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Eye Candy for Today: Roelant Roghman drawing

View of castle Groenewoude, Roelant Roghman Chalk, with brush on paper; roughly 14×19? (35x49cm); in the collection of the Rijksmuseum. Roughman’s seemingly simple — but precise and deftly rendered — 17th century drawing is described on the Rijksmuseum’s site with chalk as the material and brush as the technique. I assume from the look of […]

A Vision of Augmented Reality

Where are we headed with augmented reality? This short film by Keiichi Matsuda presents an unsettling vision of a possible future. The film superimposes digital animations over a mundane live action video showing a person's point of view as they ride a bus and shop for food. Show More Summary

Keeping Gouache Wet on the Palette

Following on the discussion yesterday, blog reader Glenn Tait shared a do-it-yourself option for keeping gouache wet longer on the palette. He says: "I have tested different 'Sta-Wet' palette options with gouache and found the following to be very effective. Show More Summary

Your Questions on Gouache

A lot of you have asked me questions about gouache, so I've gathered up the answers here for the benefit of everybody:Carlos says, "After watching Gouache in the Wild, I'm finally going to buy some gouache tubes. I was wondering if the...Show More Summary

Amazing Mesozoic Mammals

Scientific American's online magazine has just released a new article about the mammals that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. For the cover of the magazine, we needed a dynamic image that showed how capable and specialized some mammals were. Show More Summary

Jean-Baptiste Monge (update 2016)

Jean-Baptiste Monge is an illustrator, concept artist and character designer who I have featured previously on Lines and Colors. Monge combines superb draftsmanship, sensitive textural rendering, and a keen appreciation of color andShow More Summary

Al Jaffee, Mad's 95 Year Old Cartoonist

Al Jaffee invented "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" for Mad Magazine He also came up with the popular "Fold-In" feature. He's is 95 years old and still going strong. In fact he was recently honored as having the longest working career of any cartoonist ever. Here's a video profile from the Gothamist. (Link to YouTube video)

Dancing and Painting in the Gardens

The opening of "Impressionism: American Gardens on Canvas" was a big success yesterday at the New York Botanical Gardens. Members of the Michael Arenella Dreamland Orchestra played Jazz Age favorites and demonstrated some hot dance licks in vintage costumes. Show More Summary

Grigoriy Myasoyedov

Grigoriy Grigorievich Myasoyedov was a founding member of the group of 19th century Russian painters know as the Peredvizhniki, who rejected the formalities of the Impreial Academy of the Arts in favor of traveling exhibitions. Unfortunately, he is not as well known outside of Russia as his more famous counterparts, and information and examples of […]


For some reason I was able to hypnotize this rooster by making a bird call, and that made him cooperate and pose.

Impressionism Opens at the Botanical Gardens this Weekend

The New York Botanical Garden opens its Impressionism theme this weekend, with lots of fun events. I'll be there painting on Saturday, the day of the public opening. Here's a list of events for this weekend. May 14 & 1510 a.m.–6 p.m.Conservatory10 a.m. Show More Summary

What artists need to know about utility poles

Commonly called "telephone poles," utility poles carry a lot more than just phone service. They also conduct electrical power, street lights, internet, cable TV, signs, surveillance cameras, traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and seasonal decorations. Show More Summary

J.B. Monge Kickstarts Celtic Faeries

At long last, Montreal-based artist J.B. Monge is offering a collectable book version of his charming Celtic Faeries universe. For many years Monge's artwork has only been available in expensive French imports, but now it will come out in a slipcased book, with lots of new artwork and an English translation. Show More Summary

Painting a Bakery Case in Watercolor

Yesterday I painted a bakery case in watercolor. (Link to YouTube) The challenge was to paint the pastries seen through the glass as well as the reflection of the skylights. This is difficult because the brain can't see these two overlapping realms at the same time. Show More Summary

The Ferncliff Gatehouse

Each of the old mansions along Hudson River had a gatehouse. Here's the gatehouse for the Ferncliff estate, once owned by the Astor family. It was designed in a Second-Empire style by architect L.A. Ehlers in 1877. It was abandoned when I first saw it, and it seemed an ideal setting for a story of the supernatural. Show More Summary

Dinotopia Audio Producer Tom Lopez

Tom Lopez produced the Dinotopia audio adventures. They are very faithful adaptations, which translate the visual story into an acoustic one that plays out like a movie out in your imagination. Tom Lopez, aka "Meatball Fulton" of ZBS. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Tarbell’s In the Orchard

In the Orchard, Edmund Charles Tarbell Link is to large, downloadable file on Wikipedia; original is in the collection of the Terra Foundation for American Art. Apparently, Edmund Tarbell — one of most noted of the painters classified as “American Impressionists” — liked to say that he wasn’t particularly influenced by the French Impressionist painters […]

Happy Mother's Day

Jeanette and Dan in 1987 Today I send my gratitude and admiration to my wife Jeanette, to my departed mother and grandmother, and to Moms everywhere for their patience and unconditional love. As Felicia Hemans said, "There is in all this cold and hollow world no fount of deep, strong, deathless love, save that within a mother's heart."

Free Comic Book Day, 2016

Today, May 7, is Free Comic Book Day, 2916! Participating comic book shops will be giving away a selection of special promotional comic books, designed to introduce new readers both to those individual titles and to the fun of reading comics in general. Find a local participating shop by zip code on this Store Locator. […]

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