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Broken Aspen

When we set up to paint, we didn't know we were standing in the middle of the moose's salad bar. Luckily they left us alone. If you're getting this post by email, you may need to follow this YouTube link to see the video. I'm focusing...Show More Summary

Natural history illustration exhibit opens in Jamestown

An exhibition of natural history illustration called Focus on Nature will open tomorrow at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History in Jamestown, NY. "Since its inception in 1990, the New York State Museum’s Focus on Nature exhibit series has reflected the standards, materials, and skills of contemporary natural history illustrators. Show More Summary

Charley Parker on Casein

Charley Parker of the blog "Lines and Colors" has written a well-illustrated and comprehensive post on painting in casein, as well as a review of my recent video "Casein Painting in the Wild.""Casein is one of the least familiar of the...Show More Summary

Painting with casein paint

Casein (pronounced “kay’ seen”) is a water based paint in which the binder is the milk protein of the same name. Casein is one of the least familiar of the water based painting mediums available to contemporary painters, even though it’s one of the oldest painting mediums known. Casein’s use can be reliably traced back […]

Casein Painting in the Wild, James Gurney

Casein is a water based paint that uses milk protein as its binder. It shares many characteristics with gouache; both are water-based, opaque and dry to an appealing matte finish. Both dry quickly and can be used in concert with other water based mediums. Both are neglected step-children of watercolor and are somewhat on the […]

Klaire's Art Book Review

Thanks to Klaire de Lys for mentioning Imaginative Realism and Color and Light in her list of favorite art books ( link to video review on YouTube ) Here's her whole list (Amazon links): Imaginative Realism Collins Complete Artist'sShow More Summary

Thomas Fluharty

After an extensive career as an illustrator and storyboard artist, Thomas Fluharty has turned his focus to personal projects, often applying his classical art training to painted caricatures of pop culture icons. As you explore his website, you’ll find other series, including wonderfully expressive dogs and nicely nasty sharks. You can also find a selection […]

Wow, I Went Viral!

Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, a little video I put on Facebook went viral, with 2.5 million views. Here's a link to the video on Facebook, and here is the longer version on YouTube that shows more of the making. The video was a newShow More Summary

Painting a Creek in Wyoming

Here's a new casein mini-video. If you're getting this post by email, you may need to follow this link to YouTube. I choose a view facing toward the sun, which makes sparkling spots of bright light. Note the vertically stretched reflections in the still water near the far shore. Show More Summary

A guy comes up to me while I'm painting....

One of the things I love about painting outdoors is meeting the locals. While painting in Salida, Colorado, I chatted a bit with artist Ronald E. Paine. The painting is in casein and gouache. The full account of the technique of the painting is on my new video Casein in the Wild. Show More Summary

Alexander Zavarin

Originally from Belarus, Alexander Zavarin is a painter currently living and working in Moscow. Zavarin often works in a highly textural style, with thick paint application and physical textures contributing to the overall look and appeal of his paintings. It looks as though much is done with painting knives, but I don’t actually have any […]

Portrait Sketch of Dan

Here's a quick portrait sketch of my son Dan. I'm using water-soluble colored pencils, watercolor, and a water brush filled with fountain pen ink. in a watercolor sketchbook. --- Check me out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twit...

Casein Palette

A few people asked about setting up a casein palette. I made this palette out of a metal lid from a colored pencil box that I spray-painted white. The steel tray holds onto the magnets embedded in my homemade palette. Those colors give a pretty wide gamut. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Frederic Leighton’s Winding the Skein

Winding the Skein, Lord Frederic Leighton Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I think the Google Art Project version — and the downloadable version of that file on Wikimedia Commons — are too warm and saturated. The […]

How Mel Birnkrant Saved Classic Mickey

The Disney Company would have gladly dumped the classic Mickey Mouse, after Fred Moore redesigned him in the late 1930s. The original animated shorts were hard to come by if you were a kid growing up in the 1940s and '50s. But toy collector...Show More Summary

Painting Without an Underdrawing

Drawing is not just what you do with a pencil. You can draw with a brush too. (Link to YouTube) CM Ranch, casein, 5 x 8 inches And with this motif, I decided to draw the horses and fences with my paint brush, working from backgroundShow More Summary

Richard Doyle

Richard “Dickie” Doyle was a Victorian illustrator and cartoonist, known for his work as a fairy story illustrator and as a cartoonist for Punch, the seminal British humor magazine, for which he designed the masthead. Doyles fantasy illustrations, done in ink and watercolor, were colorful and often richly textural. They were innocently charmingly with an […]

Solar Flare Underpainting

Here's a mini video showing how to prep your sketchbook page with a solar flare underpainting. (Link to watch video on YouTube). Here's what the page looked like as I was preparing it. It's good practice to do those gradations with a big flat brush, wet into wet. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Willem Claesz Heda’s Banquet Piece with Mince Pie

Banquet Piece with Mince Pie, Willem Claesz Heda Oil on canvas, roughly 56 x 58 inches (143 x 147 cm). In the National Gallery of Art, DC, which has both a zoomable and downloadable version. The largest downloadable version (which requires a free sign-in account) is 4000 pixels wide and 20 MB in file size. […]

Howard Friedland

Originally from New York, Howard Friedland is a painter living and working in Bozeman, Montana. In addition to finding subjects in the area where he lives, Friedland has traveled and painted across the U.S. as well as in Europe and China. His approach is boldly painterly, his confident brush marks describing his subjects with geometric […]

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