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Last Day to Enter the Portrait Competition

Today is the last day to enter the 2016 International Portrait Competition. It costs $45 to enter, but there are a lot of award categories, and if your work is chosen, it's good recognition. You can find entry information at this li...

New Dean Cornwell Book

Most of the books about Golden Age illustrators have been produced by a very small number of ardent fans working out of their homes or understaffed offices, and creating quality books as labors of love. Dan Zimmer, of The Illustrated Press, is one of those people.Zimmer has published an extraordinary book on The Art of Dean Cornwell. Show More Summary

New Blue Pigment Discovered

A new non-toxic, inorganic blue pigment has been discovered by accident by chemists in Oregon. They were experimenting with electronics materials that they mixed with manganese oxide and heated them to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, when a batch suddenly turned a brilliant blue. Show More Summary

Painting a Portrait of a Group of Singers

On Saturday I was up in the mountains painting a portrait of a group of singers. They met in an old wooden church hall in the town of Phoenicia for an all-day singing event.They came from six states with one thing in common, a love of...Show More Summary

Painting an Anamorphic Illusion

To celebrate arriving at 20,000 followers on Instagram, I decide to paint an anamorphic illusion. In this photograph, the "2" and "0" are made of cardboard, and the "k" is painted on the surface of the paper. The way I do it is to first...Show More Summary

Ian Hargreaves

Ian Hargreaves is an English painter who has lived in Italy and Germany, as well as the UK. His landscapes and cityscapes, often sun-splashed or dappled in shade, show the influence of his affection for Mediterranean subjects. Though you can’t see it in the small preview images above, his approach is often brusquely textural, giving […]

Eye Candy for Today: Edward Lear graphite drawing

Parham, October.13.1834, Edward Lear Graphite and white gouache on toned paper, roughly 10×7 inches (26×17 cm). Link is to a zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Yale Center for British Art, which also has zoomable and downloadable versions. Edward Lear, known these days more for her […]

Little Green Men

The design blog and podcast "99 Percent Invisible" discusses the variations of the walking-man icons used as a signal for pedestrians and how those symbols communicate different inflections of national identities.Little Green Men: Iconic Pedestrian Lights Signal More Than Change

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist in Revolutionary France

Historically, women have often faced exclusion from participation in the arts, their desire to establish themselves as professional artists curtailed or suppressed by a culture that deemed a career in painting or sculpture unsuitable for the “fairer sex”. This is usually discussed in the context of personal hardship, individual women whose potential careers as artists […]

Written Notes

It was too dark to sketch during the opera workshop, which was called "Drag me to Hell." So I sketched this guy during the intermission. The other quote was something I overheard at the diner. It's fun to surround a drawing with random words pulled out of the air. Show More Summary

Atlas, a new humanoid robot

Boston Dynamics has revealed Atlas, the newest iteration of their autonomous humanoid robot. It can let itself outdoors, walk on snowy ground, pick up boxes, and right itself after being pushed by a human. (Link to video). They say:"It is specialized for mobile manipulation. Show More Summary

"Termite Terrace," a film about animators that never was

Director Joe Dante talks about the never-produced script for "Termite Terrace," a live-action film proposal about the real-life stories behind the animators who made Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. (link to video) Via Cartoon Brew

Stapleton Kearns takes a look at my newest video

When I produced a video with "FANTASY" in the title, I knew it wouldn't appeal to everybody, because not everyone is interested in science fiction or surrealism. Some folks want to paint things more or less as they are (me too, actually,...Show More Summary

Karla Ortiz

Karla Ortiz is a concept artist, illustrator and gallery artist who has worked with film and gaming companies Paragon Studios/NcSoft, Ubisoft, Kabam, Industrial Light & Magic and Marvel Film Studios, as well as publishers Wizards of the Coast, Ace Books, Tor Books. Her illustrations have a refined, classical approach, with much attention paid to to […]

While waiting for chicken tacos

After I put in the order for my chicken tacos, I get out the gouache. Just four colors: ultramarine blue, flame red (Daler Rowney), burnt sienna, and white. There's a stop sign catching the full sun and a brick building in shadow just beyond it. Show More Summary

Lines and Colors reviews "Fantasy in the Wild"

Thanks to Charley Parker of the art blog "Lines and Colors" for the thoughtful review of my video tutorial "Fantasy in the Wild" "To me, the approach taken in Fantasy in the Wild — and the general theme of taking inspiration and reference...Show More Summary

James Gurney’s Fantasy in the Wild

In his “In the Wild” series of instructional painting videos, painter, illustrator, writer and instructor James Gurney has previously given us Watercolor in the Wild and Gouache in the Wild (links to my reviews), delving into the use of those mediums on location. He has followed up with an interesting variation, Fantasy in the Wild: […]

Color Charts Through History

For centuries artists have explored ways to map the universe of color. Each kind of chart reflects a different conception of color. Here are a few examples, from a selection by The Public Domain Review "A chart from 1746 by Jacques-Fabien...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Franklin Booth pen and ink landscape drawing

Landscape drawing (untitled), Franklin Booth Link is to Outsde Logic, from this page of Franklin Booth drawings. I don’t know of a reference to the title or use of this drawing as an illustration. Franklin Booth — who developed his brilliant and unique style of pen and ink illustration from the mistaken assumption that the […]

New Minis

There are two new mini horses at the farm, just waiting for their portraits to be painted.

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