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Viktor Vasnetsov

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov was a Russian painter who painted scenes of Russian folklore as well as history painting, genre painting, religious subjects and landscape. Though I don’t think his folklore paintings were meant to be reproduced as illustrations, they have a similar narrative quality. His flights of fantasy are grounded in a tactile realism that […]

Six Greedy Loafers

Albert Dorne,, one of the founders of the Famous Artist’s School correspondence course, shared his thumbnail sketches for a magazine illustration called "Six Greedy Loafers." The finished picture was used to illustrate a story about an old farmer on his deathbed surrounded by his six lazy sons. Show More Summary

James Paick (update)

James Paick is a concept and visual development artist who I first featured back in 2007. Paick is the founder of Scribble Pad Studios, whose clients include Riot Games, Naughty Dog, EA, Sony, Respawn, Epic Games, Activision, NC Soft, and Wizards of the Coast. Paick excels at suggesting detail and texture in environments of monumental […]

Transparency and Reflections

The blue and white placemats are printed with ads for local businesses. Reflections, gouache (black, white, ultra blue, raw umber), 5x8 inches The creamer and the juice glass distort the patterns of the placemats in different ways. One reflects them, and the other refracts them. Show More Summary

Graphics Before Photoshop

Art Center teacher Sean Adams explains how graphics were accomplished with physical tools before the digital revolution of Photoshop. (link to YouTube video)For the amount of time he had, it's a pretty good summary, but I wish he had...Show More Summary

Gouache Insights from Caran d'Ache

Caran D'ache set of gouache A lot of you have asked which is my favorite brand of gouache, and I have to answer that I can't say yet. I've been trying out a lot of different brands, such as:M. Graham, Holbein, Winsor and Newton, Utrecht,...Show More Summary

Summer Nocturne

. There are some splendid dark paintings on view right now. What they share is not only the achromatic richness of night, but a reductive sensibility expressed via geometric means.  Porfirio DiDonna: Paintings from the 1970s at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, Chelsea, through July 31 Porfirio DiDonna, Untitled, 1971, acrylic and graphite on canvas Installation view above Detail below

Ottorino De Lucchi

Italian artist Ottorino De Lucchi works with watercolor in a technique he calls “watercolor drybrush”. This is not the typical use of that term, meaning a few passages of a brush on which only a small amount of paint is present, used to create textural strokes. Instead, he refers to a specific technique of applying […]

International Artist Article on Tyrannosaurs

International Artist Magazine has a big feature on my recent Tyrannosaur illustrations for Scientific American in their upcoming issue #104 (August / September). Some of the sketches are reproduced full size, so you can really see them.It's...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Egyptian encaustic portrait

Portrait of the Boy Eutyches, unknown artist In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use zoom or download arrows under the image for high-res version. This two thousand year old painting on wood panel, in the hot wax process of encaustic, highlights the characteristics of that medium to not yellow or change chemically with age. The […]

Bug Puppet Characters

I fell in love with these comic character puppets, so I wanted to paint them to better understand their design and construction. (Direct link to YouTube video) Collector Mel Birnkrant helped me set them up in front of the sketch easel, and he made them dance for us. Show More Summary

GJ Book Club, Speed, Chapter 14: Unity of Mass

On the GJ Book Club, we're looking at Chapter 14: "Unity of Mass" in Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing. The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in boldface. If you would like to respond to a specific...Show More Summary

Federico del Campo

Federico del Campo was a Peruvian painter active in the late 19th and early 20th century who was noted for his large scale scenes of Venice. He studied in Spain at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, and traveled and painted in Italy and France. He settled in Venice for a time, where […]

Painting the Night

Józef Pankiewicz (1866-1940) Warsaw by Night Reading the chapter in Harold Speed for tomorrow's book club post, I was struck with this line: "Effects such as twilight, moonlight, or even sunlight were seldom attempted by the older painters,...Show More Summary

Resource for Movie Screenshots

In his cinematography website, Evan E. Richards presents entire movies as a series of screenshots. Screenshots from Amelie Seeing a film broken down into as many as 400 individual frames makes this a helpful reference site for illustrators, storyboarders, concept artists, production designers, cinematographers, photographers, and art teachers. Show More Summary

Grahame Baker Smith

UK illustrator Grahame Baker Smith is known for his interpretation of classics like Pinocchio and Robin Hood, as well as contemporary works like Leon and the Place Between and FArTHER. His work for the latter garnered him the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2011 (a British medal awarded each year for “distinguished illustration in a book […]

The Other Side of Gustave Doré

When I think of the work of Gustave Doré, I usually think of the moody black and white engravings from the Bible and the Divine Comedy that appeared in the Dover reprint editions. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover a broader scope of his talents in the current issue of Illustration Magazine (Issue #48). Show More Summary

Eye candy for Today: Jan de Beijer ink and wash drawing

Grebbesluis, Jan de Beijer Ink and wash, roughly 4 1/2 x 12 (120x30cm). In the Rijksmuseum. With clear observation, economical delineation and a few simple tones, 18th century draftsmana nd painter Jan de Beijer gives us an evocative semi-panoramic scene. It looks to me like the right side of the drawing may have been cut […]

Traveling Light

View of Silk Road, my small solo at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont My Silk Road series has been traveling this year. Each exhibition receives a new group of paintings, and I've been able to fly, drive or walk to each gallery where the work is shown. Show More Summary

Military ABC Book

'Armée Française : Nouvel Alphabet Militaire' Text by Pierre Léon Vanier Illustrations by Henri de Sta This 1880s book - obviously aimed at young people - offers satirical portrayals of various branches and uniforms of the French military and each chromolithograph is accompanied by a page of descriptive text. Show More Summary

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