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Mooney Faces

What is represented by these black and white compositions? Perhaps it would be easier if we rotated the images 180 degrees: It doesn't take much information for our visual system to be able to recognize a face. We're hardwired to find faces in patterns of information. Show More Summary

Coming Monday the 13th: Portraits in the Wild

On Monday the 13th I'll be releasing a new video about painting portraits in the wild. This isn't your usual studio portrait demo. It's about people who are not posing. Painting portraits from life takes on a new intensity when yourShow More Summary

Creating a Life-Size Bronze Mammoth

In this short video, paleo sculptor Gary Staab documents all the steps required to a life-size bronze mammoth (Link to YouTube). The piece was commissioned by the Omaha Zoo.Gary Staab's website explains the steps involved in his sculpture of a super croc.

30K on Instagram

I just reached an important milestone: 30K followers on Instagram and YouTube at around the same time. To thank everyone—for following, commenting, and sharing, I made this little video (Link to video YouTube).JamesGurneyArt on InstagramGurneyJourney YouTube Channel

Rose Garden

Yesterday and today we're back in the New York Botanical Garden, where I'm the Artist in Residence. The theme for the exhibition this summer is American Impressionism, so I thought I'd choose a favorite subject of garden painters, the rose. Show More Summary

Akiya Kageichi

Japanese illustrator Akiya Kageichi, who also goes by the handle “Golden Gravel” draws nicely complex line and color compositions that often appear layered, or have a collage-like character to their arrangement. His interesting use of fine line, color, texture and pattern give your eye a lot to play with as you wander through his images. […]

Interview with Andrew, Fine Art Today

A few weeks ago, I did an interview for an online article, but the author didn't publish the interview—just used it for background, so here it is 1) Tell me a little about your creative process. Once inspiration hits, how do you approach...Show More Summary

Eshu Bumpus

Eshu Bumpus is a storyteller who tells African, African-American, and World stories to a variety of groups. Here's a video of him. His grand boubou or bubu was a fun costume to sketch. I liked the big pipe folds on the back and the half-lock folks on the right.

Larry Francis (update)

Larry Francis is a Philadelphia artist, both in the sense of living in the city, and in taking the city as his subject. His scenes of Philadelphia’s parks, streets, buildings and people are vibrant with a kind of immediacy that testifies to his practice of working on location as much as possible, even in some […]

Eye Candy for Today: Florence Rodway charcoal and chalk portrait

Portrait of a woman, Florence Rodway Link is to zoomable vdersion on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the National Gallery of Art, Australia. Charcoal and chalk on paper, roughly 23 x 18 inches (58 x 46 cm). This forceful but sensitive portrait drawing by 19th century Australian artist Florence […]

Yesterday at the Barn

Yesterday I was down at the barn painting a goat and a sheep. It wasn't a sketchbook page this time, but rather full size profiles painted in acrylic on plywood. Luckily I had Sofie to advise me.The farmer, Lenny, asked me to help him with a farm-to-table display that he's setting up for the Country Living Fair starting today at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds.

Getting Scale in a Pencil Drawing

This is a small pencil drawing, only about four by five inches. But I wanted to give it scale, to make the airplane look as big as possible. What I did was alternate the big shapes (the fuselage and the big shadow shape) with some very small, delicate touches: the windows, poles, railings, and figures. Show More Summary

The Poetry of Nature, Hudson River painters at the Brandywine River Museum

“The Poetry of Nature: A Golden Age of American Landscape Painting” is an exhibition on view at the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, PA until June 12, 2016. Organized from the collection of the New York Historical Society, the exhibition features beautiful and often large scale works by Hudson River School painters […]

Watercolor in a Flower Garden

(Link to YouTube)Yesterday I painted a plein-air sketch of a flower garden using transparent watercolor. I also added a few touches of colored pencils, white gouache, and chalk.-----HD tutorial Watercolor in the Wild

Wisdom from Veterans

A couple of the guys that go to the diner are veterans, and they love to talk. I sketch them and write down what I hear.

Sketching in a colonial farmhouse

I shared this sketch a few years ago, but just found some video clips so you can see what the scene looked like. (Link to video) Previous post: A Family Eating Dinner, 1760 style

Eye Candy for Today: Ramon Casas’ Plein air

Plein air, Ramon Casas Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya, Barcelona. Casas was a Catalan Spanish painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known primarily for his portraits. I believe the “plein air” of the […]

Charles Joseph Grips

Charles Joseph Grips was a Dutch born painter who spent much of his career in Belgium. Grips was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but his subject matter of quiet domestic interiors carries forward the flavor of Dutch genre painting of the 17th century. Some of his compositions are particularly in the […]

New puppet design with incredibly fluid movement

(Link to Video) Barnaby Dixon has come up with a clever new way of articulating a puppet.Not only can the little fellow dance with his feet and move his arms and head, he can point, grab things, and even scratch his face."My philosophy...Show More Summary

CG Short about Aristocratic Anime

"Symphony of Two Minds" is a short film about CG animation finding its own style amid a variety of influences. (Link to YouTube)It begins with two cartoon characters eating a meal in an aristocratic dining parlor. They remark on how sophisticated their world is. Show More Summary

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