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Johan Krouthén

As was discussed in the comments on my recent post about Thomas Fearnley, the Scandinavian countries seem to have produced a disproportionately high number of wonderful landscape painters. Johan Krouthén was a Swedish painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm at […]

Hotel Catalina

Hotel Catalina, oil, 8 x 12 inches, Catalina Island I painted this view of Hotel Catalina about 35 years ago. The layers of paint are fairly thinly applied on a panel that was pre-primed with a warm acrylic ground. For the window details, I used a 1/4 inch synthetic flat brush, using Liquin for the medium.

Tennessee man builds Dinotopia in miniature

Photos by Jack Vance of the Johnson City Times Bill Lankford, 78, of Johnson City, Tennessee, built this amazing miniature of Dinotopia. He worked on the 12-foot-long creation for over a year. It includes stairways, bridges, canals inspired by scenes from Waterfall City, Pooktook, and Sauropolis. Show More Summary

Painting stripes on a bongo

When you're painting in oil, it's possible to lay down light shapes over dark ones while the dark under-layer is still wet. But to do that, you've got to keep the under-layer thin and not too wet. That's how I painted the white stripes on this bongo. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Juan de Espinosa still life

Still Life with Grapes, Apples and Plums, Juan de Espinosa In the collection of the Museo del Prado, which offers a downloadable as well as zoomable version of the image. There is also a somewhat larger downloadable version of the image on Wikimedia Commons, but I think the color on the museum’s image is likely […]

Nico Delort & Teagan White at Gallery Nucleus

Beautiful work by Nico Delort and Teagan White — both of whom I have featured previously on Lines and Colors — is currently on display at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA until March 5, 2017. Many of the originals have already sold, but some pieces are still available. If you’re not familiar with these artists, […]

Casein Video Review

ImagineFX Magazine reviews the new casein video in their February issue. "Illustrator James Gurney offers a guide to a much-underrated medium — but there's creative gold inside for any artist."Partway through this video, the latest in...Show More Summary

Meet the GurneyJourney Staff

Ruth Squitieri asked if I do this blog all by myself or if I have a team helping out. So Ruth, Let me introduce my production staff to you. Here’s Clifton, our Art Historian and Image Sleuth. He is an expert on obsolete traditions and hot new trends, which in the art field are one in the same.Jonathan is our Writer. Show More Summary

Quick head study

Painting a head in one minute is a good warm-up exercise. It forces me grasp the essentials right away. Sequence: 1. Shadow shapes, 2. Background, 3. Halftones. (Link for video on Facebook) Tools: water brush filled with Higgins Eternal ink, a big flat brush with a diluted ink, and a sable brush filled with water. Show More Summary

Atlanta Cyclorama Moves to New Home

If the Atlanta Cyclorama were laid out flat, it would be one of the largest paintings in the world: 40 feet tall and longer than a football field.When properly displayed in its cylindrical format, it's a wraparound experience akin to...Show More Summary

WooHoo! We're the #4 Art Blog

I'm honored that GurneyJourney has been identified as the #4 Art Blog about Painting.The ranking is based on: Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites Quality and consistency of posts. Show More Summary

Sketching at Barber of Seville

I brought my pocket sketchbook to Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Barber of Seville) at the Metropolitan Opera in New York last night. Linda Benson asked, "How do you sketch when the lights go down?"Answer: I limit my means to black and white so I can see in super dim light. Show More Summary

'When should I launch my project?'

Alphonse Mucha working on the Slav Epic Anthony Ross says: "I'm working on a long-term, multi-faceted project that is very close to me. It has the estimated size to the Marvel Universe of comics and is in illustrated novel format. Right...Show More Summary

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

I'm looking forward to being a guest of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City this April. It's a good place to meet other artists who create imaginative realism.

Eye Candy for Today: Ingres portrait of Madame Félix Gallois

Madame Félix Gallois, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres Graphite on paper, with touches of cold highlighting the jewelry, roughly 14 x 11 in. (35 x 27 cm); in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the download or zoom links under the image on their site. Another of Ingres’ beautiful and deceptively simple graphite […]

Met makes high-rez images freely downloadable

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced on Tuesday that they will now make all 375,000 of their public domain images freely available to the public. You can download the JPEGs and use them however you want, including commercially. On...Show More Summary

Craig Sketching

This is my nephew Craig. He loves to draw, and on occasion I've had the pleasure of drawing pictures with him. I love the purity and happiness he brings to drawing.I teach him a few tricks to make his drawings of people and houses more realistic, and he teaches me how to declutter my mind.


While we're on the subject of weird utopias, let's consider the plan by German Bauhaus architect Herman Sörgel called Atlantropa. The idea was to drain the Mediterranean by building several huge dams, the principal ones being across the straits of Gibraltar and the Bosporus. Show More Summary

King Gillette's Niagara Metropolis

Before perfecting his idea for a safety razor, King Camp Gilette (1855-1932) developed some radical concepts for utopian cities. Chief among them was a giant city called "Metropolis," built on, and powered by, Niagara falls. I just learned about this recently, and knew nothing of it when I came up with Waterfall City. Show More Summary

Thomas Fearnley

Thomas Fearnley was a 19th century Norwegian painter who specialized in landscapes. He painted many of his works in Italy, particularly along the beautiful Amalfi coast in places like Sorrento and Capri. He was also an accomplished printmaker and produced very appealing lithographs and etchings of landscape scenes. His subjects ranged from grand and dramatic […]

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