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The Top 10 Most Sarcastic Flapper Slang Words

Everybody enjoys a little slang. Especially when it comes from a time period like the ’20s. Glamordaze feeds this enjoyment with sarcastic flapper slang. A potato isn’t a “starchy, tuberous crop” like we know it, but instead it’s a young man shy of brains. Show More Summary

Three main reasons to stop chimping right now

When it comes to chimping, it seems that photographers are divided into two groups: those who cry against it, and those who can’t get rid of this bad habit. It’s especially bad if you photograph sports, events, concert and other fast-changing environments and events. Show More Summary

How to make things float in your photos with fishing line, hooks and a little Photoshop

Making things float in photographs is something that seems to pop up for many photographers. Sometimes it’s the entire point of the shot, and at other times, floating objects are merely decoration for a wider scene. Whatever your reasons, there’s easy ways to do it, and there are hard ways. Show More Summary

Eros Fun – 43 Hilarious Candid Snapshots Captured Naughty People Having Fun from the Mid-20th Century

Life in the mid 20th century was quite different in so many ways. No home computers, mobile phones or digital cameras around the house, and the TV had a smaller number of channels broadcasting a few hours a day. Explore how life was fun in the mid-20th century through this gallery of 43 candid vintage snapshots, and see how was it different to life today? See more »

How to use composition patterns to improve your travel and people photography

When doing photography in general, and in my case Travel photography, the use of a photography template can be very beneficial and help improve the overall performance. By photography template I mean pre-defined, well-known and efficient...Show More Summary

Big John: 1942

November 1942. "Pittsburgh (vicinity). Montour No. 4 mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company. Coal miner waiting to go underground." Medium-format nitrate negative by John Collier for the Office of War Information. View full size.

Log video is coming to your smartphone with a new FiLMiC Pro update

FiLMiC Pro has been my go to app for mobile video for the past few years. Whether I want to shoot a quick personal clip or shoot some behind the scenes footage, it mostly works great. There’s one or two issues, like drifting audio and...Show More Summary

The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography

Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or professional you will want to get the best quality images for the time that you spend photographing nature. Part of getting great results involves being properly equipped. There are so many...Show More Summary

This universal automotive crane can be mounted onto almost any vehicle

Capturing footage with a moving car has typically meant one of three things. Either you’ve got an operator clutching a camera pointed through a window or missing door. The camera is fixed to the vehicle itself, strapped to all manner of poles, suction cups and various other things. Show More Summary

How to safely turn any bag into a camera bag with only three accessories

Do you use several bags to pack camera gear for different occasions? Sometimes you need the gear for a professional photo shoot. On other occasions, you only need the basics because just want to have the camera around in case you run into something interesting. Show More Summary

This Is No Painting. It’s Melted Metal

Fabian Oefner draws out bismuth's magical colors. The post This Is No Painting. It's Melted Metal appeared first on WIRED.

Top tips for choosing and packing photo and video equipment when travelling out of the country

Travelling with equipment can be difficult. You don’t want to take so much that you’re overloaded with redundant equipment. But you also don’t want to leave vital kit at home when you need it. The bags into which you pack that gear is also important. Show More Summary

US Presidential Inauguration will be live-streamed with customized Nikon KeyMission 360 cameras

The US Presidential inauguration is only a few days away. It will take place on January 20th, and we now know the technology behind the event coverage. In case you live far away and don’t want to miss a thing, Nikon and USA Today have enabled live streaming. Show More Summary

1966 'Batman' Movie Promo Photo

Photo of Adam West as Batman from the television program. In this awesome early image Adam West is playing the most iconic superhero of that time. This image is a promotional photo from the movie studio when they released their spinoff movie to the show "Batman." The movie was released a few months after the show was. Show More Summary

Can this vehicle with a built-in drone be the car for photojournalists of the future?

Photojournalists go through many dangerous situations during their career. Have you ever wondered how this could be changed? Dillon Kane has, so he designed a car of the future – a concept created especially for photojournalists. He submitted his design to Magna International’s “Main Event” design competition, and won the first place. Show More Summary

29 Black and White Photos Shows Behind the Scenes of 'Midnight Cowboy' (1969)

Midnight Cowboy is a 1969 American drama film based on the 1965 novel of the same name by James Leo Herlihy. The film was written by Waldo Salt, directed by John Schlesinger, and stars Jon Voight in the title role alongside Dustin Hoffman. Show More Summary

Pilot who crashed a drone onto Seattle’s Space Needle may face charges and end up in jail

New Year, new beginnings. But for a drone owner from Seattle, the beginning of 2017 probably wasn’t what he was hoping for. On New Year’s Eve, his drone was circling around the Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, when it crashed onto the platform. Show More Summary

Five Photography Business Goals for The New Year

I love the beginning of a new year – its a perfect time to reflect on what you did well last year and what you’d like to accomplish in the new year. In this article, I thought that I’d share my personal top five photography business goals for next year. Show More Summary

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