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We Have a Winner! Free tickets for Educator’s Guide drawing go to Renee from St. John’s School

12 hours agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Each month during the 2015-2016 school year, we’re giving away two free tickets to our permanent exhibit halls in a random drawing to a teacher who has submitted a picture of the Educator’s Guide calendar open to the current month. … Continue reading ?

Seeing Stars with James Wooten: Planets near alignment, Astronomy Day arrives, and the clock ‘falls back’ this October

Saturn is now in the southwestern sky at dusk. It outshines the stars around it, so it’s also easy to see. By Halloween night, however, Saturn sets in twilight; it drops into the Sun’s glare next month.  Venus, Mars, and … Continue reading ?

HMNS is warming up for Spirits and Skeletons. Are you?

2 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

For thrills and chills and looks that kill, there’s no Halloween party bigger or better than Spirits and Skeletons at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Hundreds of costumed creatures pack the museum floors each year for drinks and dancing and … Continue reading ?

Legend of the Peg Elves: Boy Scout Overnights offer a glimpse into museum folklore

3 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

The lights in the Morian Hall of Paleontology brighten and illuminate the Tyrannosaurus rex. The immersive soundscape in The Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife comes to life. The periodic table powers on in the Welch Hall of Chemistry. And the … Continue reading ?

Symposium: Shifting Terrain: Mapping a Transnational American Art History

3 days agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

On October 16th–17th, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will hold the final event in its five-part series: "The Terra Symposia on American Art in a Global Context." This fall's capstone event, "Shifting Terrain: Mapping a Transnational...Show More Summary

Amazon Scavenger Hunt: a Fun Way to Explore Rainforest Sustainability

4 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Recently my daughter and I were making cookies when she asked me, “Where do chocolate chips come from?” I considered the glib answer, “From the chocolate chip factory,” but decided to take advantage of a teachable moment and said, “Well, … Continue reading ?

Hiram Powers' The Greek Slave at The Crystal Palace

5 days agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

Hiram Powers' first marble version of the Greek Slave appeared more lifelike than ever at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, where it stood on a rotating pedestal under a lavish red canopy that gave the marble a rosy hue. Show More Summary

Mark Your Calendars for these events happening at HMNS 9/28-10/4

5 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Bust out your planners, calendars, and PDAs (if you are throwback like that), it’s time to mark your calendars for the HMNS events of this week!  Spies, Traitors, Saboteurs: Fear And Freedom In America Now Open! SPIES, TRAITORS, SABOTEURS reveals nine … Continue reading ?

Once in a Red Supermoon: Watch Sunday’s rare lunar eclipse at the George Observatory

6 days agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Our moon goes by many different names depending on the season and its position relative to the Earth. The evening of Sunday, Sept. 27, it will become three identities at once, an exceptionally rare occurrence. For the first time in … Continue reading ?

Skulls, Horseshoes, Parrots and Robots: Fall Teacher Tuesdays offer awesome classroom ideas

It’s officially fall, and I’d like to say the weather is cooling down and the leaves are turning bright and beautiful colors, but we live in Houston. So… no. Instead, I can tell you that we’ve been hard at work this … Continue readi...

Thinking About Collaboration? Tips from You

At last week's AASLH conference, Lindsey Baker, Beth Maloney and I facilitated a session about the process of working towards long-term community engagement. In our (possibly strained) metaphor, we called it, "Don't be a Runaway Bride,"...Show More Summary

Visit the Fall Plant Sale Saturday to build or boost your butterfly garden!

Butterfly gardening is a great thing to do in the fall. Even though most butterflies will be settling down for the winter in the next few months, your garden will be ready with lots of host and nectar plants for … Continue reading ?

Fighting for Inclusion

last weekArts / Museums : Museum 2.0

These are the notes and slides for a keynote speech I'm giving this Saturday at MuseumNext in Indianapolis. If you'll be there, I look forward to discussing these issues with you. If not, please share a comment and let's talk online....Show More Summary

Saturday is STEM/Nova Day for Scouts at HMNS!

Hey, Scouts! Spend the day at HMNS this weekend and work on earning your Nova Award during STEM/Nova Day! The Houston Museum of Natural Science is the perfect place to complete your badge requirements. Visit our permanent exhibit halls, watch … Continue reading ?

In This Case: Pioneers of the West

last weekArts / Museums : Eye Level

Is it possible for a painting to describe two histories? Take a step back in time to both the Oregon Trail and the Great Depression, both periods of unknown adventure, uncertainty, hard times, perseverance, and optimism. What links these two eras together? The answer is Helen Lundeberg's 1934 painting Pioneers of the West, now on display in the museum's Luce Foundation Center.

Mark Your Calendars for these events happening at HMNS 9/21-9/27

Bust out your planners, calendars, and PDAs (if you are throwback like that), it’s time to mark your calendars for the HMNS events of this week!  Spies, Traitors, Saboteurs: Fear And Freedom In America Opens Friday, September 25SPIES, TRAITORS, SABOTEURS reveals … Continue reading ?

A New Branch: How anthropologists added Homo naledi to our family tree

In a well-deserved world-wide wave of publicity, the existence of a new hominid species was announced recently. Fossil hominins were first recognized in the Dinaledi Chamber in the Rising Star Cave system in October 2013. Now, some two years later, … Continue reading ?

Get dirty doing real paleontology during Fossil Wash Day in Sugar Land

2 weeks agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

If you want to be a paleontologist, you’ve got to get your hands dirty… and sometimes wet. Now you can learn just what it takes to get down to the nitty-gritty of separating fossils from soil and get a little … Continue reading ?

Trevor Paglen: Surveillance in Life and Art

2 weeks agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

Artist Trevor Paglen spoke last week in the Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture Series, and said his goal as an artist is to “help us see the historical moment we live in.” Paglen made a case that this is true for all art over time, no matter the time period, and showed examples from Turner to Rothko, leading up to present times.

Whooo’s that? It’s a butterfly!

2 weeks agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

An owl butterfly, to be exact. Join us this week at the Cockrell Butterfly Center to celebrate one of our favorite flutterers during An Evening with Owls. Named for the huge owl-like eye spots on the underside of their wings, … Continue reading ?

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