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20 Gorgeous Free Geometric Fonts to Download

The fonts collected here are designed using the geometric shapes. Their smooth clean lines and perfectly rounded angles create a sense of completeness in design. Using the geometric shapes results in elegant and modern look of every letter. These fonts can be used for headings as well as body text. Thanks to their sleek design...

3 essential rules for effective navigation design

Designing your website navigation is like laying the foundation for your house. Failure to plan your foundation properly could put your building at risk of collapse, regardless of how nice it looks. If you want to benefit from the best sales or conversions possible from your site, you need to spend time planning how your […]

Psychology and the Call-to-Action Button

  If you are a business owner, then you need to understand how to turn customer clicks on your website to actual sales for… Continue Reading ? The post Psychology and the Call-to-Action Button appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

What We Shipped: new package, Android integration, real-time, and more

It’s been a productive period for us at Intercom. With the launch of our new Acquire package you can talk to visitors on your website, not just those logged in, answer their questions, and convert them to new signups. We also added real-time...Show More Summary

Are eCommerce Multi-purpose Themes the Latest Trend?

Advertise here with BSA Online shopping has been with us for some time, and more recently, the number of online shoppers doing their shopping from tablets and other handheld devices has increased to the point where they are rapidly becoming...Show More Summary

Free download: Font bundle featuring 17 incredible typefaces

The only thing we love more than a good font, is a good free font. So we’ve combed the Web for some of our favorite free fonts, and gathered them here in a single download. You’ll find a variety of useful typefaces, from highly geometric designs to elegant cursive scripts, from modern minimalism to traditional […]

Building a Scalable Identity for Print & Web Design

No matter what field of design you choose to specialize, identity is always something to consider. Whether you’re an icon designer or a calligrapher your job is to work with ideas that match companies and concepts. Identity design generally follows the same pattern for both web and print work. Show More Summary

Divi 2.4 – An Upgrade that Takes WordPress to the Next Level

The Divi 2.4 release represents the biggest update in Divi history. This hugely popular responsive WordPress theme, Elegant Themes’ flagship theme, is destined to become more popular than ever, thanks to a ton of new features and feature upgrades. The highly regarded Divi Builder has been significantly improved, and the new Library, a much more...

Where Do Product Roadmaps Come From?

Building a great product is an art as much as a science. It requires making hard decisions and trade-offs, in circumstances ranging from being overwhelmed with data to having no data. Great product teams have a plan, usually in the form...Show More Summary

Elegant Themes unveil the revamped Divi theme

Divi is more than just another WordPress theme. Designed and built by Elegant Themes, Divi is a complete theme builder, enabling you to create unique designs for WordPress sites, right out of the dashboard. With over 282,000 downloads to date, Divi is a battle-hardened theme that powers thousands of business’ sites worldwide. Since we last […]

Divi 2.4 – The Most Fantastically Fluid and Flexible Divi Yet!

The guys at Elegant Themes have something new and amazing up their sleeve, with the release of the new release of Divi 2.4 theme. While the numbering… Continue Reading ? The post Divi 2.4 – The Most Fantastically Fluid and Flexible Divi Yet! appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

Design Methods & Best Practices for Parallax Website Layouts

Advertise here with BSA All of the many trends in web design have their own best practices and provisional guidelines for creating a great design. Although many rules are borrowed from traditional art, these techniques differ in the realm of digital design. Show More Summary

Pre-made Layouts – Enhancing Web Design Productivity

Pre-made layouts create an opportunity to make better use of design options available to freelance website designers. They not only serve as useful starting… Continue Reading ? The post Pre-made Layouts – Enhancing Web Design Productivity appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

The New Kid in Town – eCommerce Multi-purpose Themes

Online shopping, once somewhat of a rarity, has in recent years become commonplace, and more and more consumers are doing at least some of their shopping with tablets and other hand-held devices. WordPress themes initially addressed website development project in more general terms, and largely with the PC in mind. Show More Summary

Time Tracking/Invoicing Software Giveaway from Minterapp is a time tracking/online invoicing platform where you can track all your employees time on your projects. You also have the ability to turn that tracked time into online invoices and easy get paid by Paypal, Stripe, or Minterapp is giving away 3 – 6 Month Enterprise plans on the Minterapp platform. Total...

Adobe releases major Creative Cloud update

Adobe have just rolled out a major update to their Creative Cloud suite of design tools. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, all 15 primary apps have new features. Synonymous with design for decades, in recent years Adobe products have lost ground to rival applications; this update appears to be an attempt to […]

Every Product Company Needs To Do Research

Product research is no longer a heavyweight process that takes place in labs, with whiteboards and clipboards, which takes months to produce results. Research can be quick and scrappy while still producing valuable results that guide you on what to build next. Show More Summary

How to write compelling copy for the Web

Have you ever heard the saying “web design is 95% typography”? If you have, it’s with good reason: it’s 100% true, the majority of what you’ll encounter on the Web is written content. The idea was coined back in 2006 by design firm Information Architects.  Think of blogs. Written content. Social media, homepage copy, landing pages, white […]

Cubender – a creative platform for building beautiful websites

Cubender has recently come out with its Fifth Version, showing the world what website builders, and drag and drop editors should look like. If you’ve… Continue Reading ? The post Cubender – a creative platform for building beautiful websites appeared first on Design Reviver - Web Design Blog.

Hotjar: A Unified Analytics Platform to Truly Understand your Visitors

Every digital interface is made with users in mind, and websites are no different. We all come up with great ideas but sometimes we don’t realize when our ideas just aren’t working. Thankfully a service like Hotjar can help you solve these equivocal UX problems. From heatmaps to analytics tracking, user experience can only be...

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