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Zhong Biao

Zhong Biao is a concept artist and illustrator based in The Prople’s Republic of China (not to be confused in Google searches with another painter, a Chinese Neo-Surrealist gallery artist whose name also resolves to Zhong Biao in English). Zhong Biao the concept artist has very little biographical information on the web. The web presence […]

Eye Candy for Today: Christian Schussele illustration of sea life

Ocean Life, Christian Schussele Watercolor and gouache, roughly 19 x 28 inches (48 x 70 cm), in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This illustration was painted by 19th century painter Schussele for inclusion in a scientific pamphlet, and likely under the guidance of the pamphlet’s author, James M. Sommerville, an amateur naturalist. […]

Hector Caffieri

Hector Caffieri was a British painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Though adept at both oil and watercolor, he is known primarily as a watercolorist. His refined, academic style is sometimes tinged with hints of Impressionist color, but his approach is largely straightforward. His subjects included still life and interiors, but […]

Jamie's Wyeth's Box

Jamie Wyeth painting in Maine, 1994. Photo by David Alan Harvey Painting outside is a public spectacle. People like to stop and watch and chat, which can be OK most of the time. But what do you do when you want to screen out those distractions?...Show More Summary

Boldini's French Plein-Airs

I'm wondering how Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) painted these pictures of dynamic street life. I assume they're painted from observation and not from photos. If I was tackling such a subject. I would rough in the composition on location. Show More Summary

Gouache on a Colored Underpainting

Here's a tip for painting in gouache. You can prep some pages in your sketchbook with various colored underpaintings.When you're choosing a subject to paint, study it first to see if a certain color pops up throughout, and then pick an underpainting with that color. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Shitao (Zhu Ruoji) ink painting

Bamboo in Wind and Rain, Shitao (Zhu Ruoji) Hanging scroll, ink on paper, roughly 88 x 30 inches (223 x 76 cm). In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Shitao, who was active in what Europeans would call the 17th century, was known for his paintings of bamboo, and his style was […]

East Oaks Studio

East Oaks Studio is a new collaborative workspace and business venture in North Carolina established by a group of academically trained artists: Louis Carr, Michael Klein and Joshua LaRock, together with videographer Joe Hawkins.They...Show More Summary

The Original Mad Man: Illustrations by Mac Conner at the Delaware Art Museum

As I mentioned in a post in 2014, I’ve long been impressed by the mid-20th century illustrations of MacCauley “Mac” Conner, an influential artist whose work was a prime example of the Madison Avenue advertising culture showcased in the Mad Men television series. This was a period that also represented last great heyday of magazine […]

Excavator Bucket

One of the pages in my watercolor sketchbook has a random orange underpainting in casein.It matches the orange color of the rust on this excavator bucket. I love the fact that the iron oxide of that rust is the same mineral in my raw sienna color that I use as I paint it. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Homer’s Girl in a Hammock

Girl in a Hammock, Winslow Homer Link is to a page from which you can access a large image on Wikimedia Commons. Original is in the collection of the Colby Museum of Art, which also has a zoomable version. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the original. The Wikimedia version may be a bit […]

House Under Scaffolding

Grand house under scaffolding.Note reflector system for bouncing light into the painting on a contre-jour angle. Grand house under scaffolding, gouache, 5 x 8 inches. (Link to video on FB)

Christy's "Signing of the Constitution"

Howard Chandler Christy's painting called "Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States" shows George Washington standing at the dais and Benjamin Franklin seated at center. Christy researched the subject for five years and spent seven months painting it. Show More Summary

Marie-François Firmin-Girard

Marie-François Firmin-Girard was a French painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He studied for a time with Charles Gleyre (in whose Paris studio three of the founding Impressionists would later meet), and then with academic mainstay Jean-Léon Gérôme. After a successful debut at the Paris Salon, Firmin-Girard quickly achieved success, though […]

Dictionary of Color Combinations

A Dictionary Of Color Combinations is a collection of flat color squares placed in over 300 side-by-side combinations.The book is published in Japan and is based on the 6-volume work of kimono designer and teacher Sanzo Wada in the 1930s,...Show More Summary

Tinkerbell Reference

Disney Studios went to great lengths to shoot photo reference for Tinker Bell in their 1953 feature Peter Pan. Animator Marc Davis brought in pantomime actor Margaret Kerry to pose with larger than life props. Footage of her kicking a feather pillow informed a scene where she kicked a dandelion. Show More Summary

Andrew Wyeth Centennial

This will be a good summer for fans of Andrew Wyeth's work. On July 12, to honor what would have been his 100th birthday, The US Postal Service will release a pane of stamps of his artwork, including this slightly cropped version of Christina's World. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Jean-Baptiste Le Prince ink and wash drawing

Imaginary Landscape with Fishermen Pulling in Their Nets, Jean-Baptiste Le Prince Pen and black ink with gray wash, roughly 16 x 12 inches (40 x 29 cm); in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum, NY; use the Download or Zoom links on their page. Though described as an imaginary landscape, both the landscape […]

Quentin Regnes

Quentin Regnes is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Paris, France who works in the gaming and animation fields. Beyond that, his web presence provides little information. In both his more finished and sketch-like digital paintings, Regnes has a nicely textural approach that gives his envronments a naturalistic feeling. I particularly enjoy his […]

Jean Béraud's Windy Paris

Jean Béraud (1848-1935) loved to paint Paris on windy days. Wind is invisible, but its effects are not. A woman's hat boxes swing to the side. Skirts and jackets flap to the side. People grab their hats so they don't blow over into the Seine. Show More Summary

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