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Photo business: the rise and impending fall of social media 'influencers'

With so-called 'influencers' in the news recently, an anonymous social media executive confesses to Digiday just what contributed to the rise of the phenomenon and the somewhat startling realities of the new ecosystem. While it may come...Show More Summary

Leaked iPhone 7 photos suggest dual cameras may be reserved only for the 7 Plus

Pretty much the only things that can be said for certain about the iPhone 7 are that it’ll eventually be announced (probably in September) and that it’ll be made by Apple. If either of these cases are even close to real, however, the standard iPhone 7 will not possess dual cameras, an feature likely reserved [...]Show More Summary

How to Improve Your Night Photos – Add Reflections

Reflections can be great things to add to your photographs at any time, but they are particularly cool at night. Adding reflections can solve compositional problems you face at night. Further, the steps you have to take to capture photos...Show More Summary

Photo bomb: Student project sends Instax camera skyward

In what must be a one-of-a-kind project, a visual media student at the Rochester Institute of Technology has installed a Fujifilm Instax camera on a DJI drone, making it possible to shoot instant photos from the air. Nicholas Kundrat...Show More Summary

Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2016 winners announced

Magnum Photos recently announced the ten winners of its Graduate Photographers Award 2016, providing each graduated photographer with a Magnum photographer mentor, portfolio review and a screening of their work at Somerset House in the UK. Show More Summary

Build your own motorized custom camera slider from scratch for around $75

Camera sliders are one of the easiest ways to add interesting motion to your timelapse and video sequences, but many of the commercial options are still extremely expensive. This short series of videos on YouTube posted to Instructables documents the construction of a motorized slider that could be easily adapted to handle cameras and rigs of much larger size. While [...]Show More Summary

How to light up a green screen for a perfect key and seamless compositing

Setting up a green screen to record footage of a subject that will be cut out and composited into another background has become commonplace these days.  What is ultimately a pretty straightforward process, however, can be a difficult one to learn. This video presented by Doug Guerra from B&H shows us some tips and techniques to help [...]Show More Summary

How to Use the Healing Tool in Photoshop

We all have those moments in our photographic careers where things just don’t pan out exactly how we imagined them. Our image is almost exactly as we imagined it to be, but perhaps there are some spots, blemishes, marks or distractions that just don’t fit in the frame. Show More Summary

LandscapePro promises to do to turn your dull boring images into dramatic landscapes

Anthropics, the creators of PortraitPro, have set their sights on a new target with the launch of their new LandscapePro standalone application and Photoshop plugin. Aiming to do for your landscapes what PortraitPro does to your face, this new software boasts a range of features that let you to turn your mediocre snapshots into something that may or may [...]Show More Summary

Canon ES 5D Mark IV out in the wild being tested by photographers

Ahead of the expected August announcement of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon Rumors are said to be receiving reports that “more than a few” Canon preferred photographers have been able to get their hands on one. With 4K video, and 1080p @ 120fps being the only seemingly reliable bits of info at the moment, other firm specs are somewhat [...]Show More Summary

There is no way to break compositional rules, only move to more advanced rules

Of course it follows the rule of thirds, It has to to be a good photo, right? I am not sure. You can always “break the rules”, to make a good photo, which loughs at the composition rules… This display of power from Photographer James Allen Stewart shows that there is no way around the rules, [...]Show More Summary

Photo Composition Tips from Bob Holmes – Composition in Travel Photos

Who better to get photo composition tips from than four-time Travel Photographer of the Year award-winner, Bob Holmes? He shares some techniques you can use to work with composition and take better photos, no matter where your travels may take you. Show More Summary

DIYP reviews Samsung’s 1 terabyte T3 SSD

The folks over at Samsung were kind enough to send us a 1 Terabyte  SSD drive for review (yes you read that right, 1 terabyte). We’ve been using it for a while and we are thrilled. Basically, I found nothing negative to say, aside maybe the fact that it is not padded. On the other hand, [...] The post DIYP reviews Samsung’s 1 terabyte T3 SSD appeared first on DIY Photography.

How to Clean Your Photography Gear and Keep it in Good Shape

A long time ago when I started my first steps into the photography world, a good friend of mine that worked many years as a photojournalist, told me: “Treat your camera like a soldier treats his gun, keep it clean and ready to fire!”...Show More Summary

X-ray: iFixit looks inside the Fujifilm X-M1

iFixit looks inside the Fujifilm X-M1 We're curious people at heart, and we like to know what's going on inside of our prized electronic possessions. But taking screwdriver to camera isn't a wise idea if you want to keep you gear functioning with a valid warranty. Show More Summary

Choosing the Right Camera Bag – and Why You May Need More than One

You’ve just bought yourself a new camera, or perhaps a new lens. Now you find yourself wanting to get a new bag for new purchases – after all, a good bag will protect your equipment, and can serve as an ideal place to store your photography gear when not in use. Show More Summary

The 5 Best Google Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Filters and How They Can Amplify Your Images

The Google Nik collection has been considered one of the top photographic effect plugin suites for a few years now, and it just got better in a big way – as of March 24th, 2016, it’s available free of charge. This move has been applauded...Show More Summary

Striking: Photos from a lightning hotspot in Venezuela

For landscape photographer and storm chaser Jonas Piontek, Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is practically paradise. The lake's proximity to the Andes and the Caribbean Sea set the conditions for a so-called 'never ending storm,' with lightning storms occurring almost 300 days of the year. Show More Summary

Dean Samed : The UK’s most prolific genre cover artist

If you ever entered the dark depths of Deviantart a few years back, you would have most likely stumbled upon the name Conzpiracy at some point in your journey. Like a modern day urban legend, his complex manipulations of the macabre made waves through the DA community. Conzpiracy’s Photoshop tutorials were coveted by users in [...]Show More Summary

Hasselblad offers no-loss trade-up on H6D to those waiting for 100MP back

With the Hasselblad 100c 100MP back delayed by the after effects of the Japanese earthquake the company has introduced a trade-up deal for photographers who want to get their hands on the new H6D medium format body sooner rather than later. Show More Summary

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