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This photographer doesn’t just find locations, he builds his sets from scratch

Many times, planning and preparing for a shot requires a fair amount of time. But photographer Nicky Hamilton raises preparation to another level. He approached his latest project The Lonely Man like a painter with a blank canvas. He didn’t just find the location, set the lighting and took the shots. Show More Summary

Watch a Mavic Pro drone taken down by a roll of toilet paper

While some people are training eagles to take down drones, and others are using nets, it seems there are much simpler ways to take down a drone. Daniel Eggert took no more than a roll of toilet paper and some strings to do it. And the...Show More Summary

Snapchat Spectacles are finally available for online purchase

Snapchat Spectacles have finally stopped being a rare treasure. If you’ve wanted to try them out, you can now get them on the online store of Snap Inc. These sunglasses with a built-in camera allow you to shoot videos and record what you see from your point of view. Show More Summary

This is why fluid head video tripods are useful for photography

I switched over to mostly using fluid head video tripods for stills photography about 8 years ago. I still have a couple of Manfrottos with ball heads. I also use ball heads with sliders. But, my go-to is a Libec video tripod with a fluid bowl head. Show More Summary

Abstract: The Art of Design – a new Netflix series to inspire all kinds of creatives

Netflix has launched a new original documentary TV series every creative can watch to get inspired. Abstract: The Art of Design follows some of the most innovative designers in different disciplines: graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and architects. Show More Summary

From bugs to poison: the weird history of fake blood

Nowadays you can simply buy fake blood, even online. But if you don’t have a high budget and you’re filming the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre – you will probably still want to rely on DIY blood. Ketchup doesn’t really work, so – what’s the perfect recipe? Before cinema and TV, there were only theaters. Show More Summary

How and why to use a Rode VideoMic as a wireless boom microphone

Boomed shotgun mics are my preferred method of recording audio. Lav mics are great, but for interviews and talky pieces to camera, they really don’t have that richness of a shotgun mic. Rode’s VideoMic and VideoMic Pro are two extremely popular microphones that sit in a DSLR hotshoe, but it is possible to get them off-camera. Show More Summary

How to make DIY foot pedal shutter remote for under $50

If you are a “one man band” when taking photos, then it has probably crossed your mind that an extra hand would come in handy (pun not intended). There are several ways to have both your hands free and still take shots, and one of them is probably by using your foot. Show More Summary

Are photography trade shows, conferences and expos really worth going to?

Big photography shows happen all around the world. Some are much bigger than others, but are even the big ones worth going to? It’s a question I see asked quite often online, especially at the moment. The Photography Show is the biggest one here in the UK and it’s on next month. Show More Summary

Toy Photography: shooting X-Wing Starfighter flying above water

If you follow our blog regularly, you know that we love toy photography and Star Wars. And today we have a treat for fans of both. Photographer Matt Ferris shared his photo of an X-Wing Starfighter, and we were immediately drawn by it. Show More Summary

Photographing Water – Solid, Liquid and Gas

The three three states of matter - solid, liquid and gas apply to water. They all look so different that we may not even think about the fact we are simply photographing water. Understanding conditions that create the various statesShow More Summary

Save $5,000 by getting a monochrome Fuji X-Pro1 or X100S instead of a Leica

When Fuji released the X-Pro1 and X100S, they became instant hits. Relatively small cameras with amazing image quality. Many photographers added one to their kit as a lightweight alternative to a DSLR for personal use. Others completely replaced their DSLRs with the new Fuji offerings as their new main bodies. Show More Summary

How to Understand the Lightroom Tone Curve

With all the editing options available in the Lightroom Develop module it can be tough to know where to start when you pull up a picture and start making changes. The Basic panel covers elementary adjustments like exposure and whiteShow More Summary

How to Use Neutral Density Filters to Make Better Landscape Photos

In an earlier article, I wrote that neutral density filters are the secret weapon of the landscape photographer. I couldn’t work without mine and I suspect most landscape photographers would say the same. But why are they so useful? There are two reasons. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Help Ensure Your Photography Business Stands Out

Let’s be honest, not many people view their photography as a business these days. But even if you are not a professional photographer, there’s no reason not to view your photography as a business because for many that’s the ultimate aim. Show More Summary

How to Take Unique Double Exposures Without Using Photoshop

For over a hundred years, double exposures have captivated photographers and art enthusiasts alike. Discovered by pure chance, a double exposure is a trick where a single frame of film is exposed twice or more in order to achieve multiple images in a single shot. Show More Summary

17 truths on the art of street photography

I wanted to write you a letter on the art of street photography, based on my personal experiences, my personal passion, and things I’ve learned along the way 1. Street photography is more than photos First of all, I think street photography is not just taking photos. Show More Summary

These orbs were created in-camera using light painting and plexiglass

When I first saw these orbs, I was almost sure that they we were computer generated. I was wrong. The orbs are a work of art from German Light Art master Bernhard Rauscher (a.k.a. lumenman), and were made using self made plexiglass blades. Show More Summary

2017 will be the year that film makes its big return

I just came across a very interesting set of interviews posted on Zorki Photo. In the post, photographer Stephen Dowling talks with the bigwigs at Ilford, Kodak, Film Ferrania and others. He wanted their thoughts on the current world of film potography. Show More Summary

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