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How to erase tourists from your travel videos without VFX

As a location photographer, tourists are the bane of my existence on some days. You turn up to a gorgeous location with your subject, ready to shoot, and the place is packed. Or, you face the other problem, one I had recently on a photo shoot in Scotland. Show More Summary

London restaurant gives you “Instagram kit” so you can take better food photos

In some restaurants, the food looks so good that it calls for a photo before you dig in. But London restaurant Dirty Bones took a step further in pleasing the Instagram “foodies.” They are offering “Instagram kits” to everyone who wants...Show More Summary

Astonishing Found Photos of A Girl Who Loved to Wear Fantastic Costumes in the 1960s

A small photo collection was found by Andy Kraushaar that show a young girl who loved to wear fantastic costumes and posed for photographing in February 1962. See more »

Canon 6D Mark II dynamic range results are disappointing

There has been a great hype about the new Canon 6D Mark II. Now that it’s officially released, the first dynamic range test results are coming in – and they are not good. As it turns out, the 6D Mark II has less dynamic range than models like 5D Mark IV or 1D X Mark […] The post Canon 6D Mark II dynamic range results are disappointing appeared first on DIY Photography.

How to photograph a wedding – Tips for professional photographers or anyone thinking about trying this!

This blog is written for anyone who photographs weddings professionally or is thinking about doing so, but it is also beneficial for future newlyweds to truly understand the planning, thought processes, coordination, work, skill and endurance that we go through to get the images. Show More Summary

A Church in Charleston: 1900

Charleston, South Carolina, circa 1900. "Broad Street and St. Michael's Church." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

1980s San Francisco: A Cool Women Fashion Collection Taken by An American Photographer

American photographer Rick Soloway took these beautiful photos that show a part of San Francisco women fashion trend in the 1980s. “My son Steven encouraged me to assemble and share some of the photos of my friends and aquaintances in 1980s San Francisco.” See more »

Neighborhood Watch: 1920

San Francisco circa 1920. "Maxwell sedan at Presidio Terrace." Angular transport for the upright motorist. 5x7 glass negative by Chris Helin. View full size.

5 Tips for Location Scouting Before a Photo Session

Maybe by a show of virtual hands, how many of us have ever been in a situation where we have gone to a location for a photoshoot only to find out that something unexpected like a marathon, construction or worse demolition, is going on...Show More Summary

7 Travel Photography Tips I’ve Learned from People in the Industry

Like any profession, over the years and countless hours of working and talking to people in the industry, you will pick up tips, advice and even things to avoid. This will ultimately help you improve and possibly make your photography business more profitable. Show More Summary

Concert Photography 101: Cameras and Lenses for Beginners

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a concert photographer, one of the very first steps is to acquire the right gear. You’ve probably been to a concert or festival and seen music photographers hauling tons of equipment such as two camera bodies and enormous lenses. Show More Summary

Quick and Dirty Method of Using the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool

Let’s say you use Lightroom and you’ve tried and tried to get rid of those distracting spots using Lightroom’s Spot Removal Tool but no matter how you set it – using Clone or Heal or changing the Opacity or increasing the Feather – you have a giant, obvious repair on your image. Show More Summary

An open letter to photography workshop and conference organisers

We need to have a chat. There is a lot of nonsense going on in the workshop world, and it needs to stop. Taking someone’s money and promising that you can help their business, is no joke, and it needs to be taken seriously! Every week...Show More Summary

Company Men: 1911

January 1911. Pittston, Pennsylvania. "Four Breaker Boys working in #9 Breaker, Hughestown Borough, Pennsylvania Coal Company. Boy on left is Tony Ross, 142 Panama Street. Other small boy is Mike Ross, cousin." Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine for the National Child Labor Committee. View full size.

Back in the 1950s, Lipstick Testing Was the Best Job in the World?

During the last Century, the laboratory testing of lipsticks used to involve a group of volunteer women who all participated by kissing one lucky random bald man. Looks like he's in another world. See more »

Beware: scammers using Facebook Marketplace and Venmo payment system to steal camera gear

  For two weeks now, there has been an ongoing scam that caused twenty people from LA to lose thousands of dollars in camera gear. A user under the name “Andy Mai” uses Facebook Marketplace and Venmo payment system to pull the scam and steal the gear. Show More Summary

These tips will make photographing animals easier and more efficient

While I love photos of animals, I believe that animal photography is one of the most difficult genres to master. You need a hell lot of patience and focus when working with them, even when they are trained and obedient. Jay P. Morgan...Show More Summary

Is Adobe CC subscription worth it?

When Adobe switched to subscription-only plan, it made many users angry. However, there are some advantages to this plan, according to photographer Justin Odisho. He shares some of the greatest benefits of paying a monthly subscription for your Adobe apps. Show More Summary

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