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How To Calibrate The Focus of Your Lenses – And Why You Should

Here’s a (semi) fun way to start the year off right – it’s time to calibrate the focus of your lenses! Most DSLRs offer options for “micro adjustment” or to “fine tune” the focus of attached lenses. If you happen to use Sigma ART series...Show More Summary

Daily Critique / Image Review: 1-17-17

The post Daily Critique / Image Review: 1-17-17 appeared first on ESSENTIALS For Photographers.

Tina Louise: Beautiful Redhead Ginger – '50s Glamorous Portrait Photos in Beginning Days of Her Career

Tina Louise (born Tina Blacker, 1934) is an American actress, singer, and author. She began her career on stage during mid-1950s, before landing her breakthrough role in 1958 drama film God's Little Acre for which she received Golden...Show More Summary

How to Stand Out as a Photographer in a Crowded Market

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, there’s one big problem that you and every aspiring photographer must face; you are one among many. It no longer takes years of practice or even an expensive camera to make someone a talented, and in some cases professional, photographer. Show More Summary

How to Create a Rim Light Effect Using Photoshop

Lighting is a huge integral part of a movie’s success. The same applies to photography. It’s all about the light or lack of it to create the drama in an image. Rim lighting, as the term suggests, is also called edge or back lighting....Show More Summary

Review of the New Flagship DX Camera – The Nikon D500

Everyone thinks they need a full frame camera but are they really that much better? Most people feel the only reason they have cropped sensor cameras is because they can’t afford a full frame one. Then you have to wonder why Nikon have produced one that is not full frame and comes with an expensive price tag. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Capturing Everyday Moments in Your Family’s Life

Lifestyle photography and the art of everyday photography is about documenting your daily life. This could include capturing your baby’s toothless smile, his/her first steps, the way they hold their hair or twirl their dress, first time...Show More Summary

The Myths and Realities of Becoming a Professional Photographer

As a professional photographer, I think the number one mistake for aspiring pros is to fall for certain myths about the craft and career. In this article, we’ll look at some of the myths and realities of being a professional photographer. Show More Summary

7 Vital Tips to Improve Your Candid Street Photography

If people watching is in your nature, you owe it to yourself to try some street photography. It can be addicting, and the fleeting moments you can capture will be one of a kind. It is a genre of photography similar to fishing. The more...Show More Summary

When is the Right Time to Upgrade Camera Gear?

Knowing when to upgrade camera gear can be a little tricky. Picking the right time to upgrade is about knowing who you are as a photographer, and who you want to become. What makes upgrading tricky is the pace at which technology advances. Show More Summary

10 Tips to Help Photographers Avoid Back Problems

Studies state that one time or another, about 80% of the world population experiences some kind of back problems or pain. This is either due to nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, arthritis or some kind of trauma....Show More Summary

How to Use Photoshop to Create Milestone Photos of Babies

Buried deep in my parents’ basement are boxes of slides with pictures of my siblings and I, when we were kids, all taken with my dad’s Minolta DSLR that has long since been lost to the ages. I have a few scans of those early photos but...Show More Summary

How to Make a Low Key Portrait Step by Step

What does low key mean? In a world where the crisp, clean, high key shot dominates, it’s great to see a return to the low key portrait. In comparison to the high key image, where most of the tones are above (lighter than) 50% grey, the...Show More Summary

How to use your exposure settings for creative effect

Whether you’re shooting photography or video, film or digital, exposure generally boils down to three elements in your camera. ISO, aperture and shutter speed. All three of these things will affect your exposure, how bright the image is. Show More Summary

How to create a strong focal point and manage attention inside your photographs

Focal point is a term that photographers and photography blogs throw around continually. “Create a focal point,” it’s said, “it should be the first and last place the eye goes in your image.” That’s true, of course, but like most important things it’s easier said than done. Show More Summary

This is not a new Sony mirrorless camera, it’s a USB charging station

This is either the silliest or coolest looking USB charger I’ve ever seen. I haven’t quite decided yet. USB chargers are a part of everyday life. Whether it’s for our phones, tablets, or even some cameras, we just can’t escape them.Show More Summary

Daily Life: January 2017

For this edition of our look at daily life we share images from Serbia, East Timor, Portugal, Germany, United States, and other countries from around the world. -- By Lloyd YoungPuli Gin-Gin runs in the snow in its garden in Lautertal, southern Germany, on Jan. 5. Pulis are Hungarian sheepdogs and rarely seen in Germany. (Michael Probst/Associated Press)

Offroaders: 1919

San Francisco circa 1919. "Franklin touring car." Some of the ladies last glimpsed here. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.

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