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Lots of Slots: 1944

"Slot machine stockroom, Maser Music Co., Mission and Washburn sts., San Francisco, 1944." 8x10 inch Eastman acetate negative, photographer unknown. Late of the the Wyland Stanley and Marilyn Blaisdell collections. View full size.

25 Vintage Portraits of Beautiful Women With Cloche Hats in the 1920s

The cloche hat is a fitted, bell-shaped hat for women usually made of felt. It was invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908, became especially popular during the 1920s, and continued to be commonly seen until about 1933. Its name...Show More Summary

The Unforgettable Faces of Flood Victims in Their Homes

On an ever-warming planet, climate science indicates, expect to see more rainfall and more flooding. Moreover, expect to see more expressions like the ones worn by the solemn and quietly devastated people in Gideon Mendel’s photographs...Show More Summary

Boy sitting on the bonnet of a car bogged in mud from the 1925 flood at Innisfail, Queensland

Young boy sitting on the bonnet of an early motor vehicle submerged in mud in Rankin Street, Innisfail, Queensland, Australia in 1925. The street is covered in mud and water from the flood which hit the town in March 1925. The car is a Ford Model T between 1917-1927.

Ottawa Over 100 Years Ago – 40 Rare Photos Show the Capital City of Canada Before 1900

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It stands on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of southern Ontario. Ottawa borders Gatineau, Quebec. The city is the most educated in Canada, and also has the highest standard of living in the nation and low unemployment. Here below is what Ottawa looked like before 1900. Elgin St. Show More Summary

Art & Stevie: 1952

August 10, 1952. "Art Frandle and Steven Lee (10 months)." The latest dispatch from Blue Earth, Minnesota. Kodachrome by Hubert Tuttle. View full size.

Is connectivity more important than image quality?

In this photokina we’ve seen most camera makers making it bigger and better. But not necessarily faster. The new Fuji GFX medium format may be the prime example of that. Both camera makers and lens makers are putting full focus on developing features that relate to photos hard qualities: dynamic range, more megapixels, low light [...]Show More Summary

Photoshop Power Tip: Use transform again to create complex patterns

The transformation tool in Photoshop is quite mighty. You can rotate, flip, stretch, squeeze and distort your selection. Here is a less known secret: With this little trick you can repeat the last transformation as a copy – so you can build all kinds of complex ornaments, wings and patterns within seconds. Here is how to [...]Show More Summary

If lens == Sigma and body == Canon then error

When you get a third party lens, there is a concern that it will not always be compatible with your camera. I mean Canon, Nikon and the likes have no obligation to make their bodies work with third party lenses. Now Sigma has actually found an incompatibility with some Canon bodies, and issued an incompatibility [...]Show More Summary

The C-Pan arm is both a jib and a slider with no tracks

Jibs and sliders have been here for a while and we have seen how the the industry is adjusting from big need-3-crew tools to pocket and travel tools, and I think that the next step in this evolution will be movement tools like the C-Pan arm, tools which are double duty. We had a chat with Bo [...]Show More Summary

Tips for Getting Started Doing Photography with Drones

Until very recently, my mindset was decidedly anti-drone. To me, drones seemed like a complicated plaything for geeks. After all, isn’t this photography hobby expensive enough without adding flying apparatuses to the equation? Plus there...Show More Summary

How to Shoot a Sequence of Photos That Capture a Story

As a photographer, you’ll often concentrate on perfecting your art at taking one perfect photo. However, there are many occasions where you’ll need to string together a sequence of photos with differing styles. Whether you’re shooting...Show More Summary

The Dapper Dort: 1921

1921. "Dort touring car at San Francisco Public Library." Waiting for Marian to clock out. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.

45 Vintage Photos of Love During Wartime That Will Melt Your Heart!

These heart-pounding photos of love during wartime prove true love never dies, it only grows stronger with time. And as they say, distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. It's based upon the same psychological premise as "youShow More Summary

Pushing your Composition to the Edge

The world is filled with photographs. I did a bit of research and found the following statistic. Researchers estimate that the average individual is now exposed to approximately 250 different images per day. It’s no secret that we are now inundated with visual stimulus. Show More Summary

A Collection of 18 Beautiful Photos of Shelley Duvall from the 1970s

Shelley Duvall is the unique beauty who dazzles both in front of and behind the camera. Getting her start in Robert Altman’s iconic seventies films - which include Brewster McCloud, Nashville and 3 Women - Shelley picked up a Cannes Film Festival gong as well as a BAFTA. By the late 1970s, Duvall was a respected and well-known Hollywood actress. Show More Summary

45 Charming Vintage Portrait Snapshots of Teen Girls in the 1910s

What did teenage girls look like 100 years ago? Take a look at these vintage snapshots of cool girls taken in the 1910s to get more information. See more »

Top 5 Nik Collection Filters to Improve Your Landscape Photos

One of the best image editing programs available right now happens to be free. The Nik Collection by Google is a desktop photo editing software that was recently declared free of charge earlier this year. Today, the Nik Collection makes...Show More Summary

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