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Sketching the 1956 Protests in Montgomery, Alabama

In March of 1956, Harvey Dinnerstein and his friend Burton Silverman traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to sketch the civil rights movement that was happening in the African-American community. Rev. M.L. King, by Burton Silverman, 1956 The two 28-year-old artists were witnesses to the protest events in which Dr. Show More Summary

Bruce Cheever

After many years as a successful illustrator, Bruce Cheever changed his focus to gallery art, bringing his admiration for Renaissance art, American Tonalism, Luminism, and Western artists like Thomas Moran to his portrayals of the American West and Southwest, as well as his travels in Italy and other parts of Europe. Though sometimes bathed in […]

Hopeful Corgi

At my friend James Warhola's house in Long Island City, I sketched his Welsh corgi named Maya. She wondered why I was giving her so much attention, and whether I might feed her a bit of spaghetti or garlic bread. She only held this pose for about 30 seconds. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Piero di Cosimo’s Andromeda freed by Perseus

Andromeda fred by Perseus, Piero di Cosimo The link is to a version on Wikimedia Commons (note that the high-resolution file linked form that page is almost 30mb). There is also a zoomable version on Google Art Project. the original is in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, but I can’t find an image on the official […]

Sunken Entrance to the World Beneath

A flock of ammonoids drifts toward shipwrecks of galleons. In the right, the submersible cruises toward the entrance to the World Beneath. In keeping with the authenticity of the creatures of Dinotopia, several of the animals that Arthur Denison notates in his sketchbook are actual fossils from the Devonian Burgess Shale. Show More Summary

Guide Cells and Color Vision

Scientists have announced an important discovery about how structures in the retina shape color vision. The study concentrates on the Muller cells, which occupy a narrow space in front of the eyes' photoreceptors. It has always beenShow More Summary

Lissy Marlin

Originally from the Dominican Republic, illustrator and visual development artist Lissy Marlin studied at the University of the Arts here in Philadelphia, and now resides in the U.S. Inspired by her love of animation, she has developed a lively, breezy style, with lots of springy curves and nice touches of linear and textural elements within […]

Caricatures of Artists Painting

An artist at work is always a fun subject for caricature. Here are a couple of my favorites. This one shows J.M.W. Turner on Varnishing Day, before the Royal Academy opens its doors to the public. He's a pot-bellied imp with a long-handled mop for a paintbrush. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Johannes Bosboom church interior

Southern aisle of the Great Church at The Hague, Johannes Bosboom In the Rijksmuseum; downloadable image also on Wikimedia Commons. The credits say “pencil, chalk and brush”, but it certainly looks like some watercolor to me. This is one of those drawing/painting combinations that is simultaneously loose and precise. There is also a beautifully subtle […]

Jethro Knight

Contemporary British painter Jethro Knight takes delight in the sensual, visceral nature of thick paint. His plein air compositions often have a soft, almost tonalist feeling at times, but are rendered with marvelously textural slabs of color that define his forms in terms of their direction as well as their color. I particularly enjoy his […]

Eye Level in Complex Street Scenes

In the upcoming issue of International Artist magazine (April/May 2015, Issue #102), I'll present an article about how to establish the eye level line in a scene, and why it's important.If you were standing in front of an ocean or a flat desert, the eye level would be the same thing as the horizon. Show More Summary

Christie’s Comics and Illustration Auction, 14 March 2015

Christie’s auction house has announced an auction at their Paris location of “Bande Dessinée et Illustration” (Comics and Illustration), on 14 March, 2015. This looks to be a fantastic sale of originals by some of Europe’s foremost artists working in the field (as well as a few Americans), expertly selected by Galerie Daniel Maghen, a […]

A Gouache by Jean Giraud

Christie's in Paris will be hosting an auction of comics and illustration on March 14. One of the lots is a Jean Giraud cover for a 1970 Blueberry comic called the "Iron Horse," 36 X 49.2 cm (14.17 x 19.37 in.). Giraud's image of the American West evokes the work of Frederic Remington and Charles Marion Russell. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Anders Zorn’s The Girl from Älvdalen

The Girl from Älvdalen, Anders Zorn Link is to Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Another fine example of Zorn’s beautifully economical and richly painterly style. I love the way the water is so briefly notated, and yet feels so naturalistic.

Matthew Grabelsky

New York based painter Matthew Grabelsky studied both art and astrophysics, and spent four years in Florence studying classical painting techniques. His recent series of paintings presents scenes in the New York subway system, in which unusual juxtapositions occur among the passengers — animals, mythical figures intermix with the “normal” day to day appearance of […]

Painting an Imaginary Scene Outdoors

Can you paint a fantasy picture outdoors, directly from nature? In the Dinotopian scene called "Small Wonder," I wanted to show a springtime scene of two young people caring for a dinosaur hatchling. I painted the figures first in the studio, based on posed models—my son Dan and one of his friends, wearing Renaissance Fair costumes. Show More Summary

Disruptive Coloration

Male leopard in South Africa, Wikipedia photo by Lukas Kaffer Disruptive coloration is a type of camouflage that makes an animal disappear against its surroundings. It appears in nature on both predators and prey to interfere with their...Show More Summary

Yutang Yang (update)

Yutang Yang is an artist from northeastern China who I first wrote about in 2008, and later featured as one of the seven contemporary ink artists I profiled in my article for the Spring 2014 issue of Drawing magazine. He works in dip pen and carbon based ink on paper, using hatching to create beautifully […]

Fragonard’s Coresus Sacrificing Himself to Save Callirhoe

The High Priest Coresus Sacrificing Himself to Save Callirhoe, Jean-Honoré Fragonard Image on the Web Gallery of Art; original is in the Louvre. Uncharacteristic of the frivolity of the work for which he is best known, Fragonard has here tackled a history painting. The work was originally meant as a guide for a tapestry that […]

Dinotopia World Beneath Podcast Episode 5

It's Podcast Tuesday! Here's the newest episode of the serialized audio dramatization of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. This one is really immersive -- in more ways than one. You can listen to the episode with the play button above or...Show More Summary

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