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Engineering a culture of psychological safety

When I worked for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer, I was lucky enough to travel around the... The post Engineering a culture of psychological safety appeared first on Inside Intercom.

How to Create an Easy Digital Glitch Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop's layer styles, filters, and layer masks to create a quick and easy digital glitch text effect. Let's get started! This text effect was inspired by the many Layer...Show More Summary – The Best Platform For Selling and Buying Code, Apps and Templates

These are good times for freelancers, web developers and for coders especially. There are numerous ways to earn money from doing what you like and of course, what you are good at. It seems like everywhere you look, you can find a freelancing...Show More Summary

4 Ways Vibrant Colors Boost UI Design

Color is one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s toolkit. It can draw attention, set a mood, influence users’ emotions, perceptions and actions. With the lingering presence of Flat and Material Design, color holds even more prominence in UI design today. Bright colors are equally well suited for both playfully cartoonish designs focussed […]

Connecting With Users: Incorporating Humor In Web Design

Joan is applying for a small loan on She's becoming frustrated with the number of financial-disclosure forms she has to fill out. She's thinking about visiting her local bank to ask for a loan instead. While waiting...Show More Summary

Clever Illustrations by Christoph Niemann

Clever Illustrations by Christoph Niemann PauloGabriel Jun 20, 2017 Back in 2010 we featured some clever artworks by Christoph Niemann in which he used Google Maps as his canvas. Today, we're updating you on his latest work, which is...Show More Summary

UXPin is introducing Design Systems for Designers

UXPin is introducing Design Systems for Designers AoiroStudio Jun 20, 2017 UXPin is introducing Design Systems, a tool to fix our design inconsistencies. We all have experienced within a project, the back-and-forth between us designers and developers for inconsistencies with the font, colours and etc. Show More Summary

Stylish Graphic design and Brand Identity for Peak Running

Stylish Graphic design and Brand Identity for Peak Running abduzeedo Jun 20, 2017 Peak® Running  is a graphic design and brand identity created and shared by Mane Tatoulian on her Behance profile. There's just too much to love about this project. Show More Summary

Dear customer support. You don’t need that technical degree.

Want to build an exceptional customer support team for your software company? Each member needs first-rate tech qualifications,... The post Dear customer support. You don’t need that technical degree. appeared first on Inside Interc...

Adobe Alternatives: Broadening Our Horizons

I’ve been using Adobe software in earnest since they acquired Macromedia back in 2005, (I miss you Fireworks), and in that time I’ve done some awesome things with their software. During many periods I’ve relied on it to make a living,...Show More Summary

How To Manage a Design Project And A Creative Team

In terms of working with clients, one of the hardest things you have to learn – especially if you work as a freelancer or run a small web design company – is to manage your time and projects as efficiently as possible. Even if we are graphic designers, creatives or web designers, we all know... Read More at How To Manage a Design Project And A Creative Team

How to use Crop Guide Overlays

These handy guides can help you when it's cropping time! (Plus, the video is only 60-seconds, which is awesome!). The post How to use Crop Guide Overlays appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.

How to Take Vector Paths from Photoshop into Illustrator

Many times in the past I had found that I wanted to take a vector path from Photoshop (CS) and somehow get it to Illustrator for further use. There are lots of great and free Photoshop custom shapes out there, many of which might beShow More Summary

Another Look At Webydo: Professional Websites Without Code

Noupe readers have known Webydo for a while. We had already introduced you to the web design software in 2013. Today, we want to take a look at how the website builder has evolved since then. [...]

Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring

Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring AoiroStudio Jun 20, 2017 Quim Marin has started a poster series that really should get your attention. With a combination of graphic design and probably 3d for the mockup presentation takes the whole poster to a newer level. Show More Summary

The Perfect Office - Eero Home Wifi System, Samsung Curved Monitor, Office Ideas and More

The Perfect Office - Eero Home Wifi System, Samsung Curved Monitor, Office Ideas and More PauloGabriel Jun 19, 2017 We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. There are so many cool stuff out there that we could assemble infinite perfect office spaces every week! So we'll assemble some, and we'd like you to help us. Show More Summary

Rebelle 2 Review: Digital Acrylics and Watercolors Like You’ve Never Seen

If you’ve heard of Rebelle, you’re probably excited that a new version has recently come out. The original Rebelle (by Escape Motions) has won awards over the years for its incredible ability to make paintings look like they’re from the real world. Show More Summary

Speech from my induction into the Design Week Hall of Fame

Transcript: Hello, I’m sorry I can’t be with you tonight. I wanted to say thank you to Design Week for giving me this award. It’s an honour to be among such great designers. But I’m not going to talk much...

16 Free eBooks Every Future Startup Owner Should Read

When launching your business, you might feel overwhelmed because of the amount of the information to consider. That is why today we will try to guide you through four main domains that predetermine the success of your future business project. Show More Summary

The Importance Of Outcome-Focused Web Design And How A Strong Host Can Help

For an up-and-coming business, developing a strategically designed website that puts your goals at the forefront is key. Apart from boosting your online presence, a well-designed website can increase sales and revenue, engage and maintain connections with current clients, even foster relationships with potential customers. Show More Summary

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