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Portraits in the Wild, James Gurney

As I have pointed out in previous reviews, painter, illustrator and writer James Gurney has in recent years been bringing us a wealth of instructional material in the form of books, videos and his always informative and fascinating blog, Gurney Journey. Not only has he contributed significantly to the canon of contemporary art instruction (as […]

Painting a Sunset Light Effect

(Link to YouTube) I want to show you how to paint a sunset light effect. I start with a watercolor sketchbook primed with a tint of Venetian red casein. It is OK to use acrylic paint or gesso for the priming also. I paint the sky with white gouache. Show More Summary

Weed Challenge Winners

I congratulate everyone who entered the "Weed Painting Challenge." You braved heat, mosquitoes, midges, dead rats, and (potentially) alligators. Some of you painted outside for the first time or experimented with new media. Some just stepped out in the back yard, and others returned to the location many times. Show More Summary

Are Master Copies Clogging the Internet?

Painting copies of master paintings is an great way to learn. It's a good idea to produce them. But is it a good idea to post them? Will the real Lady Agnew please stand up? Have you ever searched for a famous painting and found a lot...Show More Summary

Harold Speed Discusses Grounds

Welcome to the GJ Book Club. Today we'll cover pages 242-245 of the chapter on "Materials," from Harold Speed's 1924 art instruction book Oil Painting Techniques and Materials.I'll present Speed's main topics numbered in boldface type. Show More Summary

Nature Fest at the LA Natural History Museum

Natural History Museums love artists! This weekend the Natural History History Museum of Los Angeles County will host a "Nature Fest." Members of the local group of LA Urban Sketchers and others from Plein Air painting community will be painting and sketching at the location. Show More Summary

Time Lapse of Urban Life

The Lion City II - Majulah from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.This video combines a lot of sophisticated time lapse techniques to provide a dynamic vision of life in the city.

Spider Flowers

At the NY Botanical Garden last weekend, I decided to get close enough to a couple of flowers so that I could study their structure, and not just paint them as faraway blobs. A group of flamboyant spider flowers or cleome drew me into their orbit. Show More Summary

Painting a Victorian Couple in the Garden

Rod and Gretchen, colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache Rod Caravella and Gretchen Fenston posed for me in Edwardian attire at the New York Botanical Garden, as part of the fun surrounding their summer exhibition "Impressionism: American...Show More Summary

Deadline Coming June 24 for the Weed Challenge

Friday is the deadline for the Weed Painting Challenge. It's free to enter, all media are accepted, and if you win, you get one of the rare "Department of Art" patches.Here's the previous post: Weed Painting ChallengeFacebook Event Page where people are posting their results

NSPCA Exhibition Opens Today at the Salmagundi

I was honored to learn today that my plein-air painting "Incident on Kelly Street" won the NSPCA Award for Casein Painting. The original of "Incident at Kelly Street" goes on exhibit today at the Salmagundi Club in NYC with the annual showing of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. Show More Summary

Painting Ice Water in Gouache

I couldn't find anything else to paint, so I painted the cup of water. (Link to YouTube) Ice Water, gouache, 5 x 8 inches. But looking at that ice water made me thirsty so I had wait a half hour before I could drink it.-----Download the Gouache in the Wild TutorialMaterials Pentalic watercolor sketchbook, Holbein gouache set, Schmincke half pan set, gamboge watercolor

Plein Air Invitational

This Sunday I'll be part of a Plein-Air Invitational at the New York Botanical Garden. (Link to YouTube).There will be more than 20 invited out-of-door painters, including Paul Bachem, Garin Baker, Eleinne Basa, Zufar Bikbov, Shari Blaukopf,...Show More Summary

Painting a Moving Subject

Excerpt of the new video feature "Portraits in the Wild." (Link to YouTube Video)Blog reader Bjorn asks:"I do 15 minute portraits at business fairs. Of course no one is able to keep a smile for that long. So when I draw what I see, the people relax their facial muscles. Show More Summary

Mesozoic Gliding Mammal

This little Mesozoic mammal, Volaticotherium, is flying off the newsstands. ---- Watch a trailer of the behind the scenes making-of video In the June issue Scientific American.

Painting Singers While They Sing

(Link to video) When I set up my easel on the sidelines of an old-time singing convention, I didn't know what to expect. I worried that I would be disruptive, but they were so wrapped up in the music, they hardly noticed me. I just had to move my easel at one point to stay clear of the stampede at the lunch table. Show More Summary

Your Comments, Questions, and Shares from the LiveStream

On Monday's live stream, we had people from Wales, Canada, U.K., Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Slovakia, India, Phillipines, France, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, Texas, Baltimore, Ohio, and NYC (to name a few). Show More Summary

Gouache Head Demo in Six Acts

Yesterday at a college coffeehouse, I did a little gouache demo on Facebook Live. In case you don't do Facebook or missed the live stream, here's the archived video. The demo is broken up into six chapters because the stream kept freezing for some reason. Show More Summary

Facebook Followup

Thanks for everyone who joined in to the Facebook Live stream, and stuck with oddly intermittent broadcast (we had an awesome connection, but it kept freezing and dumping us out.) Anyway, here's the 15 minute gouache demo. We'll go through...Show More Summary

Release of Portraits in the Wild

Portraits in the Wild is now available. At the bottom of this post are links for the download and the DVD. They're both 10% off until midnight tonight. (Link to YouTube trailer) Also, don't miss the Facebook Live stream starting at 12:00 noon Eastern Time today. Show More Summary

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