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Teaching/Learning: What's the Take-Away?

A few weeks ago, I wrapped up my first semester of teaching Museums and Community Engagement online for the Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies graduate program. This experience was very much about both learning and teaching for me. Show More Summary

Scaling Back

In every project there’s always a moment where the timeline starts to shrink. You start to look at your launch date and the to do list (ours is...

Yasuo Kuniyoshi as Artist

2 months agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

This is the first in a series of guest blog posts by the Archives of American Art's Mary Savig and Jason Stieber focused on the life of the artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi. The exhibition Artist Teacher Organizer: Yasuo Kuniyoshi in the...

T. rex vs. Prey: Imagining battles between ancient gladiators

2 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

When I was super young, say around five or so, I remember playing in the bath tub with my plastic toys. Some were super heroes like He-Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, others were monster trucks and die-cast matchbox cars … Continue reading ?

Take It: HMNS shopping trips rival Liam Neeson’s shakedown

2 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

May is upon us, which means it is time for stocking up on mosquito repellent and sunscreen, flip flops and floppy hats, bathing suits and beach towels. For the education staff at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, it also … Continue reading ?

Picture This: Time-lapse of Yuri's Office

2 months agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

As summer approaches, we know you're making plans for your summer getaway. If your destination is DC, we’d like to invite you to the Smithsonian American Art Museum as part of your visit. Our museum, its building, and most importantly, its art conveys the story of our country. But, just in case your children or grandchildren are reading this, it's also a fun place to visit.

Saltwater SWAT team: Top 5 fascinating shark hunting techniques

2 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

I’ve been entranced by sharks since I was a little kid. From the first time I saw Jaws, I was hooked (pun intended). There are so many aspects of a shark’s physiology I admire, but my favorite point of fascination … Continue reading...

Setting Your Mission Free in the Wild

2 months agoArts / Museums : Museum 2.0

Where are you most able to execute your mission: inside your facility, or outside of it?There are a lot of reasons we focus on work inside our facilities. Our facilities are, ideally, spaces optimized for mission execution. Galleries purpose-made to show artwork. Show More Summary

On Being Hated: Conceptualism, the Mongrel Coalition, the House That Built Me.

What does it mean to even be somewhere, be someone? My name is Trisha Low. I’m 26 years old and haven’t yet hit my Saturn returns.

Mark Your Calendars for these events happening at HMNS 5/18-5/24

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Bust out your planners, calendars, and PDAs (if you are throwback like that), it’s time to mark your calendars for the HMNS events of this week!  Behind-the-Scenes ToursTuesday, May 196:30 p.m. Samurai: The Way of the WarriorWitness the exquisite objects related … Continue reading ?

Collection Rotation: Lacey Haslam

The search function is the pinnacle of any networked system, an access point that has evolved from an aspect of internal networks into being synonymous with the almighty search engine. In the ’80s, a time when our internal networks were flawed by unstructured information management, Thomas D. Wilson began studying behaviors related to seeking information.

James Washington: Being Natural

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Discovery Guide James Washington, III, better known at the Houston Museum of Natural Science as “Jurassic James,” has made a career out of going above and beyond the call of duty. “[My bosses] say, ‘You have your responsibilities. Make sure those … Continue reading ?

Ants in your Plants: Mutualism benefits both myrmecophyte and insect

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

What is an “ant plant”? We have them at the Cockrell Butterfly Center, but what makes them so special? Technically called myrmecophytes (from the Greek myrmeco – “ant”, and phyte – “plant”), some plants have a very special relationship with … Continue reading ?

Location, Location, Location

Last month we had the pleasure of introducing the six members of our audience engagement team, the specialists who will be engaging with visitors via...

Why you should care about endangered species today, tomorrow, and every day

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

The truth of the matter is that we humans are bound to this Earth, and as the dominant species, it is easy for us to allow industry and propaganda to run rampant, decimating whole populations of the animals with which … Continue reading ?

Any Questions? at the Oakland Museum

Last week, I visited the Oakland Museum, whose work I've heard about since I was a graduate student. So much to think about, but one particularly take-away for me was the number and variety of visitor feedback stations. Questions, questions,...Show More Summary

Get wet, go wild, or blast off with new Party Smarty birthday themes at HMNS

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

by Karen Whitley Yikes! Is it May already? Time has flown by and now your child is about to turn another year older. Between work, school, dinner, errands, and that never-ending laundry, who has time to plan a party? Lucky … Continue reading ?

Agile by Design

As I introduced in a previous post, SITU Studio was brought on board to design a mobile, flexible, and temporary set of furniture components that...

Nothing That Meets the Eye: Cheap Imitations

In my last post, I discussed how artist biopics ironically rely on painstakingly crafted stunt doubles of their subject’s most famous pieces in order to consolidate the romantic image of the artist as lone genius. Despite the suspension of disbelief that lets us overlook, say, the fake Vermeers in Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003), […]

Familiarity Breeds Love…and a Desire for Things to Stay the Same: Guest Post by Karen Wise

3 months agoArts / Museums : Museum 2.0

Visitors in front of the African Elephant Diorama at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC photo) This guest post was written by Karen Wise, Vice President, Education and Exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Show More Summary

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