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Ross Tran

Ross Tran is a concept artist and illustrator based in Southern California. He studied at the Art Center College of Design, and his credits include work for Walt Disney Studios, Psyop and Tyler West Studio. Tran’s lively, energetic digital painting technique combines areas of detail with passages that are gesturally suggested. IN addition to the […]

Yoda Toyota

I found a picture of Yoda on a cereal box yesterday (upper right). I wondered: is he different from the way he first appeared in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back? Have other things changed, too?What do you think?------Related posts:Stormtrooper DoughboyAutomotive ZeitgeistCar Names

Eye Candy for Today: John White Alexander’s Repose

Repose, John White Alexander In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the download or zoom icons under the image for high-resolution version. This stunning painting by 19th century American artist John White Alexander — who focused on paintings of well-attired young women in luxurious settings — combines the fluid brushwork of fin-de-siécle […]

Illustrated Capital

Illustrated initial capital, brush and ink. I drew this illustrated capital to begin one of the chapters of The Hand of Dinotopia by Alan Dean Foster.Trusting the universe I created to someone else's imagination takes a leap of faith,...Show More Summary

Helen Allingham

Helen Allingham was a Victorian English watercolor painter and illustrator. Born Helen Mary Elizabeth Paterson, Allingham was encouraged by a grandmother and aunt, who were established artists, and took to art early on. She studied at the Birmingham School of Design and then at the women’s school of the National Art Training School (later renamed […]

Teaching Imaginative Realism in High School

Mr. Seifert from Information Technology at Athens Area High School helps out as a model. Dr. Andrew Wales, art teacher at the Athens Area High School in Pennsylvania, says: "In Art 3 and Art 4, we are learning how artists portray the costumed figure. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Fuseli’s Nightmare

The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, 1781; The Nightmare, engraving after Fuseli by Thomas Burke; The Nightmare Henri Fuseli, 1791; The Nightmare, engraving after Fuseli by Thomas Halloway Images are from Wikimedia Commons; original of the first version is in the Detroit Institute of Arts This 18th century painting by English-Swiss artist Henry Fuseli has become one […]

Nate Wragg (update)

Nate Wragg is an concept artist, character designer and illustrator for the film industry and childrens’ books, who I first wrote about in 2009. Wragg noted for his lively, whimsical style that embidies some of the spirit of mid-20th century book illustration and TV animation as well as a modern sensibility. Wragg’s film credits include […]

Graveyard Painting Results

We received an overwhelming response to the challenge to paint a graveyard on location in a limited palette. There were dozens of entries on the Facebook event page from all over the world, including Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Mexico, and all over the USA and Canada. Show More Summary

Refillable Fountain Pens

Greg Shea asks: "Do you have experience drawing/sketching with a refillable old style fountain pen? (The kind where you draw ink into the pen to refill it, not the kind that uses cartridges). I'd like to fill a pen with walnut ink, so I can use it to to do drawings with addad watercolor. Show More Summary

Philadelphia Visit

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation yesterday in Philadelphia, including the students from the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Sorry we ran out of Dinotopia books, but you can get them signed at our web store if you live in the USA. Show More Summary

Steven Hileman

Originally from Pennsylvania and now based in Maine, Steven Hileman transitioned from a career as an illustrator into a full time gallery artist. Hileman paints florals, still life and figureative works, but concentrates primarily on landscape and cityscape. His approach if notable for the manner in which his painterly brush marks work into and reinforce […]

Meanwhile on YouTube

Street Painting in Indiana is my first YouTube video to pass 100K views. If you missed it, it's embedded and linked below. (YouTube link) Thanks everyone for checking out my videos. Tools: Pentalic watercolor book Waterman fountain pen Schmincke watercolor set

Eye Candy for Today: Tenniel’s Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat in the Tree Above Alice, illustration for for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, John Tenniel Several museums are all atwitter today with images for something called “National Cat Day”, apparently a day when the Ancient Egyptian tradition of cat worship takes over the internet — even more than usual. As a cat person myself, […]

An Object at Rest

An Object at Rest is an animated short (5 mins) by Seth Boyden that chronicles the eons-long life of a stone as time, and human activity, go on around it. In this and some of his other animated shorts, Boyden has combined animation done in the TV Paint application with backgrounds painted in traditional watercolor […]

The Perfect Sketchbook, Perfected

Last night at 9:00, Erwin Lian launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new version of "The Perfect Sketchbook." He sent me samples, and I have to agree.(Link to YouTube)It has a very heavyweight Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper thatShow More Summary

William Stanley Haseltine

William Stanley Haseltine was a 19th century American painter who studied in the US and Europe. Originally from Philadelphia, where he studied at the University of Pennsylvania and exhibited early in his career at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he moved to New York, for a time working out of a building that […]

Article on Dramatic Lighting

I wrote an article appearing in the current (November) issue of ImagineFX magazine about painting bizarre lighting on location. The article opens: "Who says you have to copy mundane reality when you're outside plein-air painting?" I'll share more about the making of this painting on the blog in November. Show More Summary

Trove of John Berkey Art

I’ve written previously about John Berkey, the terrific illustrator known primarily for his fantastic visions of space flight, science fiction and future worlds. Most often, when you find references to Berkey’s work, it is to his famous and influential style of space art and science fiction. Most people, even those who are rightly impressed by […]

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