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Jumping Jax: 1910

Circa 1910. "Jacksonville, Florida, and St. Johns River." Note the sign for the Dixieland Park ferry. 8x10 glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.

ANKR $25 for Piece of Mind

I just installed an ANKR in my camera bag. Over the past 10 years I’ve had this reoccurring dream about my camera gear and my backpack being stolen. I’ve actually had two cameras stolen over the years unfortunately. When you use your camera every day like I do, it’s a hazard to have to deal […]

African Americans Tagged As “Gorillas” By Google Photos App

Google apparently is not the most politically-correct mind on the planet.  As a recent incident with the Google Photos app illustrates, the artificial intelligence engine is still learning…and making giant mistakes along the way. Computer programmer and hobbyist photographer Jacky Alciné recently tweeted, “Google Photos, y’all f@#ked up. Show More Summary

26 Nice Bright Colors and Some Greens of Summer to Liven up Your Day

Paul Simon said it best in Kodachrome: Kodachrome – give us the nice bright colors. Give us the greens of summers, makes you think all the world’s a sunny day. For those of us old enough to remember and know what Kodachrome is – and the song – this is for you. Show More Summary

40 Color Photographs of London Street Scenes in 1976

In 1976, Klaus Hiltscher traveled to London and took some of interesting snapshots of London. Here are some of them: See more »

DEAL: 100 Lightroom presents for just $10!

It’s day 3 in our Mid Year Sale and today we have the return of a deal that went absolutely bananas during our Christmas sale last year. 100 Lightroom presents for just $10! These normally go for $89, so this is your chance to save a whopping 88%. Show More Summary

California Paddleboarders Follow Great White Sharks to Get a Seflie

When you hear about human-shark interactions it’s usually about shark attacks or sharks swimming nearby people. Even when there’s no sign of aggression whatsoever, the media rarely misses the opportunity to play on peoples’ fear of sharks and draw some attention. This video, captured by a paddleboarder with a GoPro, is rather unusual though. Not [...]Show More Summary

Quick Review:

Many services exist that allow non-developers to create their own websites without too much hassle, but only a handful cater specifically to photographers. The service aims to stand out by offering an all-inclusiveShow More Summary

Interview with Portrait & Street Photographer Lee Jeffries

Happy to announce that our new series of interviews with inspirational photographers from around the world opens up with Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries.  After training his lenses on sport events, he changed the direction of his photography to artistic and intimate portraiture. Show More Summary

Prince Charles whizzing across the lake at Sunninghill Park on a chair balanced on a table, 1970

Prince Charles in June 1970 whizzing across the lake at Sunninghill Park on a chair balanced on a table. (Photo by Ray Bellisario)

Why Smartphone Photography Stinks

First – to be clear – I’m talking about the process of using a smartphone camera for photography – not the pics, pix, snaps, shots or whatever it is smartphone togs, shooters or iphoneograperhers call photographs captured with a mobile phone camera. (Does anyone else really really hate the term “tog” or is it just [...]Show More Summary

Ads on Social Networks Suck. — San Francisco, CA

Are you on Ello yet? If not you are missing out on the best photography community on the web right now. It’s a wonderful ad-free social network where your photos are published BIG like they are meant to be seen. Some truly amazing photographers are publishing some truly amazing work there right now. This is […]

Manfrotto adds friction arms to its accessory lineup

Manfrotto has announced a series of friction arms and related accessories. They're designed to allow photographers to attach lights, extra cameras, and accessories to tripods and, via a clamp, to table tops and other rigid edges. Read more

Washington Newspaper Won’t Photograph Foo Fighters’ Concert Due Swift-Like Contract; Will Buy Photos from Fans

The Foo Fighters will be performing in Washington this weekend with a triple celebration: the 4th of July, a 20th anniversary and coming back to their home state. The Washington City Paper, however, will not send a photographer to cover the show has they had planned. The reason? A Taylor swift-like contract that according to [...]Show More Summary

Be An American

I passed through Reynolds yesterday going and coming from Columbus. Each year Reynolds Methodist Church adorns their entire block alongside Georgia Highway 96 with American flags. I have stopped and shot a picture or two over the years,...Show More Summary

1950s American Automobile Culture – 50 Color Photos of Classic Buicks on the Street in the 1950s

1950s American automobile culture has had an enduring influence on the culture of the United States, as reflected in popular music, major trends from the 1950s and mainstream acceptance of the "hot rod" culture. The American manufacturing...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Create Dramatic Landscape Photos at Midday

Outdoor photographers are repeatedly taught to plan their scenic photography excursions early in the morning or late in the day. These magic hours we’re told, is the only light worth shooting in. Yet, what about those situations when...Show More Summary

Moment announces 10x macro lens for iPhone

Mobile accessory maker Moment has added a new lens to its lineup. The Moment Macro lens offers a 25mm focal length and 10x magnification, using a multi-element design and ED-glass for improved image quality. Read more

Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear

Canon made an announcement this week warning of counterfeit 600EX-RT flash units being sold as the real deal. Equally as disconcerting as the idea of being ripped off is that these counterfeits are also incredibly difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Read more

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