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Real-Time Server Monitoring with PatrolServer

Often times problems with your server environment can occur from a lack of security updates. These exploits allow hackers to force their way into part of your server whether it’s a database setup, CMS dashboard, or raw access to server files. Show More Summary

Google’s Teaching Free Marketing Lessons with Primer

Google continues its inherent platform as a tech leader by teaching free marketing lessons to anyone with a smartphone. A new app Primer is powered by Google and meant to offer the best way to learn without ever spending a penny. Topics...Show More Summary

CodePen Radio talks intricacies of the Web Development Business

The online cloud IDE platform CodePen has become a popular tool amongst frontend developers. It was co-founded by Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat a few years ago as a way to offer real-time updates on a web platform. With its tremendous success the three have created a podcast under the name CodePen Radio. Show More Summary

We Love SVG offers Open Source Icons for UI Design

A modern trend in web design places focus on custom typefaces hosted via open source platforms. Google Webfonts is undoubtedly the most popular choice with a growing library of fonts to choose from. A new free platform named We Love SVG offers this same functionality with SVG icons. Show More Summary

PHP North West 2015 Conference opens in Manchester

A fun three-day PHP event opens up the first weekend of October in Manchester, England. This is none other than PHP North West 2015 and it’s bound to be an incredible experience for anyone interested in PHP. Over a dozens speakers are...Show More Summary

Iconjar App organizes your Icon Library for Free

How many times have you been digging through folders in search of a particular icon or iconset? This has always been my traditional workflow, but it seems a new app Iconjar offers a sleek alternative. The program is only for Mac OS X 10.10 or later so unfortunately Windows & Linux users will have to […] Read More at Iconjar App organizes your Icon Library for Free

The Importance of Language and Character Set in Web Design

Looking back into history the Internet has gone through many phases. Back in the 1990s there was a lot of mis-direction among the changing character sets. These basically outlined a library of symbols which would be translated into certain characters of languages all around the world. Show More Summary

Radial Circle Chart Generator for Apple Watch

Anyone who’s familiar with the Apple Watch should know about the radial ring design. This was created as a way to display data on the very small Apple Watch screen. It’s an easy thing to create if you know where to look – but thankfully Hitesh Maidasani just made it even easier. He built an […] Read More at Radial Circle Chart Generator for Apple Watch

3 Things Everything Freelance Design Contract Must Have

If you’re freelancing then you need a contract, full stop.  If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, take that. But read on to learn the basics of what each contract should include and why. Freelancing without a contract is surprisingly common for new and experienced freelancers alike. Show More Summary

12 e-commerce solutions for selling on mobile

According to recent research published on Internet Retailer, mobile commerce now accounts for 30% of all U.S. e-commerce; and mobile commerce is expected to grow 2.58 times faster than total e-commerce sales in 2015. This is in line with data that shows that mobile internet usage has now exceeded PC usage, with mobile devices currently […]

How To Improve User Experience With Heatmap Testing

Getting traffic to a website is one thing, but managing to allocate it to specific pages and offers is a totally different story. While search engine optimization might be considered as more technically oriented, the art of making users watch and click on specific objects replies more on pure psychology. Show More Summary

Tommy Hilfiger eCommerce Website: Trends & Analysis

Clothing & accessory brands traditionally earned profit from in-store sales. But in recent times we’ve seen a lot of transactions move from department stores & shopping malls onto the web. This is why it’s crucial for every clothing manufacturer to offer some type of online shopping experience. Show More Summary

ArrrrCamp for Ruby Devs hits Belgium in October 2015

Rails development is perhaps one of the best choices for building modern web applications. PHP is still a widely-accepted choice powering frameworks like WordPress – but Rails has grown into its own community with so much support and plenty of groundbreaking tools. Show More Summary

32 Examples of Clean Flat Web Design Mockups

Flat design has seeped into the fabric of website design and mobile apps alike. Many popular interfaces are switching over to flat design because it’s simpler and easier to create. Some users prefer flat website layouts because they don’t use flashy graphics or distracting elements on a typically minimalist webpage design. Show More Summary

Twitter will release new High-Contrast Social Buttons

Every major social media website uses some type of sharing button. Facebook has their like/share buttons, Pinterest has re-pin buttons, and Twitter has follow/retweet buttons. A recent forum post on Twitter’s official community announced that Twitter will be released brand new redesigned buttons sometime around October/November. Show More Summary

InVision Motion: An upcoming Animation Tool for UI Prototyping

The world-renowned prototyping tool InVision has consistently been on top of platform updates & new tools for designers. In a recent blog post they’ve announced a new feature called Motion. This will behave as a built-in animation suite for InVision UI prototyping. Show More Summary

Apple Beta 2 versions of Xcode 7.1, iOS 9.1 and tvOS

If you’re a mobile developer with a focus on Apple devices then today is a big news day. It seems Apple has finally put out beta 2 versions of both iOS 9.1 and tvOS for development testing. There have been some changes since the original beta releases but most of the foundational code remains. This […] Read More at Apple Beta 2 versions of Xcode 7.1, iOS 9.1 and tvOS

Wagtail CMS offers Python Users a New Open Source Django Platform

There’s a lot to be said about the success of Django. It’s gained plenty of traction on the web as a serious framework for developing all types of applications at lightning speed. Many different content management systems exist including the titular Django CMS. Show More Summary

34 Brilliant Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

The beauty of open source is built within the community, along with all the many derivative works to follow. Designers and developers can benefit from working with each other’s graphics and source codes to learn and produce higher-quality results. Show More Summary

Mobiconf talks Mobile App Development in Kraków, Poland

Out of the litany of mobile app development conferences, Mobiconf seems to draw a lot of attention from all forms of developers. In 2015 Mobiconf will be held in Krakow, Poland from October 1st-2nd. This two-day event covers a range of 30 different events with over 25 unique speakers. Show More Summary

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