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A Free Open Source Node.js & MongoDB CMS

Hundreds of free open source CMS engines have flooded the market with new releases every year. Advancements in development have allowed for greater support among CMS devs that go far beyond general Rails or PHP. Notably the Node.js library...Show More Summary

Curated Videos for UI Designers and Digital Artists

Designers love to hear other designers share their knowledge and tidbits of advice regarding the design indusry. You can hear this stuff at conferences, but those cost a lot of money and travel time. The natural alternative would be videos posted online. Show More Summary

How The Feed Found Its Audience with Intercom

When your company is starting out, it’s tempting to buy lots of point solutions to solve different growth problems. But this quickly accumulates technical and procedural debt, not to mention lots of recurring costs. What follows is a guest post from John Franklin, Director of… Read more The post How The Feed Found Its Audience with Intercom appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Huffington Post gets a Redesign courtesy of Code and Theory

The popular online magazine Huffington Post is prepping to release a brand new redesign in early Q1 2016. The project has been a collaboration between the Huffington Post team along with the creative agency Code and Theory. So far the design looks incredible and has caught the attention of many web design publications. Show More Summary

Custom-Built Digital Style Guides with Frontify

Designing a brand-heavy digital style guide is no easy task. This requires a bit of research and common sense into matching colors, fonts, logos/icons, and proportions. Most designers are capable of such a task but it’s also very time-intensive. Show More Summary

New API for Pulling Website Screenshots Programmatically

Have you ever needed to pull a fullscreen website photo without grabbing a screenshot manually? Dynamic libraries do exist, although they’re few and far between. Custom coding is another option but requires a lot more time. http2pic is a free open source API for pulling images via HTTP. Show More Summary

Paper Kit UI brings Color to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one the most popular frontend HTML/CSS/JS dev frameworks on the market. It’s completely free and was originally based on Twitter’s UI design style. Over the years new features have been added to the library, yet it still follows a similar tone as the original design. Show More Summary

Free App UI Templates For The Mobile Designer

With the growing popularity of pocket-size devices among web users, mobile design has become one of the fastest growing industries. It comprises not only the creation of website templates, shrunken to a convenient size, but most importantly, turn its attention to the new, cooler kid in town – mobile applications. Show More Summary

30 Examples of Website Search Interface Design

Not many designers place enough focus on the benefits of creative search fields. For content-heavy websites most users will be prepared to search for what they’re looking for. If the search interface sucks then people will be forced to leave and hit Google, or worse… Ask Jeeves. Show More Summary

Codeply Playground for Responsive Frontend Development

The concept of frontend development in the browser would’ve seemed crazy just a decade ago. But now with apps like CodePen, jsFiddle, and Thimble, this almost seems like the norm. Codeply is another editor which covers a niche area of browser-based development: responsive design. Show More Summary

50+ fresh resources for designers, October 2015

Hello there! Here we are again with this amazing bunch of resources for your web and graphic design projects. Come and have a scuba dive around this ocean of unique fonts, delicious icons, cool mockups and wireframes, print and web templates, powerful development and designing tools, and stacks more. Go ahead and dive in! 15 […]

A Directory of Animated Animals with Pure CSS

A brand new website called CSS Animals just launched online. It’s part pet store, part webdev resource, & all-parts awesome(and/or strange). The site is a growing collection of animals built purely with CSS3 code. Each animal is made up of shapes rendered in the browser + animated using CSS3 transitions or keyframes. Show More Summary

ComponentHub can build Reusable Ps, Ai, and Sketch Elements

How many times have you needed to copy elements from an existing document to recreate a design? Vector shapes are easy, but cross-platform shapes don’t play as nice. How do you edit anchor points from an Illustrator vector when it’sShow More Summary

Sass Guidelines can make you a Pro at Sass/SCSS

The CSS pre-processor Sass has been around for almost a decade and has grown quite a bit since early beginnings. It’s now one of the preferred methods for writing CSS code to compile and run smoothly. But those who’ve never tried to learn Sass are likely to be a bit intimidated. While it is general […] Read More at Sass Guidelines can make you a Pro at Sass/SCSS

Free Tutorials by Level Up for Web Designers & Developers

This is the perfect time to learn how to design or build websites. Anyone can start from a complete novice and become self-educated based solely on the dozens of free resources online. Level Up Tutorials is one of these resources. It’s...Show More Summary

Mock-up PSD Templates For Better Product Presentation

You’ve created that really awesome logo design that matches the company’s spirit and style, but your clients keeps feeling unsure about it? Or maybe design is your little hobby and you want to show that off on an interview, but you just...Show More Summary

What We Shipped: Goals, Teams, Rules, and More

Summer months can often slow down production as we trade in our desks for a sandy beach, but not at Intercom. Even with a few sunny holidays, we still managed to ship new features that will help you improve your marketing automation, conversations, and more.… Read more The post What We Shipped: Goals, Teams, Rules, and More appeared first on Inside Intercom.

GoodUI Teaches Proper Interface Design Skills

Just understanding the fundamentals of design is not enough to craft beautiful websites. A marketing strategy often includes webpage design itself, which naturally falls onto content structure & hierarchy. A new site aptly named GoodUI offers free tips & tricks for building, well, good UI. Show More Summary

CodePen releases a new Redesign for 2015

Today CodePen just announced their latest redesign as it went public to all users. This would be CodePen’s first big overhaul since it launched online to compete with other web-based IDEs like jsFiddle. You’ll note that while the design itself has been changed, CodePen’s entire experience has been improved. Show More Summary

Namevine Instant Domain & Social Account Search

Common domain search engines can check if a domain name is free while offering potential alternatives. These tools are great and have worked well for decades. But in the modern era of web development we often need a little more. A domain...Show More Summary

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