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Breaking the awkwardness of photographing strangers in the street

Do you find photographing strangers in the street extremely awkward and even unpleasant? I know I do, so this video from Jessica Kobeissi and Mango Street really amused me, but also got me inspired. The three young photographers teamed...Show More Summary

Cosina officially kills off Zeiss Classic lenses

Zeiss Japan have announced that production of the following Zeiss Classic SLR lenses has ceased. Specitically that means the Zeiss Distagon T 15mm f/2.8, 18mm f/3.5, 25mm f/2, 28mm f/2, and 35mm f/1.4 as well as the Zeiss API-SonnarShow More Summary

Incredible Scenes of Jewish Children Rescued From Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Arriving in Britain After WWII, 1945.

Britain welcomes children liberated from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Knowing what we do of the horror - and murdered family members - they’d left behind, these newsreel images of happy kids eating and dancing assume an unbearable poignancy.(©BFI National Archive)

Quick tip: four ways to copy develop settings in Lightroom Classic

Copying and pasting Develop settings from one photo to another can immensely speed up your editing workflow. It’s one of my favorite features of Lightroom, and Benjamin Warde from Lightroom team shows you four different ways to do it. Show More Summary

How to create winter portraits in the studio with Photoshop using real snow

It’s that time of year when the snowy portraits come back in a big way. It can often be difficult to predict exactly when the snow will happen in many parts of the world, though. And even if you do know that snow is coming, it can sometimes be impossible to shoot in comfortably. Show More Summary

Video: Travel Photography Tips – Shoot with a Purpose

The challenge with travel photography is that you may not get back to a location again anytime soon. So many photographers try and squeeze out as many photos as possible. The issue is lack of attention to detail and having any intentions or purpose before shooting. Show More Summary

Interview with Mark Brodkin

Mark Brodkin is an accomplished landscape photographer from Canada who travels the world to capture amazing scenes. I recently had the opportunity to interview Mark for Loaded Landscapes. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know more about...Show More Summary

The ultimate selfie machine: a 14ft interactive head displaying photos taken inside of it

Artist Matthew Mohr has created an interesting and unique piece of art. His project titled As We Are features a 14-foot 3D interactive human head. It was assembled from a skeleton covered with ribbons of LED screens. In its neck, there’s a photo booth where the visitors can capture 3D photos of themselves. Show More Summary

DEAL: 87% off 44 Photography Training Cards for your Camera Bag

Have you ever gone out to shoot, but forgotten a technique you recently learned? We don’t all have a photographic memory, so having a compact reference guide at hand can help you recall what you learnt. That’s why the folks over at Photzy made these 44 printable Photography Training Cards called “Snap Cards”. Show More Summary

Franca Viola: The Woman Who Defied Italian Tradition by Refusing to Marry Her Rapist

Born January 7th, 1947, Franca Viola was a beautiful seventeen year old who grew up in the small Sicilian town of Alcamo, Sicily with her farming family. She dated Filippo Melodia, a young man with Mafia connections, for several months...Show More Summary

Support the CASE Act (small claims court for creators)

From the Copyright Alliance: Join the copyright community in asking your Congressional Representative to cosponsor H.R. 3945, the CASE Act of 2017, a bill that would create a copyright small claims court for creators and small businesses...Show More Summary

SLC-1L-01: One Speedlight Outdoors — Find Shade

There is an inherent tradeoff when using small speedlights outdoors in daylight. They are light, and convenient and cheap. But they don't have a ton of power. And the aggravating factor is the relationship between a small flash and a bright environment. Show More Summary

How to Dress Like a Flapper? These 27 Cool Pics That Defined Young Fashion in the 1920s

Flappers were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers had their origins in the...Show More Summary

Five ways to speed up your Premiere Pro editing workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing applications there is. But for newer users it can be a bit overwhelming. Even for experienced users, there’s always things we can do to improve our workflow. In this video,Show More Summary

Hot Rod Lincoln: 1924

Washington, D.C., 1924. "Lincoln roadster at Ford Motor Building, Pennsylvania Avenue." 8x10 glass negative, National Photo Company. View full size.

Gorgeous Magazine Portraits of Louise Brooks Featuring Her New "High-Brow Bob"

In 1922, at age fifteen, Louise Brooks left Wichita, Kansas, for New York City, embarking on a lifetime of legendary adventures, successes, and mysteries. From her early career as a dancer to her years as a film star in Hollywood and...Show More Summary

The High Shot Mini is a cablecam for your gimbal

Once only in the domains of Hollywood and high-end sports, cablecams have started to become more common of late. There are a number of DIY solutions out there, and a couple ready-made commercial cablecam systems. One of those companies...Show More Summary

These are the winners of 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest

The winners of 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest have been officially announced. This year, the judges had a task of selecting the winners among more than 11,000 entries from all over the world. The grand...Show More Summary

28 Incredible Vintage Photographs of Troops Celebrating the Holidays During World War II

Christmas is a time when normal routine is suspended for many people – and so it was in the depths of World War II. For civilians and military alike during the 1939-45 period, normality was a loose concept, but these vintage photos show...Show More Summary

5 Tips for Better Winter Landscape Photography

Born and raised in Norway, my opinion might be slightly biased but winter is my favorite season for photography.  Sure, it’s a cold and harsh season but there are so many opportunities to capture beautiful winter landscape images both during the day and night. Show More Summary

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