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Surprise, the world was warmer again in 2017

According to NASA estimates, 2017 was the second warmest year on record since… Tags: environment, global warming, New York Times

Data to identify Wikipedia rabbit holes

New data dump from the Wikimedia Foundation: The Wikimedia Foundation’s Analytics team is… Tags: Wikipedia

The Data behind the Women's Movement

Charts highlight some of the key issues Women’s March activists are fighting for -- Read more on

Porn traffic before and after the missile alert in Hawaii

PornHub compared minute-to-minute traffic on their site before and after the missile alert… Tags: missile, porn

Compare your fears against reality

From ABC News, this is a clever comparison between people’s worst fears and… Tags: fear

A chart Hans Rosling would have loved

Kaiser Fung, of Junk Charts and Principal Analytics Prep, finds much to admire about this chart showing tremendous progress in social wellbeing across the globe over the last few decades.

Musical hexagons

This is a fun ditty by Vasco Asturiano. I’m a little too far… Tags: music

A look at how the New York Times readers look at the others

Kaiser Fung, creator of Junk Charts and Principal Analytics Prep, discusses a popular chart by the New York Times on the impact of the Trump tax bill on middle-class households.

Back to the Future, Abridged Chart Edition

Back to more important topics, amirite? Tags: Back to the Future, movie

Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars 2018

Aluminium or Aluminum? “Gas” or “Petrol”? Should a photo of a giant spider really be placed in the entry for ‘arachnophobia’? Explore some of the longest, lamest edit wars on Wikipedia in this interactive infographic. » See the grap...

Mapping global accessibility to cities

From The Malaria Atlas Project, a global map of estimated accessibility to cities:… Tags: accessibility, mobility

Statistical detection of potential child abuse cases

Dan Hurley, reporting for The New York Times, describes the use of statistical… Tags: algorithm, police

Scale comparison of wildfires

The past few days in California has been non-stop rain, but the months… Tags: California, fires, scale, Washington Post

When data is not quite what it seems

FiveThirtyEight used a dataset on broadband as the basis for a couple of… Tags: artificial intelligence, missing data

Most Common Passwords + Analysis

Compiled from multiple data breaches. Our analysis reveals that peoples’ choices of password fall into 10 categories. Where does yours fit? » explore the visualization

When 2 (Disciplines) Become 1

Reflections on the convergence of art and science -- Read more on

[For Members] How to Make Venn Diagrams in R

The usually abstract, qualitative and sometimes quantitative chart type shows relationships. You can make them in R, if you must. Tags: R

A Smart Take on Election Maps

When maps are used to display data, there is often a discrepancy between the data being shown, which almost never relates to area, and the area of the different parts of the map. This is particularly common in election maps. This new map of votes in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cleverly combines geography and […]

When the interesting pattern ends up just being computer byproduct

Good lesson here. Christian Laesser was playing around with receipt data and initially… Tags: receipt, shopping

Unconstitutional gerrymandering

Alan Blinder and Michael Wines reporting for The New York Times: A panel… Tags: gerrymandering

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