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8 Photography Training Tips You Can Do To Help Improve Your Work

Photography is like any other pastime or profession. You need to constantly improve your skills and work on areas where you feel there is room for improvement. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or an amateur, you are never too good to learn. Show More Summary

How to Compose Better Images and Make your Images More Extraordinary

When we think about what goes into making a photograph most often our thoughts leap to camera settings like aperture and shutter speed. “What ISO should I use? Should I incorporate more or less of the foreground and is that tree branch...Show More Summary

This is what 10Bit 4:2:2 video actually means

The new Panasonic Lumix GH5 will record 10Bit 4:2:2 video internally, but what exactly does that mean? how will it benefit you? Isn’t video just video? Why is this such a big deal? No, video isn’t just video, and it means quite a great deal. Fortunately for us, Filmmaker Griffing Hammond is here to explain. [...]Show More Summary

Three Photoshop tricks for a scary Halloween

If you are a retoucher, there is no question about your favorite holiday. Let me guess… Halloween ???? Stefan over at the Raw Exchange just shared three quick photoshop tricks to help bring normal photos into scary Halloween composites. (Only instead of a normal photo, stefan is using probably the scariest clown I’ve seen in my [...]Show More Summary

Nikon’s new Philosophy of Nikkor video shows how they make their optical glass

The Philosophy of Nikkor is a series of videos which Nikon started to release in April of last year. Every so often a new video is released containing insight into the creation of their Nikkor lenses. There are interviews with everybody from the designers and product managers right down to those making the individual components. In [...]Show More Summary

Google acknowledges lens flare on Pixel camera, plans software fix for hardware problem

It may be DXOMark’s highest scoring mobile device camera ever, but the Google Pixel is not without its photographic flaws. Quite a few users have reported getting flare or “halo effect” issues with their camera when it’s not even in the shot. The thing with lens flare, though, is that it’s a physical hardware issue. [...]Show More Summary

Not falling on your crotch is more important than having a nice wedding video

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. The photos of it document the momentous occasion to remember and enjoy it for the rest of your life. For this couple, however, it may be a day they want to forget. During a wedding photo session, the bride was walking along a 4ft high [...]Show More Summary

Fly first class with a 24k gold plated DJI Phantom 4 for only $24.5K

If you’re a recent DJI Phantom 4 owner that was upset by the price drop after the announcement of the Mavic Pro, then you’re going to love this one. British drone retailer Drones Direct are offering a 24 carat gold plated DJI Phantom 4 for sale. This too, has had its price reduced, dropping from £21,999 (around $27k) to [...]Show More Summary

Microsoft’s new Surface Studio wants to kill both the iMac and Wacom Cintiq

Looking at the advert for Microsoft’s new Surface Studio they’re taking a square aim at two very distinct products. Obviously they want to take a big chunk out of the Apple iMac’s share of the designer desktop computer market. It also seems, though, that they want to try and replace the Wacom Cintiq, too. As [...]Show More Summary

3 Tips for Taking Portraits with a Kit Lens

One of the first things that new photographers often hear is “your kit lens is garbage.” While there are certainly benefits to upgrading your glass as your budget allows, it’s also important to know that there is so much you can do with...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography

  Download “The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography” We respect your email privacy   Phil Steele is a well-known and respected photography educator. In this video tutorial he walks you through exactly how he works through the post-processing of an event he has just shot. Show More Summary

What’s In My Bag: A Look at the Camera Gear of a Nature Photographer

Being a landscape or nature photographer is like enjoying ice cream and having unlimited choice in the ice cream shop. There are so many different kinds of images to make, and different ways of making them in the outdoors, that having a wide variety of gear to choose from is important. Show More Summary

Overview and Test of the New Cactus V6II Wireless Flash Trigger for High-Speed Sync

Cactus Image recently launched a new version of their radio trigger for speedlights and strobes, the Cactus V6II. In this review, I’ll go over the features of this trigger, how to use it, and do some example photo shoots to test it.Show More Summary

How to Add a Sun Flare to Your Images Using Photoshop

If you read my previous article where I give you some tips for doing more spectacular sunset photography, you’ll understand that I love taking photos during the magic hour. For my portraits, I also book my sessions during that time because the light is very soft and flattering. Show More Summary

DJI’s new Zenmuse Z30 drone camera has 30x optical zoom

After recently introducing their first drone camera with optical zoom, the Zenmuse Z3, DJI have now announced the Zenmuse Z30. This camera features a 30x optical zoom, a major improvement over the 3.5x optical zoom of the Z3. Designed primarily for commercial applications, DJI see this camera being used for inspecting wind turbines and cell [...]Show More Summary

This DIY wooden rig makes your DSLR or mirrorless feel more like a cinema camera

Since Nikon introduced video to DSLRs,the biggest complaint has been about the form factor of DSLRs. When Canon released the 5D Mark II, the demand for these cameras for video work surged. I’ve seen reports stating that as high as 40% of 5D Mark II sales were to video production companies. But, the ergonomics are [...]Show More Summary

Fujifilm expected to launch clickless aperture lenses in 2017 aimed at video shooters

According to “new sources”, Fuji Rumors are reporting that Fuji are starting to take a serious interest in video. They say that Fujifilm will launch lenses with clickless apertures sometime in 2017. These lenses will be designed for users of the Fuji X system who primarily use their cameras for video. The fast & accurate AF of the [...]Show More Summary

This is how I meter and expose landscapes for color film

Looking back through my archives, I realized that I’ve covered topics like film selections and scanning film but to date I’ve skipped one really important part: metering and exposing color film.  This is something I get quite a few questions about so bear with me while I try to be very thorough and cover topics from [...]Show More Summary

A rare interview with Victor Hasselblad from 1967

The Hasselblad name is synonymous today with luxury and quality. When you shoot with one, it’s easy to see why. There isn’t a massive amount of information out there on the company’s founder, though. Born in 1906 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Victor ultimately ended up working in his father’s family store. After a familial dispute, he broke [...]Show More Summary

This DSLR-sized camera shoots over 21,600fps and costs only $2,500

High speed cameras are generally out of reach for most people. Sure, our iPhones can do 240fps now, and there’s a few postage stamp 1000fps compacts, but if you want to go faster, you’re generally out of luck. High speed cameras come with very high price tags, and even renting them is an absurd amount of [...]Show More Summary

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