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The World over 100 Years Ago – 17 Amazing Photso Show Everyday Life of People in the late 19th-early 20th Centuries

How did the world look like over 100 years ago? These amazing real photo postcards will show you a part of it. Aeron Express, open Sea View, Aberaeron, Wales, 1911 Boating on the river, Amsterdam, 1891 Burmese ladies on a vestival carts, ca. 1900 Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey, ca. 1880 Copenhagen, Denmark, 1887 See more »

2016 Democratic National Convention

In a historic moment, Hillary Clinton was nominated as the first female presidential candidate from a major political party at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week. The convention has not been without protests...Show More Summary

Could the Alcatraz Escapees Still Be Alive? Here Are Some of Historical Photos of The Great Escape from Alcatraz in 1962

The Alcatraz escape in June 1962 may have been the only successful escape from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in that facility's history. On the night of June 11 or early morning of June 12, inmates Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank...Show More Summary

Tips for Taking Candid Portraits of People

Get Andrew’s ebook The Candid Portrait at 43% off, now over at Snapndeals, for a limited time only (August 9, 2016 AUS time). A candid portrait is often defined as one which you take without the subject being aware that you have done so. Show More Summary

Turn your phone into a teleprompter with the new Parrot Teleprompter 2

As somebody who speaks to camera now and again, having a script is great. But, I still mess up lines and may end up shooting the same few sentences half a dozen times each. That’s a lot of wasted time, and more footage than I want to have to sift through in post. So, teleprompters are amazing, but [...]Show More Summary

A More Perfect Union: 1908

Circa 1908. "New Pennsylvania [Union] Station, Washington, D.C." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

The dangers of getting lost for your photography

We are starting something new here, a Featured Photographer video series where we talk with famous photographers. Our first installment is a piece by travel photographer Asher Svidensky, who has been published by National Geographic, BBC, Oxford and several others. Asher travels the world looking for stories. According to Asher, the only way to really get [...]Show More Summary

Start your own movie company with this massive cinema lens collection for $1,000,000

If Canon’s display of gear didn’t impress you the other day, this one might. A listening has shown up on eBay offering “1000’s” of cinema lenses for a cool $1,000,000. The listing, by Calkovsky Cinema Worldwide, contains well known names such as Canon, Zeiss, Schneider and Cooke.  The description lists all of the lenses as tested and in [...]Show More Summary

Photog Seeks $1 Billion from Getty for Copyright Infringement

13 hours agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

Photographer Carol M. Highsmith has sued Getty Images for copyright infringement, alleging “gross misuse” of 18,755 of her photographs of Americana. She is seeking $1 billion in damages, an unusually high amount for a copyright infringement claim. Show More Summary

40 Incredible Street Style Shots from the 1970s

Fashion in the 1970s began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms, and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s and eventually became an iconic decade for fashion. Generally the most famous silhouette of the midShow More Summary

Microsoft Pix App Tries to Put the iPhone Camera in Easy Mode

14 hours agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

News The app is meant to automatically improve and enhance photos Microsoft's new camera app wants to help people shoot the photos they want without the learning part.

Rarely Seen Color Images of America Emerging From the Great Depression

The Great Depression is perhaps best remembered through the photographs that came out of the Farm Security Administration. A vast majority of the images in the agency’s archive are black and white, cementing an often bleak vision of rural America that reflected the stark economics of the time. Show More Summary

Nikon Announces AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED Prime Lens

16 hours agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Gear The fastest 105mm lens in the land Nikon's AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED Lens puts a heavy emphasis on bokeh.

Don’t Delete Your Failed Images – Instead Learn from Your Mistakes with These Tips

I know you’ve done it. It’s okay to admit it. I’ve done it too! We all have! You’ve shot some terrible photographs. Perhaps you shot the whole time in the wrong white balance, or you didn’t pay attention to shutter speed and everything is blurry. Show More Summary

Extraordinary Story of Two Little Girls Who Not Only Believed in Fairies, But Made Friends With Them, And Even Captured Them on Film from the 1910s

All of us, when we were children, believed in fairies. Here's the extraordinary story of two little girls who not only believed in fairies, but made friends with them–and even captured them on film. The Cottingley Fairies appear in a...Show More Summary

Prepare, shoot and develop wet plate collodion through the eyes of the photographer

Photographers today often complain about the amount of time they have to sit at the computer processing images. When you see what wet plate photographers had to go through for every single shot, it doesn’t seem so bad. In Be The Collodionist from photographer Monsieur Nède, we see what life used to be like for photographers. [...]Show More Summary

How to build the world’s brightest, craziest, LED light serving 1800W

Here is an entry that will probably go down  as a totally impractical build, but it is just so insane that I had to share it. I mean I can’t see anyone actually using such a bright light (especially with the low CRI they probably produce), but it can set the ground for some a groundbreaking [...]Show More Summary

Nikon Intros AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED

20 hours agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

Nikon shooters looking for a super-fast, medium telephoto prime lens will have something new to grab hold of come August. Nikon’s newly announced AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED is the world’s first with an f/1.4, the company says,  TheShow More Summary

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