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Howard Friedland

Originally from New York, Howard Friedland is a painter living and working in Bozeman, Montana. In addition to finding subjects in the area where he lives, Friedland has traveled and painted across the U.S. as well as in Europe and China. His approach is boldly painterly, his confident brush marks describing his subjects with geometric […]

Painting Amid Chaos

One of the biggest challenges of plein-air painting is maintaining focus while unpredictable things happen around you. A park should be a calm, peaceful place to paint, right? This excerpt from "Casein Painting in the Wild captures a little of the fun when we painting in Montreal last summer. Show More Summary

Your Casein Questions

When I try out a new kind of paint, I like to use a super-limited palette, as I did on this painting of a historic wooden boatbuilding shop. (Watch on YouTube)Yesterday I invited you to ask questions about casein, and they were great ones. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Abraham Brueghel still life

Pomegranates and Other Fruit in a Landscape, Abraham Brueghel In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the download or zoom links under their image. This 17th century still life is an example of how tenuous the attribution of historic art can be. Over time, it has been ascribed to Diego Velázquez, Giuseppe Ruoppoli, and Giovanni […]

Slawek Fedorczuk

Slawek Fedorczuk is an illustrator, character designer and concept artist based in Warsaw, Poland. Fedorczuk has a springy, energetic style with blocky geometric shapes forming much of the natural environment, giving his image a cartoon-like verve. His palette ranges from muted to high-chroma, depending on the demands of the image, with touches of texture adding […]

It's Casein Week, Day One

I goofed around a little with casein paint when I was in art school, but then I forgot about it. I moved on to oil, gouache, and watercolor. Fast-forward thirty years. In 2013 at an art convention I learned it was still being manufactured, so I thought I'd give it a try again. Show More Summary

W?adys?aw Czachórski

W?adys?aw Czachórski was a Polish painter active in the late 19th and early 20th century. Though he also painted still life, landscapes and other subjects, Czachórski was known primarily for his portraits and genre paintings of women dressed in finery expressively posed among flowers and elegant furnishings. These were rendered with academic realism and a […]

SciVizNYC 2016

The first annual SciViz conference took place in New York City last Friday. The guest speakers at SciViz discussed data visualization and the connection between art and science.Nigel Holmes showed case studies of his witty hand-drawn explanatory graphics. Show More Summary

Caricature Iterations

It often takes four or five tries at a caricature to before a theme emerges. Then it's a matter of simplifying. Tony DeMarco, fiddler in the Irish tradition from NYC Tony was talking and moving as he played a concert, so I had a chance to observe him in a variety of angles and expressions. If you want a reality check, you can watch Tony talk and fiddle on this YouTube video.

Eye Candy for Today: Conrad Martens landscape

One of the falls on the Apsley, Conrad Martens Watercolor and gouache, 18 x 24 inches (66 x 46 cm); in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. Their image is zoomable, even though they don’t give a visible indication to that effect — click on their image to enlarge. There is also a […]

Using Cast Shadows for Depth

The late afternoon sun is casting shadows across this street in Poughkeepsie. Bands of light and shadow crossing the middle ground can add a lot of depth to a scene like this. The shadows also reveal the crown of the road. Streets are always slightly crowned to allow the water to flow off to the sides.

Advertising Art--A Washing Machine as a Masterpiece

This magazine ad from 1957 features a painting by Tom Lovell of an artist at work. It was a different age in advertising, not only because they hired an illustrator for the visual, but because of the rational argument of the copywriting, explaining why they chose the kind of grease they use to lube the machine. Show More Summary

Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is a visionary artist whose intricately patterned compositions are meant to represent states of awareness or inner visions as opposed to ordinary perception of the visual world. Sage studied with Michael Fuchs, and his father Ernst Fuchs, a well-known pioneer of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and a mentor to the contemporary […]

New tools will let you edit and invent spoken words

Adobe recently gave a sneak peak of new software called #VoCo with an amazing (and potentially alarming) capacity to edit recorded speech. Users will easily be able to change word order and even to invent new words using a simple keyboard interface. Show More Summary

Comic Art and Illustration Auction in Paris

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, La Ligne de Demarcation Christie's Auctions in Paris will be hosting a sale of bande dessinée and illustration this Saturday, November 19. The sale will include work by Peyo, Jean Giraud / Moebius, Albert Uderzo, Hergé, Juanjo Guarnido, Enki Bilal, and Daniel Cacouault. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Dürer’s Large Piece of Turf

The Large Piece of Turf, Albrecht Dürer Watercolor and gouache on paper mounted to board, roughly 16 x 12 inches (41 x 31 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Albertina, Vienna. For its small size and unassuming subject, this painting ranks among […]

Thomas Bossard

Thomas Bossard is a French painter, illustrator, muralist and stage set designer. His paintings have a lively, cartoon-like charm and wry humor that reminds me of idiosyncratic cartoonists and illustrators like Ronald Searle and Edward Sorel. Bossard paints in oil on panel, and I find the surface texture of his approach contributes greatly to the […]

Billyo O’Donnell

Billyo O’Donnell is a Missouri painter whose recent work, in addition to being painterly and color rich, is often highly textural. I’ve had O’Donnell on my list of artists to cover on Lines and Colors for some time (it’s a long list), and his style has evolved since I first encountered his work. His newer […]

Strange Light at the Tire Place

Yesterday while Jeanette was at the supermarket, I stood on the hill across from the discount tire place and imagined the world in different light. Mavis Tire, casein 5 x 8 inches The line written on the sketchbook page says: "They told...Show More Summary

Lisa Ericson

Portland, Oregon based painter Lisa Ericson draws on her background in illustration and graphic design to give her compositions a strong graphic punch, often setting high-value and high chroma subjects against deep black backgrounds....Show More Summary

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