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Charles Harold Davis: Mystic Impressionist

Charles Harold Davis (1856-1933) Evening, 1886 The Bruce Museum in Connecticut is holding a retrospective exhibition of American painter Charles Harold Davis, who captured a range of moods of his native New England landscapes.He studied...Show More Summary

Hans Heysen

Hans Heysen is another of those wonderful turn of the 20th century Australian artists that we just don’t hear enough about here in the U.S. Born in Germany, Heysen came to Australia with his parents at the age of 7. He studied in Australia and for four year, in Europe. He worked in oil, charcoal […]

Videos: Eyellusions, Ugly Babies, and Imagination

A few videos you might enjoy:Using simple visual effects techniques that anyone can do—such as green screen, stop motion, and foreground miniatures—Hull and Train Exhibits created a short silent fantasy epic inspired by Melies. (Link...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Tiffany glass mosaic

Garden Landscape, Louis Comfort Tiffany & Studio Favrille-glass mosaic, 103×114 in (263×290 cm); in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tiffany may have made this in preparation for work on the even larger Dream Garden mosaic, here in Philadelphia, on which he collaborated with Maxfield Parrish. I love the subtle, painterly representation of […]

Strategies for Evoking Moonlight

"Khasra by Moonlight" is one of the original paintings in the exhibition "The Art of James Gurney" in Philadelphia. Khasra by Moonlight by James Gurney, 12 x 18 inches, oil on board To evoke the feeling of moonlight, I used the following...Show More Summary

Changing Face of Malta

In 1876, Edward Caruana Dingli was born into a family of artists in Valetta, Malta. He studied at the British Academy in Rome and returned to Malta to paint the folk life of his native land. Wayside Orange Seller by Edw. Caruana Dingli...Show More Summary

Shushana Rucker

Like a musician who prefers the emotional tone of downtempo compositions, Philadelphia based painter and printmaker Shushana Rucker finds visual fascination in the muted contrasts of overcast skies and the overlooked subjects of industrial buildings, railways and related structures. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Botticelli idealized portrait

Idealized Portrait of a Lady (Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci as Nymph), Sandro Botticelli Tempera on wood panel, 32×21 in (82×54 cm) Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Städel Museum, Frankfurt. There is also an article devoted to the painting on Wikipedia. This exquisite […]

E.H. Shepard's WWI Illustrations

Starting October 9, the House of Illustration in London will present an exhibition of the World War I reportorial art of E.H. Shepard."Best known for his drawings for Winnie the Pooh and The Wind in the Willows, as well as his regular work for Punch magazine, E.H. Show More Summary

Systems that Dazzle

Two current exhibitions--Gabriel Evertz: The Gray Question at Minus Space in Dumbo (through the 31st), and 1960s Hard Edge Painting: DC, LA, NY at D. Wigmore Fine Art on Fifth Avenue in Midtown (through Nov. 6)--afford us a look, spanning...Show More Summary

Sean Sevestre

Sean Sevestre is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Beyond that I have little information about his background. His work, though primarily digital and modern, has a character of classical and Victorian art, with a nod to classic literature. In his blog and Tumblr you will also find sketches and work […]

Levka Gambo of Dinotopia

This painting is from my 1992 book Dinotopia, A Land Apart from Time. Will and Sylvia visit Levka Gambo in his Tibetan-inspired hideaway at the top of the Forbidden Mountains.The technique is a thin, transparent wash of oil over illustration board that has been sealed with acrylic matte medium. Show More Summary

Rovina Cai

Australian illustrator Rovina Cai works primarily in graphite, defining her forms in curving linear textures that also sweep through atmospheric backgrounds. Her frequently gothic-themed illustrations also can have color — sparinglyShow More Summary

"Secondaries" as Primaries

In yesterday's post about charting limited palettes, I mentioned that the colors you choose for your palette don’t have to be blue, red, and yellow. Autochrome by Louis Lumière"Madeleine, Suzanne et Andrée à travers les vignes" You can...Show More Summary

Chien Chung-Wei

Chien Chung-Wei is a Taiwanese watercolorist who early in his career emulated the painstakingly detailed methods of 19th century European watercolor painters like William Henry Hunt and Myles Birket Foster, but as his career progressed moved to a looser, more open style emphasizing the gesture and light of his subjects. He most often paints urban […]

Limited Palette Tests

I just finished writing an article called "Extreme Limited Palettes" for International Artist magazine and I want to preview one small part of it for you.The article will include these four color charts. Each one is created with only three colors of gouache, plus white. Show More Summary

More artists’ studios

Like many artists, I enjoy seeing how other artists arrange and use their studios and work spaces. This is partly out of curiosity and partly with an eye to possibly useful ideas. Here are a couple more sources for photos of artists’ studios, in this case mostly illustrators, concept artists and comics artists. One is […]

Ink and Scratchboard Technique

Here's an unusual technique that's effective for a backlit subject with edge lighting. It uses white scratchboard, a chalk-coated drawing surface that allows you to scratch through to white with a sharp knife or a scraper tool. Typical Houses in Orange County, CA. Show More Summary

Approaching Strangers for a Portrait

Visual journalist Richard Johnson wanted to do portraits of the homeless in Washington, DC, but it took a while to figure out how to approach them. As he describes in an article for the Washington Post, at first he sketched them from a distance without asking. Show More Summary

Eye Movements While Drawing

A new study published in Science Direct examines what happens with our eye movements when we're drawing.The act of looking back and forth from the subject to the drawing involves the coordination of perceptual, cognitive, and muscular skills. Show More Summary

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