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These 5 hidden Photoshop tips and tricks will help speed up your worklfow

I’m a big believer in post workflow efficiency. Whether working with stills or video, one can never seem to get their workflow fast enough. And these days, we all spend far more time at the computer than we’d like. I know I do. I spent...Show More Summary

How to do High-Speed Photography – the Fundamentals

What is high-speed photography? High-speed photography is capturing the moments that happen in a fraction of time which you can’t see with the naked eye, like a bursting balloon or a splash of water. This photography is different from other kinds because it requires almost 1/20,000th of a second exposure time to freeze these moments. Show More Summary

Instagram adds native profile support for stalkers to see who follows back

One of the biggest complaints about Instagram has always been that you can’t easily see who follows you back. Or at least, it’s one of the oldest complaints, if not the current big one. We’ve had to rely on a series of third party apps and websites to help figure out who’s following us back. Show More Summary

Oprema Jena revives Biotar 58mm f/2.0 lens with 17 aperture blades

After successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign for the resurrection of Biotar 75mm f/1.5, Oprema Jena is bringing back its “little brother,” Biotar 58mm f/2.0. The lens features unique bokeh, and it’s very sharp even at wide aperture. Show More Summary

Lensbaby release new Sweet 80 lens and new Creative Bokeh Optic

In the past, I’ve not really been big on the whole Lensbaby thing. But, having now tried a few of them in person, I can safely say they’re winning me over. The “Sweet” range of lenses I particularly like for their aesthetic, especially when paired up with a Composer. Show More Summary

How I photographed Jennifer Lawrence

We all have our dreams, some are simple while others are complex, buried with the overwhelming mountain of hurdles. I began my creative career in the one of the most complex industries; music. The business of music is just like any other...Show More Summary

Review: Nikon D7500 with 18-140mm Kit Lens

The 7000 series of cameras from Nikon have been very popular since they were first introduced in 2010. It is a mid-range camera in their lineup but sits at the top end of the amateur level cameras. As with many of these cameras the new...Show More Summary

This map shows you the drone laws for every country in the world

Flying a drone requires knowing the laws. If you travel with the drone, you need to get familiar with the laws of the country you’re visiting. To make this easier, foXnoMad has created a map that shows you the drone laws of every country in the world. Show More Summary

Hands on review of the new Profoto A1 – Natural beautiful light. Easy to Use. Never miss a shot.

We all know and love the legendary lighting manufacturer that is Profoto. For decades, they have produced and supported the most durable, powerful, and consistent lighting equipment for professional photographers around the world. In...Show More Summary

Instagram will screw up your nicely laid out grid of thumbnails

The grid. That element of your Instagram profile in which your entire history of images are nicely laid out in a nice 3 image wide layout. A layout that users have known and loved for years. A layout they’ve strategically chopped up and posted their images to accommodate. Show More Summary

Review of Macphun’s Aurora HDR 2018

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photography is a technique that has been around for decades but really started making waves in the modern digital imaging scene around 2005. It involves combining multiple exposures of a picture, usually taken...Show More Summary

Upgrading to iOS11? Use this website to convert your HEIC photos to JPG

Other than the dual stabilised cameras, one of the biggest bits of photo news surrounding the new iPhones and iOS11 is HEIC. HEIC is a High Efficiency Image File Format. Essentially this means it can hold a lot of data in a relatively small amount of space. Show More Summary

The Apurture MX is the brightest mini on camera light in the market

A new light is coming from Apurture soon, and it contains a whole lot of brightness in the size of a credit card. Although it’s not officially announced yet, they showed off the prototype on Cinema 5D. The light is named Amaran MX, and despite the size, it seems really powerful. Show More Summary

The $995 Profoto A1 speedlight is now official and here’s the first review

The Profoto A1 speedlight we told you about a few days ago is now official. And yes, it’s just as expensive as we expected. At $995 buyers will have a pretty high level of expectation from this little flash. But it looks like it will...Show More Summary

Continuous LEDs vs strobes: which is the best solution for studio photography?

If you’re new to studio portraits, there’s just so much to learn about the light. Also, you have a choice between strobes/speedlights and continuous LED lights. If you can’t decide where to start, the latest video from Joe Edelman could be helpful and get you on the right track. Show More Summary

Renowned music photographer quits the industry due to misogyny and bullying

Gender inequality is still present in many aspects of our society. The same goes for photography industry, and this has made a renowned music photographer quit it. London-based photographer Sarah Ginn has recently announced her decision to leave music photography. Show More Summary

Canon are bringing out a modular camera system

The idea of a modular camera isn’t all that new. And I don’t just mean being able to bolt on a microphone or a lens. Pretty much all of RED’s cameras are modular. You buy a “brain” and then you get all the associated bits and attachments to actually be able to shoot with it. […] The post Canon are bringing out a modular camera system appeared first on DIY Photography.

How to Plan a Street Photography Shoot When Traveling

Street photography is normally a very open and free-form photography genre, but sometimes because we are traveling it’s better to plan a shoot rather than relying on luck. Fortune, they say, favors the prepared, and when all you have...Show More Summary

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