stitching a String of Feathers

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

And yes there is still stitching. Maybe I have slowed down even more, just to make it last. I am lining the streaming with silk. The gentle pull of the stitches forms a soft curve. I feel like these long...


2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

What a winter in one room. The rest of the house fell apart. I finished painting the bathroom. Expecting guests this summer. I love to paint things white. The old CD cabinet just fits there. A tiny space, this extra...

A Long Time

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

It's been a long time since I bent a needle. That's probably because it takes a long time. Today, I realize I am a bit like this needle. In some simple way. I sense something IN me. The part that...

A Cold Morning in May

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

After summer like days it is colder. 48 this morning, it will barely get to 60 today. It's way cold for May, especially at night. The garden is slow. But it's ok. I can just put a sweater on. The...

Can Artists Change the World?

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the now 32 artists that have been featured in the Inspirational magazine. I have tried to pick artists that have come from different disciplines, have different lifestyles, and travel along different creative life paths. Show More Summary

The Logic of Creativity

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Today is Wednesday. Which makes it What-if-Wednesday. Because I decided it might be that for a while. Again. Today I squared the basket. In some simple exercise. To see what I had previously imagined. I'd been thinking about that. I...

Spring Cleaning MY Studio… The HORROR

How did it come to this?  Well, I could have lots of excuses like “I was teaching at IQF Chicago”.  And “I was teaching and speaking at so many guilds”.  And ” I was travelling for my day job a … Continue reading ?

Whatever is lovely…

My current sewing project is reminding me of the stars at night when we were camping in North Dakota three years ago.  (You really need to click on the photo for a larger view to get the full effect) – – – – – Sometimes there isn’t much to say about what is going on […]


2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Moss As I continue with the path sections, I begin to use some very old green velvet to fill some gaps. The same velvet I used here. At the beginning of all this. The cloth is from Mom's old velvet...


2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Harry on the green roof. Harry on the rail.

Step by Step

2 months agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

Path is forming in sections. Just a walking stitch. For walking softly. (continued from HERE.)

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