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Photographing Dunloup Falls in West Virginia

Dunloup Falls is a picturesque roadside waterfall in the New River Gorge of West Virginia. The post Photographing Dunloup Falls in West Virginia appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Backlighting

Light is the key to photography – without it, we’d be pretty hard pressed to make any images at all. They are also many kinds of light – hard light, soft light, front light, side light, overhead lighting and one that I use often to add more drama to my images – backlighting. Show More Summary

How forced perspective works and the maths behind it

Forced perspective is one of the most wonderfully creative tools photography affords. It allows us to create optical illusions that either baffle or simply amuse us. Or we can change the scale of items seamlessly with ease. We’ve seen it in popular movies and TV shows like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Show More Summary

The Significance Of A Personal Project

My daily stroll through the newly built but already decaying park near my apartment in Hanoi listening to Spotify on a brisk (by SE Asia standards) morning has me in deep thought. We only get this type of weather for a couple months a year here and I absolutely love it. Show More Summary

From age 0 to 100: this video shows aging of our skin in only 60 seconds

Many people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Imposed beauty standards and too much Photoshop in ads don’t help at all. Norwegian pharmacist Vitus have created an ad that might help people feel good in their own skin and meet all the changes that will come with aging. Show More Summary

This amusing short suggests contouring makeup might have gone too far

Ok, so maybe it goes a little further than suggesting it. It states quite bluntly that it’s gone too far. I’ve still never seen an example in real life quite like that shown in the video posted to Facebook page Hot Date, though. But,...Show More Summary

This tribute to Interstellar takes us from a black hole to the Big Bang

In 2014 movie Interstellar, Christopher Nolan managed to create the first scientifically accurate black hole. Some sources claim it’s not the case, but nevertheless – I think the movie and the special effects are fantastic. This movie...Show More Summary

Learn to edit before you shoot to tell a better story

If you’ve been making films or videos for any length of time, you quickly figure out how important it is to plan in advance. But for things like run & gun style documentary shooting or vlogs, that can be difficult. Even if you have a...Show More Summary

How to easily create fuller eyebrows in Photoshop

The ‘90s are way behind us and thank god, so are the ‘90s super-thin eyebrows. For the past couple of years, full and well-shaped eyebrows are a beauty trend, and Aaron Nace from Phlearn will teach you how to make them look just like that in Photoshop. Show More Summary

What is Flash High-Speed Sync and Why Do You Need it?

Using flash is already complicated enough, but adding in a fast shutter speed makes it even harder. In these two videos, you will learn about your camera’s flash sync speed and why it’s limited. Then you’ll see what you can do to solve it and use faster shutter speeds using something called high-speed sync. Show More Summary

Yashica’s Y35 DigiFilm camera raises $1.28M on Kickstarter

Earlier this year, legendary Yashica camera brand started teasing a comeback. They launched a Kickstarter campaign, and it ended with great success: they raised the impressive $1.28 million. Most of us have expected a mirrorless or a DSLR camera, but Yashica came back with something unexpected, to say the least. Show More Summary

Turn cheap household light fixtures into DIY studio lighting modifiers

There is an almost endless supply of lighting modifiers available on the market right now, some are cheap and some of the better ones are certainly a lot more expensive. But does cost directly relate to quality? Well, a lot of the time yes it does if you’re referring to build quality. Show More Summary

2017 DIYP Gift Guide – Accessories

Accessories are the unsung heroes of photography. They’re the items we own, that aid in our photography, but of which we rarely speak. They help get us out of a bind, or become invaluable to our workflow. Here are some of our favourite accessories that we use on pretty much every shoot. Show More Summary

Use these 5 tips from Yoda to improve your photography

Master Yoda said some very wise words before he passed on to join Obi-Wan. I bet you didn’t think he was talking about photography, though, did you? Ok, so he might not have been guiding Luke in the ways of photography during his time on Dagobah, but his lessons are applicable. Show More Summary

How to make it in photography when you’re an introvert

Being in a photography business involves interaction with lots of different people. But putting yourself and your work out there seems more difficult if you’re introverted. In this video, photographers Sean Tucker and Simon Baxter discuss this topic, and their thoughts will inspire all you introverts out there. Show More Summary

Learn the difference between saturation and vibrance to create better photographs

We’ve spoken about saturation vs vibrance before, but I think it’s a topic that still confuses a lot of people. While that post looked more at Photoshop’s vibrance adjustment layer, this 3-minute video from Evan 5ps concentrates more on how it works in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) & Lightroom. Show More Summary

What if your house burnt down? Have you still “made it” as a photographer?

What if your house burnt down? Have you still “made it”? 3 weeks ago I was sitting, much as I do now, winding down on a Saturday evening, finding some time to write a newsletter and blog. I had just released an image shot for Kohler,...Show More Summary

How I turned my wife into a shield-maiden for this Vikings photoshoot with a half-blind horse

It all started as a joke. When watching Vikings (History channel’s hit show on HBO Nordic) together with my wife, I pointed out several times that she seemed to share both the looks and a similar attitude with Lagertha -surprisinglyShow More Summary

How to Use the Background to Create More Storytelling Images

Sometimes you’re so focused on capturing the moment that you forget to pay attention to what’s in the background of your photo. When you look at your photos later, you realize that there are all sorts of distractions in the background. Show More Summary

Your guide for the best Black Friday deals around

Here comes Thanksgiving, where we thank our significant other for allowing us to spend so much money on Black Friday. Well, we can always justify any purchase by saying that buying on Black Friday is actually not spending money, it’s saving it. Show More Summary

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