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Three Good Reasons To Learn More About Photography

Photography has become so popular, mainly because of the inclusion of cameras on mobile phones, so it’s more difficult for your photos to be noticed. But, if you learn a little more about photography your photos will be more likely to stand out from the crowd. Show More Summary

The Nikon D850 might just be the world’s first hybrid OVF/EVF DSLR

This would be absolutely amazing if it turns out to be true. Nikon have filed a couple of patents for hybrid viewfinders in the past, but eagle eyed Flickr user, Anankhepi believes it may be on the way. Two dark circles above the viewfinder in the leaked Nikon D850 photos are the clue. Show More Summary

How to crop your photos to impact and creativity

One of the big selling points of high resolution cameras like the Nikon D810 and Canon 5DS are the ability to “crop in post”. Typically when people say this, though, they mean their lenses aren’t long enough and they want to be able to crop into the detail. Show More Summary

Photographers spends years photographing rats to break the stereotypes about them

What’s your first thought when you think of rats? Filthy? Contagious? Dangerous? Well, there is a lot beyond that, and these rodents hide a lot of wonderful traits behind the stereotypes we have about them. French photographer Diane Özdamar dedicated years of her life to break this negative image. Show More Summary

Use those Christmas lights during the summer to light beautiful portraits

Chrismas lights are usually in use for maybe six weeks out of the year. The other 44 weeks, they typically reside in a box in the attic or a cupboard under the stairs. It seems a bit of a waste to me. When photographer Joe Edelman‘sShow More Summary

These Pagan-inspired photos show mystical roots of Slavic culture

National culture and history are often an inspiration for artists. Polish photographer Marcin Nagraba creates work strongly inspired by the ancient culture of Slavic countries, the culture that existed before Christianity came. His hauntingly beautiful photos are inspired by heathen beliefs and rites our ancestors had centuries ago. Show More Summary

Sony teases new full frame 4K RAW CineAlta camera system

This seems to be the new thing for camera manufacturers. They don’t just announce new cameras now, they announce than an announcement is coming. Or that a new camera is in development. Nikon just did it with the D850, and now Sony are doing it with a new 4K CineAlta motion picture camera. Show More Summary

This hack will get you 24TB RAID 5 storage for under $800

There’s a sale going on at BestBuy at the moment on WD easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 hard drives. A massive discount which drops the price from $299.99 to $159.99. “What’s the big deal, though?” I hear you ask. “They’re just external USB drives”. Show More Summary

Photographer wins $20,000 prize for a ‘portrait photo’ made of pen scribbles and saliva

Sydney artist Justine Varga recently won the $20,000 Olive Cotton Award for a portrait photo of her grandmother. Only, her work is not really a portrait, nor it’s a photo (at least not in conventional terms). In Justine’s work titled Maternal Line, the grandmother doesn’t appear in the image at all. Show More Summary

Capitol Hill police forces journalists to delete protest photos

This Tuesday, the reporters of many major newspapers tried covering the healthcare protests on Capitol Hill. According to their tweets from the Senate Gallery, the police blocked them and tried forcing them to delete the photos. That day, almost 100 demonstrators were arrested for protesting against Trumpcare. Show More Summary

Is your camera bigger than a smartphone? TSA will scan it separately

  As we recently reported, the U.S. has lifted the electronics ban due to the “enhanced security measures.” As it turns out, these measures involve the separate scan of all the electronics from your carry-on if it’s larger than a smartphone. Show More Summary

Posing Tips for the Groom on the Wedding Day

Wedding photography is often thought of as one of the most challenging genres to document. On any given weeding day you need to be a fashion photographer, product, documentary and family photographer all in the space of a few hours.Show More Summary

31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer

Do you want to level up your photography with a powerful burst of learning? If your answer is yes – you’ll absolutely LOVE our brand new course – “31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer” which we guarantee will improve your photography. Show More Summary

Why I Use ACDSee Versus Adobe Bridge for Culling Images and More

Believe me, I have tried. Over the years, I have tried to wean myself off ACDSee. But, like Al Pacino in The Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”. ACDSee does what I want it to do and, as a single package,...Show More Summary

6 Tips for Improving Your Food Photography Instagram Game

Interest in food photography is on the rise thanks to platforms like Instagram and the ability to snap a quick photo of every meal thanks to smartphones. If you’re seeking to one-up your food photography game, you may not need much to make an impact. Show More Summary

How to Compose Photos with Impact Using Elements of Design

All visual artists have a common goal of creating an image with impact. But unlike painters who start with a blank canvas and add to it, photographers start with a sometimes chaotic scene and must decide what to remove from it. Which...Show More Summary

How to Make Funky Colorful Images of Ordinary Plastic Objects Using a Polarizing Filter

A cornerstone in modern manufacturing, plastic is an amazing thing. Look around and you’ll see an abundance of plastic materials used in an endless variety of products. From pens to planes – yep, even modern commercial aircraft are cutting down on weight by introducing plastic composite components – plastic has revolutionized the way we live. Show More Summary

How to Use a Synology DS216 NAS to Get your Photos Online Quickly and Easily

If you’ve read my articles here on dPS about storage and backup, you’ll know that they’ve mostly been about slightly larger systems with lots of space for people who have lots of data in the form of photographs. It’s been a while, so...Show More Summary

How to do More Creative Wildlife Photography by using Rim Lighting

Wildlife photography is one of the fastest growing hobbies today. With DSLR and lenses getting cheaper by the minute, it is only bound to grow faster. With more and more people taking to wildlife photography as a means to connect with...Show More Summary

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Improve Your People Photography

They say the lines on a person’s face can tell a thousand stories. Getting the photo that tells those many stories is the holy grail of photography. So what can you do to create standout people photography, especially if you don’t already...Show More Summary

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