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Remington, Russell and ... Reaugh?

For lovers of Western art, Remington and Russell are like family. In his scant 48 years, Frederic Remington (1861-1909) cranked out enough illustrations, easel paintings and sculptures that today almost any museum can boast a Remington. Show More Summary

September resident: Marie Thibeault

In September Two Coats of Paint will be hosting Marie Thibeault for a seven-day residency. A professor of painting and drawing in the art department at California State University at Long Beach, Thibeault is on sabbatic leave for the fall semester. Last year, on the occasion of her San Francico solo show at George Lawson, … read more... "September resident: Marie Thibeault"

Interview: Amie Cunat at Wave Hill

Contributed by Danni Shen / In her most recent solo exhibition at Wave Hill, New York-based painter Amie Cunat has mounted a floor-to-ceiling effort, and not for the first time. An immersive installation, Hideout exemplifies Cunat’s forward and large-scale incorporation of vibrating color juxtapositions and nebulous shapes. Show More Summary

My camping residency

This week I bought a cheap tent and headed to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut, for a break from the city. I wanted to see the starry sky, draw by the nearly-full moon, and wake up before dawn to watch the sunrise on the beach. The 500-site campground is a mecca for families … read more... "My camping residency"

About Painting Commissions

Treat Island View 12x24 oil/panel by Michael Chesly JohnsonCommissioned Painting Many artists paint commissions. Some relish the challenge, while others would rather be painting something else. But however you feel about them, for the working artist it's often a simple matter of financial necessity. Show More Summary

Art and Film: Ira Sachs on art and growing up

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Ira Sachs makes sensitive movies about contemporary urban life that are distinguished by their grand refusal to present stock characters or clichéd set-ups. Everything for him is a very particular situation, its resolution or unraveling organically driven by the unique traits and freight of the people involved. Show More Summary

Margot Bergman: The truer face

Contributed by Will Fenstermaker / The vultus, a Latin word that has no equivalent in Indo-European languages or ancient Greek, is the face that lies latent behind every image of a person. In an essay titled “An Idea of Glory,” Giorgio Agamben wrote that the vultus “isn’t something that transcends the face: it is the … read more... "Margot Bergman: The truer face"

Going for the Grand View

"Passamaquoddy Sunset" 12x24 oil on panel by Michael Chesley Johnson. Commissioned studio painting created from field references. Here's something I've learned over the years: A big landscape requires a big canvas.I'm sure it sounds obvious. Show More Summary

Stuart Davis: The last painting

Stuart Davis, whose uneven but exhilarating retrospective is on view at the Whitney through September 25, is known for his playful fusion of advertising typography, bright color, and bold abstract shapes and lines. The exhibition begins with work from his early years and ends with his very last painting Fin, an image of which appears … read more... Show More Summary

A new maximalism? Collecting, typologies, and objects in “The Keepers”

The New York Times Magazine recently ran a column about the tyranny (and ubiquity) of minimalism as a hipster aesthetic. Author Kyle Chayka explored the fashionable trend toward downsizing—purging clutter and embracing fewer and more efficient, if often beautiful, objects. Show More Summary

Conversation: Harry Davies on the union of material and meaning

Contributed by Kate Liebman / Harry Davies and I met in a painting critique session a couple of years ago when BHQFU was offering classes in the East Village. I visited his studio at Union Theological Seminary at Columbia recently, and we discussed what’s on his mind and in his paintings. Show More Summary

What Level of Painter Are You?

From Here to There12x9 plein air oil by Michael Chesley Johnson (SOLD) Like many art instructors, I grade my workshops as suitable for beginning, intermediate or advanced painters. And again, like many art instructors, I don't define these grades—a real failing. Show More Summary

Interview: Timothy Nolan and his public art project at LAX

If you find yourself in Terminal 7 at the Los Angeles International Airport, you can’t miss Timothy Nolan’s new public art project, a series of  large-scale prints, made from collages that incorporate images of maps, galaxies, and other ephemera from the days when we looked things up in encyclopedias and used atlases to find our … read more... Show More Summary

Invitations: Outlet Fine Art, Theodore:Art, Galerie Jean Fournier, Lesley Heller

This Friday, August 5, please join me at Outlet Fine Arts in Bushwick for the opening reception of “ISSUE 001: EXPENSIVE POETRY, the release of Postprint Magazine.” Organized by Julian A. Jimarez Howard and Postprint Magazine, the exhibition...Show More Summary

A World of Suffering: The Painter's Moral Dilemma, Part 1

Ready to Sail 12x9 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable Paint, or feed the hungry?Paint, or clothe the poor?Paint, or shelter the homeless?Paint, or nurse the sick?Paint, or fight a war? Lately, I've been asking myself, how can IShow More Summary

Sharon Louden: Consultants, careers, and community

I frequently get pitches via email from art consultants who offer to help me (and I imagine many other artists) get exhibitions, grants, publicity, and so forth. I often wonder if their services are helpful, or whether the consultants are taking advantage of vulnerable under-recognized artists, so I contacted my friend and colleague Sharon Louden. Show More Summary

Upstate: Victoria Palermo at The Hyde Collection

Inspired by Isabella Stuart Gardner, a Boston philanthropist who traveled the world amassing a remarkable art collection and then built a palazzo on the Fenway to display it, Louis and Charlotte Hyde collected art for over fifty years and built a Italianate home in Glens Falls, New York, to house it. Show More Summary

Plein Air Painting Workshops in Maine and New Hamphire

West Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine Foggy Days are Good, Too! Last Call for Plein Air Painting MaineI know I keep plugging my workshops, but I feel that they are the best way to get what I have to offer as a teacher. Blogs, books and yes, even videos, can only take you so far. Show More Summary

Yoshiaki Mochizuki’s shifting light

Contributed by Will Fenstermaker / When the light shifts, Yoshiaki Mochizuki’s paintings come alive. Surfaces that seem like dull mirrors shift into prismatic events as light is corralled in the gouged layers of gesso and moon gold leaf. Show More Summary

Email: Report from a colonial farm

Brece Honeycutt, a friend and colleague who divides her time between New York and a farm at the foot of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, recently sent a newsy update about what she’s been doing in her barn-studio on the farm. Honeycutt is fascinated by the lives of the people who lived there before she and … read more... Show More Summary

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