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Painting Locations I Have Known

We always enjoy some free time between Christmas and New Year's. Most folks with whom we do business take time off, so there's little point in writing e-mails or picking up the phone. For us, it's a period of reading books, watching movies and taking hikes. Show More Summary

Jay Senetchko: A tale of two empires

Contributed by Dion Kliner / At “The Course of a Distant Empire,”  Jay Senetchko’s fine solo exhibition at Windsor Gallery in Vancouver, looking from painting to painting — from The Fire Sermon, to A Game of Chess, to The Burial of the Dead, to Death by Water, to What the Thunder Said —  you might begin to recall the … read more... "Jay Senetchko: A tale of two empires"

Undergraduate Sketchbook: December 2017

About the artist: Phoebe Funderburg-Moore uses her sketchbook like a visual diary, reflecting on experiences and collecting her thoughts. Along with the sketchbook practice, Phoebe makes murals, comics, album covers, t-shirts, and more. Show More Summary

Pumphouse Studio Gallery is Back!

My Studio at Pumphouse Studio Gallery Whatever happened to Pumphouse Studio Gallery? It's alive and well in New Mexico!As you may recall, Trina and I opened Pumphouse Studio Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, several years ago. Located in a...Show More Summary

Laura Owens: So much fun

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Laura Owens’s mid-career survey at the Whitney Museum features more than 60 paintings, many large-scale and hung salon-style, from the mid-1990s until today. The work is all over the map, but Owens’s primary...Show More Summary

December 2017 Holiday Letter from Michael

Capilla de la Noche12x16 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable (What follows is my December newsletter. You may already have received this via e-mail as part of my mailing list.) Trina and I are enjoying our new place in New Mexico very much. Show More Summary

On file: Leslie Brack at Cathouse Proper

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Offices were once equipped with typewriters, copy machines, and paperclips, and, of course, contained the files that organized and stored “paperwork.” Leslie Brack’s new paintings of well-worn metal file...Show More Summary

New Demonstration: Planning a Painting

"Afternoon at Otter Cliff"12x24 Oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable - $1800 incl frame, shipping I've posted a new demonstration on planning a painting on my website. In the demonstration, I show you how I went about creating the painting at the top of this post, including design sketches, color explorations and more. Show More Summary

Transformative Paintings—and Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

Dream of Futures Past14x18 Oil/Cold Wax MediumMichael Chesley Johnson I want to share with you a studio painting I finished this week. You may ask, What does this have to do with plein air painting? Well, it has to do with my yearning...Show More Summary

Judging Warm and Cool

Can you tell what colors are warm and cool in this scene? At the beginning of my plein air painting workshops, I usually ask my students: What problem would you like to work on most this week? You might be surprised to learn that color temperature baffles many. Show More Summary

Lisa Beck

“I am attracted to related visual phenomena like positive and negative, pattern and randomness, color and grayscale, flatness and depth, representation and abstraction. I always want to go in different directions at the same time and much of my work has involved trying to find ways to integrate these so-called opposites.” In her first solo … read more... "Lisa Beck"

Good incentive: Beth Dary’s drawing

Contributed by Sharon Butler / From a recent exhibition organized to raise money for  Chef Jose Andres’s World Central Kitchen’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico, I came home with two wonderful pieces, which I’ve decided to use as gifts for contributors to the 2017 Two Coats of Paint Year-end Fundraising campaign. Show More Summary

My Top Blog Posts for the Year

As we approach the end of 2017, it seems that everywhere you go on the Internet someone is offering the "top" somethings from the past year. I thought I'd jump on that bus before it leaves. With that in mind, here are the most popular posts from my blog for 2017. Show More Summary

Art & Film: Liquid asset in The Shape of Water

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Cult film auteur Guillermo del Toro, director and co-writer of the triumphant The Shape of Water, sees 1962, in which it is set, as a historical hinge point. It was the first (and last) full year of Kennedy’s Camelot and the final year of America’s perceived (if delusional) postwar idyll … read more... Show More Summary

Jacqueline Humphries: The Matrix meets Cy Twombly

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In her ninth solo show at Greene Naftali, Jacqueline Humphries presents ten towering canvases that grapple with our relationship to digital technology and the overwhelming nature of the “data surround.”...Show More Summary

Pochade Boxes I Have Known

I've been painting outdoors for nearly 20 years now. You'd expect that over that time I'd have gathered quite a collection of paint boxes--and I have! I thought you'd enjoy hearing about a few of them. With that in mind, please enjoy the following video. Show More Summary

Links You Need to Know About

Quiet Cove 12x16 OilFeatured in my first demonstration for my website One of my projects this year is to put up several demonstrations on my web site. These demonstrations are free, and they will show you some of the techniques and methods I use, both in the studio and out. Show More Summary

Roy Dowell and Richard Kalina: Standing their ground

Contributed by Marjorie Welish /  “Synchronicity: A State of Painting” an exhibition of paintings by Roy Dowell and Richard Kalina, on view at Lennon, Weinberg through December 23,  proves that the notion of standing one’s ground may...Show More Summary

Cary Smith’s hand-painted precision

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In his second solo at Fredericks & Freiser, Cary Smith presented a new group of his signature hard-edged abstractions. These feature bold color and variations on two themes: the mandala (geometry) and the portrait (humanism). Show More Summary

The Countdown's Begun—Have You Started Yet?

Are you drowning in a flood of email with subjects like “Christmas Gift Ideas”? Well, I hope this one makes it through your spam filter, because I believe my list will take your paintings to the next level—all with the idea of helping...Show More Summary

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