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Craig Taylor: Data bust

In his witty new paintings, Brooklyn painter Craig Taylor empties traditional portrait bust forms of facial detail and fills the silhouettes with strata of small marks and brushstrokes. The effect is to make visible the unarticulated anxiety behind our carefully crafted facades. Show More Summary

Jack Davidson: Snippets and memories

Jack Davidson’s paintings are humble, from their mid-scale size and lightweight stretcher bars to their enigmatic lowercase titles. The paint handling is purposefully inconspicuous, like the uninflected voice of a realist novelist. Davidson...Show More Summary

Studio update: Preston Hand Built

Having just moved into my new studio at 55 Washington Street in DUMBO, I've started a batch of new work, none of which is ready to share yet. Moving from sublet to sublet for the past five years, I've come to expect a few unproductive...Show More Summary

What's It All About, Ozzy? or, The Future of Our Art

The "Cardboard Bernini" - Before...and Going, Going, Going... Most of us, when we embark on our art careers, hope that we will be making art for the ages. We'd love it if our art would survive us to either enlighten, entertain or inspire future generations. Show More Summary

Suface prep at Centotto: Dunlap, Mahler, D’Acunto, DaWalt

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / “Something Naught,” the new group show at Centotto, Paul D’Agostino’s redoubtable Bushwick salon, gathers four abstract artists who take very different approaches to resolving surfaces. The fact that surfaces themselves have aesthetic value in paintings sets painting apart from, say, digital work. Show More Summary

Answers to the Spring/Break quiz

One submission to the Spring/Break Quiz included this fantastic jpeg, and they have also been added to the original post here. I had a tie: two artists (you know who you are!) submitted all the correct answers. Thanks, everyone for participating. Show More Summary

Yellow typewriter, sex & death

Worked on the cartoon poster and on the top three rows of keys, adding darks and lights. I was thinking about how to articulate what prompted me to paint this image. The fact that this vintage typewriter is on the left bank of Paris inside the venerable Shakespeare & Co bookstore appeals to the old […]

Master Pastel Artist Doug Dawson Coming to Lubec, Maine

Doug Dawson Master pastel artist Doug Dawson will be giving a mentoring workshop August 24-28, 2015, in Lubec, Maine. Doug has been to the area several times before, and each time, he's had something new and wonderful to offer. If you haven't worked with Doug before, he is a very generous instructor, and it's always a treat to work with him. Show More Summary

On Kawara: Carpe Diem

Little about On Kawara’s life is evident from looking at his work. Much of his exhibition at the Guggenheim consists of compilations of journal-like data, which unfold like life itself – one day at a time.[Image at top: "On Kawara—Silence" at the Guggenheim. Show More Summary

Scotland Painting Retreat Nearly Filled!

Stirling Castle, one of our destinations As some of you may know, I have scheduled a painting retreat to Scotland June 12-18, 2016. Good news! This retreat is nearly filled with only three spots left, so if you are interested, read on!The...Show More Summary

Cadmium yellow, Indian yellow, ocher

Roughed in the cartoon poster, messed around with the edges of the frame, deepened the shadows and woodgrain on the right hand shelf, added some complexity to the variation of cad yellow light, Indian yellow and ocher, on the yellow case. Doing the cartoon poster was a push-pull between the background and the drawing. A […]

Keys and Paper

After weeks of more time spent planning my trip than painting, I got back in front of the easel and it felt so good. Last time I pushed this along, it was all about the background. Today I worked on the keys and the stack of papers on the left. Last week worked on the […]

The Asymmetric Armory Show

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / The Modern section of the Armory Show was like an unruly museum-quality exhibition, showcasing one anointed (and usually dead) artist after another, but in no particular order. If that dispensation...Show More Summary

Embarking on a Big Painting: The Finish

"Waterfall" 36x36 oil/canvasFinal State In a recent post, I wrote about starting a large studio painting based on a variety of reference material. The painting is now complete, and it's taken me six days to paint it. First, I arranged all my reference material, as you see here. Show More Summary

Alien terrain at Storefront Ten Eyck

Guest contributor Peggy Cyphers / “New Narratives,” a large group show of recent representational painting at Storefront Ten Eyck, includes KK Kozik’s Orion’s Belt, an image of a traditional farmhouse, covered in snow and illuminated by a deliciously starry blue-black sky. Show More Summary

What is a Landscape Painting?

A painting of Mont Sainte-Victoire by Cezanne. Is this a landscape painting? I recently heard from a student who told me about a painting workshop she'd taken from an artist friend of mine. The workshop topic was the landscape. At one...Show More Summary

March 17: Andrew Ginzel's list/ St. Patrick's Day Edition

SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE / March 17, 2015 / Listed south to north. Compiled by artist Andrew Ginzel for his students at the School of Visual Arts. Note: Images have been selected by Two Coats of Paint.[Image at top: John Junek, Leprechaun Painter, 2012, digital painting, 16 x 20 inches. Show More Summary

Embarking on a Big Painting

For me, a big painting is anything over 12x16. This week, I'm starting one that is 36x36. Just getting the canvas toned and up on the easel is a project! I had to use the largest brush I have to tone it. Then, because I needed the workbench for another task, I had to move the canvas to the carport to get it out of the way. Show More Summary

Political violence and abstraction: Suzanne McClelland

Recalling Warhol’s 13 Most Wanted Men project, which debuted controversially at the 1964 World’s Fair, Suzanne McClelland in “Call With Information,” her latest show at Team Gallery continues her series about a kindred subject: Americans citizens wanted by the government for domestic terrorism. Show More Summary

Encounter: Painter, Teacher and Author Sean Dye

Sean Dye at work Last week, I had a treat. I spent a few days painting with painter, teacher and author Sean Dye, who had come from Vermont to take a workshop with me. Sean is an accomplished painter, so for me, it was indeed an honor to have him as a student. Show More Summary

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