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Classic Chicago Cartoonists, 1931

Here's a little video with glimpses of the cartoonists of Chicago in 1931, who worked under the same roof in the Tribune building. (Link to video) The video, which was a promotional film for the Chicago Tribune newspaper, gives the sense of the impact the funnies (and newspapers generally) had on people during the Depression. Show More Summary

Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld is a Scottish cartoonist and illustrator whose deceptively simple style is simply delightful and simply perfect accompaniment to his wry sense of humor. Gauld is a regular contributor to the (most excellent) British newspaper The Guardian, where his “cultural cartoons” are often literary Read More...

Beautiful “rediscovered” Constable

Dedham Vale With The River Stour In Flood From The Grounds Of Old Hall, East Bergholt, John Constable We’re fortunate that so much of the world’s great art is currently in museums and public collections. Works in private collections can often go unseen by the Read More...

Meet Mrs. Basher

Here's a little teaser intro for Mrs. Basher, a new stop-motion superhero. (Link to YouTube video) Technical notes: The lighting setup is a yellow gel in front of a soft box, with a cardboard snoot on the key light. Smoke is from a party fogger, and the camera (@60fps slowed by half) moves on a homemade radius dolly. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Paint a Monument Results

A few weeks ago, I announced the "Paint a Monument Challenge," inviting you to sketch an outdoor sculpted statue or monument. Many of you faced challenging conditions — including 15 degree Fahrenheit temperatures with blobs of snow landing on the sketchbook!You came up with some wonderful results. Show More Summary

Eye Candy For Today: Leon Bonvin’s Basket of Apples

Still Life: Basket of Apples, Pear, Walnuts and Knife; Léon Bonvin Original is in the Waters Art Museum, which has both a zoomable and downloadable file. There is also a zoomable image on Google Art Project and a downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons, though the Read More...

Morphing Celebrities

In this video, a computer invents faces that look like celebrities. They're 100% artificial, created by extracting information from a huge database of real celebrity images. (Link to video) The faces slowly morph from one individual to another, shifting from male to female, melting gradually from one ethnicity to another. Show More Summary

FDR Tour Guide

'Ranger Bob' Herberger took us on a tour of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Home in Hyde Park, NY. As he did, I sketched him in his ranger uniform using watercolor pencils and a couple of water brushes.-----Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Museum, and Home

Why Make Analog Architectural Maquettes?

For the upcoming issue of International Artist Magazine, I wrote an article about making architectural maquettes for reference. They can be anything from rough plasticine sketches to elaborate scale models.In the case of the Chandara...Show More Summary

Mark Reep (update)

Mark Reep is an artist based near Pittsburgh who I first profiled back in 2006. His dreamlike, enigmatic imaginary landscapes are rendered monochromatically in graphite, charcoal and ink. His monochromatic approach seems to heighten the sense of mystery, as textural rock faces, towers and islands Read More...

Ten Tips for Painting Rainbows

Here are some tips for painting rainbows in oil: 1. Plan the scene so that the lighting is frontal, with the antisolar point at the center of the circle. 2. Lightly pencil the arc using a homemade beam compass (basically a long wooden bar pivoting on a nail). Show More Summary

John Grabach

Growing up in Delaware and living for many years in southeastern Pennsylvania, I’ve become familiar with most of the historic regional schools of painting from this part of the eastern seaboard, like the Brandywine School, the New Hope School (otherwise known as the Pennsylvania Impressionists), Read More...

Austin Briggs's Philosophy of Illustration

(Link to YouTube)Here's a vintage reading of a 1952 essay by Austin Briggs about the profession of illustration, from The Famous Artists Course. This recording comes from a cassette tape which circulated among a group of friends in 1986. Show More Summary

Shopfront Perspective

I chose pencil and gray wash for drawing these storefronts in New York state. The perspective is slightly off-angle, with remote vanishing point for the facades far to the right. To keep all those gently sloping lines in relationship...Show More Summary

Merging our Brains with Circuitry

Cover painting in oil by James Gurney for Forever Man by Gordon Dickson, 1986 The new iPhoneX has some powerful capacities for machine learning that they're calling a 'neural engine.'As artificial intelligence becomes more and more part...Show More Summary

Counter Talk

Morning at the diner, time for a quick sketch before the breakfast arrives.

Eye Candy For Today: Paul Sandby gouache of Queen Elizabeth Gate

Queen Elizabeth Gate, Paul Sandby Link is to zoomable image on Google Art Project; downloadable high-res file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Yale Center for British Art. Gouache and watercolor on paper, roughly 14 x 18 inches (36 x 47 cm). A wonderful Read More...

Is that your drawing or mine?

V.H. asks: "Dear Gurney, I have a question to ask you. It is about your Coke can post from 2013. It is a funny post, but I was wondering if you made this drawing yourself. It looks so much like a drawing I made back in high school. I can see that a name is chopped of in the right corner. Show More Summary

Husband Problems

Artists have compassionately portrayed the challenges that wives sometimes face when things go wrong for their husbands. Sergei Grigorev - He's Come Back, 1954 In Sergei Grigorev's Soviet-era painting, the man of the house has returned home. Show More Summary

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