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EMAIL: Mike Cloud's shopping list

I recently received an announcement for "Bad Faith and Universal Technique," Mike Cloud's September solo show at Thomas Erben Gallery. Cloud, born in 1974 in Chicago, graduated from Yale MFA in 2003 and is an assistant professor at Brooklyn College. Show More Summary

Snaps from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Last week I went to Philadelphia to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where I'll be teaching an MFA Seminar and serving as a Visiting Critic this fall. Program director and painter Clint Jukkala gave me a tour of the school facilities and the museum, and it was a grand one indeed. [Image: Ashley Wick, Funny Guy, 2014. Show More Summary

Origin Story

Where the ideas for my paintings come from, I don’t really know. I suspect some dark back room of my consciousness, a repository of memory and imagination that seethes and ferments while I am busy doing other things. This is a brief account of the genesis of my latest idea, hot off the griddle. Back […]

Kickstarter Update: Hanging of the Fifty

Another milestone was reached today, and that was the hanging of the fifty paintings. If you've been following my blog or Kickstarter updates, this is for my "Fifty Paintings for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park" project.It's always a good feeling when you get the exhibit hung. Show More Summary

un – titled one & two

I keep confusing the notes for these two paintings and have just about convinced myself that they should swap titles. Luckily, it’s easy to tell them apart when I look at them. Wednesday I worked on this one -  the marble ledges and urn texture, shadows, color, chip and cracks. That kind of thing. Loved […]

Otto Piene is dead

According to BBC News, Otto Piene died on Thursday, shortly after the opening of an exhibition of his work at Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie. He died in a taxi en route to the exhibition where he was working on "More Sky," a sky art event that is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Show More Summary

Consistency and Style - Should I Worry?

Not too long ago, a visitor came to my studio gallery, looked at the walls a moment, and then said, "How many artists do you represent?" Just me, I replied, but I have twelve different personalities. If you look at my work, you'll see a variety of painting approaches. Show More Summary

Art and Fiction: Rachel Kushner’s molten optimism

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / The view that the 1970s were culturally under-appreciated is now so firmly entrenched that they no longer are. With respect to the New York art world, Rachel Kushner’s audacious novel The Flamethrowers,...Show More Summary

Bailing on the Birds

After a morning at the gym and running errands, I painted while the thunderstorm rolled through in the afternoon. One of the good things about a canvas this size is there is always an area that’s dry enough to work on. Adding another layer of dark green water and the ochre-toned tree reflections, plus the […]

Down By The River

Worked on Collateral Damage this morning. First, the graphic and lettering on the box of shotgun shells, and various bottle tops. Then I zeroed in on the bottle and stopper lying on its side. Not even sure what kind of liquor it holds, but there are some lovely blue patterns involved. Here’s how it looks […]

Guns ‘n Rabbits

Followed yesterday morning’s work – adding the shotgun and flask to the Uncle Wiggily painting- with this; adding the shotgun and candle to Song of the South. My idea of tackling the two rabbit paintings at once is working out great. They are different enough in background to not feel like an assembly line, and […]

Flask & Shotgun

Gun and flask laid in. One of the first goals – paint all over the canvas – achieved. Some painters work on one area after another. I try to bring it all up at the same time, like a photograph coming into focus in a darkroom. Now taking a break for lunch.

Roberta Smith on "current painting tactics"

In her NYTimes review of Daniel Heidkamp's show at White Columns, Roberta Smith articulates one of the problems she sees with contemporary painting: that artists are playing it too safe. [Image at top: Daniel Heidkamp ] Click for full story / links

Back to Back

Going from rabbit to rabbit. Though the palette isn’t exactly the same, it turns out to be helpful to have just worked on similar form and texture. No hesitation, just jumped into blocking areas of the fur. Especially enjoyed  defining the ears. Put something on the canvas for the iron brackets. Top row worked, side […]

Fur & Feathers

Great painting day. Worked out which of two source photos to use for the fur colors, then sailed away. Literally dancing in my painting chair to Iggy Azalea, Jay Z, and Pharell as I laid in blocks of dark and lights on the fur and feathers. I cleaned my brushes on the stone, a great […]

Comparison: Original, Photoprint, POD Picture Book

One of the more frustrating tasks for today's artist is image adjustment. I'm not talking about taking your brush and niggling at some little shape on the canvas that's been bothering you for a week. I'm talking about digital stuff -...Show More Summary

Uncle Wiggily

Mixed color for an hour, then worked on the the largest chunk of the background, a shrub. It will take at least three layers to achieve  the deep value of the green shadows. I started painting the negative spaces, then went back in with lighter blue greens to add edges of leaves. Broke for lunch, […]

Recommended: Summer Group Shows

I love spending summers in NYC. For artists who stick around and work in their studios during July and August,  NYC is one big art party, featuring a slew of group shows, each with openings, closings and often other events in between. Show More Summary

It’s good to be the wife of the grip

Spent two days doing more rabbit photography. Robert built me a set and then helped me maneuver lights and scrims and so forth. He even fenced it all in, because he feared a dog would slip by him and try to nab the rabbit when I left the studio. I couldn’t find the kind of […]

Family Plot

For a while, the hitch in my get along was firearms are strictly prohibited in the cemetery, and I hadn’t decided if I wanted to plea my case for bringing this prop, or beg forgiveness if I was apprehended. The volunteers at the cemetery in the sexton’s office said, do whatever, it’s your plot. I […]

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