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Cute Cuddly and Complex Cat Illustrations by Martiszu Ludvikez

For cat lovers who don’t happen to have a feline friend around to conveniently grab and hug, the internet is a place that can appease anyone’s cat needs. For me, I’m...

This Invisible Art is Activated by Rain

2 hours agoArts : MAKE: Art Design

Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church has a unique take on street art. Using stencils and a superhydrophobic spray (such as Always Dry), he creates what he calls rain art, art that only appears when it rains. As he sees it, Seattle is the perfect place for such art, a way of […] Read more on MAKE The post This Invisible Art is Activated by Rain appeared first on Make:.

Song Exploder: "Games You Can Win" by RJD2

Images courtesy Song Exploder Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians deconstruct their songs and tell the stories behind how they were made. In the past, it's explored tracks from The Postal Service to How to Dress Well, and even House of Cards composer, Jeff Beal. Show More Summary

Revealing Ourselves to the Indifferent Stars

By Kevin Blake It was dead on all accounts. Dead–curled in a forever pose on the patio chair. Silent. Breathless. Still. It was an omen. It was a sign. It was a memory. It was a haunting. It could be anything that my consciousness willed it to be. It was a trying winter–one that tested […]

Link: Dear Data

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec are collaborating on a clever and beautiful new project they call Dear Data (Twitter account). Every week, they are sending post cards to each other with hand-drawn visualizations of data they have gathered: public transportation, ways they communicate, etc. Show More Summary

Notes Toward a New Language

I am currently at work on a book based on Ingeborg Bachmann’s quote (from her novel, The Thirtieth Year), “Keine neue Welt ohne Neue Sprache” (no new world without a new language). So far, I’ve examined the work of Clarice Lispector, Hanne Darboven, Marguerite Duras, and, of course, Ingeborg Bachmann. The book is my final […]

These London Designers Created Their Dream Rooms—in Miniature

2 hours agoArts : Slate: The Eye

What happens when you ask a group of contemporary British designers to create their dream rooms in miniature? London’s Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood asked a group of London-based designers from a range of backgrounds to bring...Show More Summary

Four Poems by Eileen Myles

3 hours agoArts : Hyperallergic

Our poetry editor, Joe Pan, has selected four poems by Eileen Myles for his monthly series that brings original poetry to the screens of Hyperallergic readers.

Stunning Photos of the World’s Most Beautiful Theaters 

From the ancient to the ultramodern, theaters are among the most visually diverse and awe-inspiring buildings in the world. A new book Reflections: Theatres, which was published by Roads in November, pays tribute to these architectural...Show More Summary

Spring Break

3 hours agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

April 1. And what a fool I was to think Spring would never come. It's been a hard winter. Maybe not just the weather. Maybe a little bit me. My own winter. A chill that ran through me. April marks...

Mernet Larsen probes perception and experience

3 hours agoArts : Culture Monster

Please forgive me for suggesting that Mernet Larsen’s thoroughly remarkable paintings are reminiscent of a Dire Straits video. If you spent any time in the 1980s watching MTV, you know the one: an early example of digital animation, all blocky volumes and stilted movement.

Battle Raging For The Soul Of Country Music

3 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“Today the debate about the soul of country music has extended far outside Nashville, and it’s now safe to say that the genre has a serious image problem. It’s not just stalwart country fans that see country being overrun with chauvinist posers in skinny jeans – it’s everyone.”

The Phase One iXU 180 Is an 80-Megapixel Medium Format Digital Camera Fit for a Drone

3 hours agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Lots of pixels take to the sky Loading up a high-end drone with a DSLR or something like Panasonic’s GH4 can be a bit stressful. You end up flying around a copter that would cost thousands of dollars to replace. Phase One IndustrialShow More Summary

[Members Only] How to Make Line Charts in R

Learn to draw lines wherever and however you want, and you've got yourself some flexibility. Tags: R

IN EXTREMIS – Captures The most Glorious Accidents Ever (mildly NSFW)

Remember that epic fall that Madonna had in the Brit Awards? This stuff is to Epic to be staged. Originally from Rome but now living in Barcelona, photographer Sandro Giordano creates and photographs even more bizarre falls and accidents (albeit not featuring famous singers). We picked inside Sandro’s brain to understand where those crazy photos are coming from. I [...]Show More Summary

Paul Smith on photography, creativity and Instagram

Speaking at an Instagram event in London on Monday, designer Paul Smith discussed his love of photography, his relationship with art and music and why he likes to post pictures on the social media site...

Watch Liquids and Flowers Dance Inside a Fishbowl

GIFv by the author Plants are the newest additions to artist Kamiel Rongen's liquid landscapes. For the latest work in his Waterballet series, Rozen oet Lottum, Rongen cites Henri Rousseau as inspiration: "With a little bit of luck,Show More Summary

Short and sweet

3 hours agoArts : Prospero

IN THIS week's Economist we review "Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World". What, you may wonder, does a very short story look like? Here are ten entertaining examples to flash before your eyes: Ian Rankin, in the Guardian I opened the door to our flat and you were standing there, cleaver raised. Show More Summary

These EDM Headlines Are Not Actually April Fools’ Jokes

I had a fantasy today that I’d tune into my favorite time-wasting dance music site, wundergroundmusic, and discover that they were celebrating April Fools’ Day by posting actual news. (wundergroundmusic is to dance music as The Onion is to world events. Show More Summary

A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression

3 hours agoArts : Wired: Design

Panoply is a crowdsourced website for improving mental health, created at MIT. The post A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression appeared first on WIRED.

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