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How to Use a Reflector and Diffuser to Enhance Flower Photographs

Learning to see and use light is one of the most important steps to creating great photographs. As you become more aware of what nice light really looks like, you can start to manipulate even the harshest conditions with some simple tools. Show More Summary

Here are 6 Photography companies who are in the UK

The ballot is done and U.K. are leaving the EU. Yea breaxit is full on. I am not really sure what will happen to our friends in the E.U and our friends in the U.K. but I think that photography gear from U.K. companies will have to be affected.  I am not sure it the price [...] The post Here are 6 Photography companies who are in the UK appeared first on DIY Photography.

Photographing surfers on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula

The Kamchatka Peninsula, located in the far eastern portion of Russia, is home to a passionate surfing community. You read that right – Russian surf community. The peninsula boasts excellent conditions for surfing, and its towering volcanic...Show More Summary

66 Amazing B&W Photos Capture Street Scenes of London during the 1950s

Here is an amazing photo collection of street scenes in London in the 1950 that taken by photographer Allan. Aldwych, London, 1 August 1955 Astoria Theatre (cinema), Charing Cross Road, London, mid-1957 Charing Cross Road at night, London, 1 August 1955 Charing Cross Road, London, 1 August 1955 Charing Cross Road, London, 1 August 1955 See more »

How to build a DIY Teleprompter

Anyone who remembers my early videos knows that my command of the english language is far from perfect extremely creative. It was after several long days with many takes that I decided to test using a teleprompter. My first test was just placing an iPad with a teleprompter app and giving it a shot. We went [...]Show More Summary

Missouri in the earliest Photography – 24 Rare Vintage Photos Capture St. Louis from 1848-70 by Thomas Easterly

Thomas Easterly (1809-1882), a native of Vermont, was an itinerant photographer in Iowa and the upper Midwest until 1848 when he settled in St. Louis. He operated a daguerreotype studio in the city until the 1870s. Thomas photographed mostly portrait, but street and urban photography were parts in his work. Show More Summary

Modern Master: 1941

March 31, 1941. "Robert Glassford, residence in Hobe Sound, Florida. Master bedroom. Alice Morgan Carson, architect." 5x7 acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.

23 Quick Tips for Street Photography or Your Next Photo Walk

The guys over at the Cooperative for Photography (COOPH) have some good quick tips from Thomas Leuthard for you. If you are planning on doing some street photography this summer, joining a photo walk, or even doing travel photography – apply this tips to those genres and have some fun. Show More Summary

How I shot a witch doctor surrounded by wolves

One day whilst I was sprinting my heart out on the running machine at the gym, an image popped into my head. The scene was a tribal/witch doctor lady, surrounded by wolves. I wrote it down on a scrap of paper when I got home, and threw it into my ideas folder. It was around [...] The post How I shot a witch doctor surrounded by wolves appeared first on DIY Photography.

Early Gossip Magazines - Hilarious Celebrity National Enquirer Covers from the 1960s

Anne Bancroft BURPS AND SLURPS IN PUBLIC! Barbra Streisand admits she was HAPPIER AS A BEATNIK! Rita Hayworth spent two years… AS A ZOMBIE! Long before the Kardashians graced the covers of seedy gossip magazines, tabloids like the National...Show More Summary

Ashtabula Ore Docks: 1900

Circa 1900. "Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway ore docks, Ashtabula, Ohio." 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Car Phone Driven from Curiosity to Commodity to Collectible – 14 Pictures of Car Phones That Belong in a Museum

Conceived only ten years apart from each other, the car and the telephone (1885 and 1875, respectively) have grown together from technical curiosities to facets of modern life. It would seem inevitable then, that the two would have combined...Show More Summary

Use Photoshop to Correct Perspective Distortion of Buildings in Your Images

Shooting buildings can be tricky. The main reason is that they are tall, and you need to get far away from them if you want to fit them into the frame. If you are shooting in the city, you don’t have the luxury of getting really farShow More Summary

Pictures of a Bootlegger in 1920

Where does the word “Bootlegger” come from?The word first appeared in the 1850s in Maine and of course it refers to smuggling liquor. But this seemed odd to me because Prohibition didn’t start until almost 70 years later. That is, except in Maine, the first dry state, where it became illegal to manufacture or consume liquor in 1851. Show More Summary

'I instinctively felt I had an extraordinary image': Ansel Adams on capturing Moonrise over Hernandez

In newly released footage, legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams recounts capturing one of his most popular images: Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico. Adams' son Michael recently explained in an interview with Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography how the events unfolded the day the photo was taken. Show More Summary

Early Autochrome Photography – Beautiful Color Photos of Natural Flowers from between the 1900s-20s

Here is a small collection of rare vintage Autochrome prints capturing beautiful flower in the nature from between 1900s to 1920s. See more »

Whirleys Unloading: 1900

Circa 1900. "Whirleys unloading ore, Penna. R.R. docks, Erie, Pennsylvania." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

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