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How to Use Blend If in Adobe Photoshop in 60 Seconds

How to Use Blend If The Blend If sliders are one of Adobe Photoshop's most powerful layer blending options. They give you an incredibly nuanced control over how information from two separate layers is combined based on their luminosity values. In the screencast above, I show the Blend If sliders in action. Show More Summary

How To Create a Suicide Squad Inspired 3D Text Effect

Hollywood has definitely been fuelling me with plenty of inspiration lately. A few weeks ago I shared a tutorial on how to create a movie poster based on The Hateful Eight. Today I have another movie themed tutorial, this time inspired by the vibrant text effect from the Suicide Squad trailer. Show More Summary

An Animation to Definitely Understand the Hero's Journey

Almost all of you guys already heard about the Hero's Journey, right? Most of us know the concept but sometimes don't know exactly what means every step. Thinking on it this gret artist called Iskander Krayenbosch crated an animation with all the 12 stages, witch is awesome! Since the beginning of time people are fascinated by stories of hero’s. Show More Summary

How to Create a Greyscale Monochrome Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating In today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a monochrome portrait from a photograph. Today's subject is the inspiring Aydian Dowling, who has given us permission to use one of his photos for this tutorial. Show More Summary

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Sean Berry!

x Video by Matthew Rojas My first week as the photographer for the Dallas Stars was one of the craziest weeks in my professional career. In the span of 5 days, I became a new photographer. This starts many weeks before the shoots with creative meetings. Show More Summary

Interview with Max Gärtner

Paper-cuts are a really interesting media, although it might look a pretty flat media at first glance, the layers and details of paper can cast shadows that enhance the artwork, creating depth and visual distortions to the viewers. Max...Show More Summary

How to Market the Job-to-be-Done

What job are customers hiring your product for? At Intercom the answer to this question informs our entire go-to-market strategy, from the way we position our products, to the audiences we target and the content we produce. Yes, it’s an approach that runs counterintuitive to… Read more The post How to Market the Job-to-be-Done appeared first on Inside Intercom.

How Pre-built Websites can Boost Your Productivity

Website-building with pre-built websites has several advantages over traditional methods. Wireframing, outsourcing, and online website-building tools have their advantages and disadvantages, but none can match what pre-built websites offer. Show More Summary

How Design & Hosting Impacts Your SEO

Did you know hosting your site on a poorly performing server could actually impact the traffic you receive from search? Webmasters are not completely unaware that hosting issues can affect their site’s rankings. Yet things like server speed and location often don’t receive as much attention as other aspects of SEO. Show More Summary

Cristiano Ronaldo Dangles the MLS Card

3 weeks agoArts / Graphic Design : UnBeige

Real Madrid superstar sounds a little more open, in new GQ cover story, to the idea bending his career like Beckham.

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Chris Titze!

An Ode to Self-Initiated Work! (Or how I got to learn to love extra work) My name is Chris Titze and I’m a digital artist based in Dallas. I cross the line between CGI artist and photographer. My background is in retouching. I’m also one of Lüerzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Digital Artist world wide. Show More Summary

Designing Adobe Portfolio

In November 2015 I did a little talk at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City about designing Adobe Portfolio, and product design. You can watch the talk here. I originally wrote this article in preparation for the talk, but have since expanded upon it to publish here. It aims to introduce […]

B&O Play - Design for music

2 months agoArts / Graphic Design : Abduzeedo

As we approach the end of the year I always like to take some time to reflect. This year was an important one, not that the others weren't, but living in a new place, a new commute and various other changes on the personal level make this year stand out. Show More Summary

Media Reporter Jumps to The Young Turks

2 months agoArts / Graphic Design : UnBeige

After a little over a year with TheWrap, Jordan Chariton is hitting the presidential campaign trail.

How Pre-built Websites can Help You Create Websites Faster

The use of pre-built websites has several advantages over other website-creating approaches. Wireframing, online website builders, and outsourcing all have drawbacks that are not to be found in a pre-built...

Build Your Personal Brand with Gary Vaynerchuk

With Gary Vaynerchuk's personal branding course, you can learn what it takes to build a brand and establish yourself as a thought-leader in today's ever-changing, digital world. Get 85% for 3 days only too! Read More

Spoon Graphics Greatest Hits: My Most Popular Posts of 2015

At the end of every year I like to take some time to look back at my top content from the past 12 months and compare how well they each performed on social media. This compilation features my 30 greatest hits from 2015, including myShow More Summary

Why More Web Designers are choosing a Pre-Built Website Approach

Traditional methods, such as wireframing, outsourcing, and online website builders have their pros and cons, none of them however match the advantages of pre-built websites. Wireframing is popular, but it takes you only so far. Wireframing...Show More Summary

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