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X-Story, Vitaliy Shushko

X-Story is an animated short (roughly 12 minutes) by Vitaliy Shushko. At first, I thought this was a promo or incorporated animation for a game from a major company. Given the production values, length and level of accomplishment, I was surprised to find that this was an independent animation project. I checked Shushko’s blog and […]

Casein Painting in the Wild, James Gurney

Casein is a water based paint that uses milk protein as its binder. It shares many characteristics with gouache; both are water-based, opaque and dry to an appealing matte finish. Both dry quickly and can be used in concert with other water based mediums. Both are neglected step-children of watercolor and are somewhat on the […]

Caricature Iterations

It often takes four or five tries at a caricature to before a theme emerges. Then it's a matter of simplifying. Tony DeMarco, fiddler in the Irish tradition from NYC Tony was talking and moving as he played a concert, so I had a chance to observe him in a variety of angles and expressions. If you want a reality check, you can watch Tony talk and fiddle on this YouTube video.

New tools will let you edit and invent spoken words

Adobe recently gave a sneak peak of new software called #VoCo with an amazing (and potentially alarming) capacity to edit recorded speech. Users will easily be able to change word order and even to invent new words using a simple keyboard interface. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Dürer’s Large Piece of Turf

The Large Piece of Turf, Albrecht Dürer Watercolor and gouache on paper mounted to board, roughly 16 x 12 inches (41 x 31 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Albertina, Vienna. For its small size and unassuming subject, this painting ranks among […]

Some wise suggestions for artists from Neil Gaiman’s 2012 address to the University of the Arts

For those who are dismayed, as I am, at the recent turn of events, and the likely devastating effect it will have on the state of the arts here in the U.S. (see my before the fact storm warning to that effect), I offer some insightful suggestions about art in the face of adversity from […]

Imaginative drawing—with and without reference

How do you draw something that you can't see directly—such as a Chasmosaurus, a Phoenician, or a bog troll? Alan North of Alan's Art Log came up with an interesting way to think about this problem. There are two ways ways of imaginative drawing: with and without reference. Show More Summary

Style Transfer

Computers are able to take any photo and reinterpret it in any given artist's style. You can give the computer some examples of an artist's work along with a photo of your own, and then the app will come up with an image that superficially resembles the style of that artist. Show More Summary

Mario Martinez ( MARS-1)

Mario Martinez, who also is known by the handle MARS-1, is a painter based in New York who uses exacting representational techniques to paint imaginary objects and spaces. His compositions are often elaborate arrangements of geometric and pseudo-biological forms, intricately detailed and rendered with a palpable dimensionality. Show More Summary

Marc Bohne

Marc Bohne is a landscape painter originally from Texas and currently based in Seattle, Washington. I’ve admired his work on the web for a number of years, and had it bookmarked for inclusion on Lines and Colors, and I’m frankly surprised I haven’t featured him before now. Bohne is wonderfully skillful in his depictions of […]

Moby's new video

Here's a new music video called "Are You Lost In The World Like Me?" by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir with animation by Steve Cutts in a 30's retro style. The subject is a little depressing—how people are all hooked on their devices—but it's incisive satire, an apt commentary on our times. (Link to see the video on YouTube)

Adair Payne

Adair Payne is a California painter whose landscapes are richly textural, often deeply atmospheric and highly evocative of place, season and time of day. Payne uses a restrained palette, emphasizing the value relationships and textural elements in his compositions. Though many of his subjects are identifiably west coast landscapes, many resonate with me with creeks […]

Eye Candy for Today: Leonardo’s portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci

Ginevra de’ Benci, Leonardo da Vinci The link is to the page for the painting on the NGA site, which has a zoomable version as well as offering a link to a downloadable files, though you need to sign up for a free account to download the highest resolution version. There is also a zoomable […]

Just Glue Some Gears On It (and call it Steampunk)

Something fun for Sunday— a period-style video reminding makers to build Steampunk contraptions and attire that make sense.The video is by the multitalented Reginald Pikedevant — Here's his introduction to himself.If you're an email subscriber, you'll need to follow this link to the video on YouTube)Thanks, Frank.

Bryan Mark Taylor

Bryan Mark Taylor is a plein air painter based in California who focuses on cityscape and landscape. Taylor travels extensively and many of his subjects are from Europe as well as other locations in the U.S. His crisp, textural treatment of architectural and natural elements often takes on a sculptural feeling, with shadows and interlocking […]

Mars Huang (B6 Drawing Man)

Mars Huang is an artist based in Japan. Though he signs his work “Mars”, his Tumblr blog credits him only as “B6 Drawing man”; it wasn’t until I followed a link to one of his process videos on Vimeo, that I came across his actual name. His blog is filled with delightfully loose and gestural […]

Bosch Parade

In the Netherlands, artists create a parade of floating exhibits in honor of Hieronymus Bosch.Watch on YoutubeVideo by WOoArts.comThanks, Petros

Computer translates hand-drawn form modeling

Software engineers have been coming up with tools to make computer-generated forms look less like they were molded from plastic and more like they were drawn by hand. (Link to YouTube)StyLit is a new method previewed at SIGGRAPH that lets a user sketch out the light and shadow treatment on a simple form like a sphere. Show More Summary

Graphics Before Computers

A documentary called "Graphic Means" is in the works for release this fall about how graphic design technology changed throughout the 20th century. (Link to Vimeo video) Most people realize that desktop publishing and the computer revolutionized...Show More Summary

Bury It

“Bury It” is a very nicely realized animated music video for a song by Chvrches and Haley Williams — animated by Mighty Nice with a design direction established by comics artist and illustrator Jamie Mckelvie, who has worked with the band previously on poster designs. I’m not certain if Mckelvie actually directed the short or […]

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