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Kolinsky sable brushes banned

Artists have long admired the qualities of Kolinsky sable brushes, but American customers are finding them hard to purchase due to an import ban earlier this year from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.The ban includes popular—but expensive—brushes...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Hiroshi Yoshida woodblock print

Sekishozan (Shi-shung-shan, South China), Hiroshi Yoshida Large version here. As much as I recognize and admire the influence Japanese printmakers had on European artists, notably the French Impressionists, my favorite synthesis of Japanese...Show More Summary

Xiaodi Jin

Xiaodi Jin is a freelance concept artist based in Bejing, China. Beyond, that, I can find little information, and only a few images. The images that are available, however, are tantalizing — wonderfully atmospheric and textural — and leave me waiting for more. [Via Spectrum Fantastic on Twitter @SFantasticAL]

Norman Rockwell talks about "Family Tree"

When Norman Rockwell set out to write his 1960 memoir "My Adventures as an Illustrator," he began by talking into a dictaphone recorder with his son Thomas. The soundtrack of this video is an excerpt of that audio. At the time he was...Show More Summary

Recollections of Zorn

Shall we start today with a couple of paintings by Anders Zorn (1860-1920), and a couple of quotes about him? "A man who has always loved his work as well as Zorn and who has that dogged determination that surmounts all obstacles we must readily believe, when he says that he has never yet given up a painting once started. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Weissenbruch landscape

The Trekvliet Shipping Canal near Rijswijk, Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch Also known as the “View near the Geest Bridge”, original is in the Rijksmuseum, link above is to a zoomable image. Downloadable high-resolution file on Wikimedia Commons. Wonderful light, air and painterly rendering by a 19th century Dutch painter who was influenced by the French Barbizon […]

Isaac Orloff

Isaac Orloff is a visual development artist and illustrator based in the San Francisco area, and currently working with Storm 8. Orloff has range of stye that nicely mixes painterly effects with more graphic rendering, color with monochrome and cartoony with more fully realized. His website galleries (accessed from a pop-out under “Work”) include Color […]

Frankfurt Starport

Frank Wunderlich says, "I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport. Seems like the biggest German airport plays a key role as an imperial starport in the new episode -- there have just been imperial forces at the scene." (Link to YouTube)

U.S. military working with Hollywood to build robo-suit

The Wall Street Journal reports that Legacy Effects, a company that builds Hollywood animatronics and prosthetics, has been hired by the US military to develop a real-life Iron Man Suit. The suit would include a lightweight exoskeleton that is supposed to carry a great deal of weight and provide body armor protection. Show More Summary

Elongated In-Betweens

In the 1930s and '40s, animators became fascinated by motion blur effects in fast action photography, and they invented creative ways to simulate it on acetate cels. A 1935 Disney short called "The Tortoise and the Hare" used drybrush effects along the legs' path of action, plus speed lines in the overall direction of the character's motion. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott, John William Waterhouse Original is in the Tate, Britain. There is a high-resolution zoomable image on the Google Art Project, and a downloadable version of that file on Wikimedia Commons. I almost hesitated to feature this image; Waterhouse’s interpretation of the scene from Tennyson’s poem is so commonly reproduced, it’s almost […]

Plane Heads

Art teachers have proposed various schemes for simplifying the head into an arrangement of flat planes. Here are two plane breakdowns by Andrew Loomis, author of Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and Drawing the Head and Hands. The one on the left is a simple breakdown, with front, side, and bottom planes. Show More Summary

Benjamin West’s Ben Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky

Ben Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky, Benjamin West Here in the U.S., we celebrate July 4 as “Independence Day”, marking the time in the late 18th century when our land transitioned from being a wholly owned subsidiary of the British East India Company to a more fairly divided property co-owned by a number of […]

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July. Art by Alphonse Mucha.

Eye Candy for Today: Jeanna Bauck’s portrait of Bertha Wegmann painting a portrait

The Danish Artist Bertha Wegmann Painting a Portrait, Jeanna Bauck On Google Art Project. High resolution downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons. Original is in the Nationalmuseum Sweden. Swedish Artist Jeanna Bauck (about whom there is frustratingly little on the web) painted her friend, fellow artist and studio-mate Bertha Wegmann in the act of painting a […]

Tobias Stretch's Outdoor Animation

Radiohead - Weird Fishes from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.Tobias Stretch of Philadelphia builds extravagant sculptures of moss-faced people and bird-winged flying machines. Then he takes them outdoors into forests, fields, and city streets to animate them in stop motion. (Link to Vimeo)Tobias Stretch's websiteVia Cartoon Brew.

Marc Dalessio (update)

Marc Dalessio is an American painter, now living in Croatia, who I first profiled back in 2009, at the recommendation of British painter Julian Merrow-Smith. Dalessio lived in Florence for 20, and during that time studied at Charles H. Cecil Studios, and atelier that traces its heritage to the École Des Beaux-Arts teachings of Jean-Léon […]

Book review: Andrew Wyeth: Looking Out, Looking In

Andrew Wyeth (1917 - 2009), Wind from the Sea, 1947, 18 1/2 x 27 9/16 in. Andrew Wyeth's tempera painting Wind from the Sea was a recent gift to the National Gallery of Art, and it's now the centerpiece of an exhibit at the NationalShow More Summary

Marianne North

I really enjoy botanical art, at its best it combines some of the best characteristics of landscape and still life. Too often, however, botanical artists seem to feel that they must restrain themselves to timidly rendered watercolors, almost devoid of individual artistic expression, lest their efforts be considered less than scientific (how different from scientific […]

Eye Candy for Today: Daubigny’s Landscape with Sunlit Stream

Landscape with Sunlit Stream, Charles-François Daubigny In the Metropolitan Museum of art. Use zoom or download links under image. Ah, summer…..

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