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SCAD Atlanta makes Scroobius Pips

On this Thanksgiving day, I'd like to give thanks to all the dedicated teachers out there who give their time to inspiring students in art schools. One of those teachers is SCAD Atlanta instructor Rick Lovell. On his blog, he says:"Two classes worked on the Scroobious Pip project this fall quarter. Show More Summary

Lost Property

Lost Property is a touching and beautifully realized animated short (5 mins) — written, directed and with art by Åsa Lucande. [Via Katherine Trendacosta on io9)  

Renaissance Recorder / The Third Panel

My wife Jeanette joined a Renaissance band. She got her old recorders out of a closet and is putting new corks in the joints.For me, that will mean the chance to paint the musicians when they practice. This one is in gouache.Thirty five...Show More Summary

Computers are learning to caption photos

For decades, one of the apparently insurmountable challenges in artificial intelligence was getting a machine to see. Caption: “A person riding a motorcycle on a dirt road.” Source: Io9 In order to approach the human capabilities ofShow More Summary

Eileen Goodman

Eileen Goodman is painter well known over her long career here in Philadelphia for her naturalistic watercolors of fruit, flowers and gardens. Whet’s not obvious in images of her work is that she often works at a somewhat larger scale than is usually associated with watercolors, sometimes 4×3 ft (122x92cm) or larger. Goodman explores the […]

Harvey Dunn at the NRM

An exhibition of the work of Golden Age illustrator Harvey Dunn has opened at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Dunn grew up on a South Dakota farm and studied with Howard Pyle. He became an artist reporter in World War I, and then spent the...Show More Summary

Annie Stegg

Georgia based Annie Stegg is an illustrator, concept artist, character designer and gallery artist who works in the vein of fantasy art. Her clients include Ballistic Publishing,  Apple, Android, Hi-Rez Studios, Tiki Games, Addicting Games, and SPIL Games. In her personal work, Stegg appears to take inspiration both from Golden Age fantasy illustrators like Rackham, […]

Nate Wragg (update)

Nate Wragg is an concept artist, character designer and illustrator for the film industry and childrens’ books, who I first wrote about in 2009. Wragg noted for his lively, whimsical style that embidies some of the spirit of mid-20th century book illustration and TV animation as well as a modern sensibility. Wragg’s film credits include […]

Meanwhile on YouTube

Street Painting in Indiana is my first YouTube video to pass 100K views. If you missed it, it's embedded and linked below. (YouTube link) Thanks everyone for checking out my videos. Tools: Pentalic watercolor book Waterman fountain pen Schmincke watercolor set

An Object at Rest

An Object at Rest is an animated short (5 mins) by Seth Boyden that chronicles the eons-long life of a stone as time, and human activity, go on around it. In this and some of his other animated shorts, Boyden has combined animation done in the TV Paint application with backgrounds painted in traditional watercolor […]

The Perfect Sketchbook, Perfected

Last night at 9:00, Erwin Lian launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new version of "The Perfect Sketchbook." He sent me samples, and I have to agree.(Link to YouTube)It has a very heavyweight Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper thatShow More Summary

Painting at a Wolf Sanctuary

In this new video, we visit a wolf sanctuary to feed the wolves and paint their portraits. (Link to YouTube video) Wolves are silent most of the time, and they bark only when they're scared. When occasional visitors like us appear at the sanctuary, the "ambassador wolves" are curious to meet us. Show More Summary

Speed Painting in Colorado

The cottonwoods in the Gunnison River Valley of Colorado are lit up with autumn color, and I decide to paint the view as a double page spread. Check out the speed-painting video: (Link to YouTube Video) Gunnison River Valley, casein, 5 x 16 inches. Show More Summary

Steven Assael (update)

Steven Assael is a well-known figurative painter based in New York who I first wrote about in 2009. His subjects range from straightforward portrait and figure painting to varying levels of implied narrative. All are handled with a painterly finesse, subdued palette, subtle value relationships and a foundation of superb draftsmanship. The latter is also […]

Frank's Tundra

We pick up our son Dan at the airport and head into the mountains. There we meet our other son Frank. He's a glassblower and a tiny-house builder in Salida, Colorado. I sketch his portrait in watercolor at a restaurant while we're waiting for our soup. Show More Summary

Mark A. Nelson

Mark A. Nelson is an illustrator, comics artist, concept artist and art director. He has worked for Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Kitchen Sink Press, Wizards of the Coast, TSR and many other publishers, as well as gaming and visual development companies like Raven Software, Sega Games and Pure Imagination Studios. Nelson has […]

Noëll Triaureau

Noëlle Triaureau is a visual development artist and art director working with Sony Pictures Animation. Her credits include Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Surf’s Up and the upcoming as yet untitled Smurf movie; but I was particularly struck by images of her beautiful work on Hotel Transylvania, for which she also served as Art […]

Noëll Triaueau

Noëlle Triaueau is a visual development artist and art director working with Sony Pictures Animation. Her credits include Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Surf’s Up and the upcoming as yet untitled Smurf movie; but I was particularly struck by images of her beautiful work on Hotel Transylvania, for which she also served as Art […]

Martin Wittfooth (update)

Martin Wittfooth is a New York based painter who I first wrote about back in 2008. Wittfooth applies his lifelong fascination with classical art to paintings in which animals serve as the subject of sometimes overt, sometimes enigmatic musings on the state of the planet. No humans appear in his paintings, but the influence of […]

Videos: Eyellusions, Ugly Babies, and Imagination

A few videos you might enjoy:Using simple visual effects techniques that anyone can do—such as green screen, stop motion, and foreground miniatures—Hull and Train Exhibits created a short silent fantasy epic inspired by Melies. (Link...Show More Summary

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