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Chien Chung-Wei

Chien Chung-Wei is a Taiwanese watercolorist who early in his career emulated the painstakingly detailed methods of 19th century European watercolor painters like William Henry Hunt and Myles Birket Foster, but as his career progressed moved to a looser, more open style emphasizing the gesture and light of his subjects. He most often paints urban […]

Approaching Strangers for a Portrait

Visual journalist Richard Johnson wanted to do portraits of the homeless in Washington, DC, but it took a while to figure out how to approach them. As he describes in an article for the Washington Post, at first he sketched them from a distance without asking. Show More Summary

Interactive Music Visualizer

Panoramical is a music visualizer that creates moving images tied to a music track. Here's the trailer.But it's also a game that lets users customize various parameters of experience, resulting in something that resembles electronic lucid dreaming, or interactive hallucinogenic synesthesia. Show More Summary

Stop-Motion Honda Ad

Animator PES created this ad for Honda using stop-motion paper animation techniques. There are all sorts of clever ways of turning 2D into 3D. (Link to video on YouTube)The behind-the-scenes video shows how computers were used to previs...Show More Summary

Video Review of 'Color and Light'

Jason Morgan just produced this video review of Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter. (Link to YouTube) The book is available on Amazon.Thanks, Jason. Check out Jason's website on his excellent wildlife art, photos, and videos.


Distance is a short (3 minute) animated film by students from the Gobelins school in Paris. It portrays a psychological mini-drama of fear within the mind of an introverted high school girl as she tries to traverse the distance between her hall locker and that of a boy she likes. Please see the page on […]

Crew of Bakshi Productions, 1981

Top row from left: Pat Capozzi, Jack Ozark, A (Unknown), Sue Shigida, B, Mitch Rochon, C, John Sparey, Steve Gordon, Bruce Woodside, James Gurney, D, Tom Tataranowicz, Jan Cummings, Thomas Kinkade. Bottom Row: Bill Recinos, Debbie Hayes, Mike Svayko, Tim Callahan, Mauro Maressa, Ralph Bakshi, Frank Frazetta, E. Show More Summary

Outdoor Market Results

In Outdoor Market Challenge I asked you to paint a market on location using just three colors of gouache plus white. We had many inspiring responses from artists around the world, ranging from seasoned professionals to people just starting out on the adventure of painting. Show More Summary

Pixar's Free Online Tutorials

Pixar has released a free online course to explain the science and technology behind its approach to making computer-generated animated films. The interactive course covers most of the math-based aspects of the production pipeline, such...Show More Summary

Sam Nielson

Concept artist and illustrator Sam Nielson works in a lively, cartoony style, in which he almost seems to be rendering caricatures of his already far-out imaginary characters. Nielson combines his springy drawing style with a digital painting approach that pays great attention to the lighting of his subjects — sometimes dramatic, other times muted and […]

New Illustration History Website

Last weekend the Norman Rockwell Museum introduced a new illustration history website, which provides an rich resource for fans, collectors, and scholars. The website includes capsule summaries of each period of illustration, starting in the Paleolithic, and going all the way through the 20th century decade by decade. Show More Summary

How Tall is Mickey?

When I first saw Fantasia, I was fascinated by the moment when Mickey Mouse shook hands with conductor Leopold Stokowski. The scene is in silhouette—a wise choice that made the rendering both simpler and more dramatic. I also liked the scene because it made clear how big Mickey was in relation to a human. Show More Summary

Master Penman Jake Weidmann

Here's a video about master penman Jake Weidmann (link to video). I just wish the editing gave us a little more time to see his work.

The Artistry of Chuck Jones

(Link to YouTube) Film editor Tony Zhou presents this concise summary of what makes the cartoons of Chuck Jones so memorable. Jones developed from a good director to a great one by refining perfectly timed gags driven by memorable characters.Animation...Show More Summary

Crash Course on Light

Here's a quick overview of the science of light at the subatomic and astronomical level.Crash Course. (Link to video) Thanks, Robnonstop

Graphics Before Photoshop

Art Center teacher Sean Adams explains how graphics were accomplished with physical tools before the digital revolution of Photoshop. (link to YouTube video)For the amount of time he had, it's a pretty good summary, but I wish he had...Show More Summary

Bug Puppet Characters

I fell in love with these comic character puppets, so I wanted to paint them to better understand their design and construction. (Direct link to YouTube video) Collector Mel Birnkrant helped me set them up in front of the sketch easel, and he made them dance for us. Show More Summary

Painting Dan Gurney's "Pepsi Challenger"

When I was in southern California last fall, I painted the "Pepsi Challenger," a Formula 1 race car designed and built by my cousin Dan Gurney and his team back in 1981 (link to YouTube video).Dan let me set up my sketch easel in his museum, and I interviewed him about the car. Show More Summary

Gouache in the Wild, James Gurney

Unfairly overlooked among artists’ mediums, gouache is the neglected stepchild of watercolor — disdained by transparent watercolor purists (who I can’t help but picture as cartoon aristocrats, painting with their pinkie fingers extended), and looked at in confusion by oil and acrylic painters. Show More Summary

Release of Gouache in the Wild

(Link to trailer on YouTube)"Gouache"—hard to spell, but fun to paint with.Today is the release of the new video tutorial about painting on location in gouache, or opaque watercolor. I'll tackle six different subjects, with each episode focusing on a different approach to the medium. Show More Summary

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