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Eye Candy for Today: Peter Birmann’s The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge in the Schöllenen Gorge on the Way across the St. Gotthard Pass with a Mule Train, Peter Birmann Pen, brush, gray and brown inks. Link is to zoomable version on the Google Art Project; downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Albertina, Vienna. Though the rendering is distinctly european, the […]

Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia

Tom Roberts was an English/Australian painter who was one of the foremost of the Australian painters known as the Heildelberg School, or “Australian Impressionists” — a remarkable group of 19th century painters who we hear too little of here in the U.S. The group, and Roberts in particular, are much better known in Australia, of […]

Happy Birthday, Adolph Menzel

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the German artist Adolph Menzel. Adolph Menzel’s drawing supplies accompanied him everywhere, whether on a short walk or a long journey. He was always prepared to draw. One of his overcoats had eight pockets, each filled with sketchbooks of different sizes. Show More Summary

Illustrators Magazine Issue Eleven

Illustrators is a quarterly magazine published in the UK, that I previously wrote about when they published their first issue in 2013. Calling Illustrators a “magazine” is a bit misleading, as it’s a 96 page perfect bound format that feels more like a large trade paperback. I was delighted to receive a review copy of […]

White Cloud Worlds 3

The third collection "White Cloud Worlds" has just shipped to its Kickstarter backers. The book is a beautifully illustrated collection of artwork by New Zealand concept artists. I had the honor of writing the following introductionShow More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Michele Pace del Campidoglio still life

Still Life with Melons, Peaches, Figs, and Grapes; Michele Pace del Campidoglio Link is to zoomable version on Google art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. To me, this wonderful 17th century still life by the Italian painter Michele Pace del Campidoglio has a remarkably contemporary […]

Joseph Crawhall (British, 1861-1913)

Joseph Crawhall (English, 1861-1913) was so demanding in his expectations of his artwork that he produced only two or three paintings a year.He went back through his earlier paintings and destroyed most of them. He was not a steady,Show More Summary

Please Don't Take My Coke Can

I'm waiting for my son in a beer garden in Clonmel, Ireland. There's nothing to do, so I pick up a Coke can from the ground and get busy drawing it. But halfway through, when I look up from my sketchbook, it's gone. There's my can, heading off on the tray of a waitress. Show More Summary

Heinrich Böhmer

Heinrich Böhmer was a German landscape painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I can find little information about him and only a few sources of images, but those I’ve encountered are wonderful. Böhmer’s muted, subtle forest interiors, streams and pathways put me in mind of Peder Mørk Mønsted, though I don’t […]

Harold Speed, Chap. 3: Technique of Painting

Today we'll take a look at Chapter 3: "The Technique of Painting" from Harold Speed's chapter 3 on from his 1924 art instruction book Oil Painting Techniques and Materials.I'll present Speed's main points in boldface type either verbatim or paraphrased, followed by comments of my own. Show More Summary

Eye Candy For Today: Gilbert Stuart portraits

Portraits of Matilda Stoughton de Jaudenes, and Josef de Jaudenes y Nebot, by Gilbert Stuart Both paintings are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Use the download or zoom icons under the images on the museum’s pages. 18th century painter Gilbert Stuart is an artist whose historical stature suffers from “greatest hits” syndrome. His portraits […]

Inviting questions about sketching in concerts

Does anyone have any questions about sketching in live concerts? Please ask them in the comments. Right now I'm writing an article for an art magazine, and I want to make sure I hit the key points.

Shishkin Painting Methods

Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898) A couple of months ago we took a look at Ivan Shishkin's opinion of photo reference in his landscape painting. Now let's examine more about his specific working methods. Preliminary Drawings He would adviseShow More Summary

Kirsten Zirngibl

Kirsten Zirngibl is a concept artist and illustrator based in San Diego. Zirngibl’s subjects can involve both technological and biological forms, in either case often intricately rendered. She often makes interesting use of light sources,...Show More Summary

Diner Portrait in Watercolor

I paint this portrait sketch of Ralph Giguere while sitting in a booth in the diner. He is sitting across from me, with soft window light coming from the left. Ralph Giguere, UArts professor, watercolor I do the painting in two stages. Show More Summary

Simon Addyman

Originally from England, Simon Addyman is a landscape painter now living and working in California. Addyman walks a line between suggestion and representation, and apparently feels quite comfortable on either side. His textural, often brusquely applied brush marks fade and weave into one another, creating movement and coalescing into the forms of his subjects as […]

Foliage is Lightest at Its Outer Edges

In indirect light, foliage tends to be lightest at its outer and upper edges, and darkest at its base or its core. Micronesia foliage from U.C. Berkeley This is true at the level of individual leaves or fronds, such as these leaves in a rain forest. Show More Summary

Anna Mason

Anna Mason is an English botanical illustrator and watercolor artist. She often works at a relatively large scale, and her paintings have an appealing blend of detail, texture and color. Mason is self-taught, and only 18 months after beginning botanical painting, won a Royal Horticulture Society medal for botanical arts for a sequence of 20 […]

See You in Miami?

Read my Morandi report here This will be my tenth year at the Miami fairs. I'll take a lot of pictures, and I expect to post some reports here on the blog once I return. In the meantime, here's a summary of what I'm planning to cramShow More Summary

Golden Age of Illustration, Volume 3

The Illustrated Press has released the third of its limited edition surveys of classic American Illustration, called "The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration — Vol. 3" The large format hardcover book is purely pictorial, with 224 pages of full-page artwork. Show More Summary

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