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Analysis of a Watson Lino Print

Ernest Watson created this linoleum block print called "Mousehole in Cornwall."As you look at the image, can you guess how many plates he used, and in what order they were printed?Answers below (scroll down):There are four plates. Fortunately, Mr. Show More Summary

Snowbank in Reflected Light

I painted a gouache study of a snowbank catching reflected light off the side of the house. I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram channels. (Link to video on Facebook). People had good questions, so here they are in the form of a Q and A. Show More Summary

Alphonse Mucha Exhibition in Upstate New York

Superstar actress Sarah Bernhardt desperately needed a poster for her play Gismonda.But the three top poster artists were on vacation. So she turned to a little-known Bohemian artist named Alphonse Mucha.The rush order came on Christmas Day. Show More Summary

Abraham Mignon

Abraham Mignon (sometimes Minjon) was a German/Dutch floral and still life painter active in the Dutch “Golden Age” (17th century). His paintings are often elaborate tableaux of flowers, fruits, seafood and dinnerware. They can be marvels of intricate detail, with the inclusion of beautifully painted Read More...

E.G. Lutz and Drawing Made Easy

Edwin Lutz was the author of the first how-to book I ran across as a kid. Lutz's great-great grand nephew has created a tribute website about his illustrious ancestor, who among other things inspired the young cartoonist Walt DisneyShow More Summary

Oscar Droege's Color Woodcuts

Oscar Droege was a German artist who worked in the medium of the color woodcut or Farbholzschnitt. The color woodcut is a printing process where multiple wooden plates are carved in relief and then printed in register. Each plate is inked with a different color, including opaque light colors. Show More Summary

Pisarro's advice to an art student

Camille Pissarro offered the following advice to an art student around 1896. I encourage you to read it critically. I'll comment afterward. "Look for the kind of nature that suits your temperament. The motif should be observed more for shape and color than for drawing. Show More Summary

Sketching with Patches of Tone

In this graphite pencil sketch, Charles Bargue (1825–83) uses well placed patches of tone rather than using only outlines to describe the form. Charles Bargue, graphite, 8 x 5 3/16 inches, Metropolitan Museum The patches are made out...Show More Summary

Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

Very sad to know that race driver, car builder, team owner (and my cousin) Dan Gurney died today from complications of pneumonia. I'll miss his tenacity, kindness, and humor. ----- Biography on Racer.comPainting Dan's favorite race ...

African Warrior Fantasy

Imaro II: The Quest for Cush is a fantasy novel written by Charles Saunders, an expert in African folklore. I wanted Imaro to be a convincing warrior hero, so I located a tall, built model named Darrell, who was in training to play for the L.A. Lakers. That’s Mount Kenya in the distance. ----- Imaro II: The Quest for Cush on Amazon

Hobey Ford's Rod Puppets

In this video, master puppeteer Hobey Ford of North Carolina shows how he uses foam and wire to create lifelike movement. (Link to video) Hobey Ford and his puppets. Image from Focus Newspapers Thanks, Linda Crank.

New Book on Edwin Georgi

A young woman is startled by a sound while raiding a jewelry box. The artist is Edwin Georgi (1896-1964), the subject of the latest monograph on an American illustrator by The Illustrated Press. Georgi was a pilot in WWI, but was shot down and injured. Show More Summary

The Frozen Hudson

The Hudson River was a sea of jagged ice yesterday. (Link to video on Facebook) The temperature climbed briefly above freezing, allowing me to paint in gouache. I used a sketchbook page with a light blue-gray priming color in casein that I did the day before.The underpainting color came close to the color of the snow layer on the ice. Show More Summary

Igor Sava

Originally from Kotovsk, Russia, and now based in Rome, Igor Sava is a watercolor painter who focuses on cityscapes in his adopted country. Sava’s approach combines deft control of edges with the visual charm of freely mixed washes. His architectural subjects carry a feeling of Read More...

How Many Values?

Matthieu asks: "I know that value grouping is a technique you often use when sketching. How many values do you usually prefer? I have been experimenting with four values lately (white, black, bright and dark). But that is so few it is a challenge in itself..." Matthieu, for this exercise to be useful, the fewer values the better. Show More Summary

J.C. Ryan, The Handless Penman

At age 22, J.C. Ryan lost both of his hands in a Dakota blizzard, leaving him with stumps for arms.For several years he was sad and dejected, reduced to traveling with a novelty show. He tried writing by holding a pen with one of his feet, but that wasn't convenient.So he tried pressing the pen between what was left of his arms. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Silvered Brook by John Fabian Carlson

Silvered Brook, John Fabian Carlson Link is to file page on Wikimedia Commons; I don’t know the status of the original. Swedish-American painter John Fabian Carlson was noted for his scenes of winter woods. I love the way he finds so much variation of color Read More...

Should you paint landscapes from photos?

Laurent Guétal (French, 1841-1892) used a combination of photographs and plein-air studies to push his landscapes to a higher level. Laurent Guétal, Lake Eychauda??, oil, 182 × 262 cm (71.7 × 103.1 in)1886, Grenoble Museum According to the Grenoble Museum, Guétal discovered a photograph of Lake Eychauda, ??located in the French Alps. Show More Summary

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