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Sleeping Pigs

These young pigs know how to pass a summer day, sleeping through the heat on the barn floor.I'm using a graphite pencil with a Niji water brush filled with gray ink for the mottled coloration.Don't miss the my latest YouTube video "Painting Animals from Life: 7 Tips for Success"

Avant Garde Theatre Is Mainstream In The Netherlands

Can the U.S. ever catch up? Hm. "Americans say we are modern and experimental.... But for me, I don’t see that. I don’t think it’s that much of a provocative performance at all."

Another simple Excel chart needs help

Kaiser Fung, founder of Principal Analytics Prep and Junk Charts, takes apart an Elon Musk chart, created using some Excel defaults.

Take Our New Short Course on Logo Design

What You'll Be Creating As a designer, you'll sometimes have clients asking you to design logos on very short notice. Our new short course, Creating Professional Logos in an Instant, will show you a foolproof method for creating professional-standard...Show More Summary

The Women Of The BBC Politely (But Firmly) Request Equal Pay For Equal Work

2 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Yikes, BBC, do better (and faster): "Earlier this week, under new government rules, the BBC was required to publish a list of presenters making over £150,000, or about $200,000. The disclosure showed a glaring pay gap at the company.... In one example, John Humphrys, a male host on the flagship news show Radio 4 […]

What Hemingway Learned From Miro

2 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

It was pretty direct (Miró timed Hemingway's boxing matches, by the way): "Miró models a visual clarity that the writer, for whom the sun was a central symbol, used in the descriptive passages with which so many of his works begin. With Hemingway’s writing, this is not a passive record of the scene, but the […]

I almost got killed because of street photography – it’s not worth it

I’ve always said that I love street photography so much that I would die for it. However, I didn’t expect the Universe to call me out on it. Getting that one shot almost got me killed once… HOW IT ALL HAPPENED… A few years ago, I was producing a street photography album in Seoul. Show More Summary

Setting the Tangible and the Enduring: Writing Southern Fiction

Author Idabel Allen discusses the setting and experience of the south in writing Southern fiction, a genre that reaches back to the age of Faulkner and more recently Flannery O’Conner. The post Setting the Tangible and the Enduring: Writing Southern Fiction appeared first on

Vandals Smash And Destroy Heritage Trains Used In 'Downton Abbey'

3 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

After - or during - a nearby festival celebrating the railway, "Eight teak carriages on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in Pickering had windows smashed overnight, with furniture and fixings also ruined.... Fire extinguishers were also set off throughout the carriages, soaking the furniture and wall fittings."

Nikon patents 35mm f/2 full frame lens for curved sensors

This could be the biggest indicator so far that Nikon are actually starting to take mirrorless seriously. Yes, they did mention recently that they plan to launch a mirrorless camera that can complete with medium-to-high end DSLRS. But talk is cheap. Show More Summary

New Agent Alert: Jennifer Haskin of Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Literary agent Jennifer Haskin is open to queries! She is currently seeking young adult literature, fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian fiction. The post New Agent Alert: Jennifer Haskin of Metamorphosis Literary Agency appeared first on

Prime Or Zoom Lenses: Which is Right for You?

It's a special moment when we purchase a new lens. We anticipate the creative possibilities. We plan our next shoot to take advantage of our new family addition. Some of us go as far as staring at the box for a while, relishing that moment of "I finally have my new lens and my camera bag is complete." Ok, the 'complete' part is a slight exaggeration. Show More Summary

Where There Is Money There Is No Art?

3 hours agoArts / Writing : Writer Unboxed

Here’s a truth: I have earned precisely zero dollars for my fiction. Two decades of studying the craft, thousands of practice pages, tens of thousands of hours. But you know what? That’s OK because I don’t write for money. I write for me, not for anyone else. My stories don’t have to be commercially valuable in […]

This Photographer Lived With And Documented The UK's Industrial Poor

3 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Chris Killip says of his subjects from English towns in the 1970s and 1980s: "They are at the tough end of things, the people in my photographs.... It’s about the struggle for work, being out of work, fighting for work." (And yes, he sees parallels to the United States today.)

Are There Playwrights (Aside From Mamet) Who Actually Do Want To Hear From The Audience In Talkbacks?

3 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Suzan-Lori Parks: "I love them because they are difficult. If they were easy I wouldn’t find them as delightful and delicious."

Here is how to overcome wind when light painting

Light painting involves long exposure, and as we know, this is when you want everything to be perfectly still. So, in cases like this, the wind is definitely not the friendliest weather condition. The master of light painting Eric Paré shows you how to deal even with the harshest wind when light painting with tubes. Show More Summary

British Museum Uploads 3D Model of the Rosetta Stone

3 hours agoArts : Hyperallergic

Now you can examine the 196 BCE stone stela in all its textural glory. The post British Museum Uploads 3D Model of the Rosetta Stone appeared first on Hyperallergic.

Does Canada Put Artists At Risk With Lax Copyright Laws?

3 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Yikes: "The educational loophole has left Canada with the reputation of being lax on copyright; publishers as venerable as Oxford University Press have simply stopped publishing Canadian schoolbooks because they view this market as too risky."

10 Things Every Designer Hates to Hear

It’s happened to every designer at some point: A client or co-worker makes an absolutely cringe-worthy comment about your work. Feedback is important. And often the problem with some of these elements no designer ever wants to hear is that they cause a roadblock in the communication process. So here we look at some real-world […]

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