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How to Use Adobe Fuse

What Is Adobe Fuse? Adobe Fuse an impressive little program that provides a fun way to develop unique human characters to add to your designs in Photoshop. Fuse is an available app for current members of Adobe Creative Cloud. It is listed as a limited-time "preview" application. Show More Summary

Solarized Like Zayn: The Digital Sabattier Effect for Surreal Black and White Portraits

What You'll Be Creating We're big fans of the pictures of Man Ray and Edward Weston, so when we saw the solarization effect that they used so well in turn up in Pillowtalk, the latest music video from Zayn (formerly of One Direction), we decided to try and recreate it digitally. Show More Summary

How to Create Flat Weather Icons in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating April showers bring May flowers! It is traditionally known that April is quite a rainy period, when the weather changes unexpectedly from the sun shining in a clear sky to raining cats and dogs. However, any weather...Show More Summary

Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Use Drop Shadows

The Drop Shadow Effect Ever wondered how you can add more depth to your designs? Well, wonder no more, since in the following moments you'll see how you can do just that using Adobe Illustrator's Drop Shadow effect. You will learn how...Show More Summary

How to Create Dramatic Lighting in Your Digital Painting Portraits

What You'll Be Creating Artists are fussy. Whether we're dealing with composition, color, or lighting, we tend to change our minds a lot. Luckily, with Photoshop, you can make dramatic changes to your portraits in a fraction of the time. Show More Summary

Create a Fantasy Nature Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a fantasy nature photo manipulation. We’ll use selection tools, blending modes and various Photoshop filters. Final Image As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating: Tutorial Details...Show More Summary

When Photoshop Does It Better (retouching tip)

Happy Tuesday everybody. OK, enough chit chat — let’s get to work! I try to do as much of work as possible in Lightroom but there are times where Photoshop either does it faster or better, and today I’ll show you a case where Lightroom...Show More Summary

How to Create Spring Flowers From Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating Welcome to my unusual tutorial, which mixes an Illustrator tutorial and a bit of botany. You will learn how to draw four different spring flowers using basic shapes, some warp effects and moving anchor points....Show More Summary

How to Create a Dark Lady Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a dark photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop, featuring a creepy lady with a foggy forest, a dark gate, flying bats and an eerie atmosphere. First we'll add the forest and gate and darken them to define a night background. Show More Summary

How to Create a Detailed Beer Label in Affinity Designer

What You'll Be Creating We are going to create this fun canine cowboy character using Affinity Designer. As we'll only be employing vector shapes and effects, this illustration can be used for everything from online purposes to full colour t-shirts and beyond. Show More Summary

Five More Tips For Lightroom’s Built-in HDR

Happy Monday, everybody! I thought I’d follow-up my post from Friday (it was about how creating an HDR image allows you to really open up the shadows without seeing a bunch of noise, because of the greater dynamic range), with 5 (or so) tips or things you might not know about Lightroom’s awesome built-in HDR feature. Show More Summary

Quiz: Do You Understand Color?

Do you understand color? Take our quiz and find out! Working With Color in Adobe Photoshop Any artist will tell you that the use of color is a major component of the design process, regardless of the medium. Digital art and photography are no exceptions. Show More Summary

The Top 10 Super-Ultra-Very Bestest Photoshop Tips the Experts Don't Want You to Know!

New World Order Hi there dear readers, you may recognize me. I’m a frequent contributor to this site, and it’s time for me to come clean. I’m blowing the whistle. Today, I’m pulling back the curtain and letting you in on a very well-kept secret. Show More Summary

Lightroom’s Hidden HDR Advantage

There's a hidden advantage to doing your HDR images in Lightroom (and it's not what you think). The post Lightroom’s Hidden HDR Advantage appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.

International Artist Feature: Sweden

For this article in the international artist series we turn to Sweden, featuring six illustrators and designers who create fantastic work. I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers. Show More Summary

Results From our Lightroom Desktop to Lightroom Mobile Features Poll

Hi Gang – Sorry for the delay getting this up there – I had planned on having this up yesterday, but between my seminar yesterday in Boston and everything else, I couldn’t get to it until this morning. Here’s the results (with the #1...Show More Summary

How to Create a Retro Tech Icon Pack in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating If you’re into retro tech as much as I am, well buckle in since today we’re having a treat, and boy is it sweet. In the following moments, we will recreate some of the most classic, iconic products, from the likes...Show More Summary

How to Paint a Realistic Tear with Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to paint a realistic tear with Photoshop. Final Image Tutorial Details Program : Photoshop CS3+ Estimated Completion Time : 15-20 minutes Difficulty : Intermediate Resources Woman Step 1 Open the woman image. Show More Summary

How to Create a Still Life Illustration of German Food in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial, we will create an illustration with delicious German food. All the elements of this illustration are simple, made from basic shapes, which will lead you to quick but awesome results. We’re going o need the Pen Tool a couple of times, but I promise that it won't be hat hard. Show More Summary

New Coffee Break Course: Blending Techniques in Sketchbook Pro 8

Do you have ten minutes free to learn a great digital painting technique? In our latest Coffee Break Course, digital artist Robert Marzullo will show you the step-by-step process of blending paint in Sketchbook Pro 8. You will learnShow More Summary

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