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On-the-Spot Humorous Illustration

I like trying out new ideas when I'm drawing on location. One approach that I tried many years ago is the on-the-spot character study. For this one, I was sitting in a barber shop while a customer was getting a haircut. I told them what I was doing, and they didn't pay much attention to me after that. Show More Summary

The Meissonier / Mackay Affair

A scandal about a displeased portrait client damaged the career of the most famous painter of his day, Ernest Meissonier (French 1815-1891), and ended with the portrait thrown onto a fire. Ernest Meissonier, Self Portrait Despite his...Show More Summary

Segrelles Exhibition in Spain

Jos é Segrelles Tom Thumb An art museum in Valencia, Spain, has opened an exhibition called "The Labyrinth of Fantasy" about the dreamlike paintings of José Segrelles (Spanish, 1885-1969—His name is sometimes written as "Josep Segrelles Albert"). Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Dürer’s St. Eustace

St Eustace, Albrecht Dürer Engraving, roughly 14 x 10 inches (35 x 26 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons, original of this impression is in the National Gallery of Victoria, which also has a zoomable image. In this tour-de-force engraving — created at the dawn of […]

Cecilia Beaux (update)

Cecilia Beaux — an American portrait painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries — is, like her contemporaries John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase, receiving something of a revival of appreciation for her place in the history American Art. Unlike them, however, she still suffers from the fact that her contribution […]

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 2, is Free Comic Book Day 2015. Participating comic book shops (which you can look up by zip code on this Store Locator), will be giving away a selection of special promotional comic books, designed to introduce new readers both to those individual titles and to the fun of reading comics in […]

GJ Book Club: Chapter 5: Mass Drawing

On the GJ Book Club, we're studying Chapter 4, "Line Drawing," of Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing.The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in italics, followed by a brief remark of my own. IfShow More Summary

Ben Fenske

Originally from Minnesota, Ben Fenske now deivdes his time between Sag Harbor, NY and Florence, Italy. Fenske studied at the Russian Academy of Art, The Florence Academy of Art, the Studio of Joseph Paquet, Minnesota, and Bougie Studio, Minnesota. Fenske paints still life, landscapes, interiors, portraits and figures with a fresh color palette, economical notation […]

Eye Candy for Today: Jan van Huysum still life

Fruit Piece, Jan van Huysum The link is to a zoomable version on Google Art Project; there is a large (14mb) downloadable image on Wikimedia Commons; the original is in the Getty Museum, which also has a zoomable image, as well as a large (18mb) downloadable image. Even among the highly detailed and superbly rendered […]

Bat-Winged Dinosaur Discovered

A bizarre new species of bat-winged dinosaur from China was announced yesterday in Nature magazine. The name Yi qi, (pronounced "ee chee") means "strange wing." The fossil, presented by by Xu Xing, et al., shows evidence of elongated rod-like bones extending from the wrist which would have supported membranous wings. Show More Summary

Frederic Church's Oil Sketches

The largest collection of outdoor paintings by Frederic Church (1826-1900) is held by the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York City. They acquired about 2000 of them back in 1917 when Church's son, Louis Palmer Church, was cleaning out the attic. Show More Summary

World Beneath Podcast, Episode 13

It's Tuesday, time for Episode 13 of the serialized audio dramatization of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. You can listen to the track by clicking on the play button below, or by following the direct link to SoundCloud. Arthur and Oriana...Show More Summary

CJ Hendry

I have to say that I’m consistently unimpressed with most of the “amazing photorealist drawings” that seem to proliferate as click-bait around the web, but the large scale pen drawings of Australian artist CJ Hendry are a notable exception. Hendry takes as her primary subjects fashion items — designer shoes and handbags in particular — […]

Eye Candy for Today: Manuel Ocaranza’s Love of the Hummingbird and The Dead Flower

The Love of the Hummingbird and The Dead Flower, Manuel Ocaranza Links are to zoomable versions on Google Art Project, downloadable version of The Love of the Hummingbird and The Dead Flower on Wikimedia Commons, originals are in the Museo Nacional De Arte of Mexico (no images). The Love of the Hummingbird is a charming […]

Conductor Paul Phillips

Yesterday we heard a performance by the Brown University Orchestra, led by Conductor and Music Director, Paul Phillips.I drew the overall silhouette with two brush pens, one filled with clear water and the other with black ink. While that was still wet, I used a black water-soluble colored pencil to define some of the smaller forms.

Wilhelm Kuhnert's African Wildlife

Wilhelm Kuhnert, Lions at Rest, courtesy Heritage Auctions One of the works in the upcoming May 2 Heritage Auction is this oil painting Ruhende Löwen (Lions at Rest), by Wilhelm Kuhnert (German, 1865-1926). Wilhelm Kuhnert Jungle Life, BBC Images Kuhnert was one of the pioneers of early 20th century wildlife art. Show More Summary

Dazzle Camouflage

Dazzle camouflage was a form of disruptive coloration painted on ships during World War I, using bold contrasting shapes that had no relation to the forms of the ship. The idea was not so much to make the ship disappear as it was confuse the observer about the vessel's shape, range, and heading. Show More Summary

Ettore Roesler Franz

Ettore Roesler Franz was a 19th century German/italian painter, noted in particular for his watercolors of Rome. A number of these comprise a series titled “Roma sparita” (loosely: “Vanished Rome”), meant in part to record scenes of buildings and landmarks the he feared would be demolished in an effort to modernize the city. His watercolors […]

American Dreaming

American Dreaming is an as yet unreleased documentary on mid 20th century American car design art, the artists and designers who created it and the attempts of art collector Robert Edwards to collect and preserve as much of it as possible. Much of this art was meant to be destroyed by the car manufacturers who […]

Baby Foxes Nursing

(Link to YouTube video) A few days ago, I filmed this family of red foxes at the edge of the wild woods behind my house. The male fox greets the vixen as she nurses five new kits. The mother's lactation lasts for about six weeks. Wikipedia Red Fox

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