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Just Keep Scrolling! How To Design Lengthy, Lengthy Pages

Websites with long or infinite scrolling are becoming more and more common lately, and it’s no mere trend or coincidence. The technique of long scrolling allows users to traverse chunks of content without any interruption or additional...Show More Summary

Why I Dislike Working With Frameworks – Even Though They Make Sense in Some Situations

53 minutes agoArts / Graphic Design : Noupe

Frameworks, like jQuery, are some of the most popular, and most widespread assistants used on websites. The framework allows you to access and manipulate HTML elements fast and easily, as well as style them via [...]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 05.24.17

Pillow Talk I had planned this post before Trevor O’Donnell wrote this: Is Marketing about the Consumer or the Product? Really I had.... read more AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2017-05-23 Claudia Quintet In Action As pointed out in a Rifftides review earlier this year, drummer John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet... has unity of thought, purpose […]

Efficient Extraction

1 hour agoArts : Yanko Design

Efficient Extraction When we think of the word “juicer” we imagine a big bulky electronic contraption… but all you really need is something to help squeeze! For those...

artist-pissarro: Peasants Gathering Grass via Camille Pissarro

4 hours agoArts / Art History : Old Paint

artist-pissarro: Peasants Gathering Grass via Camille Pissarro

Jonas Lie

Jonas Lie was a painter born in Norway to a Norwegian father and an American mother. After the death of his father he emigrated to the U.S., joining his mother and sisters in New York. He became known for his paintings of the city, and in particular of the Atlantic coast in New England and […]

Leadership Programs at Banff Centre

4 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Step into your creative potential. Take a Leadership program at Banff Centre this fall.

App Design and UX: Onstreet Community Concept

App Design and UX: Onstreet Community Concept AoiroStudio May 25, 2017 We are checking out this app design concept that involves UX and motion for a community called: Onstreet. Designed by Seoul-based designer Jaejin Bong, it's an app based on a mixture of photo app and a shopping experience. Show More Summary

Making waves

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

The end, whenever it came, was always going to be too soon for Katsushika Hokusai. There was still so much…

The great rock’n’roll swindles

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

Birds have been giving me a lot of grief of late. There’s Tappy — the blue tit who has built…

Being and nothingness

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

Size, of course, matters a great deal in art; so does scale — which is a different matter. The art…

Period drama

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

Harpsichordists are supposed to make love, not war: Sir Thomas Beecham famously compared the sound they make to ‘two skeletons…

Crime and punishment

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

‘Hell is better than what I personally witnessed,’ says Ben Ferencz, who was one of the American troops sent in…

Around the horn

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

The concert began with a flourish and a honk. Well, of course it did. Telemann wrote his last Ouverture-Suite in…

When will I ever learn?

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

Oh, Pirates of the Caribbean, I have given you every chance down the years. Every chance. I am always hopeful.…

Sado-erotic review

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

The Olivier describes Salomé by Yaël Farber as a ‘new’ play. Not quite. It premièred in Washington a couple of…

Death wish

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

Anyone who thinks they have experienced absolute boredom, or even doubts that such a state can exist, should go to…

PWR BTTM: Pageant

5 hours agoArts : Night and Day

How about some queercore garage punk? PWR BTTM — the name means something empowering to do with buggery — are…

33 Rare Photos Show American Stores from the Late 19th Century

That's what stores in the United States looked like over 100 years ago. Hat shop Ice cream store front Interior of a store in Nebraska Jewelery store Lighting store in Ohio See more »

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