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Making Music Out Of Seizures And Smog

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“If you had programming skills, you could re-associate number 60 with any sound – real or imagined – from the plink of a woodblock to the bleep of a computer. In the most basic sense, this is what Chafe does. With a free, open-source, downloadable program for music called ChucK, he transforms eye-glazing data: clarinets […]

ABT season endspluses and minuses

8 hours agoDance / Ballet : Haglund's Heel

Several years ago when ABT was trying to enforce a disciplined dynamic pricing model, they preferred to have empty seats rather than sell them at a reduced price. So they had empty seats – lots of them. And people talked...

As ‘Maria’ Retires From Sesame Street, A Look At How She Changed TV – And The U.S.

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Manzano’s gift to us, the power of her presence, lies in the fullness of Maria’s humanity. While still being proudly brown and representing Nuyorican excellence in all its glory, Maria never became a caricature, never boxed herself into the facile images of Latinos that American television sometimes still offers up. She slipped easily in and […]

Washington Color in Chelsea

. Fifty years ago, a handful of painters based in Washington, D.C., changed how we look at and think about painting. Taking advantage of the newly available acrylic paints at that time, they created geometric compositions, often applying the pigmented polymer directly into unprimed canvas. Show More Summary

heaveninawildflower: ‘Elephant’ (1931). Woodblock print by ...

8 hours agoArts / Art History : Old Paint

heaveninawildflower: ‘Elephant’ (1931). Woodblock print by Yoshida Hiroshi (1876–1950). Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Since We’re Talking Civil War, Where Are All Of The Monuments?

9 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“The animated map shows how Union and Confederate markers accumulated over time and where. It also allows you to compare and contrast the language with which the two sections valorized their respective causes. As time progresses, monuments dot the map, accelerating at certain historical moments.”

Required Reading

9 hours agoArts : Hyperallergic

This week, history of barbecue, Damien Hirst's mid-life crisis, conceptual poetry's bigotry, the ISIS dildo flag, a crow rides a bald eagle, the first 3D printed office, and more.

If You Think Most Theatre Is Overrated, Perhaps You’re … Right

10 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“The truth is that with any art form you have to wade through a lot of less good stuff to find the gems, and there is a purpose in the less good stuff because that’s how artists, novelists, film-makers and theatre-makers learn. And for the reader or the audience there is a real pleasure in […]

Trussing the Turkey: 1943

August 1943. "Middle River, Md. Farm Security Administration housing for Glenn L. Martin aircraft plant workers" is the general caption for this group of photos by John Collier. Unfortunately there are no specifics for what exactly is going on here. Comments now open for alternate-title suggestions. View full size.

Maybe London, And Its Architecture, And Its Character, Aren’t Actually In Trouble?

10 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“I am not a Londonphobe. I don’t hate the city. I am not planning to leave. I do not oppose all building – I don’t think we are building enough, or in the best ways.”

María Pilar de la Cerda y Marín de Resende, duquesa de Nájera...

10 hours agoArts / Art History : Old Paint

María Pilar de la Cerda y Marín de Resende, duquesa de Nájera (detail); by  Vicente  López Portaña.

Apple Music Is Actually A Return To Radio, Right?

10 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Apple Music, or at least part of it, is “a simple but radical disruption of the individualized listening experience we’ve become accustomed to online. It’s in essence the opposite of what Apple Music’s predecessor, the iTunes Store, did more than a decade ago.”

classic-art: Garden of the Tuileries on a Spring MorningCamille...

10 hours agoArts / Art History : Old Paint

classic-art: Garden of the Tuileries on a Spring Morning Camille Pissarro, 1899

Jean-Étienne Liotard

10 hours agoArts : Coxsoft Art News

Over this summer the Scottish National Gallery is showing the work of Jean-Etienne Liotard, one of the finest artists of the eighteenth century (CLICK). Shown is his portrait of Princess Louisa Anne (1754) on loan from the Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2015. Show More Summary

London’s Antiquities Buyers Are Making ISIS A Cash-Rich Terror Group

10 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Buyers are not getting the message that the purchase of such antiquities is enabling war and terror in the Middle East. ‘These are blood antiquities,’ says Altaweel, adding that attempts to make the cultural-heritage case for more action to stop trade in looted goods have not yielded results. ‘What might work more is to say […]

Cicada on a Sunday Morning

I spotted this cicada while walking Gussie after church this morning. Usually just see their old shells, not often you find one still live and moving. I had to get some photos. The top photo is with the 70-300 set on macro. To get closer I swapped for the 50mm and used a +2 close-up lens for the middle photo, then the 50mm with a +4 for the last one. Show More Summary

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