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Instagram will soon blur out “sensitive” content

Instagram will soon show the newest feature, in an attempt to resolve the issue of “sensitive content.” A few days from now, what people report as the “sensitive” post will appear blurred and you’ll have to manually uncover it by tapping it. Show More Summary

Photographer creates realistic locations for miniature photography on a budget

We enjoy presenting you with creative photographers who shoot miniatures, make stuff on the budget, or take realistic photos of miniatures. Indian photographer Vatsal Kataria combines all three! First of all, he uses some cheap materials to build surroundings for his miniature photos. Show More Summary

Sync and embed timecode into GoPro footage for cleaner multicam and 360° footage

  In video and film production, timecode is the glue that binds all your footage and audio together. It means that in multicam shoots all cameras are shoot the same moment in time for each frame. It also means that audio syncs perfectly with every camera. Show More Summary

Checklist for landscape photographers: 27 points you shouldn’t forget

Has it happened to you that you arrive on location for landscape shots and realize you forgot to do or bring something? Landscape photographer Toma Bonciu has created a checklist of things you mustn’t forget if you are into landscape photography. Show More Summary

5 things you need to know before buying DJI Mavic Pro

According to the reviews, DJI Mavic Pro takes a pretty high rank. Designer and Creative Entrepreneur Roberto Blake bought one, and he’s among those who love it. But, he points out that there are still some things you need to know before making the final decision. Show More Summary

Target’s new swimsuit ad campaign goes “Photoshop-free” (or at least, liquify-free)

Photoshop has received a bit of a backlash over the last few years about its use in advertising.But, it’s not really Adobe’s fault. Photoshop is just a tool. It’s like blaming Ford because you took a wrong turn down a one way street....Show More Summary

Have I finally found the perfect camera?

I finally found the perfect camera, This camera does everything you could ever need or dream of. From capturing the perfect frame and exposure to developing your skill and photographic eye. I’m not talking about a video or multiple purpose camera that does it all. Show More Summary

Photographer captures portraits of people in water droplets to emphasize importance of clean water

Water droplets can be a great photographic subject. Sometimes, it feels like you can see a whole new universe inside of them. Serbian photographer Dusan Stojancevic recently used droplet photography to create something unique – portraits of people. Show More Summary

New free Cactus firmware update lets you get TTL and HSS with almost every camera and flash brand

This is something that I know my Pentax, Sigma and Panasonic shooting friends will be pleased with. Nine months after releasing the Cactus V6 II and Cactus V6 IIs, there’s new brand-specific firmware updates coming. These let you get HSS and TTL across different brands of camera and flash. Show More Summary

The ultimate guide for buying and selling gear online

Who doesn’t love buying new gear? Building up your collection of photography equipment is a terribly expensive habit. If you’re used to buying items new, the world of buying used from strangers on the internet can be a bit intimidating. Show More Summary

Canon launch their own range of branded clothes and accessories

When Adobe announced their new line of clothes a little while ago, we all caught on that it was a joke pretty quickly. This time, though, with April 1st still over a week away, not so much. Canon UK have now launched a new range of Canon branded clothing and accessories. Show More Summary

This animated video tells you everything you need to know about aperture

The aperture is one of the most difficult things for new photographers to wrap their head around. The number system seems confusing (smaller number, bigger hole), depth of field, how it affects exposure. It’s a lot to take in all at once. Show More Summary

4 ways photographing a sunrise enriches your life

Most photographers take pictures to make a living or to enjoy the moment. No matter what your reason is why you are into photography, it should not affect your ability to capture breathtaking photos. If you are doing photography without passion, your pictures may not have strong emotion to portray to your audience. Show More Summary

4 super easy practical lighting effects for video or stills

Effects lighting is an extremely fun area of lighting to explore. In this context, they’re about recreating the light that we see in our daily lives with studio lights. While aimed more at video, the techniques and setups can apply equally as well to stills photography, too. Show More Summary

Reviews of the Best Wide Angle Lenses for Nikon DSLRs

When it comes to choosing a wide angle lens to buy, the process can be quite confusing. There are so many options and a lot of different factors to consider. In this article we'll highlight six of the best wide angle lenses for Nikon DSLRs. Show More Summary

Use biscuit box to create lighting effects for your flash

You know what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Christian Tudor from Academy of Photography has created a cool little gadget from what you would normally throw into trash. In this video tutorial, he shows you how to turn a simple biscuit box into an accessory for a creative lighting effect. Show More Summary

Clients will soon be able to book photo sessions directly through Instagram

Another new feature is coming to Instagram, and it can be useful for photographers. People will soon be able to boom appointments with business. For all those who make a living from photography, this means your clients will be able to find you and book a session directly through your Instagram. Show More Summary

Film Soup! Cook your roll like a chef to create interesting effects

Today we are cooking film! For those of you who’ve never heard of Film Soup before, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the soup from your childhood nightmares! It’s basically a technique were you voluntary damage a film with all sorts of chemicals like detergent, alcohol or whatever you want before developing it. Show More Summary

How to Create Artistic Photos with a Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is a handy little tool, popular with intrepid detectives and bug collectors. As the name suggests, the convex lens produces a magnified image of an object, but it can also be used to make some unusual and eye-catching imagery. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Photographing Water

Water is a beautiful subject to photograph. It can be as dramatic as a waterfall, predictable as a fountain, vast like the ocean, or just a winding exciting river. Whatever the source, it can be a point of interest in your image or an element of your composition. Show More Summary

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