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Fearless Cropping

Mitten Ridge View 12x12 Pastel by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable A pair of scissors might just be the ultimate painting tool. When all else fails, cut.Recently, I found tucked in the back of my storage area a frame that I'd forgotten about. Show More Summary

Presidents’ Day video: The unveiling of the official Obama portraits

In this video, watch the unveiling of the magnificent portraits of President Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery. Listen to poignant remarks by President Obama and Mrs. Obama, Smithsonian Secretary...Show More Summary

The Desert is Not Barren, 2: John Plowman and Bernard Leibov at BoxoPROJECTS

Contributed by Mary Addison Hackett / Ask anyone here what initially brought them to the desert and almost everyone will say, “I love the desert,” followed by a brief declaration of prolific love for the community of people they met upon arrival. That’s the standard order. Show More Summary

Reusing Old Panels

Good bye, old paintings! Every painter at some point asks himself: What do I do with paintings I don't want anymore? This question seems to surface as the painter acquires more experience and a sense of what's good and what's not. Old...Show More Summary

Road Trip: El Morro National Monument & Ramah Lake, New Mexico

Winter Garden 12x16 Oil - $450 UnframedPurchase (Paintings on this page are available at a special price for a short time, unframed and with shipping to the continental US included.) To finish off our road trip to Canyon de Chelly and back, M.L. Show More Summary

Robin Lowe’s exquisitely eerie paintings

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / It goes almost without saying that paintings of people need to bring more to the table than faithful visual representations of what the people look like. But what, exactly? There is of course a range of options as to the kinds of enhancements a painter can incorporate. Show More Summary

Canyon de Chelly Paintings

Eastward Blues 9x12 Oil - $250 unframed(Junction Overlook)Purchase Here As I promised in my recent post on my adventure to Canyon de Chelly National Monument, here are some paintings from that trip. For a short while, I am making these available at special low prices. Show More Summary

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / February 11, 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / It has taken me a little longer than usual to select shows for the Two Coats February Gallery Guide because there are so many good painting shows out there. That, and the fact that I’m in the  process of packing up and moving the studio to a new space upstairs. Show More Summary

Road Trip: Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

Spider Rock at Canyon de Chelly Once a year, I like to get together with my painting friend M.L. Coleman and hit the road. We'd been waiting for snow—who doesn't like to paint the patterns and colors of snow in canyon country?—but it's been a dry winter, and we were eager to paint. Show More Summary

Press release of the day: Lauren Faigeles at Crush Curatorial

“Have you ever wondered how to achieve self-actualization while never having to leave your bed? Well I have a few ideas and if you do too, we should join forces, create a product and go on Shark Tank. “While films have The Bechdel test, my works have to comply with The Brecht test, which starts … read more... "Press release of the day: Lauren Faigeles at Crush Curatorial"

In transition: Regina Bogat in the 1990s

After exploring hard-edge abstraction and unconventional materials for decades, Regina Bogat began incorporating a more gestural approach into her work. These paintings, made in the 1990s, are on view at Zürcher Gallery, NY, through March 2. Her daughter Anna Bogat Jensen wrote the following essay for Bogat’s exhibition catalogue. Show More Summary

Undergraduate Sketchbook: Katie Fuller

“The sketchbook practice is always something I return to when painting or any other more physical work seems too daunting. The intimacy is healing. It’s a safe space where I can fool around with unresolved ideas that no one ever has to see. Show More Summary

The desert is not barren, Part 1

Contributed by Mary Addison Hackett / When I first moved to the desert, my intention was to be close enough to the Los Angeles art scene without having to deal with traffic, high rents, and apparently in my absence, a dearth of parking. I’ve been to LA exactly three times in the last calendar year. Writing … read more... "The desert is not barren, Part 1"

Becoming a Disciplined Painter

I created these 54 6x6 oil paintings for a special project.It kept me on-schedule for several weeks and was a great motivator to help me stay productive. Being productive is easy if you have a boss. You have deadlines, project goals, maybe even a daily quota to meet. Show More Summary

Anything but random: Jamian Juliano-Villani

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Last week the Visiting Artist Lecture Series kicked off at Parsons’ Kellen Auditorium with a lecture by Jamian Juliano-Villani, a cheeky, unfiltered speaker who has a painting show on view at JTT through February 24. Show More Summary

New Grand Canyon Painting

"After the Rains"16x24 Oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonTo Be Exhibited at the 10th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art I'm always amazed at how far tourists will go from the shuttle bus—which isn't far at all. They spill out, head for...Show More Summary

Eddie Martinez: Hard-earned cool

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / An Eddie Martinez painting exudes casual and effervescent esprit, from the comic-book energy of jangled shape and line, to the optic colors applied with a smart brand of aggressive sloppiness, right down to the often occluded header and footer on the canvas identifying it as his. Show More Summary

Poor Drawing: It's All Impressionism's Fault

Drawing by Degas of Manet. Degas was probably the only Impressionist who kept up his drawing skills nearly to the end. You’ve heard me say it, time and again: “Draw, draw, draw.” Learning to draw is like learning to construct a sentence; without that foundational skill, you’d come off sounding like a 12-year-old on Twitter. Show More Summary

Even More on Design: 2D v. 3D

One of Cézanne's many depictions of Mont Sainte-Victoire.Look how the middle ground, especially, is flattened.(From Wiki Commons) Cézanne and the other Post-Impressionists introduced the idea of flattening the landscape. Many of us landscape painters use the concept when we start a painting. Show More Summary

Interview: Lesley Dill on her new work, with Leslie Wayne

Contributed by Leslie Wayne / On February 13th, Lesley Dill will open with an installation of new work at Nohra Haime’s new Chelsea Gallery space. The exhibition, entitled, “Wilderness: Words are Where What I Catch is Me” will be Dill’s first solo show with Haime, and it represents an expansion of her abiding interest in … read more... Show More Summary

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