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How to Create a Colorful Clone Effect Action in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Music videos are often on the cutting edge of a culture's creative expression, both in terms of music and visual effects. They also serve as an excellent source of creative inspiration. In this series of tutorials, we will take a look at how to use Photoshop to reproduce some of the most eye-catching effects. Show More Summary

Some Cool Tips For The White Balance Eyedropper Tool

This video not only features a few cool tips for using the White Balance Selector (the eyedropper), but you get to experience an awkward moment of silence (you’ll see why, and we’ll have a moment of shared pain). Plus, this will be a...Show More Summary

#6 of “Things You Didn’t Realize, or Forgot, Were In Photoshop

There’s a bunch of ways to remove the background behind your subject or product or logo, but I betcha didn’t know about this one (or it ya did, I bet ya forgot about it): x Do you live in Ft. Lauderdale?Show More Summary

How to Create a Dory-Inspired Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating To celebrate Finding Dory, the upcoming sequel to the classic Finding Nemo, I'll show you how to create realistic fan art easily in Adobe Photoshop. Inspired by the movie, learn how to use photo manipulation and digital painting techniques to make any character come alive. Show More Summary

How to Create a Detailed Katana in Affinity Designer

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial we'll be stepping through the process of creating a realistic katana (Japanese sword) using Affinity Designer. Check out the file attached to this tutorial to see a full-size version of the piece. Show More Summary

How To Get That Dramatic Post-Processing Portrait Look in Lightroom

Hi Gang – happy Monday! (stop snickering). ???? This is another one of those “start to finish; right out of the camera to finished product” type of tutorials, but it’s easy — it’s not very long, and I think you’ll dig it. Here ya go: Hope you found that helpful. Show More Summary

#5 of those “Things You Didn’t Realize, or Forgot, Were in Photoshop”

It’s Monday — and #5 is a alive! This is kind of an obscure feature, and it doesn’t always work 100% of the time (what does, right?), but when it works, it’s pretty awesome. It allows you to match the overall color and tone of one photo to any other one you pick. Show More Summary

New Course: How to Use Live Shapes in Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating Want to learn a new Illustrator skill in just ten minutes? In our new Coffee Break Course, illustrator Simona Pfreundner will introduce you to Live Shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC. You'll get a brief introduction...Show More Summary

International Artist Feature: China

For this article in the international artist series, we turn to China, featuring seven artists who create fantastic work, from illustration to graphic design and more! I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers. Show More Summary

One Day, When Your Filters Go Missing, You’ll Thank Me For This Lightroom Tip

It’s going to happen. In fact, it may have already happened to you. But if it hasn’t, and one day it does (and it will, oh yes it will), you’ll want to know how to recover fast from it, or you’ll be ready to jump out the freakin’ window. Show More Summary

Part 4 In My Series of “Things You Didn’t Realize, or Forgot, Were In Photoshop”

This filter was added to Photoshop a while back, then Adobe took it out for a while, but now it’s back, but in a different place, and what it does is turn your photo into an oil painting in literally just one click. You have to watch...Show More Summary

How to Create a Set of Zodiac Icons in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial we’ll go through the inspiring process of creating a set of funny cartoon zodiac icons. We’ll be using basic shapes as well as simple freehand drawing. In order to make our images detailed and...Show More Summary

How to Create a Simple Geometrical Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In this Quick Tip tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a simple and trendy geometrical pattern, the quick and easy way. First, we will create a special repeating shape, and then we will move this object using the Smart Guides tool. Show More Summary

How to Compress Animated GIF Files Without Losing Image Quality

Animated GIFs, more than any other digital image format, have become ingrained in online culture. JPEGs are more or less a continuation of traditional photography, but GIFs are something new and powerful. Widespread broadband has led...Show More Summary

It’s New Class Thursday!

Aviation Photography: Post-Processing Historical Planes with Moose Peterson Join Moose Peterson as he takes you through his workflow for post-processing some of his favorite historical aircraft photos. Moose takes you through the basics...Show More Summary

How to Create a Floral Portrait Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a floral portrait of a woman with flowers, leaves, branches and butterflies. We'll not only combine different images using standard blending techniques but also learn how to make abstract elements. Show More Summary

Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Use the Snap to Grid Option

Welcome to our Illustrator in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn an Illustrator skill, feature, or technique in just a minute! The Snap to Grid Option Creating balanced artwork can sometimes become a tedious task, especially if you're trying to do it without a reference system. Show More Summary

Grab Some Free Design Resources From Envato Elements

Envato Elements is coming soon, and to celebrate, we're offering some fantastic freebies to help you with your creative projects. You can pick up some handcrafted fonts, a professional brochure template, a coffee branding mockup, a set of elegant logos, and a massive set of watercolor brushes and textures. Show More Summary

How to Make Local Contrast Adjustments With Curves in Adobe Photoshop

Curves are powerful: they offer speed and efficiency in your post-production workflow like nothing else. For a novice, though, curves might even be a little too powerful. Fear not! Curves are not as complicated or overwhelming as you...Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Frank Doorhof!

A while ago I posted the following online: When you look at carpenters, you will not see them laughing at each other because of the brand of hammer they use. They know it’s all about the work they create, the end result. Still in almost...Show More Summary

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