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How to Enhance Portraits Using Gray Layers to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

What is dodging and burning? The techniques of dodging and burning are hand-me-downs from the days of the darkroom. The idea was to manipulate parts of an image while the paper was being exposed to light from the enlarger, where the negative was fitted. Show More Summary

25 Rare Photos That Captured Incredible Moments from History

Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze. These photographs all tell stories about the historical figures or events that they represent. Once takenShow More Summary

New Arrivals: 1920

San Francisco circa 1920. "Grant Six touring cars after unloading." Latest tenants in the Shorpy Garage of Ill-Fated Phaetons. 5x7 glass negative. View full size.

The Two Kings of the British Invasion – Rare and Interesting Photos of John Lennon and Mick Jagger That Show Just How Close Their Friendship Was

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, are arguably the two most profound British Rock & Roll bands to come to the U.S. as part of the 1960s British Invasion. John Lennon was arguably the leader of the Beatles as was Mick Jagger with The Rolling Stones. Show More Summary

Why Off-Camera Flash Isn’t as Scary as you Think

Flash The word alone has the potential to cause dread, even among experienced photographers, bringing to mind images of overexposed faces and red eyes. Because of this, many photographers avoid flash altogether, keeping a safe distance at all times. Show More Summary

Broom Brigade, c.1880s

Broom brigades were women’s organizations that spread throughout the United States during the 1880s. Mark Twain observed in his 1883 book Life on the Mississippi that “in the West and South they have a new institution—the Broom Brigade. Show More Summary

DSLR Underwater Camera Housing Options for Portrait Photography and Video

It’s mid-summer and I have been doing a lot of underwater portrait photography lately…which has started me thinking that it might finally be time to upgrade my current DSLR underwater camera housing. I have been working with an inexpensive EWA Marine underwater DSLR camera housing for years (read my review here) – I love the [...]Show More Summary

Polaroid Prints of Teen Girls in the 1970s

These old instant film photos captured teen girls during the 1970s. That what their lives were 40 years ago. See more »

The Life at Beaches of Chile in the 1980s – Stunning Color Photos Captured People at Renaca Beach 30 Years Ago

Here are stunning color photos taken by photographer Don Terpstra that documented the life at Renaca beach, Chile in the 1980s. See more »

Rolling on the River: 1908

The Mississippi River circa 1908. "Steamboat landing and Union Station at St. Paul, Minnesota." Sidewheelers and sternwheelers on view include the Minnesota, Hiawatha, Idler, Wanderer II and F. Weyerhaeuser. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Birds

Don’t we all wish we could be a free and fly away like a bird? Well we can’t, but we can photograph them! See: 24 Fantastic Photos of our Fine Feathered Friends – Birds Weekly Photography Challenge – Birds Whether in flight or on the...Show More Summary

For the People: 1964

July 13, 1964. San Francisco. "Republican National Convention. Governor Mark Hatfield of Oregon delivering keynote address at Cow Palace." 35mm negative by Warren Leffler for U.S. News & World Report. View full size.

Rare Intimate and Candid Shots of Famous People Captured by Andy Warhol in Spontaneous Moments

Andy Warhol is well-known for his creative mind, unique artistic style and famous friends! The American pop artist focused on photography towards the end of his career and took pictures of his famous friends in candid and spontaneous moments. Show More Summary

Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

2 days agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

  “Read for yourselves, read for the sake of your inspiration, for the sweet turmoil in your lovely head.” – Adam Zagajewski Forget About Creating Work “For the Ages” – Guy Tal The Right Mindset for Indie Filmmakers – Mentorless Handing...Show More Summary

The History of Photography, As Told Through Stick Figures

2 days agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

When Charles Woodard was in the history of photography class taught by Nick Muellner at Ithaca College, he sketched each masterpiece on a 4×6 flash card, to help him memorize the titles and dates for the final exam. His crude lines and stick figures are reductive, but also uncannily recognizable. Show More Summary

These 50 Vintage Photos of Women in Giant Pants in the 1930s Are Fascinating

Trousers have always been the preferred dress of women who had to do physical work. The arrival of World War I gave many women jobs as men went to join the military. Though women who worked with the public still wore skirts, many women wore trousers and overalls to work in factories. Show More Summary

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