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Website Temporarily Offline

For those of you trying to get to my website,, my web host is temporarily offline due to a problem with its network provider. In the meantime, you can go to my mirror site: I'll post a note here when the full site is up and running again. --- Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA MPAC PSNM

Your Monthly Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski

Transcribed by guest contributor Jennifer Coates / Kitty divides her time between New York City and Montauk. She is a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. She was recently certified in Trauma Re-alignment...Show More Summary

Sizzling Reds in The Artist's Magazine

My article on reds for the oil painter, "Sizzling Reds," is in the latest issue of The Artist's Magazine. I had a lot of fun writing this article and creating the demonstration paintings. What I am most proud of, however, are the test...Show More Summary

Looking Forward: Downeast Maine & Canadian Maritimes

Now that my Paint Sedona plein air painting workshop season has ended, I'm eager to get to my summer studio for my Paint Campobello workshops. Campobello Island, New Brunswick, and Lubec, Maine, offer so much for the plein air painter. Show More Summary

Nicolas Poussin: Et In Arcadia Ego (Arcadian Shepherds)

4 months agoArts / Painting : Art & Critique

Et In Arcadia Ego (hanging in Louvre Museum, Paris) must be one of Poussin’s most famous paintings. The main reason for this renown, according to critics (read Wikipedia article on Et In Arcadia Ego), lies in this piece being a visual representation of the art of painting, no less. Though this interpretation might seem remote, [...]

Samuel Michlap

4 months agoArts / Painting : PaintBlog

Working in the film industry has clearly influenced the brilliant lighting and colour choices Samuel Michlap makes in his paintings.  He has some great concept art on his blog too, where you can see how his painting is influencing him as a production designer and art director. On a separate note, it has been an […]

Mike Shankman

4 months agoArts / Painting : PaintBlog

Mike Shankman’s paintings are relics of an aftermath, the debris left behind after powerful and destructive forces have toppled what once stood.  His images are both desolate and visceral, and I like them very much. Enjoy!

Nicolas Poussin: Eliezer and Rebecca

4 months agoArts / Painting : Art & Critique

Poussin’s Eliezer and Rebecca presents a curious departure from the solemn subject matter often preferred by the painter. This is an everyday scene where the majority of the actors perform everyday tasks; Eliezer himself, if we remember, was a servant. In this piece Poussin offers a generous and keen psychological portrait of girlhood, describing a [...]

Diana Copperwhite: I think about what the paintings can’t do and then I try to do it

On the occasion of her solo show at Kevin Kavanagh in Dublin, Diana Copperwhite, born in Dublin in 1969, had the following conversation with Irish artist Helen O'Leary. They discuss Ireland's literary and visual traditions, the importance of scale, optics, and how technology has taken hold in Copperwhite's work. Show More Summary

Please join me: upcoming events in April, May, and June

Hello readers, I have a few events coming up and I want to make sure everyone is invited.First: I want to put in a plug for the Art F City 10th Anniversary Benefit Party and Auction, which takes place on April 13 at Lightbox. Buy your tickets here. Show More Summary

The Painter of Modern Life, command-z, and the resurgence of abstraction

The Internet, especially through social media, facilitates a direct and immediate connection between interior and exterior worlds, and I have little doubt that this recent phenomenon has helped propel the current resurgence of abstract painting. Show More Summary

A Look Back at this Past Season in Sedona: Plein Air Painting Workshops & More

Our time here in Sedona is just about up. I have one more plein air painting workshop to teach before we pack up the house and head back to Campobello Island. I thought I'd share with you some images from this past season in Sedona.Show More Summary

Art Business: Name Change, Game Change - Update

The butterfly "chop" of The Artist Formerly Known as Whistler I've had so much feedback on my question about changing my professional name that I felt I needed to write a followup post. I don't have time to reply to each one. But believe...Show More Summary

Art Business: Change Your Name, Change Your Game?

West Fork Reflections, 9x12 oilShould I sign it as "Michael Chesley Johnson" or "Mac Braxton"? I plan to change my name for plein air painting events, starting in 2016. After reading the below, please feel free to share your opinion....Show More Summary

Image of the Day: Ellen Siebers

I stopped by Mattaewan Gallery in Beacon yesterday to check out Ellen Siebers show before it comes down on Sunday. Siebers paints sections of objects from memory, some recognizable and some not, in a small scale and neutral color that recall the simplicity of Shaker design. Show More Summary

Craig Taylor: Data bust

In his witty new paintings, Brooklyn painter Craig Taylor empties traditional portrait bust forms of facial detail and fills the silhouettes with strata of small marks and brushstrokes. The effect is to make visible the unarticulated anxiety behind our carefully crafted facades. Show More Summary

Jack Davidson: Snippets and memories

Jack Davidson’s paintings are humble, from their mid-scale size and lightweight stretcher bars to their enigmatic lowercase titles. The paint handling is purposefully inconspicuous, like the uninflected voice of a realist novelist. Davidson...Show More Summary

Studio update: Preston Hand Built

Having just moved into my new studio at 55 Washington Street in DUMBO, I've started a batch of new work, none of which is ready to share yet. Moving from sublet to sublet for the past five years, I've come to expect a few unproductive...Show More Summary

What's It All About, Ozzy? or, The Future of Our Art

The "Cardboard Bernini" - Before...and Going, Going, Going... Most of us, when we embark on our art careers, hope that we will be making art for the ages. We'd love it if our art would survive us to either enlighten, entertain or inspire future generations. Show More Summary

Suface prep at Centotto: Dunlap, Mahler, D’Acunto, DaWalt

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / “Something Naught,” the new group show at Centotto, Paul D’Agostino’s redoubtable Bushwick salon, gathers four abstract artists who take very different approaches to resolving surfaces. The fact that surfaces themselves have aesthetic value in paintings sets painting apart from, say, digital work. Show More Summary

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