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A simple improvement to product announcements

Sending product announcements without considering your audience is like writing a love letter and then addressing it “to... The post A simple improvement to product announcements appeared first on Inside Intercom.

A Beginner’s Guide to Designing Conversational Interfaces

Whether you love them or hate them, conversational interfaces have started making a significant impact in the business/brand communication landscape. Though many businesses have realized that conversational interfaces are likely to cause a major shift in brand communication there are many who are skeptical about CIs.  CIs have limitations, but they are here to stay and […]

10 Places to Find Free Graphic Design Mockups

Looking for free graphic design mockups? This collection of template resource websites has everything you need to create the perfect mockup for your design project. Mockup World A design file resource website that’s focused entirely on delivering free graphic design mockups. Show More Summary

Lyft’s Monal Chokshi on lightweight user research

Your product starts and ends with your users. They’re at the core of all aspects of your business,... The post Lyft’s Monal Chokshi on lightweight user research appeared first on Inside Intercom.

20 Free Beautiful Shopping Bag Mockups to Download

A Shopping bag can be a great advertising placement for the store where the products were bought from. It’s a perfect place to put your advertising, logo, motto or other elements to draw people’s attention. If you’re working on branding...Show More Summary

eBay Redesigns Its Homepage (Again)

They say that three time’s the charm. Maybe for eBay, two is all that it will take when it comes to its homepage design. In late 2013, the auction site last attempted a homepage redesign that wasn’t all that user-friendly. While the then-redesign was supposed to surface relevant goods based on the interests and browsing […]

What voice UI is good for (and what it isn’t)

Voice is either a genius technology whose time has finally come, or the most overhyped waste of time... The post What voice UI is good for (and what it isn’t) appeared first on Inside Intercom.

My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #16

My name is Mason Ellwood, and I’m currently working on Flatiron School’s Online Full Stack Web Development Program. Each week, I’ll be writing about my experience, what I’m learning, and tips on learning to code. With this article we are going to take a few steps backward. Show More Summary

Best 2017 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Like most professional web designers, you’re looking for ways to work faster and better. Learning how improve your designs takes study, experience, and using the best tools. The same is true for boosting your productivity. Apps have been created to address a vast number of needs and uses. Most of these apps will help you... Read More at Best 2017 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

The Fast Way from Freelance Designer to Design Firm

Picture it: New York City, 2010; you’re working full-time as a digital designer for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. The paycheck is steady, the hours are (somewhat) flexible, and you really never have to take work home with you. To sweeten the pot, there are plenty of perks–free swag from clients and swanky […]

The Big Red Button: why we sacrificed capability for availability

When your company is experiencing growth, you need to concentrate on mitigating downtime – even when that means... The post The Big Red Button: why we sacrificed capability for availability appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Interview with Andre Ribeiro. Redesigning the Squarespace website.

The popular website builder Squarespace got a brand new look and we got the chance to ask them a few questions about the design process. Squarespace frontside team lead, Andre Ribeiro is here to tell us about their adventure in redesigning the website and the challenges that came with it. Show More Summary

Build a successful creative portfolio with Allyou

Every creative needs a good portfolio. Whether you’re focussed on typography or photography, layout or user experience, your portfolio is what defines you professionally. As with most things, the quality of your portfolio is determined by the appropriateness of the tools you use. All too often we see great work, presented poorly, because the designer […]

Get the Right Web Design Jobs as a Freelancer

Being a web design freelancer definitely brings with it some advantages. Those who are more accustomed to a cubicle lifestyle no doubt yearns for the freedom a freelancer has. They see freelancing as an opportunity to work according to their own schedule and work with whom they want, and where they want. Show More Summary

8 Design Tips for Improving Your SEO

Since all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo determine the ranking of their search results in a similar way, the internal coding and the visual appearance of your website plays a hugely important role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Show More Summary

Design principles: what to do when nobody is using your feature

When we released our new messenger last year, we added the ability for customers to create rich, personal... The post Design principles: what to do when nobody is using your feature appeared first on Inside Intercom.

8 Names Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Whether you are an experienced web designer or just a beginner, I am sure you already have your own list of favourite contemporary graphic designers. And if you have decided to pursue a career in web design, here are a few names you just have to know about. Because these pioneers have changed the way... Read More at 8 Names Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Key Web Development and Design Skills You Should Learn In 2017

In addition to building your client contact list this year, you should be thinking of upgrading your knowledge base in critical areas, especially as competition in the digital economy gets stiffer and opens up wider opportunities for highly skilled web developers and designers. Show More Summary

Why You Should Stop Using The Term “Blog”

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs. They’re in every corner and every pocket of the universe known as the World Wide Web. Everyone – from professionals and teenagers to fictitious characters and even cats – seems to have a blog. But what are...Show More Summary

7 Ways to Tell a Great Story with Design

A website is more than just a place to hold information about your app, portfolio or products. It should tell a story to engage and delight users. (That’s one of the key elements that will help them stick around.) While a good story might start with an idea on pen and paper, it comes to […]

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