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Transformative Paintings—and Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

Dream of Futures Past14x18 Oil/Cold Wax MediumMichael Chesley Johnson I want to share with you a studio painting I finished this week. You may ask, What does this have to do with plein air painting? Well, it has to do with my yearning...Show More Summary

Doug Dawson Plein Air Painting Workshop, Oct 30-Nov 3, 2017

In case you haven't heard, Master Artist Doug Dawson will be teaching a plein air painting workshop October 30-November 3, 2017, in Sedona, Arizona. I've known Doug for many years, and I've sponsored several workshops with him. Doug,...Show More Summary

The Selfishness of Art

Portrait of Mozart (1756-1791).Painted in 1762, when the composer was 6, by Fruhstorfer. The making of Art is a selfish endeavor. It requires all your spirit; yet you can give it everything, and it will still demand more. To give it what it craves is to take away from others. Show More Summary

Skill and Confidence: Is My Work Any Good?

Is my work any good?This question is a thorn throughout one's entire art career, but it seems more painful when just starting out. You have little or no confidence at this point, and for a reason – you don't know anything yet, so of course your work isn't very good. Show More Summary

Men curating women

Last week "The Female Gaze, Part 2: Women Look At Men," an exhibition that includes many rich and inventive paintings, opened at Cheim and Read. The first edition, "The Female Gaze: Women Look at Women," took place in 2009, and the new installment, featuring work by 32 women who depict men, focuses on gender and sexuality. Show More Summary

Small Paintings Available at Pumphouse Studio Gallery Blog

"Autumn's Turn" 9x12 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonAvailable at Pumphouse Studio Gallery Blog Even for a professional artist who sells his work, inventory builds up. I've just about filled every corner and closet in my studio with small workshop demonstrations and field sketches. Show More Summary

The paintings in "Greater New York"

[Image at top: Eric Mack, Pain After Heat, 2014 "Greater New York" at MoMA PS1, New York] This iteration of "Greater New York," the sprawling group exhibition at MoMA PS1 that traditionally highlights the most prominent young artists...Show More Summary

Peter Halley: Hyperreal

When I stopped by the Florence Griswold Museum during a snowstorm in mid-March to see Peter Halley’s retrospective, the glowing neon color and interlocking geometric forms – what he has called cells, prisons (that is, rectangular sets of prison bars), and conduits – had transformed the museum into a dazzling chamber of vibrating light. Show More Summary

Nicolas Poussin: Et In Arcadia Ego (Arcadian Shepherds)

Et In Arcadia Ego (hanging in Louvre Museum, Paris) must be one of Poussin’s most famous paintings. The main reason for this renown, according to critics (read Wikipedia article on Et In Arcadia Ego), lies in this piece being a visual representation of the art of painting, no less. Though this interpretation might seem remote, [...]

Channel surfing with Tomas Vu

I was watching House of Cards last night, Season 3, Episode 3--the one in which the coarse and cagey Russian President Petrov makes a state visit to the White House. At one point (spoiler alert), before his relationship with the Underwoods...Show More Summary

Life-Changing Advice from William F. Reese

William F. Reese The painter William F. Reese died in 2010, but I recently came across a video presentation he gave in 2009 that I want to share with you in a moment. It contains good advice for those of us who have unrealized ambitions.I never had the pleasure of meeting Reese, but he was a mentor of my mentor, Ann Templeton, who is also now gone. Show More Summary

Kickstarter Update: Fifth Batch of Paintings Posted

29 - Liberty Point Snags 6x6 oil The lilacs are now in full bloom, and the lupines are starting to spike. With today's rain, the colors are particularly lovely.I've now posted my fifth batch of paintings, making a total of 35. I think I've got some really nice pieces in this batch, and I'm having fun exploring color and playing with brush work. Show More Summary

On film and painting: Repetitive stress

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Wall Street hustler Jordan Belfort and sculptor Camille Claudel had little in common, and the recent movies about the lives of each are ostensibly very different. Yet Martin Scorsese and Bruno Dumont...Show More Summary

Painting Toward Happiness: Episode 1: The Landscape

Snarky Jayson Musson, aka Hennessy Youngman from the hilarious Art Thoughtz series, channels Bob Ross in the first installment of his new series "Painting Toward Happiness." Click for full story / links

Ready for a Fall or Winter Plein Air Painting Getaway? Paint Sedona Workshops are Filling!

(Email recipients of this newsletter won't see the video above; but here is the direct link to it.) Summer's done, fall is here, and, as the Starks of Winterfell say in George R. R. Martin's wonderful book, A Game of Thrones: "Winter...Show More Summary

It's Time to Think About Fall and Winter Plein Air Painting Workshops in Sedona, Arizona!

(Email recipients of this newsletter won't see the video above; but here is the direct link to it.) It may be July Fourth - and oh, by the way, a happy Independence Day to you in the States! - but summer will be over before you know it. Show More Summary

Unpacked Cargo: Mary Iverson Inside and Out

Shipping containers have a strange relationship to the city of Seattle.  Their accompanying series of orange and white cranes frame our skyline as highly visible but distantly silent landmarks.  With imported products from Asia on the rise and easier movement across the Arctic Ocean due to climate change, the ever-larger stacks of building block-like crates [...]

Iona Rozeal Brown in the New York Times

We’ve been keeping an eye on Iona Rozeal Brown since she made an appearance in our 2002 MFA Annual. On Friday she was featured in the Art and Design section of the New York Times. After the jump, read the entire article. Congrats Iona! Photo By Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times Here is a link [...]

The Importance of Drawing - New Video Short

I've created a new video short, called The Importance of Drawing. Even if you don't see any straight lines in the landscape, angle and proportion are important - and that's what drawing is all about. In this short video, I tell why. Also, my new Artists' Network University online plein air workshop starts this Tuesday, February 19. Show More Summary

Last week: Precisionist Casual at Pocket Utopia, Kate Wadkins on 'zines

My show at Pocket Utopia, "Precisionist Casual," is on view through Sunday, Februaray 17, so please stop by and have a look if you haven't already. On Sunday, concluding the events organized in conjunction with the exhibition (thanks...Show More Summary

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