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Ringing in the New Year with Snow

Ceci n'est pas une peinturePhotograph, pulled through a couple of Picasa filters We don't often get snow in Sedona, but we got plenty of it starting New Year's Eve and into the New Year. I measured about 4" at our house, and I'm sure it was more in Sedona proper. Show More Summary

Part II: Adira Thekkuveettil and the defaced murals in India

Contributed by Hannah Kennedy, Two Coats Intern /  Adira Thekkuveettil is an emerging photographer working in Gujarat, India, who created "Women on Walls," a series of photographs inspired by the notorious 2012 Delhi gang rape incident. Show More Summary

Field Trip: Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia

While I was teaching an MFA seminar at PAFA last semester, I took the class to artist-run gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid for a talk by founding member Alexis Granwell. Granwell told the students how the gallery works and explained why...Show More Summary

Gratitude, Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015

Last 2014 snap from the studio in LIC. Happy New Year!I recently read an article (thanks to Sharon Louden for bringing my attention to it on Twitter) that suggested the most common mistake artists make is forgetting to thank the people who have helped them. Show More Summary

Happy New Year! Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015

Last snap from the studio in LIC, 2014. Looking forward to 2015! Paul D'Agostino, art editor at the L Magazine, asked a gaggle of artists and writers for their favorites or highlights from 2014 and a few predictions or hopes for 2015. Show More Summary

Artist's Test Kitchen in Pastel Journal

"Nestled in Dawn's Early Light" 12x16 pastel The latest issue of Pastel Journal (February 2015) has just hit the streets, and I'm happy to say that my "Artist's Test Kitchen" article is in it. In this article, I review the new set of...Show More Summary

Solo Exhibit at Sedona City Hall

Mayor Sandy Moriarty meets with me to install a few of my paintings in her office. I'm proud to announce that you can now see a solo exhibit of twenty of my landscape paintings at City Hall in Sedona, Arizona. These oil and pastel paintings of the Southwest are on display in the Vultee Conference Room until April 15. Show More Summary

Three-Color Oil Palette

"Mitten Ridge Reds" 12x16 oil/canvasMade with the three-color palette described below. Much basic knowledge is given to children at an early age. I don't remember when I learned about the three primaries—red, yellow and blue—so it must have been a very long time ago indeed. Show More Summary

The Seduction and Peril of Plein Air

Red Rocks Revisited - 8x10 oil - studio painting based on below reference Red Rocks - 5x7 pastel - original reference Fields and woods, streams and creeks and hilltops—I've spent much of my life exploring the landscape, either on foot or in a car, and with camera or paint brush. Show More Summary

Suzanne Joelson studio visit: Temporal and now

When I stopped by Suzanne Joelson's studio a few weeks ago, I found her working on several things at once, including two large paintings on hollow-core panels (doors in a previous life) and a series of painting-collages on paper. Recently...Show More Summary

The Outlands of Sedona - Road Trip

Painting at Palatki At least once a season when I'm in Sedona, I like to take a painting road trip with my friend, M.L. Coleman. M.L. has a Lazy Daze motorhome that's perfect for several days or even weeks on the road. Together, we've traveled up to the Grand Canyon, both the North and South Rims, and the Vermilion Cliffs. Show More Summary

The strategic now

In her statement for "The Forever Now," the contemporary painting show on view at MOMA through April 5, 2015, curator Laura Hoptman makes a case that the Internet enables painters to sample styles from art history, creating an “ahistorical...Show More Summary

Artist's house for sale: Mystic, Connecticut

When I was a full-time faculty member at a nearby university, we bought this beautiful historic house at 9 Pearl Street in Mystic, Connecticut. The entire attic was my studio, and it was here that I began blogging at Two Coats of Paint. Show More Summary

Artist as Migrant Worker

Photo courtesy of Life MagazineThe LIFE photo archive of more than 10 million pictures has been made available on Google, free for personal and research purposes. Copyright and ownership of all images remains with Time Inc. A majority of the images have never been publicly displayed before. Show More Summary

Miami, Part IV: Rebecca Morgan's eye on the figurative

Guest Contributor Rebecca Morgan / The Miami fairs constitute true spectacle. I enjoyed watching it happen from a safe distance, and found it even more exhilarating to be present and in the thick of it all. The general atmosphere across the fairs and social scenes throughout the week was congenial and bright, celebratory and effervescent. Show More Summary

Miami, Part III: Heather Leigh McPherson attends a Bomb discussion, Untitled

Guest Contributor Heather Leigh McPherson / After a Saturday filled with manic art-spectating energy, I went to Untitled and attended a late afternoon panel at Select Art Fair, which presented a moment of reflection and listening. Moderated...Show More Summary

What Inspires Me - and Where in the World is Plein Air

Next summer, I'll be taking part in the second annual "Where in the World Is Plein Air" juried event. The event lasts three days, June 10-12, 2015, and participating artists will be creating one painting a day and posting three video segments daily to show the paintings in process. Show More Summary

Miami, Part II: Heather Leigh McPherson Reports on NADA

Guest Contributor Heather Leigh McPherson / I spent twenty-six hours awake in Miami Beach. I gave Art Basel the once-over, had a long look at the NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) Fair, attended a panel hosted by Legacy Russell at Select Art Fair, and flew through Untitled in the fifty-two minutes before the guards started circling at 7 pm. Show More Summary

Part I: Rebecca Morgan's pick's from Miami--Untitled and Art Basel

Guest contributor Rebecca Morgan / As the definitive Juggernaut of all art fairs, there is a lot to love and loathe about Art Basel Miami Beach. Personally, my love for art fairs far exceeds my disdain for them; without going into particulars...Show More Summary

After December Rains ... and the Finger Cot Test

After December Rains12x9 pastelAvailable - $ 300 - unframed, shipping included As you may recall, in my last post I wrote about cracked fingertips and split fingernails as a result of my pastel addiction. After trying a variety of gloves, creams and alchemical concoctions, I settled on finger cots. Show More Summary

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