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How to create flawlessly retouched skin with dodge & burn

Retouching skin with dodge and burn is one of the most valuable skill a photographer can learn. It can have such a dramatic effect on your image, but it does it completely non-destructively. While dodging and burning has been aroundShow More Summary

Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station

Google Street View lets you see almost all corners of the world, but now you can even see the world from another angle – from space. They launched the latest novelty to the web app, which lets you explore the inside of the International Space Station (ISS). Show More Summary

U.S. lifts the electronics ban from the Middle East flights

Earlier this year, the U.S. banned electronics on flights from eight Muslim countries. Even though there was a word it could happen on all international flights, the U.S. government has decided to lift the electronics ban altogether....Show More Summary

Photographer creates quirky monsters will bring out your inner child

When it comes to monsters, cartoons, and movies, I believe my mind and heart are still stuck somewhere in the childhood. And this is why I loved the latest project by photographer Jan von Holleben. Monster Heroes is a set of quirky super-creatures,...Show More Summary

Watch this model show off 30 poses in 15 seconds

Working with a model can be one of the most amazing experiences of your photographic life. This is especially true if you have an experienced model that can knock out poses in rapid succession by themselves so that you can concentrate on the photography. Show More Summary

This 7 part crash course will teach you everything about post processing videos

If you’re into creating video content, then you’re definitely going to want to set aside some time to watch this one. Probably a few evenings. Adobe Worldwide Evangelist, Jason Levine, has put together this amazing seven video course on how to make great videos. Show More Summary

How To Photograph Landscapes At Night

The challenge of shooting in low light and nighttime lighting conditions can be daunting. While many of the same principles apply to night photography as photographing during the day, there is definitely a learning curve before you start taking great photos at night. Show More Summary

Learn how to light the inside of a cube for better interior architectural shots

Architectural photography has never really appealed to me. Not shooting it, at least. I do enjoy looking at it occasionally and there’s some fantastic work out there. For me, an interior is basically just an environment for a portrait rather than the subject itself. Show More Summary

Can you spot doctored images? This study suggests you can’t

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when the picture is doctored – it’s a thousand words long lie. And when these fake photos hit the news and ads, it becomes a problem.  Sophie J. Nightingale of the University of Warwick ran a study to test how well people can detect doctored images. Show More Summary

How to get rid of four different types of flares

Sometimes flare is a matter of artistic preference and choice. However, there are plenty of instances when we don’t want it in photos. Koldunov Brothers show you four different types of flares, and the methods to get rid of them. In some cases, there are only minor improvements. Show More Summary

Photographer shoots an abandoned building he made from Styrofoam and wood

When it comes to amazing miniature photography, Felix Hernández is the man. He often builds his models from scratch using available materials. Although he’s had some works inspired by famous movies (like Star Wars or Back to the Future), this time he was inspired by the feeling of deep solitude. Show More Summary

How to Find Animals for Wildlife Photography Beginners

Wildlife photography may seem like an attractive field of photography to you, but one of the most daunting things for beginners is how to actually go about finding the animals in the first place. Thanks to mankind’s destructive nature...Show More Summary

10 Photography Bad Habits for You to Conquer

Let’s define what a bad habit is first; A habitual behavior considered to be detrimental to one’s wellbeing. However, this can be extended into learning a new skill set (like photography) where you may develop habits that can inhibit your learning progression, or even cause you physical injury. Show More Summary

It’s official – Bowens is dead after 94 years

Like we reported a few days ago, it seems that Bowens has gone into liquidation. And now they’ve confirmed – after 94 years in the business, Bowens is officially out. They didn’t seem to be able to withstand the competition and the changes in the market. Show More Summary

A group of artists created Game of Thrones posters using only stock photos

  The season 7 of Game of Thrones is out, and many of us are hyped about it. There are different theories, stories and of course – memes everywhere. But a group of photographers and designers from Depositphotos made something creative to pay a tribute to the popular TV series. Show More Summary

Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh shot a secret new movie with an iPhone

We’re constantly being told that “it’s not about the gear”, and to just go out and create with what we have. Typically by people with access to all the gear they could ever want. When Hollywood director Stephen Soderbergh recently held a Reddit AMA, he gave this exact same advice. Show More Summary

This is everything you ever needed to know about Photoshop’s Liquify Tool

The Liquify Tool in Photoshop is one of its most controversial and misunderstood features. Many see it as a response when client asks “can you make me skinny?”, but it is so much more than that. While modifying the way people look is almost certainly its most common use, it also offers up some cool creative options. Show More Summary

Did you know you can colour grade and edit videos in Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom isn’t the first tool that usually springs to mind when it comes to creating videos. In fact, most people don’t know Lightroom even supports video files. I certainly didn’t, but then I’ve never tried it. As it turns out, though, it does. Show More Summary

How to erase tourists from your travel videos without VFX

As a location photographer, tourists are the bane of my existence on some days. You turn up to a gorgeous location with your subject, ready to shoot, and the place is packed. Or, you face the other problem, one I had recently on a photo shoot in Scotland. Show More Summary

London restaurant gives you “Instagram kit” so you can take better food photos

In some restaurants, the food looks so good that it calls for a photo before you dig in. But London restaurant Dirty Bones took a step further in pleasing the Instagram “foodies.” They are offering “Instagram kits” to everyone who wants...Show More Summary

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