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Wildfire picture wins £3000 international Environmental Photographer of the Year Award

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) has announced the winners of its Environmental Photographer of the Year awards and given out £6000 (approx. $8000) in prizes as well as a job. The winner of theShow More Summary

Your Next Smart Selection Could Be Powered By A Neural Network

Admit it! object masking sucks. It’s not that it is impossible, even the hardest selections and masks can be created with some work (and some methods require less work that others). But, in general, masking is a hard and tedious work. Researchers in the The Chinese University of Hong Kong working with Adobe Research are now [...]Show More Summary

Creating the Perfect Gelled Background

At first glance this seems like an easy thing to achieve, how hard can it be to get a great looking gelled background in your shot? As anybody who has used gels in the past will tell you, there’s certainly a few key things to pay attention to if you want to avoid those flat, [...] The post Creating the Perfect Gelled Background appeared first on DIY Photography.

Photographer finds 1200 rolls of unprocessed film from 1950s

Images used with kind permission of Levi Bettwieser of The Rescued Film Project Levi Bettwieser is the founder and film technician for The Rescued Film Project - an archive of images from 'lost and forgotten' rolls of film, sourced from all over the word. Show More Summary

Being limited by my landlocked location, I bought 1,500 pounds of sand for a “beach” photo shoot, and got a single photo out of it

I bought a stack of foreign Vogue magazines for inspiration, and inside of Vogue Italia I saw an amazing photo of Alessandra Ambrosio on a beach at night (the image at the bottom of this page). I tucked it away in a manila envelope labeled “Possible Shoots”. For a year and a half, every time I [...]Show More Summary

How to Use Bracketing to get Your Best Shot – 3 Different Methods

One of the most difficult and frustrating parts about shooting with film, back before the days of digital photography, was the limited amount of attempts you had to get the photo you wanted. I remember carrying around spare rolls ofShow More Summary

Sony announces camera shipment delays due to Kumamoto earthquake

The earthquake that hit Japan's Kumamoto prefecture in April affected multiple camera companies with facilities in the region, including Sony. In its most recent statement about the matter, Sony revealed several camera models that will...Show More Summary

Canon warns against use of SanDisk CFast cards with EOS-1D X Mark II

Canon has issued a warning to EOS-1D X II owners, noting a problem with file corruption that can occur when certain SanDisk CFast cards are used. The issue occurs with the last few images recorded just before the camera is powered off,...Show More Summary

Canon: Using some Sandisk CFast cards can destroy photos on a 1D X Mark II

CFast is the industry’s answer to Sony’s XQD card (in a neverending standard war), but looks like this card is not without its issues. Canon just released an advisory asking photographers to avoid using some of Sandisk’s CFast cards on 1DXmkII‘s because it may corrupt images stored on the card (which is kinda funny considering Amazon is offering CFast cards [...]Show More Summary

Photographer reimagines superheroes in 17th Century style portraits

Photographing superheroes has become quite popular lately.  Some use human subjects, while others use toy action figures, but this take on the superhero genre is very unique and fun. French photographer Sacha Goldberger asked some questions and, as a result, plunged some of the most iconic characters of recent memory into the 17th century with [...]Show More Summary

Firework photography tips and tricks for 4th July

The 4th of July is rapidly approaching, and some of our American readers may be getting ready to have a go at some fireworks photography. Fireworks aren’t difficult to photograph, but they aren’t something you want to go into blind. In this video from photographer David Bergman at AdoramaTV we get some great advice for photographing fireworks effectively [...]Show More Summary

Sony a6300 Mirrorless Camera – Thoughts and Field Test

Sony has spent recent years charging full steam ahead into the full-frame mirrorless camera market. But they have also managed to satisfy the desires of APS-C shooters, mainly through their widely-popular a6000 mid-range mirrorless camera. Show More Summary

These artists recreated lost and destroyed artwork using Photoshop and stock images

Whether the work we create is digital, or a little more tangible, it’s an inevitable consequence that some of it will be lost or destroyed.  In this short series of videos released by Adobe, we see four of them recreated using Photoshop and stock imagery. Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee went missing [...]Show More Summary

App review: Full Frame is a quick, easy JPEG viewer, EXIF editor

Full Frame is a Mac-based image viewer, photo importer and metadata editor that centers around an incredibly clean and intuitive user interface. Released by California-based Inland Sea and available now in the App Store, its potential...Show More Summary

Tips for photographing children in the great outdoors

I primarily photograph people, but children are a subject I’ve generally stayed well clear of. I have nothing against them, and apparently I used to be one (my wife says I still am), but when it comes to photographing them, it just really doesn’t appeal to me. If you’re a parent, on the other hand, [...]Show More Summary

1200 rolls of undeveloped film shot by one photographer in the 1950s discovered at auction

66 bundles of undeveloped film, estimated to be over 1,200 rolls, shot by the same photographer in the 1950s have found themselves in the hands of Levi Bettwieser at the Rescued Film Project. Acquired by the Bettwieser a year ago at auction,the bundles of film are meticulously wrapped and labelled, including information such as the camera [...]Show More Summary

Correct name of mis-identified Iwo Jima flag raiser revealed after 70 years

Photo By: Office of U.S. Marine Corps Communication, Headquarters Marine Corps One of the officers in Joe Rosenthal's iconic 'Rasing the Flag on Iwo Jima' has been mis-identified for over 70 years, according to a statement by the U.S. Show More Summary

Improve Your Photography by Getting the Right Feedback on Your Images

Have you ever felt that your photography isn’t improving as much as it once was? Do you feel that the level of your work is stagnating and not progressing much more? Yet you keep reading article after article, either on the web or in magazines. Show More Summary

Cactus promises 1/8000sec flash sync with V6 II transceiver, new version for Sony users

Hong Kong-based flash and flash trigger manufacturer Cactus has upgraded its V6 wireless transceiver system to allow flash sync speeds of up to 1/8000sec. The company, claiming its transceivers can apply TTL control to multiple brands...Show More Summary

Street style chronicler Bill Cunningham passes away at 87

Bill Cunningham at Fashion Week photographed by Jiyang Chen. May 2012. Over the weekend, the photography and fashion communities lost a living legend when Bill Cunningham passed away at age 87. He chronicled New York City street fashion...Show More Summary

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