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Artist combines hundreds of photos to create dream-like Flying Houses

Photomontages belong to photography on the one hand, but on the other – this technique is art on its own. French artist Laurent Chéhère has created a series that’s a real example of this. His composites are created from photos, but with the reality of their own. Show More Summary

Wesaturate offers free raw files to practise your photo editing

Not everybody who uses Photoshop is a photographer. Some are retouchers, others simply want to learn. Even for those who are photographers, it’s not always possible to go and shoot the kinds of images you need to test out certain techniques. Show More Summary

The Best Places to Photograph in Nova Scotia, Canada

In Nova Scotia you'll find amazing, rugged coasts, beautiful wilderness, mountain views, picturesque small towns, and much more. On this page we'll look at several highlights that are among the best places to photograph in Nova Scotia. The post The Best Places to Photograph in Nova Scotia, Canada appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

Photographer created a desert in his studio to photograph the the Audi Q2

The imagination and skill of photographer Felix Hernandez never ceases to amaze me. When it comes to car photography, he certainly thinks way outside of the box to get the shot. Regularly producing images with miniatures that most people would assume were full size vehicles if they weren’t told otherwise. Show More Summary

Are You The Dumbest Photographer In The World?

I always say the Universes’ No. 1 hiding place for the most awesome shit is right behind fear. Isn’t that a little unfair? Why does the Universe not place it right before fear so everyone can enjoy pure bliss? Although there are a million...Show More Summary

Making sense of aperture, shutter speed and ISO with the exposure triangle

How important is exposure in photography? What are the components of exposure? What is the “Exposure Triangle”? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in this introductory post about ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed – the components of achieving a properly exposed photo. Show More Summary

Your future Apple laptop could be an iPhone

It’s not exactly a new idea, but we all know it’s not cool until Apple does it. There have been attempts at a device like this a couple of times before. But it’s just never really taken off. We’re talking about a laptop-like dock for your smartphone. Show More Summary

Watch a sea lion trying to check what a cameraman tastes like

Being a photographer or videographer is not easy, as you need to deal with all sorts of challenges and all kinds of people. But animal photographers are among those I admire most. It’s difficult to capture animals and make them do what you want. Show More Summary

This is why we should find inspiration beyond photography

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you feel like you’ve hit the wall with your photography from time to time? There’s no doubt that photography is a pretty specific form of art. It focuses on the existing moments and scenes, and it’s up to us to interpret and capture them. Show More Summary

Photography marketing: preparing the ground for your business to flourish

A guy that started his career without even having a portfolio wants you to know what he finds important to consider when it comes to market your work. After I published “What is decisive in a photographer’s career?” I got quite a few comments in a couple of Linkedin groups. Show More Summary

Watch a movie getting made by not flying a drone

Most people use drones to take magnificent aerial videos and photos. I mean, that’s what drones are for, right? But, this video shows us that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Here you will see a video of a couple filmed with...Show More Summary

Nail your focus every single time with this DIY lens calibration solution

Whenever I buy a new lens, I have to calibrate it and AF fine tune five different DSLRs. Two are my primary stills shooters, and three are for video. But if I only have the video DSLRs out with me, and want to grab a few quick behind...Show More Summary

The battle is over – my Micro 4/3 camera outsold my full frame DSLR in image sales

The battle is over, and full frame cameras have lost the race. Here’s why: I’ve been selling photos through a high end stock agency for the last two years. In my collection are images from a full frame DSLR, an APS-C DSLR, and several Micro 4/3rds cameras. Show More Summary

5 top tips for travelling with photography equipment

Travelling for photography or video is great fun. You’re seeing a location for the first time with a completely fresh pair of eyes. You want to capture it your way, so that people can see it the way you want it to be seen. But, travelling with gear isn’t always as straightforward as we like. Show More Summary

Shoot great casual portraits and headshots with just one light and one modifier

Long before I decided to start shooting portraits, I was asked to photography people. Friends, family, their friends, and their friends. At the time, I wasn’t interested in photographing people, and didn’t really have much idea how to go about getting great photos of people. Show More Summary

How to stand out among 2.6 billion photographers

Don’t you have the feeling that nowadays almost everyone is taking photos? Not even that long ago, photography was much more exclusive. Despite the wide-spread use of point-and-shoot cameras, very few people were able to properly take photographs. Show More Summary

7 Ideas for Spring Photography Projects

The experience and end result of nature and landscape photography varies greatly throughout the year as weather and seasons change. Most of us in the northern hemisphere are happy to see the cold weather of winter coming to an end, knowing...Show More Summary

4 super-cheap DIY Lens Filters for photos and video

Some types of lens filters can be pretty expensive, and when we’re on the budget, it’s time to go DIY. Ryan Connolly from Film Riot shows us some of the cheap and easy filters you can make at home. They work for video, but for photography as well. Show More Summary

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone is the Best Camera

I want to encourage you — use your smartphone more for your photography. First of all, what is the point of photography? The purpose of photography is to uplift your soul. To make meaning in your life; not photos. Therefore, I believe that shooting with your smartphone is probably your best tool for photography. Show More Summary

Dell’s UltraSharp UP3218K is the world’s first 8K monitor. Price is $5K

Here comes the first 8K monitor at a staggering price of $5,000 or roughly 66 pixels/cent. This price point can only complete with the UP3218K  crazy resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. The monitor was announced in January at CES, and is now dubbed the “world’s first consumer 8K monitor”. Show More Summary

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