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Rare Video of Illustrator Arthur William Brown

Here's a rare archival sound film from 1949, showing Golden-Age illustrator Arthur William Brown (1881-1966) as he tells the story of his career and the principles behind his pictures. (Link to YouTube) He says: "I think I was one of...Show More Summary

Tone Paper Studies

I drew this study from a live model in charcoal and white chalk on brown wrapping paper. It was made in preparation for a National Geographic illustration. I drew the study instead of taking a photo because it's faster. In 20 minutes I had all the essential information I needed. Show More Summary

Ray Roberts (update)

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending a demo by California plein air painter Ray Roberts, who I initially wrote about in 2010. The demo was part of the schedule of the Wayne Plein Air Festival, the major such event here in the Philadelphia area, for which Roberts was this year’s juror. Roberts set up […]

Jakob Rebelka

Jakob Rebelka is a Polish comics artist, illustrator and concept artist for the gaming industry. His interestingly different style combines areas of complex, intertwined forms with more open spaces and applications of texture. Often he will create the sensation of forms within forms be defining surface areas with lightly applied shadows and highlights, in a […]

Eye Candy for Today: Adolph Menzel graphite drawing

Carl John Arnold, Adolph Menzel In the Morgan Library and Museum, use Zoom tab or download link. Menzel gives us a superbly adept rendering in pencil. The drawing feels at once finished and casual. Either the subject had a large head, or Menzel — after focusing on the portrait — compressed the figure somewhat to […]

H. Septimus Power's Horse Paintings

Septimus Power, The End of the Day H. Septimus Power (1877-1951) was a New-Zealand-born Australian artist who was always fascinated with horses. H. Septimus Power, Horse Cart, Watercolor He got an early job painting animal heads on butchers' delivery vans, and later worked for a veterinarian. Show More Summary

Yakovlev's Citroën Expeditions

Alexander Yakovlev (1887-1938) Mirza Dolik One of the works in the upcoming Sotheby's auction of Russian pictures is this portrait by Alexander Yakovlev. Portrait of Mirza Dolik (detail) The drawing is 20 x 14 inches, and it was drawn outdoors from life in 1931 using sanguine and pastel on paper. Show More Summary

GJ Book Club, Chapter 7: "The Study of Drawing"

On the GJ Book Club, we're studying Chapter 7, "The Study of Drawing," from Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing. The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in italics, followed by a brief remark of my own. Show More Summary

Elle Michalka

Elle Michalka is a painter, illustrator and concept artist, originally from Texas and now based in Los Angeles, where she has worked in the animation field for companies like Disney TV Animation, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. Her credits include work on Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. Michalka also creates digital paintings of […]

Rocky Mountain High, Part 2

Rocky Mountain High, Part 1: Space Gallery Still Life You can't visit Denver without paying a visit to the Clyfford Still Museum. Opened in late 2011, it houses virtually all of the artist's work. Having famously withdrawn from the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1951, Still hoarded his work, stipulating in his will that the entire oeuvre be shown together. Show More Summary

Nearly-Notan Gouache with Yellow Underpainting

I ask Jeanette if she wants me to help her in the supermarket, and she says, "Really, I'd rather not. Why don't you go do a sketch?" I know what she means. I'm always distracting her with other topics while she's thinking about food....Show More Summary

Shishkin Landscape

The landscapes of Ivan Shishkin (Russian, 1832-1898) are notable for their truth to nature. He knew a lot about botany and painted outdoors on a regular basis. This autumn landscape in oil is about 16 x 26 inches. A detail suggests three things to my eye.1. Show More Summary

Sean Murtha

Connecticut based artist Sean Murtha brings his experience and sensibilities as a plein air landscape painter to his naturalist paintings of birds, imbuing them with a sense of being part of their environment — a feeling sometimes lacking in wildlife painting where too often the landscape is simply a backdrop for the animal subject. Ironically, […]

Dinotopia: The World Beneath—Final Episode

The time has come for the final episode of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. You can hear the episode at this Soundcloud link, or by pressing the play button below. The dramatic conclusion with biomorphic walkers and apex predatory dinosaurs...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Eakins’ Concert Singer

The Concert Singer, Thomas Eakins Link is to zoomable version on Google art Project; downloadble file in Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There is an article on the painting on Wikipedia. This striking portrait by Thomas Eakins is here in Philadelphia, where I’ve had the pleasure of studying it many […]

The Backgrounds of "Ghost in the Shell"

The animated film "Ghost in the Shell" was released in 1995, and the backgrounds were produced with physical paint. Observer K Huitula described the technical process: "They were painted with about 30 different colors of bottled poster color [a liquid form of gouache, also known as tempera]. Show More Summary

Rocky Mountain High, Part 1

So if you're following my little adventure out West last week, after San Francisco I flew into Denver. The airport is quite a distance from town--closer to the state of Idaho, actually, than the Mile High City. You're not really aware...Show More Summary

Alfred Parsons

Alfred Parsons was a British landscape painter, illustrator and botanical artist, active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His sensitivity to the nuances of natural forms and colors is particularly evident in his evocative portrayals of flowering trees in spring. Parsons also brought his artistic sensibilities and botanical knowledge to garden design. In […]

Rodriguez interviews Del Toro

(Link to video) Movie director Robert Rodriguez has been conducting a series of online interviews with fellow directors. Whether you're a movie fan, a budding filmmaker, or a painter, the interviews are fascinating, because they come...Show More Summary

Lens Flare and Light Spill

The upcoming issue of International Artist magazine includes an article that I wrote about lens flare, light spill, and color coronas. These phenomena are familiar from photography, but similar effects occur in the human eye, and they can be very effective in painting. Show More Summary

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