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Sweet direction for Carolanna Parlato

An exploration of color, light and gesture are the core of Carolanna Parlato's new paintings on view through Saturday at Elizabeth Harris. The dense geometric spaces, sloppy translucency, and highly saturated color of previous work have...Show More Summary

Peter Dudek on Presentational Sculpture

Guest Contributor Peter Dudek / Lately a presentational mode of sculpture has been popping up all about. The hallmarks are a casual yet formal arrangement of sculptural elements. The constituent parts vary from the made-from-scratch, to the merely found, to the found but altered object. Show More Summary

Painting the Ocean While in the High Desert – and a Poll!

Choice A:"Et in Arcadia Ego"12x24 oil/panel by Michael Chesley Johnson Choice B:"Toward Otter Point"16x20 oil/canvas by Michael Chesley Johnson Vote for your favorite of the two! Scroll down to the end of this post for the poll. This...Show More Summary

Gyan Shrosbree: Open Studio at Two Coats of Paint

On Thursday, February 11, 5 pm - 9pm, I'm hosting an Open Studio for Two Coats artist-in-residence Gyan Shrosbree. A 2000 graduate of the MFA Program at Cranbrook, Gyan is an assistant professor of painting and drawing at Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa, and will be in town through Saturday, February 13. Show More Summary

Quick study

This edition of "Quick study" includes the inaugural show at the Met Breuer, Spring/Break's roster of curators,  New American Paintings Northeast selection, Amy Sillman, Martha Tuttle, Robert Straight, and Patrick Neal's  thoughtfulShow More Summary

Sculptural objects around town

The return of the sculptural object that was highlighted so beautifully in "Greater New York" at MoMAPS1 continues this month in many of the galleries. Some pieces are freestanding, others wall-mounted, and most rely on their relationship to the sculptural tradition (rather than painting) for meaning. Show More Summary

New Work at Goldenstein Gallery

Slide Rock Fault 16x20 oil/canvas by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable at Goldenstein Gallery Waterfall 36x36 oil/canvas by Michael Chesley Johnson Available at Goldenstein Gallery I'm happy to announce that I am now represented in Sedona by Goldenstein Gallery. Show More Summary

Email: Meeting Alan Neider

Connecticut-based artist Alan Neider has been making art for over forty years, and for the past few we have been corresponding. Long before combining painting and sculpture became a popular strategy for painters, Neider was constructing...Show More Summary

Fred Valentine’s grunge sensibility

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Fred Valentine made his wryly haunting charcoal chiaroscuro drawings of real people “some sweet and tender others damaged and horrific” – on view in "The Pumpkin Festival and other portraits" at Schema Projects in Bushwick – in the early 1990s. Show More Summary

Who Wants to Paint in Tuscany with Me?

"Firenze" by Simon.zfn - Simone Zuffanelli. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - When you think of Tuscany, what comes to mind? Wine, art, history—well,...Show More Summary

Plein Air Painting Essential Tools: Painting Knife, Revisited

In a previous post on essential tools for plein air painting, I wrote about a new painting knife I have. The RGM Ideal Line is stamped from a single piece of metal with no welds to break. The only problem is that the handle is cold and uncushioned bare metal. Show More Summary

Plein Air Painting Essential Tools: Camera

Outdoor painters working before Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented photography in 1827 would argue that the camera is not an essential field tool. But once cameras became portable enough to lug into the field on the back of a mule, painters realized the benefits. Show More Summary

Recommended: "Introductions 2016" at Trestle

When viewing big group shows of unfamiliar artists, I always find something to like. But at “Introductions 2016,” an exhibition of fifty artists at Trestle Projects, I liked nearly everything. Apparently guest curator Jim Osman, a gifted artist and director of the Foundations Program at The New School, and I have a similar aesthetic. Show More Summary

Plein Air Painting Essential Tools: Red Filter

Having trouble figuring out value relationships in the field? A red filter lets you see the landscape in shades of red. It makes it easier for the painter to see what's light and what's dark by removing the issue of color. You end up comparing light and dark values of reds only, which is much easier than comparing a full gamut of colors. Show More Summary

Raphael Rubinstien in conversation with Jonathan Lasker

When Raphael Rubinstein sat down with Jonathan Lasker at Cheim & Read, they discussed Lasker's process, imagery, and his relationship to Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting. "The execution seems very conscious and constructed,...Show More Summary

More Paintings on the Pumphouse Studio Gallery Blog

Tortilla Lady 9x12 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable on Pumphouse Studio Gallery Blog In case you missed my post, I am now offering for sale demos and sketches from my Arizona inventory in my Pumphouse Studio Gallery Blog. I'mShow More Summary

What is "strange?"

At this stage, abstraction is no longer considered confusing or iconoclastic. So what kind of abstract work might earn the title "strange?" Fredericks & Freiser's buoyant group show "Strange Abstraction" provides a sharp answer. Each of the artists employs his or her materials in an uncompromisingly idiosyncratic way. Show More Summary

Plein Air Painting Essential Tools: Sunblock or Sun Gear

If you're part of the average demographic for plein air painters, you probably already have skin damage from sun exposure. According to PleinAir Magazine's media kit for advertisers, 95% of its readership is over 40 and 54% over 60.Show More Summary

Tracking Loren MacIver

In my first college painting course, which I took several years after completing an art history degree, my teacher Arnold Trachtman said that my painting of the bathroom sink reminded him of Loren MacIver’s work. I had no idea who she was, and without the convenience of the Internet, never looked her up. Show More Summary

UES: Rudolf Stingel, Alex Katz, Jane Kent, David Storey, Richard Diebenkorn

Long, long ago, when paint-on-canvas art making was deemed irrelevant, painters began exploring experimental processes to make painting-like wall pieces that might wrest the conversation away from "new media" back toward object-making. Show More Summary

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