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Announcing the Friday Book Club

Most of what I know about painting and art history I learned from old books, and every once in a while I like to reread them, because learning is a lifelong process.That led to an idea. What if we created a free forum on the blog where...Show More Summary

Leah Lopez

Though she also works with figurative, landscape and cityscape subjects, still life is the primary focus of New York based artist Leah Lopez. It was a particular quality of her still life paintings that most captured my attention. For lack of a better word, I might call it “presence”. Her still life subjects have immediacy, […]

High-tech glasses may help remedy color blindness

The normal perception of color depends on having distinct sets of color receptors, including green cones and red cones, each of which has a peak sensitivity to a slightly different wavelength of light. Simulated cause and effect of color...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Childe Hassam’s Washington Arch, Spring

Washington Arch, Spring, Childe Hassam The link is to a zoomable version on the GoogleArt Project; there is a downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; the original is in the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC. What has always fascinated me about this painting — one of Hassam’s most recognizable works — is the seeming defiance of compositional […]

Suggested Donation Interview

James Gurney, Jay Braun, Tony Curanaj, and Edward Minoff Tony Curanaj, sketched by Jeanette during interview Earlier this month, Jeanette and I visited Grand Central Atelier in Long Island City, New York.Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff,...Show More Summary

Aug(de)Mented Reality, Part 3

Hombre McSteez, also known as Marty Cooper, strikes again with a new compilation of madcap plein-air animations (Link to YouTube).Cooper creates the films by shooting a series of stills with his iPhone. He draws the cartoon creatures with paint pens and a Sharpie on many sheets of transparency film held up in front of real scenes.

Joshua Middleton (update)

Joshua Middleton is an illustrator, comics artist, concept artist and art director who I first wrote about in 2006. At the time, he was primarily working in comics; since then, he has worked in film and television for clinents liks Universal, Lionsgate, Sony, Sony Pictures Animation and Warner Brothers; and as a cover artist for […]

World Beneath Podcast, Episode 8

It's Tuesday, time for Episode 8 of the serialized audio dramatization of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. Here's the link to the MP3 file on Soundcloud, or you can click the play button below: Will Denison prepares his skybax for a dangerous mission into the Rainy Basin. Show More Summary

Carl G. Evers

Carl Evers was a 20th century German/American artist, noted in particular for his marine paintings. He is generally considered one of the foremost American marine painters of the century. His evocation of the action of water, particularly roiled by storms and high waves, is just wonderful. Evers was also an accomplished illustrator; his work appeared […]

Eye Candy for Today: JMW Turner etching and mezzotint

Bridge and Cows (Liber Studiorum, part I, plate 2), Joseph Mallord William Turner In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the zoom or download links under the image. Part of a series of etchings Turner produced, categorized to illustrate the various kinds of landscape (in this case “P” for “Pastoral”), this beautiful etching and mezzotint […]

Five Tips from Carl Evers

Carl G. Evers (1907-2000) specialized in painting ships and boats at sea. He painted some of the most convincing water effects since Montague Dawson and Frederick Waugh. He primarily worked with watercolor and gouache. Evers was born in Germany. Show More Summary

Cara Brown

Cara Brown’s luminous watercolors of flowers, fruit, grapevines and other subjects are awash in sunlight, and resonate with vibrant, but never overdone color. Many of her compositions are closeups of blossoms or fruit still on the plant; in essence they are treated like in-situ still life subjects. She often uses soft edges in her backgrounds […]

Using a Sketchbook Easel Vertically

The lightweight sketch easel works well vertically, too. I used it a few days ago on a painting trip into the winter forest for a study of an old dead pine tree.The easel attaches to a quick release plate on the tripod. I clipped the watercolor sketchbook to the plywood backboard and painted across the gutter. Show More Summary

In the Ocean Edge Gallery

at the Cape Cod Museum of Art I don't normally toot my own horn quite so insistently, but this has been an extraordinary 12 months for me--many good exhibitions, all curated by dealers and curators with exquisite sensibilities, in the...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Sargent’s Tyrolese Interior

Tyrolese Interior, John Singer Sargent In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the zoom or download links under the image. Keenly observed and economically rendered, this beautifully evocative interior, bathed in light from an unseen window and set off with religious artifacts subtly revealed in the shadows, is more in keeping with Sargent’s personal watercolors […]

John MacDonald

Massachusetts artist John MacDonald is an illustrator as well as a painter. His landscapes, both plein air and studio work, are sensitive to the changes in light across the seasons, at times with a soft, tonalist approach, and at other times with more sharply defined edges. He often includes creeks and streams in his compositions, […]

Diner Wisdom

"I don't pay much attention to the weather. I just wake up and deal with what happens." Previously: Diner Counter

Eye Candy for Today: Botticelli’s Primavera

La Primavera, Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi) Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project, hi-res downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence (unofficial site). Despite another round of snow here on the east Coast of the U.S., today marks the Vernal Equinox, the first day […]

Thomas Stoop

Thomas Stoop is a freelance concept artist from the Netherlands who works in a textural brushy style of digital painting, with softly muted palettes that give his compositions an nice sense of atmospheric perspective. The images on his website and ArtStation portfolio are mostly of personal work that showcases his abilities; the ones on ArtStation […]

How to get squirrels to dance

I figured out a way to get the squirrels in my backyard to dance, and I'll show you how. They climb up on a platform painted like a disco dance floor, and reach inside a stuffed animal head to get some delicious organic peanut butter.While they're reaching for the treat, they do some incredible breakdancing moves. Show More Summary

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