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Diner Wisdom

"I don't pay much attention to the weather. I just wake up and deal with what happens." Previously: Diner Counter

Eye Candy for Today: Botticelli’s Primavera

La Primavera, Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi) Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project, hi-res downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence (unofficial site). Despite another round of snow here on the east Coast of the U.S., today marks the Vernal Equinox, the first day […]

Thomas Stoop

Thomas Stoop is a freelance concept artist from the Netherlands who works in a textural brushy style of digital painting, with softly muted palettes that give his compositions an nice sense of atmospheric perspective. The images on his website and ArtStation portfolio are mostly of personal work that showcases his abilities; the ones on ArtStation […]

How to get squirrels to dance

I figured out a way to get the squirrels in my backyard to dance, and I'll show you how. They climb up on a platform painted like a disco dance floor, and reach inside a stuffed animal head to get some delicious organic peanut butter.While they're reaching for the treat, they do some incredible breakdancing moves. Show More Summary

Walt Reed, RIP

I'm sad to hear that Walt Reed, renowned historian of American illustration, has died. Walt Reed, painted by James Gurney in 2009 An artist himself, Walt studied at Pratt Institute and worked for a time as a freelance illustrator. Walt...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Helen Searle still life

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, Helen Searle In the Smithsonian American Art Museum; there is a somewhat larger version of the image on Wikimedia Commons, but it’s unfortunately not well focused. Careful you don’t get stung reaching for a grape.

The Dandy: Count Robert de Montesquiou

Count Robert de Montesquiou (1855-1921) was a French aesthete, poet, and art collector. He was spiffy dresser. At a concert of music by von Weber, he showed up with a mauve suit and a cluster of pale violets held at his neck in place...Show More Summary

Matthew Cornell

There is something special about twilight; the transitional period between day and night can also be a metaphor for the transition between consciousness and sleep, past and present, the remembered and forgotten. Like the state between waking and sleep, twilight can also be a period in which two different states coexist, the fading but still […]

Dinotopia: World Beneath Podcast #7

It's time for Episode 7 of the serialized audio dramatization of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. Here's the link to the MP3 file on Soundcloud, or you can click the play button below:While explorer Arthur Denison is leading an expedition...Show More Summary

Interactive Sketchbook Results

A few weeks ago, I announced the Interactive Sketchbook Contest here on GurneyJourney, and we received dozens of entries. The challenge was to show a drawing interacting with the real world, either using a drawing on paper or transparent film, but it all had to be done without digital manipulation. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Henriette Browne’s Girl Writing

A Girl Writing; The Pet Goldfinch, Henriette Browne Link is to zoomable image on Google Art Project; there is a downloadable high-res file on Wikimedia Commons; the original is in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. A beautifully sensitive portrait/genre scene. Browne’s superb control of values allows the soft, indirect light of the scene to […]

A House on Main Street

Houses that have survived northern winters are like old sailing ships that have crossed the ocean. They're leaky and battered, with the paint barely holding on. Saugerties Main Street, gouache, 5 x 8 inches I painted this Victorian house while sitting in my car in a parking lot behind a diner. Show More Summary

Gari Melchers

Gari Melchers was an American artist, born in Detroit, who studied in Germany and France in the late 19th century, and settled for a time in Holland. He eventually returned to the US, lived and worked in New York for several years, and eventually retired to Virginia. His estate in Virginia, Belmont, is now a […]

Inattentional Blindness

This car ad (visible here on YouTube) is less about the car than it is about visual perception. The ad shows four buildings on a street in West London. Over the course of a minute, the screen momentarily blinks to black 13 times. After...Show More Summary

Japanese prints from the Met via Ukiyo-e Search

This week is one of weeks designated two times a year as “Asia Week New York” by the Japanese Art Dealers Association, during which a number of galleries, auction houses and museums make a point of having relevant exhibits. Rather than feature images from temporary exhibits, I’m focusing here on a specific ongoing source of […]

The Ice is Breaking Up

The ice is breaking up on the Hudson River. Hudson Ice, Gouache, 5 x 8 inches, 1.5 hours Blocks of ice the size of houses drift slowly in the current. They grind against each other or pull apart. Something below the surface groans and shudders. Show More Summary

Sergey Kolesov

Sergey Kolesov is a concept artist based in Lyon, France, and currently working as senior concept artist for Arkane Studios. Kolesov juxtaposes passages of low and high chroma color, and makes use of textures and patterns to give his images a rich surface. You can see see of his professional work on his Behance portfolio, […]

Sketching the 1956 Protests in Montgomery, Alabama

In March of 1956, Harvey Dinnerstein and his friend Burton Silverman traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to sketch the civil rights movement that was happening in the African-American community. Rev. M.L. King, by Burton Silverman, 1956 The two 28-year-old artists were witnesses to the protest events in which Dr. Show More Summary

Bruce Cheever

After many years as a successful illustrator, Bruce Cheever changed his focus to gallery art, bringing his admiration for Renaissance art, American Tonalism, Luminism, and Western artists like Thomas Moran to his portrayals of the American West and Southwest, as well as his travels in Italy and other parts of Europe. Though sometimes bathed in […]

Hopeful Corgi

At my friend James Warhola's house in Long Island City, I sketched his Welsh corgi named Maya. She wondered why I was giving her so much attention, and whether I might feed her a bit of spaghetti or garlic bread. She only held this pose for about 30 seconds. Show More Summary

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