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6 Tips for a Smarter WordPress Blog

Let’s be clear, an ‘instinctively smart’ WordPress Blog is one which will hold your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Funnily enough, it’s not all about content quality (although it is a pretty huge factor). Sometimes, things...Show More Summary

How to perfect first-time UX in apps

Somehow, we’ve come to accept the notion that digital technology is the answer to all of life’s problems. That conclusion has resulted in more and more app ideas, which are uploaded to the web, and to stores, everyday. But there are dozens of options for consumers, which makes it difficult for potential customers to find your product. […]

Create a Job Board using WordPress Job Board Plugin

Nowadays, job boards are gaining popularity, as more and more employers are looking for the right candidates online, and several job-seekers are turning towards the internet in their quest for employment. As such, since WordPress isShow More Summary

Free download: 100 best picjumbo images

When Viktor Haná?ek started designing for the Web, he struggled to find good stock images, so he started using his own photos. They were so popular that he started his own site. Two years later Viktor’s site, picjumbo, gets over 1.5 million views every month. On picjumbo you’ll find landscapes, technology, food shots, fashion, business, […]

Netflix Refines Responsive Design With “The Stack”

Today’s design requires more than just a single screen, it has to adapt to multiple screen visibility and usability. As consumers toggle from TV to PC for media consumption, designers are forced to adapt a single design concept to a multitude of screens. It is impressive to see a design that works not only on... Read More at Netflix Refines Responsive Design With “The Stack”

Podcast: Ethan Kurzweil On Raising Capital

Ethan Kurzweil is a partner with Bessemer Venture Partners, the venerable Silicon Valley firm that led Intercom’s Series B investment round. Bessemer have invested in billion dollar companies such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, while Ethan himself has led investments in Twitch, Twilio and Zirx. Show More Summary

How to design the perfect contact page

The contact page of a website can make or break conversions. If your visitor has had a good experience up until the point of visiting the contact page (would they still be on your site if they hadn’t?) and the contact page fails to generate that final “click”, a potential customer is gone, quite possibly forever. It’s […]

New CaptainForm V1.0., Exclusive Offer for Our Readers

On the 5th of November CaptainForm is out of Beta and enters V1.0. The plugin has been improved in response to users’ feedback during Beta, so now it suits their needs and requirements. CaptainForm V1.0. enables users to use advanced features such as the flexible popup publishing method. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Successful eBay Store Design

‘People buy with their eyes’ – It might be a little cliché, but to some extent it’s true. In the majority of cases, consumers make decisions about the type of product they want to buy, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a new shirt, but it is the way these products look on the... Read More at 5 Tips for Successful eBay Store Design

WordPress Design Overview: 2015’s Most Feature-Packed WP Themes

The role of a web designer can put much on your  shoulders.  Being visually aware and educated isn’t the only requirement that stands on your way to become your client’s top choice when it comes to web and graphic design tasks. In order...Show More Summary

Interview: Adobe’s Andrew Shorten discusses Project Comet

The big news at this year’s Adobe MAX conference was the announcement of Project Comet, Adobe’s new UX design tool. With just a few months until we expect to see a public release of the groundbreaking app, we sat down with Andrew Shorten—a Director of Project Management at Adobe, and integral member of the Project […]

Twitter tweaks its UI and destroys its UX

Last month, when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey moved into his new office and set about broadening the platform’s appeal, little can he have anticipated the twitterstorm he would unleash with one tiny tweak. In updates that are rolling out across the company’s apps, Twitter has replaced its ‘star’ icon with a ‘heart’; additionally the feature […]

Our new book: Intercom on Customer Support

Today we released our third book, Intercom on Customer Support. It explains how we think about customer support, and the principles we applied as we scaled our team to support over 8,000 customers in 85 countries. Like our previous two books, this is not a… Read more The post Our new book: Intercom on Customer Support appeared first on Inside Intercom.

UI Tiles, A Quick and Easy Kit to Layout Websites

If you are passionate about the layout process when it comes to web design than this wireframe resource is definitely for you. Layout your idea rapidly and with ease using UI Tiles. The variety of wireframes helps you save time mapping...Show More Summary

Convert your HTML Website to WordPress Theme With This Simple Tool

As simple as 1, 2, 3….. It only take three step to convert your traditional HTML website to a WordPress site in 15 seconds or less. This handy tool not only saves you the time it takes to recode the site, but also saves you money! The average cost to convert a site to... Read More at Convert your HTML Website to WordPress Theme With This Simple Tool

What Netflix’s rebrand teaches us about responsive design

Last week, streaming media service Netflix unveiled its new identity. Designed by New York-based agency Gretel the rebrand aims to unify the company’s output across the 50 countries in which it now operates. Our challenge was to…create something variable yet systematic and bulletproof. It had to be visually striking, adapt to any format, and hold […]

Retail Meets eTail – The 2015 Showrooming Winners

Running a successful retail business is a huge challenge as consumers have become more digitally aware. One of the most frustrating trends for retail is Showrooming, where shopper’s walk into a retail store, touch and feel the product...Show More Summary

Design Principles: Choosing the Right Patterns

Design patterns are reusable solutions to common problems. They greatly speed up the design process, giving designers a common vocabulary of UI paradigms to work with. But some patterns have become so dominant that designers defaultShow More Summary

50+ fresh resources for designers, November 2015

Here we are again with another month-worth of freebies for your enjoyment! Scroll down and you’ll find amazing icons, templates, mockups, themes, ui kits, fonts, layout tools, JavaScript snippets, and some diverse tools for web design. Go ahead and grab it all… Squid InkLine Icons A pack of line icons in vector format that feature […]

Popular design news of the week: October 26, 2015 – November 1, 2015

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.  The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, […]

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