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State of the Unions

CLR: Covert Drone War “Women Like Me” On the Everyday Life of Others Speakeasies and Artists Warehouses: A Tale of Two Oaklands Intellectuals for Trump • GMA: Queer Nation Manifesto The Alcatraz Proclamation A New Declaration of Independence White Purity Pink White House Just Seeds Activist Image Toolbox • JGF: “Poem of Commitment” The R.F.... More

Abraham Thomas: New Curator-in-Charge at SAAM's Renwick Gallery

yesterdayArts / Museums : Eye Level

Abraham Thomas recently joined the museum's staff as The Fleur and Charles Bresler Curator-in-Charge at the Renwick Gallery. Thomas writes about the intersection of American craft, the Renwick, and his interests.

Redefining Touch: A Conversation with James Fleming, Kelly Lovemonster, and boychild

On the occasion of Touch On: Aesthetics in the Art, Politics and Ontology of Touch, a group exhibit at SOMArts, Open Space editor-in-chief Claudia La Rocco sat down with curators James Fleming and Kelly Lovemonster and the artist boychild for a conversation about lineage, loss, and the politics of action and expression.   Claudia La Rocco:... More

>> essay in unfriendliness

what will you do with that stick I said to my friend well, that was on the social media — and it was a small stick. my friend, he, was holding it in a selfie. friendship falls away, out, comes undone, your friend so easily becomes your enemy. “O my friends, there is no... More

Past Becomes Present

Remembering and recovering as a performative project… what has been lost and how are we finding it I scrawled these lines into my notebook on November 19th, the closing day of Lost and Found: Dance, New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now, the eleventh iteration of Danspace Project’s Platforms (multiweek series of events organized by guest curators).... More

Share the Cup

On Friday, December 2nd, a fire ripped through an artists’ warehouse in East Oakland, killing many artists and musicians who were there for the LA label 100% Silk’s celebration of a new record by Golden Donna. Among the deceased is my dear friend of thirteen years, Joey Casio. Joey has played a central role in... More

Critical Mass: Hiroshima Bomb and Nazi Uranium, a New Story of WWII Being Told This Week

2 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. The United States was at peace with … Continue reading ?

Part 3 :: Saint Vitus

noise…  nation…  she searches. Back in the good old days when dancing meant exploding.11   Lime pilgrimages to Prague, where stands Katedrála svatého Víta. Saint Vitus is the patron saint of dancers and entertainers. Saint Vitus died a martyr. Show More Summary

“I’m Only Now”: The Institute for New Feeling and the Politics of Presence

“A fear of being scammed. A fear of being scammed.” In the first moments of Institute for New Feeling’s 2015 video “Seek: A Self-fulfilling Prophesy,” we hear a disembodied female voice echo this private anxiety over ambient tones. A jagged, 3D polygon transits aimlessly across digital skins of manufactured urban landscapes, which stretch chaotically across... More

Te Aprecio: The Yay Area

The little city by the bay. Home to the Irish coffee and the fortune cookie. Where summer exists in September, bicycles rule the streets, and the best views of the city can be found by riding the bus (the 33-Stanyan to be exact). As Jack Kerouac declares on page one of The Subterraneans, the real... More

Quick Hit: Art of Relevance Video, Podcast, and a Google Hangout this week

3 months agoArts / Museums : Museum 2.0

I've been traveling a lot recently, exploring the ideas behind The Art of Relevance with colleagues around the US. Here are two artifacts of my travels... and an opportunity to join in on a virtual/real life meetup this Wednesday.VIDEO...Show More Summary

Zombie Ants!

3 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

The Halloween season brings in hordes of scary creatures, from vampires to monsters to mummies. If we only look to the ant world, we can find all three. But these are not the scariest Halloween creatures to be found among the … Continue reading ?

Luce Unplugged: 5 Questions with Danke Shane

4 months agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

Danke Shane's debut D.C. show premieres this Thursday, October 6, in the Luce Foundation Center as a part of Luce Unplugged, our free, monthly concert series. In partnership with D.C. Music Download, we highlight musical acts within the District that create unique and innovative sound. Show More Summary

For Mnemosyne

What is that knowing that is available to us? […] We are cut off from it because we think we are cut off, only. — Cecilia Vicuña Maybe this is all an exercise to keep Mnemosyne occupied. Maybe it’s just me. I gravitate to the margins of the recordings. What you can hear and see... More

SF Mixtape

The above video playlist consists of a dozen excerpts, entire short works, and archival clips, the vast majority culled from the internet with nary a password attached. In the cocktail hour preceding Ivo Dimchev’s performance of Songs from my Shows at CounterPulse, the artist’s first-ever appearance in San Francisco, this extremely small and somewhat arbitrary slice... More

Sports Science: Olympics Edition ? Gymnastics

5 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Every four years, the eyes of the world shift towards a global competition, complete with feats of strength, determination, talent and teamwork. The Summer Olympics are back, and I could not be more excited. The following post is one of … Continue reading ?

Visitors Make Meaning: From Hilary to Elsa

As with many of you, Nina Simon's new book on relevance is on my must-read list this summer, although I haven't gotten there yet. But I'm looking forward to digging into her thoughts on relevance, as it's something repeatedly appearing...Show More Summary

Sports Science: Olympics Edition ? Freestyle Swimming

5 months agoArts / Museums : Beyond Bones

Every four years, the eyes of the world shift towards a global competition, complete with feats of strength, determination, talent and teamwork. The Summer Olympics are back, and I could not be more excited. The following post is one of … Continue reading ?

on material entanglements: an interview with morehshin allahyari

although we both live in the bay area, i got to morehshin allahyari’s work through an internet rabbit hole. some months ago i picked up cyclonopedia by reza negarestani and got pretty engrossed by the book’s mix of fact and fiction. the story suggests that petrol functions as a lubricant necessary to spread an ancient evil throughout the... More

Our home is the Internet.

It was 2008, and you were probably on Myspace. Millions of us were captivated by this platform before the iPhone was even a concept. Then there was Facebook, which was cool for a while until us twentysomethings turned to Tumblr. Now, we’re teetering between Twitter and Instagram at any given point during the day. When... More

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