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4 Tips for Creating Portraits with Impact

Since the birth of the camera, an overwhelming number of photographers have concentrated on portraiture. Capturing the personality, mood, or expression of a fellow human is sublimely beautiful. Because of this, many of us have thousands of portraits saved on hard drives, and eagerly await the next portrait contest. Show More Summary

Dear Groupon Man

Dear Groupon Man, I was surprised when you called this morning. And on my cell phone, no less. I was in the middle of a really hectic morning but I had a few minutes so I decided to take the call. And before we go any further, I just want to say thank you for [...] The post Dear Groupon Man appeared first on DIY Photography.

Retro, refined: Fujifilm X100T reviewed

The Fujifilm X100T offers seemingly small improvements on its predecessors, the cult classic X100 and X100S. Its 16MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor and fixed 35mm equiv. f/2 lens are now accompanied by an all electronic shutter mode with increased 1/32000sec maximum speed, redesigned hybrid viewfinder and an upgraded 1.04m dot rear LCD. Show More Summary

Which One Of These Party Animal Cameras Would You Invite Over To Your Place? [Humor]

What could possibly be more fun than personifying inanimate objects? Especially when those objects are cameras. And not just any old Canon or Nikon DSLR, those are entirely too boring. Everyone knows those trendy mirrorless types have all the personality. They’re basically the reality TV stars of the camera world. Don’t believe me? Check out [...]Show More Summary

Heidi Levine is the Inaugural Winner of the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award

The award, given by the International Women’s Media Foundation, was created in honor of Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, who was killed while covering the 2014 presidential election in Afghanistan. Heidi Levine is an American freelance photojournalist based in Jerusalem, who has covered the revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Syria as well as the [...]Show More Summary

Phase One's Capture One Pro 8.2 software now available

Phase One has released its new Capture One Pro 8.2 software, and with the update comes a new Color Balance Tool making it easier to produce color graded images, as well as additional ways to find images and support for higher resolution displays, including 4K. Show More Summary

A Beginners Guide to Light Modifiers

Regardless of the light source you use (daylight, continuous or flash) it’s really easy to use light modifiers or shapers to train the light in any direction you want. A quick note about costs Every kind of light modifier will have a top of the line version and a really cheap version. Show More Summary

How to Perfectly Capture Steam in Food Photography

I normally hangout at a local coffee shop editing photos because it’s easier for me to concentrate (plus free electricity and air condition… not always easy to find those in the Philippines). On my last visit I saw a person holding a cup of steaming hot coffee and thought of this article. This will be a 2 part [...]Show More Summary

Paul C. Buff, the Man Behind White Lightning, AlienBees and Einstein Flashes, Dies at Age 78.

Buff, through a company carrying his name, has been creating studio flashes since 1981 when he introduced the game-changing White Lightning flash. In 2001, realizing the potential of the digital photography revolution and the changing market, he started selling the smaller, cheaper and friendlier AlienBees Flashes. His most recent flash unit, the Einstein E640, has [...]Show More Summary

Phase One Releases Capture One 8.2; Available for Download

The RAW converter now enables you to separately tone shadows, highlights and midtones via the improved 3-Way Color Balance tool. The software’s extensive adjustment tools will benefit from an updated processing engine and the entire workflow is said to be faster and more stable. Other new features include Dynamic Locations, high-res previews for 4k and [...]Show More Summary

It’s Your Image Do What you Like to it

Quite some years ago when I was doing my Fine Art Degree at University I was working on an image which I wasn’t quite sure about. My tutor came over and asked what was wrong. I told him that I thought people wouldn’t like one aspect of it. Show More Summary

Field test: Shooting Roller Derby with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

James McDaniel is a self-taught photographer with a special interest in roller derby. He's also a Micro Four Thirds shooter, so when we were looking for someone to test out the E-M5 II in the real world with us, we immediately thought of James. Show More Summary

National Geographic Photographer Shows The Fascinating & Dangerous Life Of A Sherpa

“Sherpa does not mean to carry something, it’s an ethnic group, not a job,” begins Aaron Huey. Huey, really needs no introduction, his work with National Geographic speaks for himself. On his latest adventure shooting for the magazine, Huey wanted to explore the life of the Sherpa–the ‘Unsung Heroes of Everest‘. In this 14-minute long [...]Show More Summary

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 added to studio test scene comparison

It's not often that a smartphone being added to our studio test scene warrants a mention on our homepage, but it's not everyday we see the likes of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1. It's a photo-centric mobile device with a 1-inch 20MP sensor and an F2.8 28mm equiv. lens, capable of 4K video and Raw image output. See how it performs in our studio scene. Read more

Instagram Releases Layout, an App Dedicated to Creating Collages

Several third-party apps have been built in recent years in order to accommodate Instagrammers’ growing desire for grid collages and other forms of combined photos. Hoping to offer its users an advanced yet simple solution, while eliminating the competition, Instagram decided to launch Layout as a standalone app. The main advantage of the app seems [...]Show More Summary

Studio Binder Aims to Simplify the Chore of Coordinating Talent

For a recent bridal photography fashion session, I had over thirty emails flying around between myself and my talent just to confirm availability, let everyone know what time to be there, where to go, and what to bring. And that doesn’t include all the reminder and clarification text messages. This was a a relatively simple [...]Show More Summary

The Winners of the Four NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

The Winners of the Four NYIP Photography Courses Are… A BIG thank you to everyone who entered our recent competition to win one of four photography courses from our friends at NYIP. The response was amazing with over 680 entries. InShow More Summary

Tips for Using Golden Hour Light for Portraits

Most photographers will argue vehemently that the golden hour – that pocket of time just after sunrise and just before sunset – produces some of the most gorgeous light ever. Golden light shows up during this time, generally about an hour or so before sunset (after sunrise). Show More Summary

CP+ 2015: Olympus interview: 'since 1936 our policy has been to make our cameras compact'

When we attended CP+ last month in Yokohama, Japan we sat down with senior executives from several major camera and lens manufacturers. Among them was Haruo Ogawa, President of the Imaging Business Group and Executive Managing Officer at Olympus Corporation. Show More Summary

6 Steps to Edit and Deliver Wedding Photographs in One Day

This is exactly how I process every wedding that I photograph. I am now on my fifth year of shooting weddings and have shot roughly 70 of them. I am a big fan of working smart and not hard. Every step of my workflow is thought out, and belongs for very specific reasons. Show More Summary

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