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Movies Critics Loved, But Audiences Really Didn’t

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the biggest movie ever to create such a dramatic divide between critics & audience on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, Jedi’s aggregate critical score is 93%. The audience score is just 56%. An 37% chasm. In fact, by our count, only seven films over the last decade have suffered a wider split. And […]

Disney-Fox market share

Disney is set to buy 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion. I honestly don’t have the mental capacity or imagination to comprehend such a large sum, much less figure out… Tags: Disney, Fox, Quartz

R data structures for Excel users

Introducing yourself to R as an Excel user can be tricky, especially when you don’t have much programming experience. It requires that you switch from one mental model of the… Tags: Excel, R

Common Mythconceptions Interactive Infographic

[UPDATED] World’s Most Contagious Falsehoods. Floss your belief structures with our filterable charticle. Click on each bubble to read the underlying sources & data.

Tracking ballet dancer movements

Research group Euphrates experimented with lines and a ballet dancer’s movements in Ballet Rotoscope: By the way, rotoscoping is an old technique used by animators to capture movement. Pictures or… Tags: ballet, rotoscope


Doug Mills, reporting for The New York Times: Echoing his days as a real estate developer with the flair of a groundbreaking, Mr. Trump used an oversize pair of scissors… Tags: paper, physical

Harassement in the Statistics field

Statistician Kristian Lum described her experiences with harassment as a graduate student. She held back on talking about it for many of the same reasons others have, but then there… Tags: harassment

12 Days of ChaRt-mas

As everyone has already checked out for the rest of the year, I'm going to mess around with R to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas and nobody can stop me. Tags: Christmas, R

Verging on trust

Kaiser Fung, founder of Junk Charts and Principal Analytics Prep, the premier data analytics bootcamp in New York City, finds omitted data in a chart used by Verge to illustrate the survey of attitudes toward social media brands.

Alabama voter demographics

Democrat Doug Jones won in the senate race against Republican Roy More last night. The Washington Post provides how different demographic groups voted, based on a poll “conducted by Edison… Tags: demographics, election, Washington P...

Data visualization for analysis and understanding complex problems

Enrico Bertini, a professor at New York University, delves into the less flashy but equally important branch of visualization: analysis. Much of what Enrico describes applies to the other branches… Tags: analysis, Enrico Bertini, research

Which Fish Are Okay to Eat? [Interactive]

Toxins. Overfishing. Bycatch. From trawled tuna & cod to farmed salmon & tilapia – the latest data on sustainable fish visualized! Multi-sourced from the Marine Conservation Society, Marine Stewardship Council, Greenpeace and Seafood Watch. Filter by what concerns you and paste your choices into your phone for easy reference. » See the interactive »Trawl the […]

Worries over the 2020 Census

Michael Wines, reporting for The New York Times: “The politicization of the census would erode what is already fragile trust and confidence in the integrity of the count,” said Vanita… Tags: accuracy, census, New York Times

Download comprehensive police shootings data

Data for police shootings is usually the subset that only includes fatalities. Vice News made requests nationwide to get data on people who were shot but not killed by police.… Tags: police, shootings, Vice

Simulation shows swirling of smoke, sea salt, and dust around the world

NASA. Data. Good. Tracking the aerosols carried on the winds let scientists see the currents in our atmosphere. This visualization follows sea salt, dust, and smoke from July 31 to… Tags: environment, NASA, simulation

The UK’s Brexit Divorce Bill-ions

Visually contextualising the cost of the UK’s break from Europe » See the graphic

Where students learn the most

Emily Badger and Kevin Quealy, reporting for the Upshot, highlights research from Sean Reardon, a professor of poverty and inequality in education. Reardon’s research suggests that the relationships between income… Tags: education, Upshot

[For Members] How to Arrange Small Multiples in a State Map Grid Layout in R

Combining small multiples with the grid layout can make for an intuitive geographic reference. Tags: grid map, R

How artificial intelligence can augment our own

There’s another essay on Distill by Shan Carter and Michael Nielsen. They describe and demonstrate how one might use artificial intelligence to augment human intelligence. Our essay begins with a… Tags: Distill, font, machine learni...

Serial-Killer detector

Alec Wilkinson, reporting for The New Yorker, profiled Thomas Hargrove, who is deep into finding serial killers algorithmically and through public data: Thomas Hargrove is a homicide archivist. For the… Tags: algorithm, murder, New Yorker

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