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Toronto Coffee Shop Territories

A week or so ago I put together a simple project illustrating the locations of coffee shops within the Toronto area. I was curious about the density of coffee shops within the city and also the distributions of the larger coffee chains. Show More Summary

Based on your morals, a debate with a computer to expose you to other points of view

Collective Debate from the MIT Media Lab gauges your moral compass with a survey and then tries to “debate” with you about gender bias using counterpoints from the opposite side… Tags: bias, morality

Switching Jobs

When people move to different jobs, here's where they go. Tags: work

A Visual Guide to the Search for Exoplanets

This infographic highlights the diversity of our closest stellar neighbors and the planets they host -- Read more on

Every tax cut and increase in House Republicans’ bill

The House Republicans will vote on a tax bill soon that adds about $1.4 trillion to the federal debt. Alicia Parlapiano and Adam Pearce, reporting for The New York Times,… Tags: New York Times, scrollytelling, taxes

How generative music works

Generative music comes from the design of a system that produces notes that follow a set of rules. Tero Parviainen provides a detailed, interactive explainer for how this works in… Tags: music

3-D tube chart of global CO2 concentration and temperature

Because you can never have enough time series charts that show increases of CO2 and temperature over decades. By Kevin Pluck: Differing from the variations we’ve seen before, time is… Tags: animation, climate change, temperature

Looking for patterns and structures from the sky

Photographer Bernhard Lang takes pictures in small planes and helicopters, pointing his camera towards the ground. In the ongoing project Aerial Views, he focuses on patterns and structures, which makes… Tags: photography, physical

A daily high-resolution image of Earth

Planet monitors Earth with hundreds of satellites, and after six years, they’ve built out their pipeline to piece together a full image on the daily. At Planet, we’ve been pursuing… Tags: satellite, space

The words used by men and women to write about love

Josh Katz, Claire Cain Miller, and Kathleen A. Flynn for The Upshot plotted words used in essays above love submitted to The New York Times, focusing on a comparison between… Tags: love, Upshot, words

Importance of form and survey design to gain an accurate picture

Lena Groeger, writing for Source, shifts attention upstream from analysis to the design of forms in the data collection process. Whether you’re filling out a form or building it yourself,… Tags: forms, Lena Groeger

Speaking: How to Use A Microphone

When you’re speaking in front of an audience, you’re almost always using a microphone. The point of the microphone is to help your audience hear you. But it can’t do that if you don’t know how to use it or if you actively work against it. Listen for your own voice. This is the key […]

Changing internet markets for sex work

The internet changed how sex workers and clients find each other and how the former does business. Allison Schrager, Christopher Groskopf, and Scott Cunningham, reporting for Quartz, delve into actual… Tags: Internet, sex

Choosing the right metric reveals the story behind the subway mess in NYC

Kaiser Fung, founder of Junk Charts and Principal Analytics Prep, re-makes a chart showing an alarming negative trend in usage of New York City mass transit in 2017.

Google maps street-level air quality using Street View cars with sensors

Google equipped their Street View cars with air quality sensors and sent them around several California areas. We’re just beginning to understand what’s possible with this hyper-local information and today,… Tags: air quality, environment, Google

Upcoming talks here and there

I'm giving a dataviz talk in San Ramon, CA on Thursday Nov 9. Go here to register. Then next Monday (Nov 13, 11 am), I will be in Boston at Harvard Business Review, giving a "live whiteboard session" on...

[For Members] How to Make (and Animate) a Circular Time Series Plot in R

Also known as a polar plot, it is usually not the better option over a standard line chart, but in select cases the method can be useful to show cyclical patterns. Tags: R, time series

Cities projected to be under water by 2100

Using Climate Central sea-level rise estimates, The Guardian plots and maps the potential consequences of a 3.2-degree rise in temperature by 2100. One of the biggest resulting threats to cities… Tags: climate change, flood, Guardia...

Carbon emissions goals vs. current paths

Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich reporting for The New York Times: Under the Paris deal, each country put forward a proposal to curtail its greenhouse-gas emissions between now and 2030.… Tags: climate change, environment, New York Ti...

PowerPoint history lesson

David C. Brock writing for IEEE Spectrum delves into the origins of PowerPoint. PowerPoint is so ingrained in modern life that the notion of it having a history at all… Tags: history, Powerpoint

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