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GJ Book Club: Chapter 3 "Vision"

On GJ Book Club, we're studying Harold Speed's 1917 classic The Practice and Science of Drawing. The following numbered paragraphs cite key points in italics, followed by a brief remark of my own. If you would like to respond to a specific point, please precede your comment by the corresponding number.1. Show More Summary

Preliminary Sketches for TYRANNOSAURS

First off: WOW! Thanks so much for your generous response to my new video "TYRANNOSAURS: Behind the Art," which documents the illustrations I just did for the May 2015 article in Scientific American Magazine. Here's the trailer on YouTube...Show More Summary

Tyrannosaurs: Behind the Art

(Link to video) For the last couple of months I've been working hard on a secret project that I can now tell you about. Yesterday Scientific American Magazine announced its May feature called "Rise of the Tyrannosaurs." The article was...Show More Summary

Enoki Toshiyuki

Enoki Toshiyuki is a contemporary Japanese artist who works in the techniques of traditional lacquer painting, as well as acrylic, oil, metal leaf and ink on canvas. His subjects vary from fantasy and myth to more straightforwardly representational, but all incorporate rich textural elements, and frequently, complex patterns. These elements, combined with subdued color and […]

Seb Lester's Lettering Tools

The video begins: "My name is Seb Lester. I'm a designer and artist based in the U.K. The focus of all of my work is letterforms." (Link to video) New works from Seb Lester from Seb Lester on Vimeo. Seb Lester's calligraphy is best known from a series of videos showing a wide range of calligraphy styles. Show More Summary

Portrait of Inventor Dominic Wilcox

(Link from YouTube) Dominic Wilcox is an artist, designer, and inventor who builds working prototypes of delightfully bizarre concepts, such a stained-glass driverless car, GPS shoes that guide you where you want to go, and a hearing device that reverses right and left inputs. Show More Summary

High-tech glasses may help remedy color blindness

The normal perception of color depends on having distinct sets of color receptors, including green cones and red cones, each of which has a peak sensitivity to a slightly different wavelength of light. Simulated cause and effect of color...Show More Summary

How to get squirrels to dance

I figured out a way to get the squirrels in my backyard to dance, and I'll show you how. They climb up on a platform painted like a disco dance floor, and reach inside a stuffed animal head to get some delicious organic peanut butter.While they're reaching for the treat, they do some incredible breakdancing moves. Show More Summary

Inattentional Blindness

This car ad (visible here on YouTube) is less about the car than it is about visual perception. The ad shows four buildings on a street in West London. Over the course of a minute, the screen momentarily blinks to black 13 times. After...Show More Summary

Foreground Miniatures

Michael Paul Smith takes photos of his favorite town, called Elgin Park. The pictures look like snapshots from some midcentury utopian town. Most of his photos involve some cars parked on the street and buildings and trees in the background. Show More Summary

Visualizing Sound Waves

In the music video "CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music," Nigel Stanford and his band perform a song on drums and keyboards. The sound waves of the instruments are visualized through a series of analog physics experiments. Although the effects look digital, they're not. Show More Summary

Cristóbal Pérez García

Cristóbal Pérez García is a contemporary Spanish painter who captures his landscapes — and in particular, his urban scenes — with fresh, immediate brush work, lively color and a sure feeling of naturalistic light and shadow. When viewing the galleries of work on his website, be sure to open your browser window as wide as […]

Making It Documentary

(Link to video)Producer Tony Moorman is about to release an hour-and-a-half video about the trials and tribulations of making a living as a professional artist.The small crew traveled to various artists' studios, and interviewed a large number of people at Spectrum Live in Kansas City and Comic Con in San Diego. Show More Summary

John Salminen

John Salminen’s watercolors of urban scenes are rich with beautifully finessed textures, nuanced value relationships and subtle juxtaposition of high chroma passages against more muted colors. He has a particularly appealing technique...Show More Summary

Dina Brodsky

Originally from Balarus, Dina Brodsky moved to the U.S. with her family at an early age. She studied at the University of Massachussets Amherst and New York Academy of Art. In her most recent series, Brodsky revels in the rich textures, subtle colors and muted value changes in abandoned buildings. She infuses these with a […]

Noah Klocek

Noah Klocek is an art director, production designer and concept artist for the film industry, who has worked for companies like Industrial Light & Magic, PDI/DreamWorks, and Pixar Animation Studios. His film credits include titles like Wall-e, Up and Brave. Much of his production work embodies some of the best characteristics of children’s book illustration […]

Rendering Big Hero 6

The new animated film Big Hero 6 uses a new rendering system developed at Disney Animation Studios that simulates the effect of light on surfaces with much more subtlety and nuance than in previous CGI animated films. The rendering system, called Hyperion, manages the huge computational volume required for ray tracing. Show More Summary

Samuel Gomez

New York based artist and designer Samuel Gomez works at a large scale in graphite and ink to create his complex, intricate arrangements of mechanical and biological forms. He apparently uses fine line markers to delineate his forms, rendering the exactingly applied tones with graphite in an almost airbrush-like effect. For reasons that are lost […]

Sean Farrell

Largely self-taught, and inspired by numerous trips to Italy and the Netherlands where he studied paintings of the masters in museums and churches wherever possible, American painter Sean Farrell brings his fascination with 17th Italian and Dutch painters to play in his luminous, richly hued still life subjects. Farrell makes wonderful use of chiaroscuro in […]

Aug(de)mented Reality 2

Marty Cooper, who goes by the name "Hombre McSteez," animates in plein air, using felt-tipped markers, whiteout, transparency cels, and an iPhone. He calls the result "Aug(de)mented Reality." Here's the latest. Watch for the Adam Savage cameo.And here's the original video, which has racked up more than four million views.

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