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7 Style Tricks to Steal from Other Artists

You’ve been taking photos for quite a while now but suddenly you notice your shots are looking a bit the similar. Same locations, same light, same style, same subjects. Yes, you can travel to new places once in a blue moon, but you itch...Show More Summary

Artist steals a whole set of photos for his $15,500 commissioned installation

In 2015, the city of Calgary commissioned artist Derek Michael Besant $20,000 CAD (around $15,500 USD) for a public exhibit. Two years later, the exhibition has been taken down because it turned out that Besant used copyrighted images without permission. Show More Summary

Photo Tour Through the Swiss Alps

The lofty mountains of Switzerland are a rewarding destination for nature photographers throughout the whole year. Geared with different lenses, photo filters, tripod and other useful photo equipment, you can take photos in every valley, gulch and gorge or on every mountaintop, pasture and glacier. The post Photo Tour Through the Swiss Alps appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

Ten quick tips for photographing northern lights

The other day I was lucky enough to catch some Northern Lights over my hometown Stockholm. It is quite rare to see them here, especially on a full moon night, and with all the light pollution from the city. The experience of seeing and...Show More Summary

18 Elegant Glass Plate Negatives of Ladies in Dresses From the 1930s

What did women wear in the 1930s? The fashion of the thirties is usually overshadowed by the great depression, but the 1930s were full of glamour and style, especially dresses. These photos that capture beautiful ladies in their dresses from the 1930s are just elegant. See more »

DIYP Reviews the Manfrotto Element Carbon – Small but mighty

The Manfrotto Element series of aluminium travel tripods have become quite popular since their initial release.  Now they’ve updated the line with the new Element Carbon. I’ve had one for the last few weeks, so here are some of my thoughts. Show More Summary

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Part 2 – Camera Bags

Oh, sure, we all have them, and most of us have multiples. Do you need another? Probably. So what was new this year?Plenty. So here are some of the faves from Peak Design, ThinkTank, SKB, Tenba, and BlackRapid Peak Design has been coming on strong with 2 great walk-around bags Everyday Sling 10L and now […]

High Finance: 1910

Pensacola, Florida, circa 1910. "American National Bank, Palafox Street." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Chicago in 1941 Through John Vachon's Lens

In the depths of the Great Depression, the United States government created the Resettlement Administration to help provide relief for drought-stricken and impoverished farmers. The RA was restructured and renamed the Farm Security Administration...Show More Summary

Esplanade Ave.: 1910

New Orleans circa 1910. "Gayarre Place monument, Esplanade Avenue." In its current incarnation, the monument's much-abused sculpture ("Peace, the Genius of History," originally displayed at the 1884 World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition) has regained an arm but lost the cherubs. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Tips for Planning and Capturing a Creative Portrait

There is saying, in the photography world, that an image can be taken in a hundred different ways. This is especially true, as you have probably already noticed when capturing portraits. Portrait photography is probably the most popular genre, within the realm of the diverse world that is the art of photography. Show More Summary

Love in Photography: 16 Sweet Photos That Show 'the Kisses of Robert Doisneau'

French photographer Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) made photographs on the streets of Paris in the 1930s. He was a champion of humanist photography and with Henri Cartier-Bresson a pioneer of photojournalism. Doisneau is renowned for his...Show More Summary

Review of K&F Concept KF-885 Speedlight

A few weeks back I received the K&F Concept KF-885 Speedlight to test out and review. Now before I get into the review for this flash, I have to say that I have been a Canon photographer ever since I started my business in 2010. Even...Show More Summary

Photographer brings Wonder Woman, Queen of the Amazons to life in this cospaly shoot

It is not rare that a fictional character gets a dedicated fan photo shoot. Deadpool, Batman and Assassin’s Creed are some of the hardcore characters we’ve featured before, and brave was on the softer side. With Wonder Woman being such a hit, it’s no wonder that this character is getting some action. Show More Summary

Does gear really matter?

Does the gear you use matter? Well, as with most questions, yes… and no. As someone who makes their living from using a camera should I be worried when I see how easy is it for “normal people” to take amazing photos? We live in a golden age for people who love using cameras. I […] The post Does gear really matter? appeared first on DIY Photography.

Photographer Spotlight: Q&A With Willie Dalton – Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer

Next in our ongoing Photographer Spotlight series it’s Willie Dalton. Willie is an Anchorage, Alaska based travel and outdoor lifestyle photographer, film maker and a contributing creative professional at Akela Collective. Willie is also a stock photography contributor at Stocksy United. Show More Summary

41 Fascinating Color Photos That Capture Street Scenes of Paris in the Early 1970s

These fascinating photos from Steve OWEN that captured street scenes of Paris in 1971 and 1972. Street in St Denis, 1971 Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel, 1971 Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel, 1971 Couple on the Quai, Ile St. Louis, 1971 Courtyard at the Sorbonne, 1971 See more »

Everything you wanted to know about Banding and were afraid to ask

We’ve all been there: you sit on a picture forever, bored of retouching, and then when you do get around to it strange things start to show up in it. Like odd rings of graduated color. These rings of color are called banding. They are...Show More Summary

53 Stunning Color Photos of Sandra Dee From Between the 1950s and 1960s

Born Alexandra Zuck in 1942 in Bayonne, New Jerse, American actress Sandra Dee began her career as a child model, working in commercials before transitioning to film in her teenage years. Best known for her portrayal of ingénues, Dee...Show More Summary

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Santa Claus or simply “Santa” – also known as Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas has been photographed in many cities around the world (especially in New York with the Volunteers of America). Here our selection from the Magnum Photos‘ archive. Finland. Show More Summary

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