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RailsClips offers free weekly RoR Videos

The online podcast service hosts a number of great resources for developers & aspiring coders. One such resource is the RailsClips archive full of videos and screencasts teaching Ruby on Rails. It turns out that RoR is one of the fastest-growing backend languages for current web developers. Show More Summary

Assembly for iOS allows anyone to be a Designer

A cool iOS app named Assembly is taking the graphic design world by storm. This offers a mobile-friendly way for average folks to create unique icons and symbols from nothing but shapes and effects. The app is only $2.99 in the app store and offers unlimited designs at your disposal. Show More Summary unveils their New Logo & Revamped Web Design

Almost every designer and blogger should know about Medium. It’s the most recent way to people to write and share their thoughts with a tremendous audience and inline comments. Today the site launched a new brand loosely titled “Medium 2.0”. Show More Summary

Front Porch Conf for Designers & Developers runs in Dallas, TX

A popular frontend development conference Front Porch runs again in 2015 opening for one day in Dallas, TX. Front Porch is made for web designers and frontend developers that want to improve their skills while learning from talks and workshops. Show More Summary

A Short Documentary on Jessica Walsh: Illustrator & Art Director in NYC

Jessica Walsh is a lovely designer hailing from New York where she’s built up a lxurious career for herself working for Sagmeister & Walsh. She’s a very talented designer with work ranging from web design, print design, and type design/illustrations. Show More Summary

Interview with Caroline Jarrett about Web Forms that Work

For as crucial as they are, online forms don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Without them, scores of businesses would crumble (metaphorically speaking) and information wouldn’t be shared in the same way. Most of us interact with forms every single day without even much of a thought. Show More Summary

100 Day UI Challenge by Paul Flavius Nechita

Improving any skill simply takes time and practice, and you can lengthen the former by increasing the latter. Some people take this idea to extremes by issuing themselves challenges. One great example is the icon-a-day challenge by Marko Stupi?. Show More Summary

Medium 2.0 launches with great features, and dreadful branding

Medium is just two years old; staggering considering that the site has redefined how we think about blogging. With an elegant editor, great dashboard tools, social connections, and no cost, it’s one of the best options available to writers. Medium is a byword for simplicity and readability. Its careful typography, unobtrusive branding, and contextual comments […]

Nibbler Website Testing for Performance and Content Structure

With tools like PageSpeed and YSlow it’s relatively simple to test a website’s technical performance & locate problematic areas. But what about an overall website rating that counts things like domain age, content structure, and marketing techniques? This all-in-one ranking can be found on Nibbler, a side project developed by Silktide. Show More Summary

Clubble bridges the gap between Slack Channels and E-mails

Although currently still in beta, Clubble is a very handy tool for teams that use Slack to get work done. Creative work often requires direct communication with clients and this means sharing new ideas/drafts frequently. The tough part is finding a way to keep clients in the loop while passing the right drafts their way. Show More Summary

Create your own Icon Fonts with Iconical for Mac

Icon designers are more than familiar with the process of converting vector art into PNGs or even SVGs for the web. But what about the process of creating an icon font? This is often much more convoluted and requires a little understanding of typeface construction. Show More Summary

HTML5 DevConf in sunny San Francisco Autumn 2015

A large gathering of web & software developers named HTML5DevConf runs from October 19th-23rd in San Francisco, CA. It’s meant to bring together folks with varying levels of knowledge together for sharing and learning. Here’s the conference’s...Show More Summary

Edit any WordPress theme with Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a brand new product from Elegant Themes that could revolutionize the way you build websites. Based on Elegant Themes’ popular Divi theme, Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin that works with virtually any WordPress theme — even themes not built by Elegant Themes. Divi Builder allows you to modify not just your […]

Free UI Elements For Web and Mobile Design

Mobile applications date back to the beginning of the 21st century. They comprised a handful of simplistically-built software oriented towards fancy calculators, catchy ring tone generators, theme customization tools and other entertainment programs, the majority of which explored the world of gaming. Show More Summary

MangoMap pulls custom Maps for Any Device

Free APIs like Google Maps offer a decent option for developers who need in-page maps. While they work great and most people are familiar with functionality, they don’t typically offer as many custom features right of the box. Coding your own customized features is a hassle, though an option for advanced devs with extra time. Show More Summary

Infographic Covering the latest Magento 2.0 Updates

A Magento Solution Partner named Forix just recently published an incredible infographic on the changes of Magento 2.0. This infographic is visually appealing but also highly educational. It covers the new user experience, product/form creation, and of course new backend features for Magento developers. Show More Summary

Honeypot connects talented Developers with Job Openings

It can be tough to find a worthwhile dev job even with references & experience. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a company or interview at the right time. But what if there was a way to have companies coming to you? Honeypot made this idea a reality which has since blossomed into an invite-only […] Read More at Honeypot connects talented Developers with Job Openings

SmartIcons for Designers: A Large(and growing) SVG Icon Catalog

Free and premium icons are some of the most prominent freebies currently on the web. But what about combining iconsets into one location for easy-access? This is the plan of SmartIcons which is building the most diverse library of SVG-based vector icons. Show More Summary

Photoshop Hunt collects the best Photoshop Resources

Almost everyone knows about Product Hunt and its vast audience of tech enthusiasts. Well a new site called Photoshop Hunt is following suit as a resource for designers. Photoshop Hunt collects the best plugins, scripts, actions, and similar PS resources all in one place. Show More Summary

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