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Behind the Scenes at ustwo Studios designing Android Wear

A very large digital studio ustwo is world-renowned for their incredible work and attention to detail. The studio has offices in many locations and works with some of the largest brands and companies. One project they built was the Android Wear watch faces that were built in conjunction with Google. Show More Summary

How to Create a Stylised, Textured Flat Camera in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating Do you want to make your flat objects look more intricate and detailed? Follow this tutorial and learn how to create a stylish retro pocket camera, mastering the gradients for lights and shadows and using theShow More Summary unveils their New Logo & Revamped Web Design

Almost every designer and blogger should know about Medium. It’s the most recent way to people to write and share their thoughts with a tremendous audience and inline comments. Today the site launched a new brand loosely titled “Medium 2.0”. Show More Summary

Clubble bridges the gap between Slack Channels and E-mails

Although currently still in beta, Clubble is a very handy tool for teams that use Slack to get work done. Creative work often requires direct communication with clients and this means sharing new ideas/drafts frequently. The tough part is finding a way to keep clients in the loop while passing the right drafts their way. Show More Summary

Create your own Icon Fonts with Iconical for Mac

Icon designers are more than familiar with the process of converting vector art into PNGs or even SVGs for the web. But what about the process of creating an icon font? This is often much more convoluted and requires a little understanding of typeface construction. Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Steve Hansen!

There’s something about an image that captures a moment at its peak. Whether it’s the perfect expression, an event never to be repeated, or in my case, a gallon of milk thrown through the air, a photographer’s job is to capture that perfect moment. Show More Summary

Learn How to Improve Your Digital Illustrations in 10 Easy Steps

What You'll Be Creating Creating digital art is like prepping for a great match. You can be one incredible victor if only you manage to defeat your biggest opponent—yourself. To win, it'll involve intense commitment, patience, and tons...Show More Summary

October: A Free PHP Laravel-Based CMS Platform

Over the past few years Laravel has become one of the most beloved PHP frameworks of the entire industry. It offers a solution for every situation with plenty of room for extending your own libraries. Most CMS engines are built on top of their own libraries but a newcomer named October CMS does just the […] Read More at October: A Free PHP Laravel-Based CMS Platform

11 Personality Traits of a Successful Freelance Designer

What type of person does it take to thrive as a successful Freelance Graphic Designer? Here are 11 personality traits that summarize a professional freelance designer. Read More

Custom-Built Digital Style Guides with Frontify

Designing a brand-heavy digital style guide is no easy task. This requires a bit of research and common sense into matching colors, fonts, logos/icons, and proportions. Most designers are capable of such a task but it’s also very time-intensive. Show More Summary

Marvel adds Layers to offer Interactive Prototypes

The powerful online prototyping tool Marvel just announced a new feature they call Layers. It allows designers to append layers on top of their prototypes which display interactivity between UI elements. Layers can be used for showing animation or user interaction with links, sliding menus, carousels, or even full pages like in mobile applications. Show More Summary

Forge Conference 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the largest digital conferences will appear again in 2015 hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Forge Conference runs for a single day on October 9th with an incredible line-up of speakers. This isn’t your typical design or development event – it’s made for anyone who wants to create digital experiences. Show More Summary

Design Disruptors: A Documentary of the Design World at Major Tech Companies

We live in an era where design is prevalent and technology is a rapidly growing sector of the private workforce. Yet there’s a shocking absence of quality documentaries that peek into the design world. The team at InVision has worked diligently to create a new documentary named Design Disruptors. Show More Summary

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Create a Custom Texture Brush

Got a Minute? In this entry for our Photoshop in 60 Seconds series we take a look at how to create your own custom texture brush in Photoshop. A Bit More Detail Learn more about Adobe Photoshop on Tuts+: Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners...Show More Summary

Wagtail CMS offers Python Users a New Open Source Django Platform

There’s a lot to be said about the success of Django. It’s gained plenty of traction on the web as a serious framework for developing all types of applications at lightning speed. Many different content management systems exist including the titular Django CMS. Show More Summary

The Illusion of Life: Animation for UI/UX Design

A few old men working for Walt Disney back in the early 20th century came up with a dozen working properties for lifelike animation. These “12 principles of animation” have lasted for decades and continue to hold a major influence over the animation industry. Show More Summary

Sign Up for Adobe MAX Keynotes Streaming Online

Adobe’s multi-day MAX conference will be held in Los Angeles from October 3rd-7th. It’ll feature plenty of workshops, tutorials, speakers and plenty of food breaks. Tickets are rather pricey and it’s tough for every creative professional to fly out to the US west coast for a multi-day conference. Show More Summary

Share your Ideas for a New Donald Trump Campaign Slogan

There’s no denying that the multi-billionaire Donald Trump is raising eyebrows at his position on the political stage. It seems his run for presidency has attracted lots of attention both good & bad. On many Internet communities Donald Trump for president has almost turned into a meme unto itself. Show More Summary

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: How to Save Your Images Correctly

What You'll Be Creating Welcome to our new series, Photoshop in 60 Seconds, in which you can learn a Photoshop skill, feature, or technique in just a minute! Save for Web Saving images for online use is an essential skill for any Photoshop user. Show More Summary

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