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How to overpower the sun and balance with strobes using ND filters

Trying to overpower the sun seems to have become a popular thing again lately. The go-to technique for these results is a fast shutter speed and high speed sync. But the limited power available in speedlights often falls a little short. Show More Summary

A pilot shot this Milky Way timelapse on a flight between Switzerland and Brazil

Whether you enjoy timelapse videos or astrophotography (or both), you are likely to enjoy this timelapse shot from an airplane cockpit. A pilot named Sales Wick created this timelapse on a long haul flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Show More Summary

Why you should study bad movies to improve your filmmaking

Studying works from other artists is an important part of learning and improvement. It makes sense to study those better than yourself, right? But does it make sense to you to study bad art in order to make your own art better? Darious Britt talks about this topic in his video. Show More Summary

DJI and Hasselblad’s “new” aerial photography platform is a flying 100MP medium format camera

DJI have just announced the “World’s First 100-Megapixel Integrated Aerial Photography Platform”. And it’s a beast of a rig. Made with a DJI Matrice 600 with Ronin-MX gimbal and Hasselblad H6D-100c, it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Show More Summary

How to create epic 360 bullet time videos with some wood and a caster

Recently, we stumbled upon a video that was too good not to share. Made by Luca Amhofer, the video shows a 360-degree rig he made himself for shooting videos. The rig enables a filmmaker to place the subject in the center and rotate the camera around it. Show More Summary

The Best Places to Photograph in Ontario, Canada

On this page we'll look at some of the best places to photograph in Ontario. You'll find waterfalls, plenty of lakes, rock formations, picturesque bays, and rugged wilderness. The post The Best Places to Photograph in Ontario, Canada appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

The top 5 smartphone cameras compete in this blind test – which is your favourite?

I first watched this video without any real expectations. For me, my phone’s camera is just something I use for Instagram and location scouting. I’m rarely looking to produce anything meaningful with it. But, if I can get decent quality out of it, then I would like to. Show More Summary

Make your own DIY UV ring light for less than $20

No matter if you’re a professional or just like to play and experiment with the camera, blacklight photography opens up tons of new possibilities. If you’d like to try it out without breaking the bank, this tutorial from Eva Landry will show you how to transform your regular ring light into a blacklight ring light. Show More Summary

The mental sweet spot for progression

There is a problem we all face as creatives in one way or another, and that is either being too hard on ourselves, or too happy about our own work that we take critique very personally. Both of these sides are toxic and they aren’t the essential zone we need to be in to promote […] The post The mental sweet spot for progression appeared first on DIY Photography.

YI Technology jump into the 360° market with the new 5.7K YI 360 VR camera

We knew it was only a matter of time before YI Technology stepped into the world of 360° cameras. Hot on the heels of the GoPro Fusion, YI Technology have now announced their own, new YI 360 VR camera. Housing a pair of 12MP Sony CMOS IMX377 1/2.3? sensors, each side has a 220° f/2.0 lens. Show More Summary

This photographer turns aerial photos into dream-like composites

Being able to turn your vivid imagination into art is not an easy task. It takes skill, time, and of course – the imagination, of course, above all else. Photographer Darren Wilden is an imaginative artist, passionate about flying a drone and working in Photoshop. Show More Summary

This digital artist turns animals square for “Minecraft in real life” Anicube project.

Sometimes, you get an idea in your head that you just can’t shake. You just have to go and make it. That’s exactly what happened to Jakarta, Indonesia based digital artist Aditya Aryanto. Aditya is interested in cubes. And he had the urge to turn some animals into cubes to see how it would look. Show More Summary

DJI launches FPV goggles that give you first-person view from a drone

DJI has officially brought FPV goggles for to Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Inspire series of drones. They have launched DJI Goggles, which will bring you the first-person view of the world the from bird perspective. It’s like you can fly...Show More Summary

Vivian Maier Estate sues Jeffrey Goldstein for Copyright and Trademark infringement

A while ago, Vivian Maier Estate entered a complicated legal battle against the owners of the photographer’s work. This time, they are filing a claim against Jeffrey Goldstein, one of the collectors who owns a part of Maier’s collection. Show More Summary

Aputure announces three new lights including a 300Watt monoblock LED

Another show, another round of new gear announcements. This time it’s NAB and Aputure’s turn to show off some new lights and modifiers. There’s the Lightstorm Mini 20C/D which has been shown of in a few videos recently. The Tri-8 isShow More Summary

Google’s PhotoScan app now automatically removes glare from old photos

Printing the photos gains popularity even in the digital age, and it undoubtedly has many advantages. Still, if you want to reverse the process and turn an old print into digital format, Google’s PhotoScan now makes it easier than ever. Show More Summary

Reviews of the Best Fisheye Lenses for Canon DSLRs

While wide angle lenses are a staple of landscape photography, the wide angle fisheye lens can offer the same expansive views and perspectives, but with a unique twist. The distortion created by a fisheye lens can present a fun change of pace that you might enjoy. Show More Summary

This amazing powered cosplay armour took 518 hours to create

Cosplay, fantasy and photographing it has become huge over the last decade or so. At comic cons around the world, people show up as their favourite video game, TV and movie characters. And every year they just get better and better, closer the originals that inspire their creation. Show More Summary

Photographing Aurora – Reality vs Expectation

We just had a beautiful Aurora Australis hit New Zealand a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to catch a quiet spot to myself where I could take in the atmosphere and shoot a few images.  My favourite from the night was a panorama shot of the Aurora to the south and the […] The post Photographing Aurora – Reality vs Expectation appeared first on DIY Photography.

Novoflex release the world’s first “reversible” tripod ball heads

Novoflex have just announced some new ball heads and they look pretty interesting. Why are they interesting to me? Well, they’re reversible. This means that you don’t have to shots that go off-level when you pan. Great for video and landscape shooters. Show More Summary

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