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Pushing The Limits Of Wedding Photography – A Crazy Boxing Composite

When Jeremy and Emma approached me about including a Story Art piece as part of their wedding day coverage I was initially hesitant. My composites often takes hours of pre planning, not to mention the time that would need to be allocated to the shoot itself, on the wedding day. I love to take a [...]Show More Summary

Talking To Strangers Before Shooting Them Makes A Huge Difference

Taking portraits is something I really love. When there is a model available, you get a lot of freedom regarding the pose, expressions and styling. However, during my travels when I want to portray people in their authentic environment, I usually don’t get to choose a model, because it is about the people who are [...]Show More Summary

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With The Sound of Film

Past and present film shooters will love this short video while newcomers to photography will scratch their heads wondering what’s going on. Robert Marshall of Round One Films captured the entire film process, step-by-step, from beginning to end. You’ll have to imagine the smell, but the sounds and sights of this critically endangered process were [...]Show More Summary

An Interview With Aerial Photographer Vincent Laforet about Air

Last time we featured Vincent Laforet’s work he had just finished photographing his AIR project in London and Barcelona and was preparing to shoot above Paris, Berlin and Venice. Now that he has completed the project and released a book containing high-altitude aerial night-time photos from 10 iconic cities, Leo Laporte of The New Screen [...]Show More Summary

The Who What Where When Why How of Doing a Photowalk

Recently I was privileged, for the first-time, to be a walk leader as part of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. It was a great experience for me, one I plan to repeat again, and one in which I encourage all photographers of every skill level to participate. Show More Summary

Live a Life of Leisure

Dear friend, life is brutally short; live a life of leisure. I don’t mean to say suddenly quit your job, but to enjoy every moment as if it were your last. Imagine you are stranded in a desert and you are dying from thirst. You see a stream of water, but it will only flow [...] The post Live a Life of Leisure appeared first on DIY Photography.

How To Edit A Woman Trapped In Ice Portrait

How do you go about shooting a portrait of a woman trapped in ice? Of course I could not actually sink a model under a frozen lake, so we took a short cut. I shot my model in a kiddie pool and applied an ice texture from the Image Manipulation Store.   The post How To Edit A Woman Trapped In Ice Portrait appeared first on DIY Photography.

A DIY Guide For Fixing The Rokinon/Samyang MFT Fisheye Focus Issue

The internet has quite a bit of reports that the Rokinon/Samyang/Walimex MFT Fisheye has some issues with its focus scale. The reports range from the annoying”Infinity is at the 0.5ft mark” all the way up to “not focusing to infinity at all“. My lens had the latter issue. That’s why I started to look around the [...]Show More Summary

Photoshop Tip: Using the High Pass Filter to Sharpen Images

If you’ve used Photoshop, you are likely aware by now that there are many ways to accomplish the same tasks. One of the more important ones that should be done to almost every digital image is sharpening. This is necessary because most...Show More Summary

Readers' Showcase: Tom Goodman

After taking a 25 year break from photography, Tom Goodman started taking pictures again and hasn't stopped since. With a background in art history and fine art, he took a break from photography earlier in his career to run an agency representing artists and photographers. Show More Summary

How To Shoot The Dark Phoenix (And Hack A Broncolor Movel In The Process)

French photographer Frederic Amadu recently shot a series starring Marvel Universe’s Dark Phoenix (oh, make a movie already!!). The Dark Phoenix ( or Jean Grey) has elemental control over fire. So fire was a main part of the shoot. Easier said than done. Frederic had to hack A Broncolor MoveL unit twice. A Different hack for each shot. Shooting [...]Show More Summary

Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Horses

  There are two main aspects to consider when beginning to attempt any variety equine photography, the photographic side (technical and creative) and the dealing with horses side (sometimes unpredictable and dangerous). Lets start with the animal side, in this beginner’s guide to photographing horses. Show More Summary

The 5 Most Under-Appreciated Tools In Lightroom CC

I recently had to do some rough photo adjustments on a computer that only had an older version of Lighroom installed on it (Lightroom 3). WOW – I had no idea how much I rely on some of the pretty fundamental tools available in Lightroom CC that were either not available or were not that [...]Show More Summary

Upgrading? Here are Some Good Cameras Under $1000

Thinking of upgrading to a newer camera but don’t want to spend a fortune?  Here are two videos that will give you some options for both DSLR and Mirrorless in the under $1000 USD price range. Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1000 The one...Show More Summary

PIX 2015: Kiliii Fish on Living Wild

It's certainly a rare occasion when a photographer is forced to choose between carrying a bow and arrow or a camera, but that's just the dilemma Kiliii Fish faced. He's made a personal project of joining and photographing a growing movement of people learning primitive survival skills. Check out his PIX 2015 talk and see some of his work. Read more

TriggerTrap’s LapseWorld Shows off 5 Major Cities Through the Eyes of Crowdsourced Time-Lapse Photographers

Last month, TriggerTrap asked photographers in five cities around the world to come together to create ‘the most diverse time-lapse ever made.’ After a month of receiving, organizing and editing, TriggerTrap has shared the final results, LapseWorld. The cities TriggerTrap asked to go out and shoot were San Francisco, New York City, Cape Town, London [...]Show More Summary

Sigma US goes public with Black Friday lens deals

Sigma is getting Black Friday started early this year, offering discounts on five of its lenses online now through Monday, November 30th including the 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art. Savings range from $100 up to $300 off individual lenses - and considering the current results of our readers' poll, a few of you may be interested. Read more

Manfrotto’s New Aviator Backpack Is Designed Specifically for DJI Phantom Drones

Manfrotto has launched a new lineup of backpacks made specifically for drones. The first bag in the series is the Aviator D1, a traditional style camera backpack that swaps the traditional gridded insert design for medium-sized drones, specifically models found in DJI’s Phantom lineup. The bag is made of an extra-lightweight material that Manfrotto claims [...]Show More Summary

Gallery posted: Sony a7 II firmware 2.0 uncompressed Raw samples

Earlier this month, Sony announced firmware v2.0 for its Alpha 7 II. This update gives the Sony a7 II uncompressed Raw and better autofocus performance with adapted lenses. Previously, the a7 II could only use Contrast Detect AF to acquire focus when using adapted glass, resulting in quite a bit of hunting. Read more

120,000 Photos Were Shot Over 16 Days For This Time-Lapse of Canon’s 2015 Expo

Once every five years, Canon puts on its Canon Expo. It’s an all-encompassing trade show where Canon shows off the latest and greatest tech across all of its domains – photography, printing, medical equipment, commercial surveillance, and so on. This year, the event was held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Over [...]Show More Summary

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