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This is the only lens filter you cannot replicate behind a computer

When I took on photography, there were a lot of filters to consider. ND, Haze, warming, cooling, grad-ND, polarizers. Heck, I had so many filters that sometimes they needed a little bag of their own inside my photography bag. Today though, most of the filters can be mimicked with photoshop. Show More Summary

Photographer dad composites his kids into the most hilarious scenarios

Usually, it’s a gradual transition, you go from zero kids to one kid to two. Gives you time to get used to the havoc. But sometimes, God blesses you with twins, going from zero to two (or rather zero to hundred) in a split of a second. Show More Summary

See the pros and cons of using natural light and off camera flash outdoors

Before the proliferation of speedlights and portable strobes over the last few years, people always asked me why I’d take flash out in the daytime. It was often difficult to formulate an answer that they’d accept. They never really “got...Show More Summary

How to develop your own efficient editing workflow

When it comes to video editing, there’s more than one way to do any given task. It doesn’t matter whether it’s organising your media, picking your selects, or assembling everything together on a timeline. And everybody has their own way. Show More Summary

This photographer puts Toy Story’s Woody in funny situations without photo manipulation

Have you ever imagined your favorite movie and cartoon characters in funny, absurd situations? Brazilian photographer Jefferson Bongarthner has, and he turned these situations into reality. Jefferson is a toy photographer and his favorite character is Woody from Toy Story. Show More Summary

Tourism Has Run Amok…And Ruined Photography

Photography is and has always been a very personal vocation. For many photographers, the process of capturing an image is just as important as the end result – the long hours of preparation, planning, overseas travel, getting to theShow More Summary

Lessons on properly lighting dark-skinned actors from “Insecure” director of photography Ava Berkofsky

How to properly light the model depends on several aspects, and one of them is skin color. Insecure’s director of photography, Ava Berkofsky, makes the actors in the series look fabulous. In this 2-minute video, she shares her lessons on properly lighting the dark-skinned actors to achieve the best results. Show More Summary

4 Lessons in Creativity for Photographers

Creativity in any discipline is about finding new and original ideas. When they strike, creative thoughts seem to appear out of nowhere – light bulb moments. Sometimes it seems like creativity is something intangible that we can’t control. Show More Summary

Instagram removes photos of boy with rare disorder

Charlie Beswick, mom of a boy with Goldenhar syndrome, recently faced Instagram deleting a photo of her son after the user’s reports. One of her twin boys, Harry, was born with this rare disorder, so he has no left eye, eye socket, nostril or left ear. Show More Summary

This guy’s clever camera tricks will play with your mind

Before Twitter killed Vine, Kevin Parry was famous for his mind-bending short clips. The US-based stop-motion animator creates videos with clever and fun optical illusions. Even though we all know they are just clever filmmaking andShow More Summary

Photos show Profoto is expanding their range with first ever speedlight

Well, this is an exciting bit of news. It looks like Profoto will soon be announcing their first hotshoe flash. Yes, that’s right, a Profoto speedlight. It’s a bold, but inevitable, move, I think. The existing flash companies have to do something to survive and compete, or they disappear. Show More Summary

Interview with Landscape Photographer Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is a talented landscape and nature photographer from Norway, currently living in northern Spain. Christian's portfolio showcases beautiful photos from around the world. In addition to his personal website, Christian also maintains, where he publishes articles and tutorials. Show More Summary

GoPro Hero6 photo leaked, shows it will shoot 4K at 60fps

There’s been a word that GoPro Hero6 could be launched by the end of this year. We didn’t know many details then, but the latest leaked photo of the camera and the box tells us more. Apparently, the upcoming GoPro Hero6 will shoot video at 4K at 60fps. Show More Summary

These are the winning photos of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

In August this year, we presented you with beautiful shortlisted images of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 contest. The winners of nine categories are officially announced today, along with the overall winner. There were over 3800 entries taken from over 90 countries across the globe. Show More Summary

How to DIY a $15 tactical bag into a custom audio kit bag

When you start to get more serious about video and recording your audio separately, the gear can be a pain. Sure, you start off with a Tascam DR-100 recorder or something, with its little pouch that clips onto your belt. But then, before...Show More Summary

Community reacts fiercely as Nikon promotes D850 with 32 men and 0 women

There’s been quite a hype about the new Nikon D850. Even me, generally not obsessed with gear, am thinking of saving up and treat myself with this beast of a camera someday. But, judging from the list of Nikon Asia, Middle East and Africa Ambassadors – this camera may not be for women. Show More Summary

Don’t Fear Photo Post-Processing – Shooting is Only the First Part of the Image Creation Process

You have just bought your new bright shiny camera and you are sure that it is just the thing that will help you create better images. You’re shooting JPG with the camera’s automatic program modes, but you’re not getting the results you wanted. Show More Summary

How to Understand Reflected Versus Incident Light and Get More Accurate Exposures

Do you ever get under or overexposed photos when you use your camera’s light meter? Do you get frustrated that even in auto-mode you can’t get the correct exposure? That’s because there are two different type of light to deal with when taking a photo. Show More Summary

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