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Making Successful Greys

"Morning at Raccoon Beach" 5x7, oil While I'm traveling for the next few weeks, I am re-posting some of my older blog posts. With that in mind, here is my next re-post, from June 15, 2011.Greys are both easy and difficult to conjure up. Show More Summary

Elizabeth Hazan goes where the paintings take her

Recently I got to check out Elizabeth Hazan's glowing new abstractions--lyrical paintings that reference the landscape of her childhood--at her DUMBO studio. We talked about her process, color strategies, surfaces, and what it was like growing with notable New York School painters Jane Freilicher and Joe Hazan as parents. Show More Summary

Amy Lincoln’s twilight zone

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Luminous, though an overused adjective in art writing, is an apt one for Amy Lincoln’s edgy new paintings mainly of plants, on display at Morgan Lehman in Chelsea. Their vivid color, exacting line,...Show More Summary

Four Palettes, Four Paintings

While I'm traveling for the next few weeks, I'm re-posting some of my older blog posts. Here is my next re-post, from June 1, 2011.In the current (July/August 2011) issue of The Artist's Magazine, I have an article on exploring different oil palettes for plein air painting. Show More Summary

Alica Gibson: The awkward early years

I'm squeamish about revisiting all the sketchbooks and journals from my early years, when I had no idea what art was about but still had a peculiar desire to be an artist. Like Gerhard Richter and Jasper Johns, I'm inclined to take a box cutter to the oldest work and toss it in a dumpster. Show More Summary

Robert Yoder: How stories became paintings

Notwithstanding his striking show "JAME6," currently at Frosch & Portmann, Robert Yoder told me he had been angry and depressed last year and that painting didn't help. "So I collaborated on short stories instead," he wrote in a recent email from his homebase in Seattle where he runs SEASON. Show More Summary

Two Objectives

While I'm traveling for the next few weeks, I'm re-posting some of my older blog posts. Here is my next re-post, from May 25, 2008. Going out to paint yesterday, I had two objectives. I wanted to demonstrate a "disciplined palette," where I keep my mixtures organized by light and cool, and also dark and warm. Show More Summary

The gap between: "Unfinished" at the Met Breuer

In recent years, artists have been interested in “slippage.” In painting, that often translates into an exploration of the space between abstraction and representation, or between two and three dimensions. “Unfinished,” the inaugural...Show More Summary

Goodbye, Sedona - Until the Fall

Trina and I are now on our way, heading for eastern parts. Just before we left, we hit one of our favorite trails in West Sedona. Trina took a picture of me, which gives you an idea of the scenery we've been enjoying this year. We'll be back in the fall, just in time for the Sedona Plein Air Festival. Show More Summary

Avoiding Slipped Values

While I'm traveling for the next few weeks, I am re-posting some of my older blog posts. With that in mind, here is my next re-post, from May 30, 2008.Sometimes I like to premix my values. I do this especially if I find a scene that might give me some trouble with slipping values. Show More Summary

Quick study

This week I've got links to articles about the Venice Biennale,  art blogging grants, James Franco, the trilogy of Samuel Beckett plays at NYU, Margie Livingston, project proposal deadline, and a $50 Stock Club for artists... Great choice! Mark Bradford will represent the US at the next Venice Biennale, which opens May 2017. Show More Summary

Rachel Beach and Julia Gleich: Strength and precarious balance

Pairing artists with choreographers often produces transcendent results, and it has a venerable tradition—Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham, for instance. Earlier this month, I was fortunate to get tickets to see Counterpointe, a collaborative series developed by Norte Maar that joined seven female artists with seven female choreographers. Show More Summary


While I'm traveling for the next few weeks, I thought you might enjoy reading some of my older blog posts. Not everyone's aware of the over 1200 posts I've written over the years, many of which contain good information on both plein air and studio painting. Show More Summary

Raoul De Keyser: The loss of certainty

"Drift," the sublime Raoul De Keyser exhibition on view at David Zwirner through April 23, was organized around a group of 22 small paintings known as The Last Wall. Completed shortly before his death in October 2012, they are hung in the gallery exactly as De Keyser had installed them on the wall of his Deinze, Belgium, studio. Show More Summary

Record Store Day: Amy Feldman, Thurston Moore, and Frank Rosaly

Artists often contribute artwork for album and CD covers--something listeners don't get when they download music files from the Internet. Recently, Thurston Moore and Frank Rosaly used Amy Feldman's paintings on their project, Marshmallow Moon Decorum. Show More Summary

Painting Picks: Lower East Side

If you have time to see some exhibitions in New York, here are a few promising shows to check out on the Lower East Side, which Casey Lesser recently called NYC's most important art district in an Artsy editorial post. "Galleries in the neighborhood have matured greatly, as has the art they present," she writes. Show More Summary

Sedona Workshop 2016 Season Wrap-Up

Crabapples blooming at the Sedona Heritage Museum! My final Paint Sedona workshop just finished up today. It's always a bittersweet feeling on that last day—I'm ready to move on to new adventures, but not quite ready to stop sharing this amazing place with students. Show More Summary

Art and Film: War and art’s uneasy survival

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Russian director Alexander Sokurov’s Francofonia is a strange and intriguing film – a kind of avant-garde point-of-view documentary. Do not mistake the title for “Francophilia.” With considerable snideness...Show More Summary

The Observer Effect and Plein Air Painting

Secret Shadow Creek9x12 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonPlein Air Painting Workshop Demonstration I enjoy teaching and sharing. Part of my teaching involves painting demonstrations. I get a lot of painting done that way. But as tempting...Show More Summary

Newness: Melissa Meyer at Lennon, Weinberg

When artists experiment with a new medium or process, audaciously moving from one that they’ve fully mastered to less familiar territory, new ideas often emerge that inform their work in unexpected ways. So it is with Melissa Meyer’s...Show More Summary

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