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Lighting for Macro Photography

Macro photography is great for exploring new worlds that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. You can turn ordinary, boring subjects into fascinating ones. A closeup photograph’s composition is 80% determined by the lighting, therefore it is the single most important element a macro photographer should have complete control over. Show More Summary

Adobe Announces New Lightroom CC – What Features are You Most Excited About?

Well yesterday Adobe pulled the trigger on the much anticipated release of the new Lightroom 6, which is actually called Lightroom CC (part of the Creative Cloud). It will still be available as a stand alone product but many people, myself included were eagerly downloading the new version as soon as it was available. Show More Summary

How to Get Shallow Depth of Field in Your Photos

In many cases, a shallow depth of field in a portrait is a great way to highlight your subject and to get rid of distractions present in the background. There are several ways in which you can achieve a shallow depth of field in your photos. Here are some tips that will help you with […]

Spiffy Gear Announces Studio Strobe Add On To Its Light Blaster System

We are big fans of Spiffy Gear’s Light Blaster and have seen quite a few creative uses of it over the time. From jewels photography & commercial work through light graffiti , and even a wedding proposal. But studio shooters were always complaining about the need to use hot shoe Strobes with the system. Today, the [...]Show More Summary

Excuse Me? Why, Yes, My Camera DOES Take Great Pictures. Thank You For Noticing That

“Excuse me? Why, yes, my camera DOES take great pictures. Thank you for noticing that. You have a keen eye and a very good sense about these things-not everyone does. Well done! But can I share something with you? I mean no disrespect to my camera but…it didn’t used to take great pictures. I mean, [...]Show More Summary

“What A Catch!” Man Rescues Falling Drone Seconds Before It Crashes Into The Ocean

When 34 year old photographer, Ryan Chatfield, took his drone out for a spin over Floreat Beach in Australia, his experience running the New York Marathon came in use. As the drone passed over the shoreline in a rocky area, it began falling from the sky. Chatfield, who was 100m away from the drone when [...]Show More Summary

Firmware update enhances Nikon D4s features, including unlimited continuous shooting

Nikon has issued updated firmware for its D4s professional DSLR, altering the way numerous features operate on the camera. Changes include removing the limitation on the number of images that can be captured in a single continuous burst in the manual and shutter priority exposure modes. Show More Summary

The Advantages of Renting Photographic Gear Before you Buy

We have all heard the expression “The gear does not make the photo. The photographer makes the photo.” That being said, the gear does certainly help in perfecting the art of photography. If you are a professional photographer or even a serious amateur, you know that photography is quite an expensive profession/hobby. Show More Summary

Adobe Officially Announces Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6

As expected, the new Lightroom was just announced and it comes in both CC and 6 versions. The details mentioned in the premature post we shared earlier today turned out to be spot on, and Lightroom CC will be available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan while Lightroom 6 will be available as [...]Show More Summary

Adobe rolls out Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 with HDR and panorama tools

Adobe has announced standalone and Creative Cloud versions of its image management and Raw conversion software, Lightroom. Among other new features the latest versions gain simple HDR and Panorama merging tools that create 16-bit DNG files from the merged results. Read more

Quality of Light – What is Beautiful Light?

We talk about quality of light a lot in photography. I often use the word beautiful, and tell people that great photos require beautiful light. But what is beautiful light? To answer that we need to understand that light has many qualities...Show More Summary

Leaked Movie Shows Lightroom’s New Facial Recognition Ability; Lightroom 6 Will Be Available As Well

A post that seems to have been published a few hours early sheds some light on the software that is scheduled to be released later today. An unlisted video on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom channel on YouTube was included in the post and provides a lengthy explanation of how the new face recognition feature will [...]Show More Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Light Photography

As a photographer, the most powerful tool you have is natural light It may be free for the taking – but are you making the most of it to create beautiful images? Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of our latest dPS eBook – Life in Natural Light by Rachel Devine. Show More Summary

Canon 6D Mark II Rumored to Be Coming, But Not Before The 5D Mark IV

Most Canon-related rumors lately have been regarding the 5D Mark IV, with the latest claiming there will also be a Mark IVc video version, and we’ve seen very little being said about the other models. There’s finally some new information about the 6D Mark II, stating it will be smaller and lighter, but once again [...]Show More Summary

LA Sheriff Appears To Attack Pedestrian Photographer; Knocks Phone From Hands, Smashes It With Foot

These types of clips are popping up so frequently these days, it’s almost not even shocking to see anymore. But, this video posted yesterday on YouTube shows a heavily armed Los Angeles Sheriff charge a woman who was photographing a group of officers. The Sheriff grabbed the phone out of her hand, then proceeded to [...]Show More Summary

18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Celebrate The Natural Beauty Of Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding in public is always a hot topic of debate and a photographer from Illinois is looking to shed more positive light on the subject. Ivette Ivens has become a breastfeeding advocate of sorts, having breastfed her own two children, the bond it helped to develop between mother and child inspired the photographer to undertake a beautiful [...]Show More Summary

Nikon Rumored to Be Working on a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

The Nikon 1 mirrorless system has the advantage of being a small camera with a huge X2.7 crop factor. While this is especially useful to some, there seem to be many Nikonists who will happily give up the crop factor in exchange for a full frame mirrorless camera and all the accompnying benefits. Based on [...]Show More Summary

St. Louis Post-Dispatch photo staff and Daniel Berehulak nab 2015 photography Pulitzers

Photographers capturing the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and turmoil in Ferguson, Miss. took home this year's Pulitzer prizes for Feature and Breaking News Photography. Daniel Berehulak, a freelancer shooting for the New York Times, was honored for his images from West Africa where he spent four months in the Ebola zone. Show More Summary

Lightroom CC Will be Released Tomorrow; Bad News for Perpetual Licenses

Adobe’s next version of the popular editing and cataloguing software will finally be released tomorrow. There have been several expected release dates in the past due to product pages launched on various retailer websites, but this time it’s a done deal. The only question is, will there be a boxed version? PhotoRumors says it is [...]Show More Summary

How Your Camera Gets in the Way of Creating Great Photos

I am the kind of person who loves nothing more than to read a new camera manual back to front. When the Canon 5d MK3 came out the manual was over 200 pages, YUM! It was the thickest Canon manual yet, heaven! I love my kit and I loveShow More Summary

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