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8 Things to Photograph on Rainy Days

For many photographers, the mention of rain is enough to send them running for cover. But this is unfortunate, considering the fact that rainy days present some great photo opportunities just waiting to be captured. Ironically, sometimes bad weather can result in ideal photography conditions. Show More Summary

Macphun is taking on Lightroom with Luminar – an new all-in-one photo editing solution

All new image software that gets released wants to become your go-to software. Coming in against the world of Lightroom and Photoshop can be a tough prospect. So tough that even Apple bowed out, completely dropping Aperture from its product line. There have been one or two challengers, but nothing really has the market that [...]Show More Summary

Sony RX100 V 4K sample footage is out and it’s rather impressive

There’s been a fair bit of buzz around the new Sony RX100 V since it was announced. There’s been a lot of talk about the A6500, too. The RX100, though, sits in a couple of pretty large markets. There’s the ever dwindling compact camera market. The threat of mobile phones has never been greater to compacts. Somehow, [...]Show More Summary

How to build your own DIY LED Light Panel for under $200

We’ve shown you a few different DIY LED light panels before, but technology and techniques evolve. LEDs are always coming out that are better, cheaper, brighter and with higher CRI than the previous generation. Photographers and videographers are now able to more easily address their needs with DIY lighting options, and often at a much lower [...]Show More Summary

Action cameras and footage survives fireworks inferno inside a van

Every year whenever fireworks go on sale in our respective corners of the globe, we’re warned that they’re dangerous. That they could potentially ignite and explode at any moment. Not to store them in large quantities in vehicles. To store them in metal or other non-flammable containers. But what happens if we don’t? Are manufacturers [...]Show More Summary

How to DIY repair a damaged tripod thread in your camera

Tripod threads in the bottom of cameras and other devices are usually pretty solid. I’ve got cameras that are decades old that still have perfectly functional ones. But, I’ve also had a couple of adapters and gadgets where they haven’t survived so well. Quality control isn’t what it once was, and the number of devices [...]Show More Summary

How to Take Cool Food Photos in Your Refrigerator

Nothing gets me more excited creatively than coming up with different scenarios or ideas to further develop and hone my photography skills. For me, this is what makes photography so interesting and never dull. Yes, it can be frustrating and challenging. Show More Summary

10 Non-Technical Ways to Improve Your Street Photography

The technical side of street photography is incredibly important to master, because if you do not understand your camera, then you will not be able to do the tips in this article well. You want to be able to know your camera so well that you forget it is even there. Show More Summary

Finally there’s a small affordable backup solution for use in the field

I say “finally”, there used to be a number of them. Back when I shot a pair of D100 bodies back in 2002, I used a 20GB Super Digibin 2 to backup my massive 128MB CompactFlash cards while still out shooting. It was slow and the battery didn’t last very long, but it was reliable [...]Show More Summary

Why does bad framing work? Looking beyond the rules of composition

The only thing over which we always have control in photography or video, no matter what your camera, is composition. We’re taught these “rules” and theories to help improve how we frame our work. But how much do these rules really need to be followed? And how does our viewer perceive the work when they [...]Show More Summary

Headshots – A view from the other side of the lens – 5 lessons I learned as a subject

As a photographer, I’m incredibly lucky to have had many experiences on the other side of the camera; it’s enabled me to have a greater understanding of a photo shoot from the subject’s perspective and has massively shaped the way I handle photo-shoots. If you are in the portrait or headshots business then the vast [...]Show More Summary

How to capture compelling compositions in your photography

Every great photograph consists of three key elements. First and foremost composition, lighting and of course the moment. Look at any great image and you’ll notice these elements. What part of the image caught your attention? More often than not, it will be the compositional structure that sets the scene. A poorly composed photo can [...]Show More Summary

Light up your shot with a flying 1000 Watt LED floodlight

Last year, we showed you rctestflight’s crazy 1000 Watt LED light bar. Made from 10 individual smaller lights, it gives a total output of around 90,000 lumens. Already, it’s a pretty cool feat. For under $300 you can light up half a mountainside. Such a light would be a fantastic tool for filmmakers and photographers. But what [...]Show More Summary

Is the 5D Mark IV the perfect wedding camera? No, but it comes pretty close

I’m a professional wedding photographer and I use my cameras at least 1-3 times a week. Often for 10-12 hours a day and in quite challenging conditions. They get thrown about, knocked, and occasionally dropped (whoops!) I hope this review of the Canon 5D Mark IV gives you a little insight in to the camera, what [...]Show More Summary

Who needs a $160,000 Audi when you can shoot a $40 scale model

What happens when a miniature photographer discusses collaboration with a multi-million car company? He ends up shooting their $160,000 car, an Audi R8, using a $40 scale model. Photographer Felix Hernández (more from Felix) discussed some potential ideas with Audi. The result was so awesome that Audi decided to share it on their media channels. The catch? [...]Show More Summary

What’s special about the Lensbaby Velvet 56 and is it for you?

Usually, when you buy a new lens you are trying to get a wider angle or maybe more of a telephoto view, but with some lenses, you are trying to get more of a special effect. The Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens (price it out on or B&H Photo) is one of those. Show More Summary

Tips for Getting Started Doing Event Photography

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? To see the behind-the-scenes of amazing events and activities? To meet influential or interesting people? If so, candid event photography may be the thing for you! While wedding photography is technically event photography, that is not our focus here. Show More Summary

Tips for Getting the Image Right In Camera

I suspect if asked the question “Would you rather be editing your images, or out there photographing that what you love?” only a select few of us photographers will raise our hands for the former! Photography is an incredibly creative...Show More Summary

Lightroom’s Secret Weapon: The Radial Filter and How to Use it

Back when Lightroom 5 was released, Adobe included an extremely useful tool called the Radial Filter. However, the name wasn’t particularly clear about what it could do, so many people still have yet to find how useful and powerful it can be. Show More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – School Days

Many of us had a love-hate relationship with going to school as kids. There are fun parts, and not so fun parts for each person. But there are some things that we always think of fondly, no matter where you went to school or your age. Show More Summary

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