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Ignat Ignatov

Originally from Bulgaria, where he also received his initial artistic training, Ignat Ignatov is an artist now living and working in California. Ignatov paints landscape, wildlife, figurative and still life subjects with a painterly and at times gestural, semi-abstract approach. I particularly enjoy his figurative and portrait subjects, in which he often plays with moody […]

Venus Effect

The Venus Effect is a perceptual illusion based on classic paintings that show Venus supposedly admiring her own reflection in a mirror. The viewer, seeing her face in the mirror, may naturally assume that Venus is looking at herself. Show More Summary

Oil Painting Sequence

Here's a step-by-step sequence from a plein-air oil study I painted a few years ago. All through the two hour process, I was eager to paint in the tiny flecks of foamy bubbles and the highlights along the waterline, but I held off on...Show More Summary

Tenggren's Concept Art

During the 1930s, Walt Disney evolved the look of animation from simple black and white cartoons to richly imagined worlds that seemed to leap from the pages of illustrated books. Disney's interest in illustrated children's books intensified after a trip to Europe where he bought many books illustrated by artists such as Dulac and Rackham. Show More Summary

The Lonely Rectangle

(Link to video) A story of shapes, spaces, and a happy ending.

Preview of CGI Tech at Siggraph 2017

(Link to YouTube) Every year at the Siggraph conference, pioneers in the field of computer graphics share their new technology.This geeky preview highlights the technical accomplishments that will filter down to the visual effects we see in movies and animated TV commercials. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Theodore Rousseau pen and wash drawing

Village and Church of Beurre, Franche-Comté, Théodore Rousseau Pen and brown ink, with brown wash and touches of green and red-brown watercolor, over graphite; roughly 7 x 10 inches (17 x 26 cm); in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum, which has both a zoomable and downloadable version. 19th century landscape painter Théodore […]

New Book on Bernie Fuchs

Bernie Fuchs was a living legend when I entered the illustration world in the late 1970s, best known for the golden, glowing effect of his oil rub-out technique.What I didn't appreciate until later was Fuch's versatility. He painted in various media and styles, always with arresting approaches to color, composition, and viewpoint. Show More Summary

Teoh Reviews the Sketchbook App

Teoh Yi Chie of the "Sketch with Teoh" channel shares a look at our new sketchbook app: "Living Sketchbook, Vol. 1: Boyhood Home." (Link to YouTube) The Boyhood Home app is available for iOS on Apple phones and tablets at the App Storeand for Android devices at Google Play. Show More Summary

Olivier Pron (update)

Olivier Pron is a concept artist, originally from London and now working with Method visual effects studio in Los Angeles as Supervising Art Director and Head of the Art Department. When I initially wrote about Pron in 2014, he had just started his blog, and did not have a great deal of work available online. […]

Text-to-Image Synthesis

Novel photo-real images generated by an adversarial network of computers based solely on a written prompt, without human intervention or photo cues.Low resolution version on top row iterated to higher res on bottom row.via Olivier Grisel...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Franz Xaver Winterhalter pencil portrait

Portrait of Baroness Gudin, née Margareth Louis Hay, Franz Xaver Winterhalter Graphite, roughly 15 x 11 (40 x 29 cm); in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this deceptively simple, sensitively realized pencil portrait, 19th century German painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter has given particular attention to nuances of value changes in the […]

View from Seat 20F

Painting the view from the window was more fun than the in-flight movie. ----- Materials Schmincke watercolor setGouachePentalic 5" x 8" watercolor bookNoodler's Ahab fountain pen Higgins sepia ink

Workshop at DreamWorks Animation

Yesterday I gave a slide presentation at DreamWorks Animation about imaginative realism and worldbuilding. Afterward, about 18 DreamWorks artists joined me in the Artistic Development room to pick up some art supplies and we headed outside to do some plein-air concept art. Show More Summary

Man and Phone

Another trip to the coin laundry last night. No paintings this time, just a quick sketch of a guy immobilized by a mobile device.-----Noodler's Ahab fountain pen with Higgins sepia ink.

Stephen Magsig (update)

Maybe it’s because I grew up next to a steel mill in Northern Delaware, or my current wanderings in and around Philadelphia, but like many who live in the industrial northeast or upper midwest, I find a particular appeal in the industrial landscape of warehouses, factories, refineries, bridges and railways that were created during the […]

Descanso Roses

Today we're at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena, where the roses are in full bloom. This gouache study takes about 45 minutes. I start with a yellow-ochre underpainting and knock in the darks. Then I paint the cool shadow whites and sunlit whites opaquely. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: David Cox – The Opening of the New London Bridge

The Opening of the New London Bridge, David Cox Watercolor, roughly 15 x 9 in. (38 x 24 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Yale Center for British Art. British landscape master David Cox, who I admire in particular for his watercolors, […]

Nestor Redondo

In the 1970’s the scope of style in American mainstream comic book art was suddenly expanded by the “Phillipine Invasion”, the advent of a number of highly skilled Filipino comics artists establishing themselves with the American comic book publishers. These artists, already established in the Philippines’ active comic book market, owed as much to the […]

Old Town, San Diego

This isn't really a classic Old Town view; it's just a corner of the parking lot, with a passthrough to a walled-off area where they keep the dumpsters. But I thought the palm trees, the tile roof, and the warm, hazy light were so characteristic...Show More Summary

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