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Macy's Preparations for the Christmas Season in 1948 – Here's What Black Friday Looked Like Before It was Called Black Friday

Black Friday wasn’t yet called Black Friday in 1948—nor do the newspapers from that era offer evidence of stampedes or overnight lines that have become par for the course on the day after Thanksgiving—but the kick-off to the holiday shopping season has long been a red-letter retail day. Show More Summary

The Total Package: 1943

Sept. 8, 1943. "Soprano Lucille Manners, NBC Radio star -- Right & wrong way to wrap packages for servicemen overseas." 4x5 acetate negative. View full size.

Time-lapse Shows a ‘Brinincle’ Freezing All Life In Its Path

It might be a few years old, but when we came across the ‘icicle of death,’ we couldn’t help but to want to share it with you. Filmed by Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson for BBC One’s Frozen Planet series, this strange phenomenon is the result of extremely cold brine sinking to the bottom of [...]Show More Summary

5 Tips for Photographing Your Own Children Stress-Free

As a mother to three little ones, I can say without any doubt nor a moment’s hesitation, that my kids are my most difficult subject – ever. My usual tips and tricks with other families, simply do not work with my own kids, and I have...Show More Summary

A Complete 30 Minutes Night Timelapse Tutorial That Covers Everything You Need To Know

Taking a time-lapse is a complex task. Unlike a photo, which you can chimp and (usually) retake, retaking a time-lapse is not as trivial. This is why understanding how time-lapses work and how to take them is crucial before going out on the field. This tutorial by Mark Gee (previously) is a full crash course on [...]Show More Summary

16 Hilarious and Bizarre Vintage Thanksgiving Pinups

Is Thanksgiving the un-sexiest holiday ever? Maybe. Unless the possibility of drunken sex with your tipsy divorced aunt or uncle trips your trigger, of course. But America -- back when it really was America -- was not going to be dictated to by prudes trying to keep the hawtness out of the day. Show More Summary

Panasonic Brings Lytro-Like Post Focus Technology to 3 Lumix Cameras Today

Today is the day. Panasonic has officially released Post Focus via a free firmware update for its Lumix GX7, G8, and FZ300 cameras that will give users the ability to shoot now, focus later. The overall premise sounds similar to the light field technology Lytro has built its name upon, but Panasonic takes an entirely [...]Show More Summary

How to Save Images Using Export in Lightroom

Reader feedback tells me that some people are confused by Lightroom’s Export process. I think the confusion is caused by not completely understanding how Lightroom works, especially when processing Raw files. So let’s start by recapping the process that a single Raw file goes through when you import it into Lightroom. Show More Summary

Traditional Life and Lady Gaga Collide in Modern Greenland

Sebastien Tixier captures a country's culture and climate in flux. The post Traditional Life and Lady Gaga Collide in Modern Greenland appeared first on WIRED.

Awesome Old Pictures of Beauties on Their Penny Farthing Cycles

Riding a penny farthing bicycle requires some good skills, these beautiful women were really good riders. A woman riding a classic penny farthing bicycle, Toronto, 1930 Bathing ladies on a penny farthing, ca. 1930s Bicycle racer Elsa von Blumen on her penny farthing Frances Pidgeon on a penny farthing bike, 1956 Grace Bradley on her penny farthing See more »

DIYP Goes Black Friday: 25% Off Anything On Our Image Manipulation Store

6 weeks ago we kicked off our Image Manipulation Store. Boy we did not see this coming. You downloaded over 5,500 packages during this month and a half. This is almost 100 packages a day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! But we don’t just thank you with words, we want your photos to rock even [...]Show More Summary

Interesting Vintage Pictures Show Funny Moments of People Riding on Roller-Coasters

These 18 interesting vintage pictures show funny moments that people riding on the roller coasters in the past. Young Women riding on coaster at the Southend Fair in Essex, England, 1938 Young Women riding on coaster at the Southend Fair in Essex, England, 1938 Coney Island, ca. Show More Summary

The 19 Most Popular Compact System and Mirrorless Cameras with Our Readers

Earlier in the week we revealed the DSLRs that were best selling among our readers as well as the most popular DSLR Lenses in our community over the last few months. While DSLRs are still the most popular type of readers among our readers...Show More Summary


A look around the globe at people in need and the help that many have given to try to make their lives better. From donations to volunteering time, many contribute hoping to make a difference. -- By Leanne Burden SeidelEight-year-old...Show More Summary

Fox Trap: 1915

San Francisco circa 1915. "Velie four-passenger coupe." Note the wraparound side glass. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.

‘Symmetry Breakfast’ Project Shows off Delicious Breakfasts a Man Makes for His Boyfriend

When nutritionists say you need to have a balanced breakfast, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. It’s called ‘Symmetry Breakfast’ and it’s a project by Michael Zee, wherein he creates extravagant breakfast dishes for his boyfriend Mark van Beek and arranges them in such a way that they mirror one another [...]Show More Summary

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