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Use X Theme 3.0 to create powerful WordPress websites

Did any of your client websites ever suffer from plugin or widget overload? The symptoms of this terrible affliction include slow loading pages and… Continue Reading ? The post Use X Theme 3.0 to create powerful WordPress websites appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

How much should you charge for design?

How many times have you asked yourself this question? A potential client wants your proposal for a design project. You’re sitting in front of your computer, scratching your head. You ask Google, your friends in Facebook, your Linkedin groups. You browse designers’ forums. You’ve found some price lists. Are they relevant for you? Are they relevant […]

15 Free Valentine Vectors You’re Gonna Love

Advertise here with BSA Our friends at the newly launched 1001FreeDownloads have tons of exclusive free vector files as well as loads of other fantastic graphics and fonts for designers. As you know vectors are great for designers as you can easily scale them and modify them without any loss of quality. You just need a program like Adobe Illustrator...

Lessons learned from scaling a product team

There’s been lots written about how Internet business should build software, from books like The Lean Start-Up, and posts from Google Ventures, but not many examples where startups open up their process and show how it really happens. Show More Summary releases awesome update for X theme

When you’re looking for a WordPress theme, one of the most important features is that it shouldn’t look like a WordPress theme. With a startling array of customization options,’s X theme, is probably one of the least theme-like themes available. Right from the outset X pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as […]

What You Read When You’re Not Reading Inside Intercom

We know that Inside Intercom readers are a fairly discerning bunch but it was only when we carried out our first reader survey recently we realized quite how discerning you are. You provided us with thoughtful suggestions about how we...Show More Summary

How to Build Business Websites with the X Theme

Advertise here with BSA These days, everyone from designers, to doctors, restaurants, and retailers, make themselves known through professional websites. So, every time you take a job, you have to do your best and give that business the converting pad it deserves. That goal is well within reach with X Theme. Every time you take a license, you come...

How to boost your personal brand as a designer

Perception is everything! Many famous creatives grew to fame because people knew about them, more than their work. Should you create a persona of yourself that’s bigger than life? Does it lead to higher fees or fear that you command higher fees? How do you deal with clients who have elevated you to heights higher […]

A Brand New Direction in Web Design

&c= " target="_blank"> &c= " border="0" alt="" /> Advertise here via BSA Looking back over your shoulder, it’s obvious that web design has evolved in many respects, and it will most likely continue on the same accelerated course. Next year, you’re probably going to think of today’s circulating trends as the established norm. Show More Summary

10 Free Business Card Mockup PSDs

Advertise here with BSA Ever need a simple template to rework your business card idea? Look no further than this set of 10 free business card mockup templates made for digital and print design! The cards are split into separate PSD files which have a front and back design. All of the fonts are open source and free to...

The Year of High Expectations – Taking Web Design to the Next Level

Advertise here with BSA  The last few years have changed the way we look at website design and resources for web design. Our industry has evolved at a fast pace, by first launching trends, then quickly adopting them as standard procedure, and even unifying them in single powerful solutions.Take multiple device responsiveness, for instance. Show More Summary

When To Use JavaScript vs. CSS3 for Animation

&c= " target="_blank"> &c= " border="0" alt="" /> Advertise here via BSA Animated web content has been around for years in the form of GIFs and Flash content. But as those older methods fall to the wayside newer techniques have grown in their place. Show More Summary Review

As most graphics designers know, purchasing stock photos, ready graphics and other images can be a very expensive proposition today. In case your budget… Continue Reading ? The post Review appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

The ultimate guide to SVG

Imagine you could embed an image in a web page, scale that page to any size, and never lose image quality. Well, you can. It’s totally possible, we just haven’t been doing it as much as we should. Images with fixed sizes such as JPG files, GIFs, and PNGs have their place on the Web, […]

Our favorite tweets of the week: January 19, 2015 – January 25, 2015

Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of […]

Comics of the week #271

Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world […]

The Effects of TLS and SSL on User Experience Design

&c= " target="_blank"> &c= " border="0" alt="" /> Advertise here via BSA Creating an effective website can be a time consuming and laborious process, but when done right the results can lead to high traffic and excellent conversions....Show More Summary

One Word Change Reduced’s Churn by 33%

Have you ever had a delightful experience filing a support “ticket”? If you’re like most people, probably not. What follows is a guest post from Stephen Nguyen (above left), a developer evangelist at Based in San Francisco,Show More Summary

101 inspirational quotes for designers

All designers need a little inspiration from time to time. So it’s lucky for us that there are thousands of designers, educators, philosophers, writers, and business people willing to hand out advice for free. What is more, the Web is packed with designers and illustrators who’ve put pen to paper (or finger to trackpad) to […]

21 collaboration tools to streamline your teamwork

If you work with a team, then you may be struggling with the question of how to best collaborate. Sure, you can e-mail files around; but that quickly gets cumbersome, and can make it hard to keep track of which is the current version. If two team members make changes at the same time, integrating […]

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