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How to Publish Images Directly to Instagram From Lightroom

The Lightroom Library module offers more than just the option to organize your images. With its Publish Services, it allows uploading content to online services from within its interface. The best known Publish Services might be connections...Show More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – Bicycles

We already saw some other photographers’ images of bikes here. Weekly Photography Challenge – Bicycles Now it’s your turn. There are bikes everywhere in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Go find some interesting ones and photograph them. Show More Summary

Handlebars to Spokes – 20 Impressive Images of Bikes

One of my favorite things to look for and to photograph is bicycles. They have a great shape, make interesting shadows and you can shoot them standing still or moving. I think it’s a common subject of many photographers including these: The post Handlebars to Spokes – 20 Impressive Images of Bikes by Darlene Hildebrandt appeared first on Digital Photography School.

6 Tips for Capturing Action in Your Wildlife Photos

Even with the fastest lenses and top-end DSLR cameras, catching fast movement in your wildlife photos can be tricky. The physical speed of your autofocus may not be able to keep up with and track a moving subject. Away from the limitations...Show More Summary

How to Turn Your Images into Kaleidoscope Patterns

This tutorial is a lot of fun, transforming photographs into kaleidoscopic wonders, often with surprising results. The resulting kaleidoscope patterns make fantastic desktop backgrounds and wallpapers too. Remember kaleidoscopes? Those...Show More Summary

How to Get a Million Instagram Followers for a Day

Are you a photographer trying to get more Instagram followers? One of the most common tips you hear for growing your tribe is to share your best work. As actor Steve Martin famously said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” It’s fantastic advice. Show More Summary

Using both Blender and Photoshop can create the most surreal photos

Domenico Sellaro is a rising talent! A young Digital Artist who specializes in Creative Retouching, and Matte Painting. He began to teach himself Photoshop in 2008, but has since taught himself how to use 3D programs like Sculptris and Blender too. Show More Summary

This is what the medium format Fuji GFX shutter sounds like

There’s something about the sound of a camera’s shutter that speaks differently to different people. I know people who’ve even refused to use certain cameras because they hate the way it sounded when they fired a shot. For some, it’s practical reasons. Show More Summary

The rise of the disappearing photo

At the beginning of this week Instagram announced that it was introducing a Snapchat-like option of disappearing photos and videos to its service. As we’re now at the end of the week and it’s been covered everywhere–not to mention people...Show More Summary

Tales By Light – Netflix Binge Watching for Photographers!

If you’re a photographer and Netflix subscriber, you’ll defiantly want to set aside some time to watch Tales By Light. The series is joint venture between National Geographic and Canon. Season 1 (six half hour long episodes – available...Show More Summary

Nikon’s KeyMission360 beaten out by a $199 iPhone addon

Nikon’s KeyMission 360 camera landed with a fair bit of hype when it was first announced in January. A real camera manufacturer was getting into the 360° market. A company with a hundred years of photographic history. Then after delays...Show More Summary

Fake Sunshine Glow – Warm Up Your Fall Photos With Strobe Sunlight

I was just raking up the last of the fall leaves and though that I’d like to get some photos of the kids jumping in my big leaf pile. The image I had in my head was one of those amazing fall days where that gorgeous warm glowing late...Show More Summary

Fog machine + projector + copper wire lights = AWESOME

We are big fans or Eric Pare and Kim Henry, the photographer/dancer duo has created some epic art over the years. Now, they are coming back with a new technique that involves fog machine, a projector and some copper lights. The shooting...Show More Summary

Sony’s new A99II produces virtually noiseless video at ISO25600

Extreme low light performance isn’t a new thing. We’ve been able to pretty much see in the dark since Nikon launched the D3s. But, now that the megapixel wars seem to be mostly over, it’s the next big metric in camera performance. Who...Show More Summary

The $2,500 21,600fps Chronos camera smashes its Kickstarter goal on day one

A few weeks ago, we told you about the new high speed slow motion camera, Chronos. Well, it went live on Kickstarter a couple of days ago, and was fully funded within just a few hours. And that number just continues to climb. With aShow More Summary

How to shoot and edit panoramic landscapes with the Syrp Genie Mini and Photoshop

A couple of months ago, Syrp updated the firmware on the Genie Mini to add a couple of very cool new features. One of those was the ability to automate the shooting of panoramic still images for stitching. It’s not a difficult process...Show More Summary

Nikon 14mm vs Nikon 16mm Fisheye + Lens Correction

I have been using both the Nikon 14mm f/2.8 and the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye for a while now, and I have been noticing that the images from the 14mm are very very similar to the images from the 16mm fisheye after a lens correction has been applied. Show More Summary

The best Black Friday deals are at Target

These are actually from last year’s Black Friday sales, but they’re too funny to not share for those who missed them. Created by serial prankster Obvious Plant (AKA, Jeff Wysaki) these fake flyers were placed in Target last year to promote some pretty good deals. Show More Summary

Black Friday Deals for Photographers

If you like photography and you like finding great deals, there is plenty to get excited about! Black Friday and Cyber Monday always bring the best deals of the year, and now many sites are even extending their sales longer than through Monday. Show More Summary

PhotoTracker Lite is the new free plugin to help you find photo thieves on the web

It’s no secret. Copyright theft is rife on the Internet. Finding online photo thieves to send DMCA takedown notices and a bill is even a full time job for some people. But what if you want to look for yourself? Well, there are a fewShow More Summary

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