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Impressionism in the Garden

Each summer the New York Botanical Garden chooses a theme to inspire its plantings and to guide its museum exhibition. Last year the Frida Kahlo theme attracted record crowds. This year, the topic is "Impressionism: American GardensShow More Summary

A few recent videos you may enjoy

Harvard Art Museums in Cambridge maintains a collection of thousands of pigments, which are useful primarily for authenticating or identifying paintings. (Link to YouTube)A machine for time traveling into old photos. (Link shows how it was made) A music video with a penny arcade that animates a song called ‘Ma’agalim’ by Jane Bordeaux. Show More Summary

Eyebrows and Face Recognition

Do you recognize these two people? In both photographs, the eyebrows have been removed. Here are the photos of the same faces. Is it easier to recognize them this way? This time the eyes have been digitally removed instead of the eyebrows. Show More Summary

Lighting a Model with Two Sources

Sir John Leighton, the Director-General of the Scottish National Gallery, served as both painter's model and keynote speaker at the Portrait Society's annual conference yesterday. Sir John Leighton by James Gurney, black and white gouache, 3 x 3 inches He was on the grand ballroom stage posing for a demo by Michael Shane Neal. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Edward Poynter’s Helena and Hermia

Helena and Hermia, Edward John Poynter Link is to a zoomable version on the Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Art Gallery of South Australia. Victorian painter Edward Poynter gives us a beautiful and sensitive portrayal of the characters from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. At once idealized and […]

Portrait Demo — Three Hours in Three Minutes

If you weren't able catch my portrait demo at the Portrait Society of America conference in Washington, no worries! Here's a front row seat, complete with super-speed action, blow-by-blow narration, and cheat-sheet notes. (Link to YouTube)...Show More Summary

Penleigh Boyd

Theodore Penleigh Boyd was an Australian painter active in the early 20th century. Boyd was born in England. His parents were both established artists, and he studied with them as well as at the National Gallery Art School in Victoria. He traveled in Europe and was influenced by the painters he met in Paris to […]

Portrait Society Conference

Photo by Caleb I'm at the Portrait Society of America's annual conference in Washington, DC, and was honored yesterday to participate in the Face-Off event, where 15 artists paint three-hour portraits from five models. It was fun to get the oils going again, after painting so much in water media lately. Show More Summary

Pros and Cons of Posting Work-in-Progress

There are a lot of ways to share your process online, especially after a painting is finished.But what a lot of people do is show a work developing over time from its early stages to the finish. When artists do that, we can follow stages...Show More Summary

Disrupting Face Recognition Technology

Face recognition systems are getting very good at spotting a face in a crowd, whether using cameras in public places or software scanning millions of images posted to social media. Facebook's DeepFace system, for example, uses a neural-net based machine learning approach to identify any person with 97 percent accuracy. Show More Summary

Arantzazu Martinez

Originally from Vitoria, Spain, Arantzazu Martinez moved to New York in search of 19th century style classical training. There she studied with Jacob Collins, both at the New York Academy of Figurative Art and the Water Street Atelier. Martinez frequently puts her classical training in service of the interpretation of fantastical literary subjects, both historic, […]

Admissions Officer

I love sketching people when they're moving and talking, rather than posing. I sketched this admissions officer at a meeting for prospective college students. The challenge was to choose a characteristic angle and pose as he spoke. I'll...Show More Summary

Chris Watson's Audio Postcards

If you like listening to immersive soundscapes while you're painting, you'll enjoy the BBC podcasts by Chris Watson. He's a wildlife sound recordist who takes his sensitive equipment all over the world. His 15-minute programs alternate...Show More Summary

Animation for Ma’agalim – Uri Lotan

Ma’agalim is a beautiful short animation (3:30 minutes) directed by Uri Lotan. It is the music video for the song of the same name by Jane Bordeaux. It portrays a mechanically animated wooden doll in the revolving scene of an arcade amusement, walking in pace as the landscape rolls beneath her feet. If you click […]

Church in the Rain

I just finished writing an article for International Artist magazine which will be out in a few weeks. The subject is painting when you're stuck somewhere. In this case I was in Millbridge, Maine during a camping trip, waiting for the rain to stop. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Rembrandt portrait etching and preliminary painting

Portrait of Ephraim Bueno, Physician, Rembrandt van Rijn; etching & drypoint; roughly 8 x 7 inches (21 x 18 cm) Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project, original is in the Jewish Museum, New York, which has a downloadable version. Portrait of a Man, thought to be Dr. Ephraïm Bueno, Rembrandt, oil on […]

Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin is a contemporary Swedish watercolorist who is well known and influential in his home country, but not as widely recognized here in the U.S. as he should be. Lerin’s approach combines a loose, seemingly casual application of color with strong underlying draftsmanship. The combination is particularly appealing in his portrayals of architectural subjects. […]

The Illusive Eye at El Museo, Part 2

Click for Part One Judith Lauand, Brazil: Untitled, 1959, tempera on board Welcome o Part 2 of my report of The Illusive Eye at El Museo del Barrio in New York city, a splendid exhibition curated by the museum’s director, Jorge Daniel Veneciano. While I loved the entire exhibition, I respond more strongly to the galleries you see here. Show More Summary

Cardboard Cutout for Reference

James Warhola posing for an Etruscan musician Here's a tip when you need a quick prop for your model to interact with, but you don't have time to build an elaborate replica. Just draw the shape of it on the surface of a piece of cardboard and cut out what you need. Show More Summary

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