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Novoflex release the world’s first “reversible” tripod ball heads

Novoflex have just announced some new ball heads and they look pretty interesting. Why are they interesting to me? Well, they’re reversible. This means that you don’t have to shots that go off-level when you pan. Great for video and landscape shooters. Show More Summary

Rihanna posts photoshopped photos of Queen Elizabeth II, causes backlash from fans

On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 91st birthday. Many people found a convenient way to pay a tribute to Her Majesty, but a famous singer Rihanna did something that her fans saw as disrespectful. The singer posted several...Show More Summary

The Falcon has Landed – Working with film from the Apollo 15 Moon mission

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with some very interesting historical media. A retired NASA engineer friend contacted me having found a box of photographic films in his desk drawer. Turns out the box contained two partial...Show More Summary

16 things every photographer should be able to do in less than 10 seconds

As a professional photographer, you really need to know your stuff.  And there are some things you should be able to do fast, without thinking or even without looking. Ed Gregory from Photos in Color has a list of 16 things every photographer should be able to do in less than 10 seconds. Show More Summary

Is photography the best educator? I think so and here’s why

It’s been said that in 2017 everyone is a photographer, and from the unrelenting firehose of pictures that fill every inch of digital real estate and social media these days I can see why folks would think that. Of course just taking...Show More Summary

Suspending objects with fishing line: what you should always have around

There’s more to a successful shoot than just the photo and lighting gear. There are plenty others bits and pieces to carry with you, that will enable you efficient and successful shooting and help you overcome gear problems that may emerge. Show More Summary

Essential Seascape Photography Tips

The beautiful ever-changing sky, the waves crashing on the shore, the reflections that can be found in the tide pools and shallows all combine to create some spectacular scenery –and an ideal chance to capture some breathtaking images. The post Essential Seascape Photography Tips appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

An extreme weather review of the Leica M-P

With the recent release of the Leica’s new M10 I noticed an interesting commonality amongst the reviews. Almost all of them tested the camera in sunny, dry, or interior environments. Now I understand that Leica’s are expensive cameras...Show More Summary

You should be printing your photos, and here’s why

In the age of digital photography, few people still print their images. We are used to storing them on clouds, hard drives, and other digital mediums. But there are reasons why printing shouldn’t be forgotten and why it’s still an important part of the photography process. Show More Summary

DJI redesigned the Ronin 2 gimbal from the ground up for efficiency and power

Released in 2014, the DJI Ronin pretty much revolutionised the video production industry. A handheld motorised gimbal for creating smooth and seamless free camera moves with big cameras. Or, mount it to a drone, and shoot from the air with something better than an action camera. Show More Summary

Watch the Sony A9 auto-focusing on a pole vaulter at 20 FPS

One of the main selling points for the newly announced  Sony A9 is its superior autofocus. The autofocus has 693 point wide-area phase-detection points and according to Sony, it can do up to 20fps with AF/AE tracking. Sounds impressive...Show More Summary

7 Cool products in under 7 minutes from The Photography Show

The Photography Show is the UK’s biggest annual show. Held each year at the Birmingham NEC, it attracts all of the well-known brands, and a few newer ones. And while the main focus of shows now for me are the people I get to see and hang out with, you can’t ignore the gear. Show More Summary

How to turn your Mavic Pro into a handheld gimbal camera

As far as wacky ideas go, this one actually seems pretty useful. Using a drone with a gimbal stabilised camera as a handheld rig isn’t a big secret. I know a few people who’ve done it, and I’ve tried it myself a couple of times, too....Show More Summary

This triple lens holder hangs from your waist so that you “Never miss a shot”

You do see some strange things popping up on Kickstarter. This one doesn’t launch for another 17 days or so, but I think it definitely qualifies as a little strange. It’s the TriLens Holder from a company called Frii. On first glance, it might seem quite useful. Show More Summary

No location? Create it in Photoshop!

One of the main issues of being a creative, I would say, is being a problem solver. You have an idea of what you want to create in your head. To get to that final image you have to solve a series of problems. How will I light it? Where will I get costumes from? Where […] The post No location? Create it in Photoshop! appeared first on DIY Photography.

How to never approach a photograper if you’re an influencer or media personality

I really dislike it when photographers aren’t treated with respect for their time and talent. It happens way too often sadly. Justin Rosenberg recently fell into this situation. He was recently approached by a media personality that wanted to take advantage of her position. Show More Summary

I converted a Rodenstock 50mm f/1.1 X-Ray lens to fit my Micro Four Thirds camera

One of the shortcomings of smaller image sensors is obtaining adequate exposure in dim lighting situations. Anyone used to sub full-frame cameras or just dull kit lenses has felt this pain. To gain appropriate exposure you’ll eitherShow More Summary

This 4K timelapse takes you to all corners of Hawaiian island of Oahu

I love good timelapse videos. When they depict places around the planet, it boosts my desire to travel. I admire photographers who make an effort to create these demanding videos, and this time I’m presenting you with a timelapse by Chris Biela. Show More Summary

Copyright and Censorship on Instagram: Marie Claire stole my photo and blocked me from commenting

Yesterday I found out that one of my photographs was misused, or stolen if you ask me, by a major international publishing company. Sadly this type of thing is so common that it’s almost not even worth writing about. However, it’s what happened during my quest to call-out the company that really captured my attention. Show More Summary

This website will tell you if you’ve been shadowbanned from Instagram

The word has been going around lately that Instagram has been shadowbanning their users. This means that everything appears normal to you, but when the users who don’t follow you scroll through the same hashtag feed, they won’t see your image at all. Show More Summary

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