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ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith

I’m on the basketball court at Madison Square Garden an hour ahead of game time. While the Knicks warm up, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith delivers a fiery pre-game commentary. My first step is to wet the paper and drop in a soft ultramarine blue wash with a half inch flat synthetic brush. Show More Summary

Sketchbook exhibition in Singapore

INTERLACE, The Perfect Sketchbook Show from Cherngzhi Lian on Vimeo. Check out this awesome video by Erwin (Cherngzhi) Lian and the people who created the "Perfect Sketchbook." (Direct link to video) Today they opened a gallery show in Singapore with a bunch of artists (including me) who painted in the sketchbooks and offered them to collectors. Show More Summary

Ed Vebell's Nuremberg Sketches

Westport illustrator Ed Vebell died last week at age 96. One of his most remarkable experiences was sketching at the 'War Criminals Trials' in Nuremberg in 1945. Field Marshall Goering by Ed Vebell, 1945 His job was to record the proceedings of the trial and document the key players. Show More Summary

Do skills at face recognition help you draw a better likeness?

Vision scientists from the University of Wellington wondered about the relationship between face-recognition skills and the ability to draw a convincing likeness.Another related question: If you're not so great at recognizing faces,Show More Summary

Editing an Art Video

What's the strategy behind editing an art video? Here are some practical tips that I keep in mind: Time lapse vs. real time Time lapse can compress a slow, repetitive series of steps into a short segment of time. A typical time lapse interval is one frame per second, which compresses an hour into a minute. Show More Summary

Oscar Droege's Color Woodcuts

Oscar Droege was a German artist who worked in the medium of the color woodcut or Farbholzschnitt. The color woodcut is a printing process where multiple wooden plates are carved in relief and then printed in register. Each plate is inked with a different color, including opaque light colors. Show More Summary

Igor Sava

Originally from Kotovsk, Russia, and now based in Rome, Igor Sava is a watercolor painter who focuses on cityscapes in his adopted country. Sava’s approach combines deft control of edges with the visual charm of freely mixed washes. His architectural subjects carry a feeling of Read More...

Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval is an artist from Paris, France, who paints the streets, buildings, plazas — and especially, bridges — of his home city in crisp, precisely observed watercolors. Some of his paintings brim with light and contrast, others are poetically muted and atmospheric. Almost all Read More...

How to Draw a T.rex Cartoon Dinosaur

As some long time readers are aware, in addition to writing Lines and Colors, I’m also a designer, painter and cartoonist. I’ve just taken my first run at creating an instructional YouTube video in support of my book, Dinosaur Cartoons. How to Draw a T.rex Read More...

Image Translation

A new machine-learning algorithm can take a photo of a street scene and translate the image to another time of day or another weather condition. For example, the photo on the left shows is taken from a car on a rainy day. On the right, the computer translates the scene into a sunny day with a blue sky. Show More Summary

Flagg's Poster "Tell That to the Marines"

James Montgomery Flagg is best known for his poster of Uncle Sam pointing and saying "I want YOU for the U.S. Army."He painted many other recruitment posters for World War I, some of which were staged as publicity stunts.He set up his oversize canvas in New York City and climbed up a ladder as a model stood on a box. Show More Summary

Video Portrait of C.F. Payne

American illustrator and teacher C.F. Payne is the feature of a new hour-long documentary called "C.F. Payne: An American Illustrator." Payne is known for his award-winning Time covers, MAD magazine caricatures, and children's book illustrations, which he has produced over a span of nearly four decades. Show More Summary

Zorn and Photography

On a recent post about Swedish artist Anders Zorn, blog reader Tyler J observed: "Beautiful work but there is a photographic quality about some of it. I couldn't find anything about his methods in the internets but I'm wondering if anyone...Show More Summary

Sculpting from the Inside Out

Brazilian sculptor Juliana LePine creates a tiny figural portrait of singer Freddie Mercury. She builds the forms from the inside out: putting teeth on the skull, flesh on the bones, and clothing over the flesh. (Link to YouTube)Juliana has a whole series of tutorial videos grouped into playlists. Show More Summary

A Conversation with Mel Birnkrant

Timothy J. Fitzmaurice created this video portrait of Mel Birnkrant and his unrivaled collection of vintage Mickey Mouse and other comic characters toys. (Link to YouTube) In the interview by Timothy's wife, Kelly McMullen, Mel talks...Show More Summary

James Gurney: Flower Painting in the Wild

Flower Painting in the Wild is the latest full length (hour-long) instructional video from author, illustrator and plain air painter James Gurney. As Gurney points out in the introduction, the approach to painting flowers he takes here is different than the usual flower arrangement in Read More...

Friendship through Marionettes

Ricky Syers, a puppeteer in his 50s and Doris Diether, a community activist in her 80s, became friends. Ricky made puppet alter egos of each of them, and they perform together in New York parks. Link to video on YouTube Another video shows more behind the scenes views of making of his marionettes: Link to Vimeo video

Stephanie Bower

Stephanie Bower is an architectural illustrator and avid urban sketcher based in Seattle. Like a number of other architectural illustrators who are also sketchers or watercolor painters in their off hours, Bower’s location sketches have a wonderful combination of loose, gestural rendering over a solid framework of perspective and geometric forms. I particularly admire her […]

Visiting Lumber Camps

In addition to riding the freight trains around America, Tom Kinkade and I drove my Austin America around California looking for subjects for our planned book on sketching. The trunk was full of easels and stools and the whole back seat was filled with art supplies. Show More Summary

Sleeping Pigs

These young pigs know how to pass a summer day, sleeping through the heat on the barn floor.I'm using a graphite pencil with a Niji water brush filled with gray ink for the mottled coloration.Don't miss the my latest YouTube video "Painting Animals from Life: 7 Tips for Success"

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