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Apollo 11 conversations on the way to the moon

As you can imagine, there was plenty of conversation between Earth and Apollo… Tags: Apollo 11, conversation, space

Army ant bridge-buliding algorithm

Army ants function without a leader and yet accomplish very organized-looking things, such… Tags: ants, independence

One-way tickets out for homeless people

Many cities provide free bus tickets for homeless people who want to relocate.… Tags: Guardian, homeless

Black boys dropping income levels as adults

Research by Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Maggie Jones, and Sonya Porter from the… Tags: income, race, Upshot

Machine learning to estimate when bus and bike lanes blocked

Frustrated with vehicles blocking bus and bike lanes, Alex Bell applied some statistical… Tags: bike lane, machine learning

Needle of uncertainty

The Upshot has used a needle to show shifts in their live election… Tags: needle, uncertainty, Upshot

Outlier detection in R

Speaking of outliers, it’s not always obvious when and why a data point… Tags: outlier, R

Visualization Potpourri, March 2018

Time to wake up from the eagereyes winter hibernation with an aromatic potpourri! This time, we have news about pies, stippling, colors, sorting algorithms, and a few more. Also a video of my collaborator Noeska singing the praises of medical visualization. Danielle Albers Szafir was named one of the 30 under 30 in Science by […]

Pi City

Data visualizers Martin Krzywinski and Jake Lever map city centers for an annual Pi Day art exploration -- Read more on

A New Frontier: Data Visualization for Human Rights

What I learned in a five-day workshop in Beirut -- Read more on

Doing my duty on Pi Day #onelesspie

Kaiser Fung, founder of Junk Charts and Principal Analytics Prep, celebrates Pi Day by remaking a pie chart from Wikipedia.

The tech world in which everyone is below average

Kaiser Fung, founder of Junk Charts and the analytics bootcamp Principal Analytics Prep, points out why the graphics on tech worker salaries are misleading and shows how to fix the problems.

Bot or Not: A Twitter user classifier

Michael W. Kearney implemented a classifier for Twitter bots. It’s called botornot: Uses… Tags: bot, machine learning, Twitter

Using data to help end malnutrition

Kofi Annan for Nature on the importance of data in ending poverty and… Tags: gaps, hunger

What a neural network sees

Neural networks can feel like a black box, because, well, for most people… Tags: Google, neural network

Visualizing Outliers

Step 1: Figure out why the outlier exists in the first place. Step 2: Choose from these visualization options to show the outlier. Tags: outlier

Lottery hacking, winning millions

I think it’s every statistician’s fantasy to crack open a lottery’s flaw using the numbers. No? Just me? Okay, whatever. Tags: lottery

Making the Count

As 2020 approaches, let's aim for higher accuracy and less uncertainty. Tags: census, counting

Sentence gradients to see the space between two sentences

In a project he calls Sentence Space, Robin Sloan implemented a neural network… Tags: neural network, sentence

Predictive policing algorithms used secretly in New Orleans

False positives. Over-policing. Bias. This isn't stuff you just mess around with. Tags: Palantir, police, prediction, privacy, Verge

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