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Why Contemporary Art Sucks

“Master after master from Leonard, to Rembrandt, to Bierstadt produced works that inspired, uplifted and … Read more posts by Kevin Mark Rabida

Leica Geosystems

I love what people can do with motion and 3D graphics these days. I also have the pleasure to work with some of these amazing guys that can do things that I never thought imaginable like giving a 3d effect/depth to regular photos. One of the said talents I have the honor of working pretty closely with at Google is Richard Hawkings. Show More Summary

Don Hertzfeldt: The Most Innovative & Creative Stick Figure Animator

Don Hertzfeldt has been making animated shorts by drawing on paper and photographing his work … Read more posts by Justine Ivan Nolasco

Celebrate Adobe Photoshop's 25th Birthday With 25 Inspiring Resources on Tuts+

This year, Adobe Photoshop turns 25! Let's celebrate this iconic software's birthday by sharing with you some of the awesome resources here on Tuts+. Not only that, but for the next month, one of our premium video courses on Photoshop is free to access! Read on to find out more. Show More Summary

Ije Nwokorie on branding

I agree that there isn't a branding process. Branding is too broad a term. But there is a process for designing a brand identity. The post Ije Nwokorie on branding appeared first on David Airey.

Friction Typography

Creating typefaces is a daunting task due to the many challenges behind it. The guys from Animography put together a super cool project titled Friction and made the process appear completely seamless. Friction is a distorted geometric typeface that intentionally puts emphasis on its graphic appearance. Show More Summary

The craft of neon sign-making

A master in his craft, Mike Heist is responsible for the bending of some of Portland’s most iconic neon signage.

JotForm Theme Store: a User-Created Marketplace

Advertise here with BSA JotForm, long considered to be one of the easiest tools for building online forms, now has a Theme Store, so users can get their own beautifully designed form themes without having to do all the work. Whether you’re buying or selling a form, the process is about as simple as it gets. From a form theme...

Lumino City’s Beautifully Handcrafted Paper Adventure Game

While most premiere game studios around the world are spending millions of dollars to develop a kick-ass … Read more posts by Patrick Ellasos

Webydo: Pushing Web Design Forward

&c= " target="_blank"> &c= " border="0" alt="" /> Advertise here via BSA How do you see yourself and your web design business in the near future? Do you want to enter the new year by augmenting your customer base and find more efficient ways to work? Look sharp! 2015 is the chance to improve your web design business. Show More Summary


The event's returning to Dublin on March 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2015.

Is success luck of the draw?

Do you believe there is a factor that leads a designer to be successful?

FontCast #18 — John Hudson

After an extended hiatus FontCast is back. The origins of FontShop’s video podcast go back to ATypI’s Typ09 conference in Mexico City. Stephen Coles, back then creative director at FontShop, sat down with some of the key players who were leading the way as we headed into the brave new world of web typography. This [...]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Alexia Sinclair!

A bowerbird gracefully lands three feet from the front of my lens, like the 500 or so birds before her (or him, I’m no ornithologist). She has come for the smorgasbord of delights I’ve spread out in the guise of capturing them on camera. Hopefully, she’ll ignore the photographic paraphernalia surrounding her and in theContinue...

To the Point: An Interview With Ellinoora Laine

Hey Dashi! Thanks so much for the interview. Let's start with what got you into art. I feel that it’s necessary to start by thanking you for having me! I consider your interest in my work an immense honor! My lifelong journey with art...Show More Summary

ThemeFuse Giveaway: Win a free full pack website (WordPress Theme + 1 Year Hosting Plan + 1 Optional Free Domain)

Advertise here with BSA WordPress lovers are in for a treat. ThemeFuse has launched a website pack, where customers who buy a theme get a one-year hosting plan along with a free domain name....

The ultimate guide to getting started with Foundation

Foundation is one of the two big-name HTML/CSS/JS frameworks for front-end developers. That didn’t happen by accident. Today, we’re here to tell you all about why you should be using it. Now first, for those who maybe write their own HTML, but have never worked with a framework before, here’s an explanation: Frameworks are basically […]

Ideas for Pushing Beyond your Creative Comfort Zone

Advertise here with BSA Working under pressure can feel like you’re caught in the cross hairs of a critic scrutinizing your every move. Unfortunately you can’t see him because this critic sniper has mastered the art of hiding in plain sight – right inside your skull. We are usually our own worst critics and over time this can build...

All QR code generators are not created equal

The heated discussions still rage about the effectiveness of QR codes in marketing. Most people agree that the main problem is marketers not knowing how to use the codes properly. This includes placement, the call to action, where the code link takes consumers, and the scanability of the code. Scanability is one of the concerns […]

Applying the Rule of Thirds to Web Design

Advertise here with BSA This is a fascinating subject that doesn’t always get discussed in the realm of web design. Photographers are probably familiar with the rule of thirds related to photo composition. But how can interface designers use the rule of thirds to create interesting digital designs? In this post I want to explain the rule of thirds...

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