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ICYMI: Real Texas History, Book of the Dead and Disappointed Toads

SELECTIONS FROM OUR COLLECTIONS: WHO’S GROUND ARE YOU STOMPING ON? Storytelling happens in many ways, orally, written or with puppets and plays, but this map above along with the others in Mapping Texas utilize an unconventional medium to illustrate the vast and intriguing history of Texas. As you follow the stories on the exhibit walls, each […]

Giant, Creepy And Ancient: Our Ground-Shaking New Addition To The Hall Of Paleontology

          As if things weren’t exciting enough with the addition of our new giant eurypterid, installation has begun on an even bigger, and possibly creepier specimen. The above image shows our new giant crinoid specimen getting set up in time for Memorial Day. So what is a crinoid? Although personally they look to me […]

Great News For Fans Of Sea Scorpions: We Have A New One And It’s Giant!

2 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

    Who wants to see a seven foot long scorpion? Given the option, most people would respond either with”that’s impossible!” or “no!”, but here at HMNS seven foot arthropods are not only possible, they’re something to get excited about! Unfortunately, although our new specimen is an arthropod, and is about five feet long, it […]

5 Of The Most Magical Objects At The Museum

3 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Listicles are always fun to read, and they’re fun to make too! In keeping with our “5 of the most…” series I’ve decided to write up a list of the most magical objects in our collection. But there’s a problem…. Magic is kind of a vague term. I mean, are talking about turning a pumpkin […]

Live social media as museum object

By Shane Breynard It has become commonplace to engage with museums online. Indeed social media and the web are now the main ways that museum… Read More ? The post Live social media as museum object appeared first on MuseumNext.

My Favorite Part About Camp!

4 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Some of the Education staff started their careers at HMNS as campers in Xplorations Summer Camps; some of us started as part-time camp teachers in the summer; others started as Summer camp interns. A few of us have been here long enough that our own children, nieces and nephews are now too old for camp. […]

Luce Unplugged: Five Questions with Bad Moves

5 days agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

On Thursday, May 25, Bad Moves will perform in the Luce Foundation Center as part of Luce Unplugged, our free, monthly concert series presented with DC Music Download.

HMNS Weekly Happenings

5 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Lecture – Roman Legionnaires – The Soldiers of the Roman Empire by John Keahey Each item of armor, weaponry and equipment of the typical Roman legionary soldier from 1 to 300 A.D. will be explained by historian John Keahey, while in character. The Roman auxiliary soldier, who was recruited from non-Roman tribe and could earn […]

Pharaonic Fitness Test!

  The image above shows a carved granite slab on display in our Hall of Ancient Egypt. It depicts Rameses II running a symbolic race during one of his Heb-Sed festivals. He carries a water jug over his shoulder possibly representing the burden of his rule. But what is all this for? Some readers of this […]

Framing the City: Mean Streets and Urban Photography

last weekArts / Museums : Eye Level

The exhibition, Down These Mean Streets: Community and Place in Urban Photography, takes as its starting point, the response by Latino artists to the "urban crisis," a term that emerged in the 1960s to refer to the changes that were going on in many cities throughout the United States. Show More Summary

Selections From Our Collections: Who’s Ground Are You Stomping On?

  Sometimes when we highlight selections from HMNS collections, we like to bring your attention to something small and understated, something you may not have noticed on your trips to the museum. But if you’ve been to the museum since the opening of Mapping Texas: From Frontier to Lone Star State, chances are you didn’t […]

Ancient Power Tools: Gemstone Cutting Before Faberge

For thousands of years people have sought to distinguish their place in society through wearing or owning rare and exotic materials. Depending on where you were from, these materials may vary. 500 years ago in the Midwestern United States, the tribal societies of the Mississippian Culture constructed jewelry and elaborate ceremonial objects from marine shells. […]

Ask Me Anything about our Expansion... and Enjoy All the Posts in the Abbott Square Series

last weekArts / Museums : Museum 2.0

We’re two weeks away from opening Abbott Square to the public here in Santa Cruz, CA. Over the past ten weeks, I’ve written about some of the most potent, confounding, and pivotal moments in making this $5,000,000 community plaza project real.Here are all the posts in the series. Show More Summary

5 Of The Biggest Objects On Display At HMNS

1. Biggest Dinosaur Our biggest dinosaur is undoubtedly our Diplodocus, affectionately called “Dipsy”. Diplodcus was once regarded as the longest dinosaur to ever walk the Earth. The problem with that title though is that many other species of sauropod (i.e. “longnecks”) do not have skeletons complete enough to determine their actual size. Regardless of that […]

Reading Into the Throne: On James Hampton's Notebook

last weekArts / Museums : Eye Level

James Hampton's notebook, written in an invented script. An expanded presentation of the now iconic Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly (aka The Throne) by James Hampton is currently on view in the newly installed...

Fair pay in Museums?

By Jim Richardson ‘Does your museum pay staff an amount that they can reasonably be expected to live on?’, that’s a question that I’ve been… Read More ? The post Fair pay in Museums? appeared first on MuseumNext.

HMNS Weekly Happenings

  Lecture – Rocks & Minerals of the Ancient World Fossils, minerals and rocks have been around since before human civilization, yet the sciences to study them have only been established for a couple of hundred years. Learn how the balance between natural resource abundancy and human ingenuity gave rise to the greatest monuments in […]

Announcing MuseumNext Australia 2018

MuseumNext is a global conference series on the future of museums. Since 2009, it has brought together museum leaders from around the world to ask ‘what’s… Read More ? The post Announcing MuseumNext Australia 2018 appeared first on MuseumNext.

Unwrapping HMNS: An Interview With A Gladiator

2 weeks agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

  Some of you who have visited HMNS since the Opening of our epic new exhibit Gladiators: Heroes Of The Colosseum may have noticed a couple interesting characters roaming the exhibit halls. They are our gladiators!  We got a behind the scenes look as Collin and Seth, who play our Retuarius and Secutor, prepared to terrorize […]

Is that a new specimen in our Hall of Gems & Minerals? Of Quartz it is.

2 weeks agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

  Gaze deeply into the depths of the newest object in our Hall of Gems & Minerals and your mind’s eye will feel like it’s traveling along the path of comets as they journey through space. But what you are really looking at are actually naturally occurring rutile inclusions in quartz. What are rutile inclusions? […]

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