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Curious Spectators: Part 1 - The Problem

Yesterday's post about sketching strangers on subways led to a lively discussion about how best to manage the encounter between the artist and the unwitting model. Here I am painting at the Platte Clove Community in Elka Park, New York.Actually these folks were very respectful and asked smart, observant questions. Show More Summary

Paul W. McCormack (update)

Since I last wrote about Hudson River Valley based portrait artist Paul McCormack way back in 2006, he has established a new website which, I’m glad to say, features much larger images of his work (click on the images for enlargements). McCormack also maintains his McCormack Studio website, which includes additional paintings in watercolor and […]

Summer Solos, Part 3: Helen Miranda Wilson

Summer Solos, Part 1: Brenda Goodman    Summer Solos, Part 2: Debra Ramsay The Albert Merola Gallery is a lovely small space in Provincetown’s East End, perfect for showing small (and sometimes not so small) work. The tiny back gallery...Show More Summary

The ethics of sketching on the subway

Daumier, Riders on an Omnibus, 1864 Chuck Klosterman, ethicist for the New York Times, ponders whether it's OK to sketch strangers on the subway. His basic point is that:"If you’re in public, people are allowed to look at you. This can be creepy and annoying, but it’s not unethical. Show More Summary

Taish? Posters

The images below are Japanese posters from ~the first quarter of the 20th century. "The Taish? period^ (???? Taish? jidai?), or Taish? era, is a period in the history of Japan dating from July 30, 1912, to December 25, 1926, coinciding with the reign of the Emperor Taish?". Show More Summary

"Watercolor in the Wild" Materials 2

Here's a complete list of materials for plein-air watercolor painting or urban sketching. This is a supplement to my instructional video "Watercolor in the Wild." I carry this portable of materials practically everywhere. It includes a sketchbook, paint box, brush set, and watercolor pencils, listed in detail below. Show More Summary

Coming Soon: New Video on Watercolor

Two weeks from today I'll be releasing an art teaching video all about plein-air painting in water media called "Watercolor in the Wild." The 72-minute HD video will cover all the nuts and bolts of materials, including watercolors, water brushes, and water-soluble colored pencils. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Hanna Hirsch Pauli invites us for breakfast

Breakfast-Time, Hanna Hirsch Pauli There is an often overlooked sub-genre of painting that I particularly enjoy; for lack of a better term, it might be called “outdoor still life”. I’m hard pressed to think of a better example than this stunningly beautiful painting of a 19th century breakfast table in a sun-dappled garden by Swedish […]

Cherngzhi Lian

Cherngzhi Lian is an artist based in Singaapore who works primarily in acrylic and watercolor, as well as drawing media. There are galleries on his website, primarily of scenes from his travels in Bhutan. There is a drop-down menu for subjects, accessed from “Painting” on the left (though I found it cranky in my copy […]

Miranda Meeks

Utah illustrator Miranda Meeks conveys her often dark-edged subjects with a subtle touch, and a refined sense of value and color. She works in both traditional and digital media. Her website arranges her work in several categories (accessed from a drop-down), but unfortunately relies on you to use the browser’s back button rather than allowing […]

John O’Reilly

In urban scenes of walls, corridors, alleys and car parks — that most of use might pass by unnoticed — Irish artist John O’Reilly finds fascination with geometric shapes, muted color, weathered textures and patterns of light and shade. O’Reilly’s website has example of his urban landscapes, as well as wall art and murals. I […]

Cartoons about Modern Art

For more than a century, cartoonists have loved to take aim at modern art.This 1910 cartoon caricatures the paintings themselves. Around them, exhibition patrons express various forms of puzzlement and consternation. In the upper right, an American art student likes the color harmonies. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: N.C. Wyeth illustration

The Passing of Robin Hood, N.C. Wyeth On Wikimedia Commons. If I’m reading the Brandywine River Museum’s N.C. Wyeth Catalogue Raisonné correctly, the original is in the New York Public Library. The illustration is from The Adventures of Robin Hood by Paul Cheswick and N.C. Wyeth. The full edition can be found used; but you […]

Henri Biva

Henri Biva was a French painter of landscapes and floral subjects active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Biva’s naturalistic but somewhat romanticized landscapes often used a theatrical framing device, inherited from Claude Lorrain: dark foreground elements provide a kind of curtain, past which lighter passages beckon the viewer to enter the picture. […]

Ghostly Gaze Illusion

Here's an optical illusion. This woman seems to be looking to our left when we see her up close, but she switches to looking to our right when we back up and look at the same face from across the room. Here are two women with light gray eyes. Show More Summary

Color as Structure at McKenzie Fine Art

. Summer Solos, Part 1: Brenda Goodman    Summer Solos, Part 2: Debra Ramsay I've got two more Summer Solo posts waiting in the wings, but here I want to show your some images from the splendid show Color as Structure, which is on view at...Show More Summary

Zorn's Self Confidence

Anders Zorn (1860-1920) painted this portrait of an executioner in Siebenbürgen (Transylvania) while he was on his honeymoon in 1885. Just 25 years old, Zorn was brimming with self confidence. "I never spent much time thinking about others' art. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Solomon J. Solomon’s Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table, Solomon J. Solomon On Google Art Project, original is in the Ben Uri Gallery in London, which also counts several other paintings by Solomon in its collection, including the portrait of the artist’s daughter on a pony, which is seen at an angle, hanging on the wall to the right, in this […]

Pablo Jurado Ruiz

Pablo Jurado Ruiz is a Spanish artist and creative director who works in the ink drawing technique of stipple, in which hundreds of tiny dots are laid down in carefully controlled ways to create areas of tone. His website features sections for the individual drawings, with detail crops and often photos of the work in […]

Magic Realism

Magic realism is a genre of art which endows otherworldly significance to ordinary things. The suggestion of death, the hint of history invading the present, or the sense of inanimate objects coming to life is woven into mundane reality. Show More Summary

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