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Tom McGlynn: Liberating geometric shapes

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Tom McGlynn’s enigmatically reductive paintings are a study in subtle contrasts between systematization and autonomy, order and disarray. Horizontal rectangles of various sizes and colors are rendered on a monochromatic surface, each with immaculately straight edges and carefully painted a solid color. Show More Summary

My Favorite Books

As a voracious reader with eclectic tastes, I believe that a varied diet is best. It ensures that you get all the nutrients crucial to making good art. Books that teach, books that inspire, books that lead you down an unexpected path--each of these pushes us to a higher level. Show More Summary

Studio visit with Peter Schenck

Contributed by Julia Gray / Painter Peter Schenck combines hardedge abstraction with gestural brushwork and vivid color to create densely patterned scenes that capture a cast of characters caught in awkward moments. Almost collage-like...Show More Summary

Laurie Sverdlove: Unsettled in Vermont

Contributed by Dian Parker / Vermont artist Laurie Sverdlove has been painting for four decades. In high school she took classes at the Art Students League in New York City and earned her MFA from UC Berkeley in California, where she studied  with Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff. Show More Summary

Jeremy Hof: The elephant In the room

Contributed by Dion Kliner / A preamble: An elephant in a living room, as unlikely as it is to find one there, would never be mistaken for a couch. That is something of the situation that Jeremy Hof’s work puts one in; forcing the unfortunate necessity of bringing up the question of a particular piece being either painting or … read more... Show More Summary

Thoughtful Gift: New Workshop Program!

Painting made just a few minutes from my home and studio inNew Mexico's High Desert. We'll paint this as part of the program! The gift-giving holidays are right around the corner. So here's a gift idea for that special someone -- who...Show More Summary

Workshop Report: Sedona and Tucson

River Study, 9x12 pastel (studio) by Michael Chesley Johnson Bobcat! A visitor at the Tucson workshop. (Photo by Trina) It's been a busy fall so far—and with no end in sight! Following the Doug Dawson workshop in Sedona and a weekend...Show More Summary

Art and film: Billboard as political provocation

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / During the pre-Mad Men golden age of roadside America, advertising billboards set a tone of warm and friendly commercialism. Perhaps the most notable and culturally durable ones were those of Burma-Shave, a then-novel brushless shaving cream. Show More Summary

Undergraduate Sketchbook: Phoebe Funderburg

“The practice of making my art public is a new one, because often drawing is a coping mechanism for me. Scanning & posting my drawings feels scary because my sketchbook acts as a visual diary of my life, but ultimately it seems worth the vulnerability.” Phoebe Funderburg uses her sketchbook like a visual diary, reflecting on … read more... Show More Summary

Joan Mitchell Foundation 2017 grants: Artist Images and links

The Joan Mitchell Foundation has recently named the recipients of their 2017 Painters and Sculptors Grant Program. The grant program, consideration by nomination only, awards 25 under-recognized artists $25,000 each year. This year’s roster includes: Leonardo...Show More Summary

Quick study

Things we’ve been reading (besides the horrific news about our shrinking healthcare, the tax overhaul, sexual assault allegations, and the ongoing shit show known as the Trump administration): Gentrification protests at Laura Owens’s...Show More Summary

Year-End Fundraising 2017: How you can help

Dear Readers, Two Coats of Paint began publishing in 2007, and this past year, thanks to your generous  tax-deductible contributions, ongoing support from advertisers, and subsidized rent from the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program, we have been able to continue for another year. Show More Summary

Warte für Kunst (Waiting for Art) in Kassel, Germany

Contributed by Loren Britton / When artist Melanie Vogel opened Warte für Kunst (Waiting for Art) in 2010 in Kassel, Germany, she wanted to challenge the notion of what “good art” is. Located in a shabby red-walled tattoo studio that...Show More Summary

Email: Stop the sale, save the art at the Berkshire Museum

Peter Dudek, a sculptor who divides his time between Brooklyn and the Berkshires, sent an urgent note this week asking for Two Coats readers to help stop the Berkshire Museum from selling artwork from its collection: Dear Sharon, AsShow More Summary

Effects of chance: A conversation with Emily Berger

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Brooklyn painter Emily Berger is a masterful scumbler, dragging brushes of dry paint across panels to create scratchy horizontal bands of color. The wood grain of the panel peeks through, creating a sense of immediacy and improvisation. Show More Summary

Road Trip: Chiricahua National Monument

Hoodoos, columns, pinnacles and more This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with Trina on a Sedona Camera Club outing to Chiricahua National Monument. We both needed a break between setting up our winter home studio and teaching workshops, so this was the perfect adventure. Show More Summary

Of Latino descent: “Radical Women” in LA

Contributed by Katarina Wong / The Getty recently launched Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a highly ambitious and rewarding initiative that explores Latin American and Latino art “in dialogue” with the city itself. More than 70 art institutions are participating, each offering their own take on the topic. Show More Summary

Elizabeth Murray’s magnificent tensions

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Elizabeth Murray (1940–2007) was one of art’s gloriously purposeful paradoxes. Her work is irrepressibly bold yet insistently nuanced; liberated in spirit though domestically grounded in everyday objects;...Show More Summary

Didier William: The unblinking eye

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Stopping by Didier William’s studio in Philadelphia recently, I was surprised and impressed to find that his colorful abstract paintings had taken a darker, more figurative turn. Born in Haiti in 1983 and raised in the United States, William told me that since the Trayvon Martin killing, he has felt … read more... Show More Summary

Product Review: Travel Painter Art Box

The Travel Painter Art Box I always enjoy reviewing new products for the outdoor painter. It's an opportunity to try something new, perhaps help the maker improve the product—and get out in the field to paint! This time around, I'm reviewing a new paint box from Russia. Show More Summary

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