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Take Our New Short Course on Logo Design

What You'll Be Creating As a designer, you'll sometimes have clients asking you to design logos on very short notice. Our new short course, Creating Professional Logos in an Instant, will show you a foolproof method for creating professional-standard...Show More Summary

How to Create Khaleeji Woman Emoji iMessage Stickers in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating Love using emojis? Now you can learn to make your own! We all use emoticons/emojis (emotion icons) in our messenger chats, apps, and online comments. Emojis are a very fun way to show our feelings without words. Show More Summary

Monday Lightroom News Stuff

Hi, gang – it’s a new week, full of awesome possibilities, and potential. Let’s make the most of it! To kick off our week, here’s some news stuff! Adobe released a Lightroom CC update Standard maintenance update, with bug fixes, some...Show More Summary

It was everything we hoped it would be. And More.

Melanie Kern-Favilla won a legion of fans around the world Friday night at her gallery opening and in her live interview (with the always awesome Larry Becker). Melanie shared so much of herself, along with her techniques, and her life. Show More Summary

How to Create a Sloth Illustration in Vector

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial you will learn how to create an adorable sloth illustration in Adobe Illustrator. We will be using simple shapes and different tools and effects such as the Warp Tool, Width Tool, Smooth Tool, and Warp Effects to create it. Show More Summary

International Artist Feature: Switzerland

For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Switzerland, featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from stunning vector art to digital paintings and more! I asked each artist how heir country and culture inspired...Show More Summary

Has Adobe Forgotten About Lightroom CC?

Ever since Adobe announced a major update to Lightroom Mobile earlier this week (which has been met with much love), I have seen comments to the effect of “This Lightroom Mobile update looks really good, but has Adobe forgotten about...Show More Summary

This One Goes In The “Dreams Do Come True” Category

Tonight Melanie Kern-Favilla, a Railroad Engineer from Long Island, New York, will have a solo gallery showing of her photography. How cool is that! Yesterday when Melanie toured the gallery in preperation for tonight’s opening, something very special happened. Show More Summary

25 Professional Modern Letterhead Templates

Introduce your business to new clients with a professional letterhead. Check out this awesome collection of corporate letterhead templates. 25 Modern Letterhead Templates So what is a letterhead and why is it important? A letterhead is the heading at the top of a sheet of paper used to identify a business. Show More Summary

How to Create a Trendy Marble and Rose Gold Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating The marble/rose gold combination is one of the popular minimalist trends, and it is almost everywhere from home decor to stationery, cookware, etc. This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop's shapes, along with 3D tools and material and light settings, to create a marble and rose gold text effect. Show More Summary

It’s New Class Thursday!

Lightroom Mobile From Start to Finish with Scott Kelby Expand the power of Lightroom desktop to your mobile devices! Join Scott Kelby for an in-depth look at the latest round of updates for Lightroom Mobile. In this class Scott willShow More Summary

How to Create a Coffee Scene Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial we're going to create a scene of coffee in the morning with cookies and milk using simple shapes in Adobe Illustrator. Find more great Coffee inspiration on GraphicRiver. 1. How to Create a New Document Press Control-N to make a New Document. Show More Summary

Create Custom Print Size for Saving as JPEG

If you need to save out a JPEG version of a print layout for uploading to an online print service, or maybe create a JPEG version for some other reason, then this little tip is for you. Print Job Panel to the Rescue Creating custom print layout sizes is something I’ve seen trip people up. Show More Summary

How to Draw a Sloth Step by Step

What You'll Be Creating Sloths are amazing creatures, so different from everything we know. The seem o have a very chill attitude towards life, and they're definitely not lazy—they just don't see the need to hurry! Sloths are also unbelievably cute, so we're going to draw one today. Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Austin Burke!

Hello my name is Austin Burke and I am a food photographer in Orlando, Florida. I want to thank Scott and Brad for having me as a guest on the blog and to have the opportunity to share a bit of light on something that I think gets passed over. Show More Summary

Adobe Releases Big Update to Lightroom Mobile! (Whoo hoo!!!)

Big news today — Adobe released a pretty major update to Lightroom Mobile with lots of long-awaited features making their way to Mobile, (and if you use Lightroom Mobile on your iPad, today’s an even better day for you). Note: on the...Show More Summary

How to Create an Enchanted Rose Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Let's create a magical photo manipulation using basic tools in Adobe Photoshop. In today's tutorial, we'll create an enchanted rose inspired by the classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. I'll show you how to build the entire scene from scratch just by keeping an eye out for the right stocks. Show More Summary

How to Create a Casino Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In the following steps you will learn how to create a casino text effect in Adobe Illustrator. For starters, you will learn how to set up a simple grid and how to create the main shapes using a free font and basic vector shape-building techniques. Show More Summary

I have a better post coming later today…

I’m working on a post for later today, that I promise will be a lot more interesting than this non-interesting post, so if you would be so kind as to come back around 11:00 AM EST today, I will have a cool video for you. Also, if you’re...Show More Summary

How to Create a Disc Cover in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a disc cover design in Adobe Photoshop. Final Image As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating: Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CC Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate Resources Cover Image Disc Image Font Step 1 Create a 1000x […] Source

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