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Add an Intense Lens Flare Effect Using Nothing but Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will add an intense lens flare effect to an otherwise bland photo. Beginners will find this very easy to follow but advanced Photoshop users can learn a couple of tricks too. Final Image As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating: Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3 […] Source

How to Draw Trees

What You'll Be Creating Trees seem like one of the few things that are easy to draw. However, if you know nothing about drawing, you may either go too simple... ... or too literal: Neither of these is what a real tree looks like. The first is a symbol of a tree, and the other represents a definition of a tree. Show More Summary

Get a free printable Photoshop Toolbar Cheatsheet Poster

The Big, Huge, Massive Photoshop CC Toolbar Guide I’ve created a “Cheat Sheet” of Photoshop CC’s Toolbar keyboard shortcuts. This poster features every tool in the Photoshop CC Toolbar, along with its shortcut key. Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to get better and more efficient at using Photoshop. Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Daniel Gregory!

Two Things Photographers Can Do to Make Their Work Better If you have an iPhone, the start of this story should sound familiar… I was having an argument with Siri. It was about trying to get Siri to play some music on my phone. After...Show More Summary

How to Create Nature-Inspired Flat Icons in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In summer, everything is in full bloom and people are enjoying warm, sunny days and celebrating the longest and most powerful day of the year: the Summer Solstice, which is also known as Litha in Wiccan traditions. Show More Summary

A New Photoshop CC Is Here!!!!

Mornin’ everybody – the big news this morning is Adobe released a pretty big update to Photoshop CC with some really cool features – I’ve got it covered for ya over on my blog (including some short demo videos). Here’s the link: Whoo hoo! It’s a good day! ???? Best, -Scott P.S. Show More Summary

A New Photoshop Is Here!

It’s here! Adobe is rolling out a pretty big update to Photoshop CC, with some seriously cool new features; lots of little tweaks, enhancements and improvements throughout, and I’m here to give you a peek at some of my favorite parts...Show More Summary

How to Have Lightroom Fix Your Camera’s Color Problems Automatically

This is a really nice way to add some automation to your workflow, and save you some steps. In the video below, I’m going to show how to set up Lightroom to automatically fix a fairly common problem — cameras that have a built-in color...Show More Summary

How to Create a Coffee-Stained Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Envato Elements is a creative subscription for digital assets that will offer a library of high-quality, curated content from talented creators and make it available to customers via ongoing monthly or yearlyShow More Summary

How To Rescue A Photo That’s Too Dark Using Photoshop

Using Photoshop, we can rescue what appears at first glance to be a rubbish photograph. Just because a picture is underexposed or too dark doesn’t necessarily mean it has to go in the bin. We’ll use Photoshop’s Shadow/Highlight command to improve the image. Show More Summary

How to Creatre a Children’s Picture Book in Adobe InDesign

What You'll Be Creating Children’s picture books are enjoying a huge resurgence in publishing at the moment. Sure, they’ve always been available, but now they’re more in-demand than ever, perhaps because they provide an old-fashioned antidote to our tech-dominated lives. Show More Summary

How to Create a Boombox Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In today’s utorial, we’re going to get down and funky and create our very own Boombox using some of Illustrator’s most basic tools and shapes. So if you’re a rue player, put on your party hat since things are about to get jamming. Show More Summary

An Awesome Way to Share Your Lightroom Images

OK, you have to watch this short video below to totally “get” why this is such a cool thing, because you’re using Lightroom to share your images online with anybody, but you’re not going to share your images from Lightroom on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Show More Summary

Getting More Multiple Undos In Photoshop Than Ever Before!

Howdy everybody – and happy Monday! OK, onto the Photoshop stuff (this is one for beginners but I bet even some more advanced folks won’t know that this one thing has changed — for the better). Well, did you know you have WAY more than just one “undo” in Photoshop? Yup. Show More Summary

Members Area Tutorial: Create a Pacifier Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed pacifier illustration using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Star Premium Members can login now for full access to this tutorial. Premium Members get access to exclusive tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator. Also access to dozens of tutorial source files. Get a Premium Membership now. Final […] Source

Envato Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, June Edition

Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by you, the Envato Tuts+ community! Every day, visitors like you take the time not only to read our tutorials but also to try them out. This is an assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design & Illustration section. Show More Summary

How to Create a Tortoise Shell Using the Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating Whilst the Envato Tuts+ team may have a weakness for furry animal folk, there is a new kid on the block who is making us gush... and that's Tom the tortoise! He lives with our Web Design editor, Ian Yates. I'd like you to meet him so you can understand the awesomeness of Tom. Show More Summary

First Look: Westcott’s New Portable Beauty Dish (designed by Joel Grimes)

On Wednesday morning, the folks at Westcott announced their brand new portable, collapsible beauty dish, the 24? Rapid Box Beauty Dish (designed by awesome photographer and beauty dish master, Joel Grimes himself), and just a few hours later we were in the studio doing a live shoot showing how it works. Show More Summary

How to Find Any Images That Aren’t Properly Syncing To Lightroom Mobile

Happy Friday, everybody. Sorry for the short week of blogging here – I usually try to post three days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Friday)…but I should probably make it Mon, Wed., and Friday, but either way, I missed that day in the middle. Show More Summary

How to Create an Alphabet Blocks Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In the following steps you will learn how to create an alphabet blocks text effect in Adobe Illustrator. For starters, you will learn how to set up a simple grid and how to save a set of symbols. Using the 3DShow More Summary

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