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Dinotopia Theme Park Concepts

Over on Instagram, by popular request, I've got a survey of Dinotopia Theme Park concepts.Chase the link and press Follow to get in on the fun.

Rocky Mountain Adventure coming up in IA

What I like about International Artist Magazine is that most the articles are written by the artists themselves. Coming up in the next issue (#112 Dec/Jan) are some insights from Ricky Mujica, Julio Reyes, Rob Piercy, and Tanvi Pathare. Show More Summary

Martin Dimitrov

Martin Dimitrov is a painter originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and now based in the U.S. Self-trained as an artist, Dimitrov paints still life, landscape and figures. His still life compositions are subtle and contemplative, with muted value contrasts and restrained colors, often emphasizing the textural appeal of his subjects. I particularly enjoy his paintings of […]

Richard Wright

Richard Wright is an illustrator, concept artist and matte painter based in the UK. Beyond that, there is no bio information on his website or ArtStation gallery. His work is richly atmospheric and textural; his colors chosen to evoke mood and drama. I enjoy his use of suggestion in backgrounds, whether for environmental elements or […]

Mahler's Conducting Style

As a conductor, Gustav Mahler was known for raising standards of playing, but also for having an autocratic style that led to friction with his musicians and stagehands.This cartoon caricatures him as both a conductor and composer. The...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Jean-Etienne Liotard’s Chocolate Girl

The Chocolate Girl, Jean-Etienne Liotard Pastel on parchment, roughly 20 x 32 inches (52 x 82 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden. This is the most famous of 18th century Swiss artist Jean-Etienne Liotard’s beautiful pastel portraits and genre […]

Brad Bird Quotes About Animation

(Link to see the video on Vimeo)Film Editor Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. put together this respectful tribute to director Brad Bird (Incredibles, Ratatouille, Iron Giant) by combining his quotes with clips from films that illustrate his ideas. Show More Summary

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Originally from Poland, Mateusz Urbanowicz is a concept artist, animator, illustrator and painter currently living in Tokyo. Urbanowicz works in ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylic gouache, as well as in digital media. On his website and other online portfolios, you’ll find a selection of his professional and personal work. I particularly enjoy his series of […]

Lasar's Angle Device

In 1891, artist, teacher, and inventor Charles Lasar patented this device to help artists draw angles accurately. The device consists of a wood frame with a screw eye (B) attached on the inside of the frame, halfway along one of the inside edges. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: William Trost Richards’ October

October, William Trost Richards In the collection of the National Gallery of Art, DC. There are zoomable and downloadable versions of the image available on their website. This painting by the 19th century American artist William Trost Richards reflects a shift in his approach to landscape, and painting in general, when he became influenced by […]

Eye Candy for Today: William Trost Richards pencil landscape

Landscape, William Trost Richards Graphite on paper, roughly 9 x 6 inches (21 x 16 cm). In the collection of the National Gallery of Art, DC. There is both a zoomable and downloadable version available from their site. This remarkable drawing from 1862 was likely a study for Richards’ 1863 painting, October. Both were done […]

Anton Pieck (update)

Anton Pieck was Dutch illustrator, printmaker and gallery artist active in the early to mid 20th century. I first wrote about him on Lines and Colors in 2010; since then new online sources for his images have come to light — in particular, a dedicated Anton Pieck website. The site is in Dutch, but you […]

Illustrators’ drawing tables on Frizzi Frizzi

I love to see other artists’ workspaces. This is part curiosity, part searching for useful storage ideas and part reassurance that my floor-to-ceiling amalgam of papers, pens, brushes, jars, containers, books, magazines, computer screens, tablets, disks, trays, pans, tubes, racks, bric-a-brac and dinosaur models is not an aberration. The italian site Frizzi Frizzi has an […]

Death at the Door

Adolph Menzel, Death as an Unwelcome Guest; 1844/1845. Watercolor and gouache. 5.1 x 3.6 in.© bpk/ Kupferstichkabinett/SMB/Volker-H. Schneider Who is that at the door? It's Death, of course, coming to collect. He wears a heavy coat and tilts his hat forward so that he won't be recognized. Show More Summary

Charles-François Daubigny

Contrary to the notion you might get from some sources, French Impressionism did not spring full-blown from the brushes of Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Bazille the moment they met in Charles Gleyre’s atelier in the 1860’s. Not only did the fully realized style we know as Impressionism take time to develop among the artists themselves, […]

Retiring Skies and Changing Light

Aaron Penley (British, 1807-1870) wrote an early book on watercolor painting. One of the goals he sets forth is taking the viewer beyond the surface and creating a sense of depth and air: "One of the first essentials in Landscape Painting...Show More Summary

Ellipses in Perspective

Here is some basic but valuable information about ellipses in perspective. Ellipses on the top and bottom of an object do not have the same degree. If you're looking downward at an object, they are skinnier at the top of the object, and they appear fuller as you look lower down on the object. Show More Summary

Style Transfer

Computers are able to take any photo and reinterpret it in any given artist's style. You can give the computer some examples of an artist's work along with a photo of your own, and then the app will come up with an image that superficially resembles the style of that artist. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Franz Xaver Winterhalter’s portrait of Maria Beck

Countess Alexander Nikolaevitch Lamsdorff (Maria Ivanovna Beck), Franz Xaver Winterhalter In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the download or enlarge links under their image. Winterhalter’s portrait makes nice use of variation in edges; compare the sharp edges of the cuffs and collar of the dress to the softness at the edges of the hands. […]

Interview Podcast with Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads, publisher of Plein Air Magazine recently interviewed me about how I got started and my thoughts on painting on location. You can listen to the interview at this link.Eric is also the host of the upcoming 2017 Plein Air Convention...Show More Summary

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