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Eric Pape in Illustration #53

The new issue of Illustration Magazine has a feature on Eric Pape (1870-1938), a golden age American illustrator. He was born in San Francisco and studied under Emil Carlsen before heading to France to study in the academies. Several...Show More Summary

Adding Smog to Kiddieland

I brought my sketch easel to the edge of Kiddieland at the county fair on Tuesday. I used a limited palette of gouache—Prussian blue, carmine red, raw sienna, and white. The scene had a lot of blue in it, so I started with a step in the opposite direction: a warm underpainting in raw sienna. Show More Summary

Stan Miller

Spokane Washington based painter Stan Miller works in both watercolor and egg tempera, taking as his subjects portraits, landscapes, and in particular, scenes of Venice. The play of light across textural surfaces plays a key role in all of his compositions, whether revealing the turn of form in a face and head, illuminating the textures […]

Art Behind the Movie Logos

Behind famous movie branding you'll find hard-working artists and models. Here is 28-year-old model Jenny Joseph resting after posing for the Columbia logo. Logo ©Columbia, photos ©Kathy Anderson Artist Michael Deas painted the original in 1991. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Ingres pencil portrait of Adolphe-Marcellin Defresne

Portrait of Adolphe-Marcellin Defresne, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Graphite pencil on paper, roughly 17×12 inches (43×29 cm). Original is in the Morgan Library and Museum. Here is another of Ingres’s wonderful pencil portraits, with his trademark combination of exacting portraiture, and loose, almost casual rendering of the figure. Show More Summary

Drawing a Moving Turkey

As you can see from the time lapse video, this turkey was constantly moving. But having a handler bring her around into more or less the same pose made the task of sketching her that much easier. I just finished writing an article on sketching moving subjects. Show More Summary

Leszek Kostuj

Polish artist Leszek Kostuj works in traditional media like acrylic and oil, as well as in drawing and digital art. His flights of imagination are often intricately detailed, layered with overlays of faces and eyes, and arranged in waves of cool colors laced with warmer accents. Kostuj’s subjects, which often include stylized birds, fish and […]

Eye Candy for Today: George Roth Landscape

View in the Bentheim Forest, George Andries Roth Link is to original in the Rijksmusem, which has both zoomable and downloadable versions (with free Rijksstudio account); additional downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons. In this wonderful 19th century landscape, a shaft of late afternoon light slices through a break in a German forest, illuminating some objects, […]

Jezebel in the Barn

Jezebel, the 41 year old donkey, is by herself in the barn because all the other donkeys and horses are away being shown at the county fair. She seems a bit lonely and looks out of her stall disconsolately. Jeanette goes to the tack room to get her a ginger snap, which is why she makes all the funny faces. Show More Summary

Mars Huang (B6 Drawing Man)

Mars Huang is an artist based in Japan. Though he signs his work “Mars”, his Tumblr blog credits him only as “B6 Drawing man”; it wasn’t until I followed a link to one of his process videos on Vimeo, that I came across his actual name. His blog is filled with delightfully loose and gestural […]

Bosch Parade

In the Netherlands, artists create a parade of floating exhibits in honor of Hieronymus Bosch.Watch on YoutubeVideo by WOoArts.comThanks, Petros

Sketching Mackaws

Binky and Gak, two blue and yellow mackaws at the county fair.

Eye Candy for Today: Greuze’s Broken Vessel

The Broken Vessel (La Cruche cassée), Jean-Baptiste Greuze Link is to downloadble large file on Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Louvre. Though the actual meaning is open to interpretation, the general assumption is that the allegorical subject suggested by the gathered flower petals and broken vase is one of lost innocence and defloration. Greuze […]

Franz Xaver Hoch

Franz Xaver Hoch was a German landscape painter and printmaker active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His dramatic compositions are often cast is subtle, almost melancholy light. Unfortunately, I can find few images sources for Hoch, and little in the way of biographical information — most of that on German language sites. […]

Cartoon Tips from the 1930s

Cartoonist Bill Nolan (1896-1954) helped to create the classic rubber hose style of animation when he worked along with Otto Mesmer on the Felix the Cat cartoons. In 1936, he wrote a little book called Cartooning Self-Taught, which presents the 1930s style. Show More Summary

Leonardo DiCaprio's Dinosaur

Look what Leonardo DiCaprio has in his art collection — a Torvosaurus gurneyi.Thanks, Bryn

Computer translates hand-drawn form modeling

Software engineers have been coming up with tools to make computer-generated forms look less like they were molded from plastic and more like they were drawn by hand. (Link to YouTube)StyLit is a new method previewed at SIGGRAPH that lets a user sketch out the light and shadow treatment on a simple form like a sphere. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: James Montgomery Flagg ink illustration

She Sailed Majestically Past the Wretch, Followed Meekly by Septimus, James Montgomery Flagg Pen and ink, roughly 22×29 inches (56×74 cm); original is in the Norman Rockwell Museum, larger here; also slightly larger zoomable version on Google Art Project, and downloadable version of that image on Wikimedia Commons. It looks as though the Google Art […]

40k on Instagram

Very excited to reach 40,000 followers on Instagram. If you're on Instagram, please follow out my feed, which includes a new piece of art every day.

Interactive Dynamic Video

Images captured on video contains a lot of subtle movement and vibrations. If the wind is blowing or a heavy truck drives by, objects may shift slightly. This shifting and bending reveals a great deal of information about structure and flexibility. Show More Summary

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