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The Living Sketchbook App is Live

The Living Sketchbook™ is new technology that lets you experience one of my sketchbooks on your smartphone or tablet. (Link to video trailer on YouTube)The first in the series, Volume 1: Boyhood Home, is now available for iOS iPhones and iPads at the App Store and for Android phones and tablets at Google Play. Show More Summary

RIP Bernie Wrightson

I'm sad to hear about the passing of horror illustrator and concept artist Bernie Wrightson (1948-2017). He's at the center of this picture, which also includes Pete Von Sholly (far left) and Dave Merritt at Jonas' Studios in 1993.

Menzel's Painting Mediums

"Traveling in beautiful nature" by Adolph Menzel, gouache, 11x15 inches A question came in: "James Gurney, can you tell us what medium(s) Adolph Menzel used when he painted?" He used them all: oil, gouache, watercolor, and pastel. His...Show More Summary

John Lavery

John Lavery was an Irish painter who spent a good deal of his career living and working in London. He is known primarily for his portraits and depictions of the the First World War, but I find his landscapes most appealing, especially those depicting water. Lavery was acquainted with James McNeil Whistler, an expatriate American […]

Teaser for Living Sketchbook

Here's a teaser trailer for The Living Sketchbook™ app, releasing Monday, March 20 for iOS and Android devices. (Link to YouTube video) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Sharon Cullen: "CANT WAIT! What does the app do exactly? Is it video clips of you??"Hi, Sharon—it lets you look through every page of one of my sketchbooks. Show More Summary

The Burren, County Clare

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody! Here's a view across the Burren near Kilfenora, County Clare, Ireland. The Burren, Oil, 8x10 inches. To give you a sense of scale, those two dark lines at right are stone walls. Note that the clouds...Show More Summary

Graveyard Scene by Tom Lovell

This 1947 illustration by Tom Lovell for True Magazine was for an article called "Extra Corpse in the Graveyard." It's a good image to study for color and composition. Color and Value • You could probably paint this with Venetian red, viridian, and white, maybe with a touch of raw umber and yellow ochre. Show More Summary

App Review from Erwin Lian

Thanks to Erwin "Cherngzhi" Lian, creator of "The Perfect Sketchbook" for his review of the soon-to-be-released app, Living Sketchbook, Vol.1. "When I found out about his app, I thought to myself: 'Why didn’t I think of that?' It embraces...Show More Summary

101 Great Illustrators from the Golden Age, 1890-1925

Discovering art that you love by artists whose work is new to you can be a little like meeting a person to whom you’re romantically attracted — there’s an initial rush of infatuation that is so pleasurable the feeling can be addictive. Growing up in northern Delaware (in a house a few hundred yards from […]

Ernst Fredinand Oehme

Ernst Fredinand Oehme was a 19th century German Romantic landscape painter noted for his darkly atmospheric landscapes and paintings of architectural subjects. Oehme studied with the highly regarded Danish painter Johan Christian Dahl, and through him met Caspar David Friedrich. The influence of both painters is evident in Oehme’s initial choices of subject matter and […]

Advance Review of Living Sketchbook, Vol. 1

Brad Teare of the blog Thick Paint had a chance to test out the upcoming Living Sketchbook™ app, and he wrote a review of it:"Imagine being invited to your favorite artist's studio and getting a chance to thumb through his or her sketchbook. Show More Summary

Shot List for Art Videos

Peter Culos says, "I'm experimenting with video now and I was wondering what you use to produce video."Peter, I shoot all the videos by myself while I'm painting. It's a little distracting, but kind of fun once you get used to it. My gear is pretty basic, nothing fancy or expensive. Show More Summary

Parking Lot Before the Storm

We're at the supermarket early, hoping to beat the crowds before the big snowstorm arrives late tonight. While Jeanette is shopping, I stay in the car and amuse myself with my watercolors.It's too cold outside to paint, so I sit in the driver's seat and try to capture the view in front of me. Show More Summary

Watercolor Tips from Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki, acclaimed director of the Japanese animated films Totoro and Spirited Away, shares some transparent watercolor tips in a charming booklet that was included with a sketching set from the Studio Ghibli Museum. "Title: My recommendation. Show More Summary

Living Sketchbook App Coming March 20

I'm filming a promo for the soon-to-be-released "Living Sketchbook™" app. The app lets you explore one of my sketchbooks with high res pinch-to-zoom images, while enjoying immersive and informative audio and video content.Early reviewers are enthusiastic. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: CC Curran’s Lady with a Bouquet

Lady with a Bouquet, (Snowballs), Charles Courtney Curran Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Birmingham Museum of Art (AL) which also has a zoomable version. Oil on panel, roughly 12 x 8 in (31 x 22 cm). American painter Charles Courtney Curran was […]

Art on Social Media

The new issue of International Artist Magazine includes a feature about sharing your art on social media. I begin with an overall piece of advice: Try not to worry too much about the numbers of likes, views, or followers. The quality of the interaction is more important than the quantity. Show More Summary

New Art Book on Jon Whitcomb

Jon Whitcomb was one of the leading fashion and women's magazine illustrators of the mid-20th century. He was known for his attractive handling of romantic and domestic scenes, always up to date with the latest trends. Whitcomb contributed a lot to the field of illustration as one of the founders of the Cooper Studios and the Famous Artists School. Show More Summary

Yaroslav Zayablov

Yaroslav Zayablov is a contemporary Russian landscape painter whose paintings evoke the feeling of his native countryside in a variety of seasons, weather and atmosphere. His website has an English translated version (to which I have linked). There are three galleries: Landscape, Graphics (drawings) and Sketches. When looking through the his online galleries, once you […]

Stop Motion Film "I'm Scared"

"I'm Scared" is a stop-motion animated short about an eight year old boy named Ralf, who warns his little brother about all the monsters lurking in the night. It was directed by Pete Levin based on the art of Greg "Craola" Simkins and funded by a Kickstarter campaign.The behind-the-scenes featurette (link to YouTube) shows the work of the puppet department.via Cartoon Brew

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