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Willem Maris

Willem Maris was a 19th century Dutch painter whose subjects were primarily pastoral scenes of cattle and fowl, though he also painted figurative subjects. Though his choice of themes remained with him through his career, his approach to painting changed — from straightforward realism to experiments with bold color to the kind of painterly brushwork […]

Online Collection of Antique Children's Books

University of Florida has placed its extensive collection of antique children's books online. It's a good source for old fashioned styles of lettering, illustration, and design.Baldwin Library of Historic Children's Literature(Thanks, Janet)

Brushstroke Tips in IA 111

It all started with a question from Sean Walsh on my Instagram page. Look for the new article in the next issue of International Artist Magazine, #111.

Eye Candy for Today: Samuel Prout cityscape

View of Bamberg, from the Ludwigskanal, Samuel Prout Pencil on paper, roughly 10×16 inches (26x40cm); original is in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum in NY. Samuel Prout, a British artist active in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was known for his watercolors and graphics of architectural scenes. Here, in a […]

Lucas Museum Hoping For a Home in S.F.

The proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art promises to be a public museum collection featuring illustration art, comics, animation, and movie related artwork, topics usually overlooked in most art museums. N.C. Wyeth, The Storybook The...Show More Summary

IFX Reviews Portrait Video

The new issue of ImagineFX takes a look at the new Portraits in the Wild video:"James' latest video shows him doing the groundwork that supports his successful attempts to represent the breadth of humanity in his illustrations." "The...Show More Summary


Sainer is a Polish painter and muralist, currently based in Gdymia, Poland. He is also one half of the artistic collaborative duo ETAM, along with Bezt. I’m a little uncertain whether some of the murals shown above are collaborative. They have a jaunty, sometimes cartoony style, but with definite attitude. Their large scale and presence […]

Painting a Chicken from Life

(Link to YouTube)When I sit down to paint this magnificent little rooster, I'm hoping for a pose that's a little bit unusual, not just the standard profile. Luckily the bird cooperates by striking a napping pose with his beak tucked backward. Show More Summary

Horse Walk Cycles

Here's a walk cycle of a horse, animated from four angles by Simon Otto in preparation for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. (link to YouTube)Whether you're a painter, sketch artist, or an animator, it's helpful to study frame-by-frame breakdowns of walk cycles. Show More Summary

Getting Blur into Stop Motion Animation

You've met the monster named Sprocket. Now watch him eat the trash left on picnic tables. (direct link to video) I shot this stop motion animation sequence in the food court of the county fair. There's no CGI, and no greenscreen. It's 100% shot in camera at a 1/4 sec. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Holman Hunt’s Dovecot

The Festival of St Swithin (The Dovecot), William Holman Hunt Link is to a larger version on The Athenaeum, original is in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. The version on the Ashmolean site is likely more accurate, I’ve lightened the slightly larger version from the Athenaeum to match it in value. I usually like to have […]

G Liulian

G Liulian is a concept artist based in Shanghai, China. Aside from that I have found little biographical information. He focuses on environments and architectural designs, from individual structures to grand vistas of cities and mountains. His Artstation portfolio has examples of his work in styles that are sometimes straightforward, sometimes stylized — their sense […]

Eric Pape in Illustration #53

The new issue of Illustration Magazine has a feature on Eric Pape (1870-1938), a golden age American illustrator. He was born in San Francisco and studied under Emil Carlsen before heading to France to study in the academies. Several...Show More Summary

Adding Smog to Kiddieland

I brought my sketch easel to the edge of Kiddieland at the county fair on Tuesday. I used a limited palette of gouache—Prussian blue, carmine red, raw sienna, and white. The scene had a lot of blue in it, so I started with a step in the opposite direction: a warm underpainting in raw sienna. Show More Summary

Stan Miller

Spokane Washington based painter Stan Miller works in both watercolor and egg tempera, taking as his subjects portraits, landscapes, and in particular, scenes of Venice. The play of light across textural surfaces plays a key role in all of his compositions, whether revealing the turn of form in a face and head, illuminating the textures […]

Art Behind the Movie Logos

Behind famous movie branding you'll find hard-working artists and models. Here is 28-year-old model Jenny Joseph resting after posing for the Columbia logo. Logo ©Columbia, photos ©Kathy Anderson Artist Michael Deas painted the original in 1991. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Ingres pencil portrait of Adolphe-Marcellin Defresne

Portrait of Adolphe-Marcellin Defresne, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Graphite pencil on paper, roughly 17×12 inches (43×29 cm). Original is in the Morgan Library and Museum. Here is another of Ingres’s wonderful pencil portraits, with his trademark combination of exacting portraiture, and loose, almost casual rendering of the figure. Show More Summary

Drawing a Moving Turkey

As you can see from the time lapse video, this turkey was constantly moving. But having a handler bring her around into more or less the same pose made the task of sketching her that much easier. I just finished writing an article on sketching moving subjects. Show More Summary

Leszek Kostuj

Polish artist Leszek Kostuj works in traditional media like acrylic and oil, as well as in drawing and digital art. His flights of imagination are often intricately detailed, layered with overlays of faces and eyes, and arranged in waves of cool colors laced with warmer accents. Kostuj’s subjects, which often include stylized birds, fish and […]

Eye Candy for Today: George Roth Landscape

View in the Bentheim Forest, George Andries Roth Link is to original in the Rijksmusem, which has both zoomable and downloadable versions (with free Rijksstudio account); additional downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons. In this wonderful 19th century landscape, a shaft of late afternoon light slices through a break in a German forest, illuminating some objects, […]

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