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Quick and Dirty Method of Using the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool

Let’s say you use Lightroom and you’ve tried and tried to get rid of those distracting spots using Lightroom’s Spot Removal Tool but no matter how you set it – using Clone or Heal or changing the Opacity or increasing the Feather – you have a giant, obvious repair on your image. Show More Summary

An open letter to photography workshop and conference organisers

We need to have a chat. There is a lot of nonsense going on in the workshop world, and it needs to stop. Taking someone’s money and promising that you can help their business, is no joke, and it needs to be taken seriously! Every week...Show More Summary

Beware: scammers using Facebook Marketplace and Venmo payment system to steal camera gear

  For two weeks now, there has been an ongoing scam that caused twenty people from LA to lose thousands of dollars in camera gear. A user under the name “Andy Mai” uses Facebook Marketplace and Venmo payment system to pull the scam and steal the gear. Show More Summary

These tips will make photographing animals easier and more efficient

While I love photos of animals, I believe that animal photography is one of the most difficult genres to master. You need a hell lot of patience and focus when working with them, even when they are trained and obedient. Jay P. Morgan...Show More Summary

Is Adobe CC subscription worth it?

When Adobe switched to subscription-only plan, it made many users angry. However, there are some advantages to this plan, according to photographer Justin Odisho. He shares some of the greatest benefits of paying a monthly subscription for your Adobe apps. Show More Summary

How to get your photography exhibited in a real world gallery

The biggest aspect that many photographers struggle with is getting their work seen. Whether it’s on social media or by potential clients and customers. It’s just tough. There’s so much competition out there. In the real world, a great...Show More Summary

Make your own DIY Camera Case Dividers for less than $15

I’m as interested in an ‘easy life’ as much as the next person, so if somebody else has already done the hard work of making a product for me, and I can purchase it for a reasonable price, I’m all over it. After all why make life hard for yourself if you don’t have too. […] The post Make your own DIY Camera Case Dividers for less than $15 appeared first on DIY Photography.

Photography Guide to Dry Run Falls (Pennsylvania)

Dry Run Falls is a beautiful, roadside waterfall with easy access. The post Photography Guide to Dry Run Falls (Pennsylvania) appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

How to make cheap 2-point lighting setup without lighting gear

If you prefer working with natural light, with clever positioning of the subject and some DIY magic you get two light sources from a single window. Guys from The Film Look demonstrate how to make the 2-light setup on a budget and without any lighting gear, using only the light you get from a window. Show More Summary

An incredible adventure of photographing Nepalese honey hunters for NatGeo

The job of a photographer or a filmmaker is full of challenges. But imagine the challenges one would face while hanging from a rope above the cliff and being stung by the largest bees in the world – all at the same time. Well, that’s...Show More Summary

Learn how to replace sky in Photoshop CC in just 2 minutes

If you take photos of a wonderful landscape and you’re not pleased with the sky – well, you can cheat a little and replace it in Photoshop. Peter McKinnon shows you how to do it, and he makes it look easy in a simple 2-minute tutorial. Show More Summary

Photographer develops a roll of film from 1929 camera and discovers forgotten portraits

Sometimes photographers find real gems among the vintage cameras and lenses. Dutch photographer Martijn van Oers found an original Zeiss Ikon 520/2 in a second-hand store, dating from around 1929. The folding medium-format camera had a roll of film inside, with the word EXPOSÉ on it. Show More Summary

What happens when camera’s frame rate matches bird’s flapping wings

When the camera’s frame rate matches the fast moving objects (such as helicopter rotors), a weird effect can occur and make the subject look like it’s levitating. Al Brooks noticed this when he was reviewing the security footage from his surveillance camera. Show More Summary

Want your photographic gear nicely handled by FEDEX? Better make a big media splash

Not long ago, photographer Marc Weisberg shared with us a very unpleasant experience he had with FedEx. They failed to deliver the gear on time for his workshop, which cost him $1000. The article reached DIYP, as well as other blogs and social media pages. Show More Summary

Tamron’s new 18-400mm is the world’s first ultra-telephoto all-in-one lens with optical stabilisation

I always see new photographers looking for all-in-one super zooms that they can use for everything. And I even see the occasional pro asking about them, too. Sometimes, just having a lightweight lens thgat can “do it all” is useful.Show More Summary

Family of camera assistant killed while shooting on train tracks awarded over $11 million

Midnight Rider was to be a biographical movie on the journey of Gregg Allman. From struggling artist to the eventual success of the Allman Brothers Band. Then the realisation that he needs to get clean or risk losing his life. It was...Show More Summary

There’s a drone flying around the International Space Station – and it’s adorable

Looking like something pulled right out of Wall-E, there’s a spherical object floating around the International Space Station. This object is Int-Ball, a camera drone that explores the ISS autonomously or via remote control from earth. Show More Summary

100-year-old photos reveal Antarctica before the climate change

Old photos are a strong witness of history and of past times. National Geographic has recently published a century old photos of Antarctica, made before we were in the midst of strong climate changes. Photographer Herbert Ponting took the photos of the coldest continent in the early 20th century, a hundred years ago. Show More Summary

5 reasons to choose a PC over a Mac for photo and video editing

If you have ever tried to make a decision between a PC and a Mac, I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestions from the users of either one or the other. Photographer Manny Ortiz is a user of both, and in his latest video, he gives five reasons why he opted for a PC after all. Show More Summary

6 Tips for Posing Hands in Wedding and Portrait Photography

One of the most challenging and misunderstood elements in posing hands and how to use them correctly. Hands are so important in an image because they can say so much. They can convey masculinity, femininity, strength, softness and between couples, they can show love and affection. Show More Summary

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