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How to Create an Abstract Low-Poly Pattern in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating 1. Triangulate Your Stock Photo Step 1 Let's start with the Triangulator script, downloaded from Unzip the file and launch the script within your web browser. You'll drag the image you're using to create your low-poly design from into the field that says, "Drop your bitmap here". Show More Summary

If I Had $1,000-ish To Spend on Improving My Landscape Photography, I’d Get…

Hey there! Matt Kloskowski here today with an unofficial guest post. See, a while back, Scott wrote an article here on his blog called If I had $1000 to Spend on Improving My Portrait Photography, I’d Get… Well, I was talking to him later that day and he asked if I had read the blog post.Continue...

How To Take The Stress Out Of Photography

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with a quick post. Did you miss last week’s episode of The Grid? Don’t worry, you can still watch it right here! On this episode, Matt Kloskowski was joined by both Lou Freeman and Moose Peterson where they discussed a number of ways to stop stressing over photography and enjoyContinue...

An Interview With Benoit Challand

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Benoit Challand, a French artist that specializes in 3D typography. I have been a long-time admirer of Challand's work and wanted to learn a bit more about his workflow and inspiration. In this interview, we talk a bit about those two topics as well as a bit more about a few of his specific works. Show More Summary

Create the Abstract Photo Manipulation “Imperfection”

In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to create an emotional, abstract photo manipulation. You’ll learn how to combine abstract elements, work with groups, create depth of field and more. Final Image Tutorial Details Program:Show More Summary

Quick Tip: Converting Photoshop Files to Code With Project Parfait

Project Parfait is a new tool from Adobe, currently in beta, which lets you open up any PSD directly in the browser to extract CSS, text and image assets from it. At the moment it only works on Chrome but Adobe plan to roll it out across all browsers as development moves on. Show More Summary

My Man Is A Loser (With A Tiny Head)

Looks like Michael Rapaport has paid a visit to some kind of voodoo witch doctor.   H/T Uproxx. The post My Man Is A Loser (With A Tiny Head) appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Amazon: Handy Aquadoodle

Thumbs up on this one, guys!  No, really.  Well done. This image appeared online here.  Thanks for sending it in, Gabor! The post Amazon: Handy Aquadoodle appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Spot The Disaster: Kate Upton In Elle

According to a recent interview with supermodel Kate Upton‘s trainer, you too could look like this. Kate’s secret is a combination of a healthy, gluten-free diet, plus and lots and lots of exercise.  And of course, a little Photoshop never hurt … Continue reading ? The post Spot The Disaster: Kate Upton In Elle appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

MobStub: Seeing Triple

Ugh.  Really?  Just, no.  I can’t even.   Thanks for sending this in, Susanne!  This image appears online here. The post MobStub: Seeing Triple appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

Here’s a look at what’s been happening this week in Photoshop and pop culture news. 13 Game of Thrones characters as Sloths. [BuzzFeed] Adobe is working on a touch-friendly, full-powered version of Photoshop CC. [Engadget] 26 Pencil drawings that are … Continue reading ? The post Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Quiz: Free People

While we were discussing this Free People disaster, PsD reader Steven pointed out another image on the site that raised some eyebrows.  Check it out: What’s up with that leg?!  The original is online here. The post Quiz: Free People appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Ann Taylor LOFT: Perplexingly Pear-Shaped

Maybe this isn’t a disaster.  Maybe she just had half her ribcage removed just before the shoot? Kudos to Jezebel for spotting this disaster before Ann Taylor LOFT took it down. The post Ann Taylor LOFT: Perplexingly Pear-Shaped appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Stema: Hover Trailer

It’s a good thing that this trailer is able to hover on one wheel, because I doubt that tiny van has the power to pull a thing. Another gem from Germany, found here.  Thanks, Thomas! The post Stema: Hover Trailer appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

Daily Jang: Leggo My Logo

The new Indian Prime Minister seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. The original is here.  Thanks for sending in another great PsD, Yasir. The post Daily Jang: Leggo My Logo appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

LTB Jeans: Swim For Your Life!

I can see the headline now: Deranged Jorts-Wearing Model Claims Another Victim In Her Row Boat of Death!   Swim faster, bro!  She has already caught two people and has heaped what’s left of them into the stern of her boat. … Continue reading ? The post LTB Jeans: Swim For Your Life! appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

In-Depth Workshops with Frank Doorhof August 29-31, Frank Doorhof will be hosting a workshop in New York City at a great location that will combine studio work, shooting with natural light, working with models, and post processing. The group is limited so there is a lot of time for personal attention. This will be a learning frenzyContinue...

How to Create a Stylish Black and Gold 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Adobe Photoshop's vector and 3D capabilities are a powerful combination, and can be used to create some fun and amazing 3D effects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stylish black and gold 3D text effect using vector shapes, 3D meshes and materials. Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Brian Rodgers Jr!

When you’re in high school, you’re on top of the world. You have everything figured out; a plan for everything. You’re told the next step in the road to success is college…. I started my college experience at a large university. It only took me a semester to realize that I was wasting a lotContinue...

The World on a White Seamless Background (my latest photography post at Exposure)

I’ve been working on this series for a while now, and I finally got enough to do a full post over at (so all the shots, and full story is over there. is designed for photographic story-telling). It’s a series of famous landmarks, buildings and monuments photographed as if they were taken onContinue...

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