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Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends

“Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends” is a new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until October 4, 2015. Over 100 of Sargent’s oils, watercolors and drawings, on loan and from the museum’s own superb collection. My God, what more do you want me to say? Just go if you possibly can.

Washington Color in Chelsea

. Fifty years ago, a handful of painters based in Washington, D.C., changed how we look at and think about painting. Taking advantage of the newly available acrylic paints at that time, they created geometric compositions, often applying the pigmented polymer directly into unprimed canvas. Show More Summary

The Best Podcasts

The last decade has witnessed a flowering of podcasts. Here are the best story-driven audio documentaries and long-form interviews, chosen with visual artists in mind. 99% InvisibleThe pitch: A tiny radio show about design with Roman...Show More Summary

GJ Book Club, Chapter 13: Variety of Mass

On the GJ Book Club, we're looking at Chapter 13: "Variety of Mass" in Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing. The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in boldface. If you would like to respond to aShow More Summary

Kazumasa Uchio

Kazumasa Uchio is a Japanese concept artist and fantasy illustrator. Beyond that, I have little background information. Uchio creates fascinatingly elaborate fantastic landscapes — full of curvilinear Art Nouveau inspired designs, glowing...Show More Summary

Sargent's Portraits of Artists and Friends

John Singer Sargent, Ambrogio Raffele, 1904 An exhibition of John Singer Sargent's portraits of artists friends has opened at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and will be on view through October 4.-----Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends

Eye Candy for Today: Durer’s Knight, Death and the Devil

Knight, Death and the Devil, Albrecht Dürer Engraving, roughly 10×8? (24x19cm). In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use download arrow or zoom icon under the image. Wow.

Dorian Iten's Accuracy Guide

Swiss artist and teacher Dorian Iten, who has studied in some of the best ateliers in the USA and Europe, is now offering a teaching package that concentrates on how to achieve accuracy in your drawings. The teaching rubric of "Accuracy: A Drawing Guide" begins on familiar ground. Show More Summary

Is Casein the Oldest Paint?

Residue of a milk-based ochre paint has been found on the edge a 49,000-year-old stone tool, Archaeology magazine reports today. This finding in the Sibudu cave of southwestern South Africa would make casein—paint that uses a milk-based binder—perhaps the oldest paint formulation of all. Show More Summary

Clipping Services

Before the Internet, press clipping services once provided a necessary service to anyone running a publicity campaign.With teams of readers scattered across many geographical markets, they would monitor print media for specific keywords...Show More Summary

Olga Lehmann at the Slade School

Olga Lehmann (1912-2001) was a Chilean-born painter who studied at the Slade School in Britain.While going through the Slade School archives, some 1992 audio interviews with Lehmann turned up where she describes her experience at the school. Show More Summary

Bruno Liljefors and the Fox

The Swedish wildlife artist Bruno Liljefors (1860-1939) spared no effort to achieve a lifelike quality in his paintings. He skipped social gatherings so that he could rise early and go into the countryside to lie motionless for hours,...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Edwin Austin Abbey scene from Shakespeare

“King Lear”, Act I, Scene I; Edwin Austin Abbey In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, use zoom link or download arrow under image. Also, larger, somewhat brighter image on Wikimeda Commons. Usually the Met’s images are pretty accurate, but I happen to like the one from Wikimedia Commons a little better in this case, so […]

Kickstarting a Will Davies Art Book

Will Davies was the premier Canadian illustrator of the Mad Men era. He's 91 years old now, not painting anymore, but he's still going strong, sharp as ever. (link to video) Leif Peng, right, who created the Today's Inspiration blogShow More Summary

Final Questions about Gouache

James Gurney, Calla lilies, watercolor and gouache Joseph Gyurcsak, an artist and brand manager for Utrecht art supplies, wrote to me in the middle of Gouache Week offering to answer any remaining questions. He told me that he worked...Show More Summary

Banana Pudding Cake

After finishing my scrambled eggs this morning at the diner, I painted the still life on the counter in front of me. And then I made a one minute video about it (Link to video) The banana pudding cake sits on a paper doily in its covered cake stand. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Louis Comfort Tiffany gouache sketch

Woodland Interior, Louis Comfort Tiffany Watercolor and gouache on tan paper, roughly 16×22? (40x56cm), in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. James Gurney has a nice post on his blog today about some of his favorite gouache Masters, which prompted me to think of a few artists who did beautiful work in gouache, though they were […]

Luigi Loir

I’ve written previously about three of the four late 19th and early 20th century painters whose styles are sometimes called “Parisianism”, or more simply “Painters of Paris”, Eugéne Galien Laloue, Edouard-Léon Cortès and Antoine Blanchard. Never a formal group, these were just painters working in slightly different times, with similar intentions and shared influences. They […]

Some of My Favorite Gouache Masters

Over the years, gouache has attracted some brilliant painters. Here are some virtuosi: Menzel, The Interior of the Jacobskirche at Innsbruck, 1872, 15 3/4 × 10 5/16 in. Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) This long-lived German artist made important...Show More Summary

GJ Book Club: Chapter 12, Unity of Line (Part 2) Curved Lines

On the GJ Book Club, we're looking at Chapter 12: "Rhythm, Variety of Line" in Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing. The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in boldface. If you would like to respond to a specific image or point, please precede your comment by the corresponding number. Show More Summary

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