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Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Instant Film Printer Gets a Redesigned Body, Faster Printing

Gear The new Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 instant film printer is faster, sleeker, and has more printing options for smartphone and social media photos.

Woman’s head saves drone from crashing straight into the ground at 25mph

In another instance of drone operator stupidity, 38 year old Stephanie Creignou was seriously injured when a 2.8lb (1.3kg) drone dropped from about 33ft (10m) in the air straight into her head with a velocity of around 25mph (11m/s) during the Challenge 5km Arc-en-Ciel race in Beloeil, Canada. TVA reports that the operator of the [...]Show More Summary

Enter to Win one of 10 Copies of Corel’s AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editor

Win one of 10 Copies of AfterShot™ Pro 3 Photo Editor from Corel! Enter the After Photography Contest Today! After dark, after thought, after noon, after work, after school, after life, after all… You pick your after theme and have fun with it. Show More Summary

Watch This: Ansel Adams Describes His Process For His Iconic “Moon Over Hernandez” Photo

How To Light meter? Ansel Adams didn't need a light meter. Ansel Adams tells the story of one of his most iconic photos…

How to light close-up product shots at home simply and easily

At some point, almost all of us will need to shoot a good product photo.  We may not be shooting them for clients, or doing video reviews, but we’ll probably stick something up on eBay and want to show it off well to increase the chances of it fetching a good price. In this video [...]Show More Summary

Warning: Trying to shoot a selfie while walking across hot coals may damage your feet

Here’s another one to add to the list of dangerous selfies.  Walking across hot coals and stopping to take a selfie; if it wasn’t obvious enough already. Approximately 40 people have been treated for burn injuries for allegedly doing exactly that during a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center [...]Show More Summary

10 Quick Photoshop Tips to Improve Your Workflow

Whether you are a Photoshop newbie or a guru, there is always something new to learn or discover in this extensive image editing software. One of the joys of using it,  is that there are many ways to do the same thing in Photoshop. Here...Show More Summary

Mirrorless is 'probably' the future: an interview with Hasselblad Product Manager Ove Bengtson

It is quite extraordinary for Hasselblad to produce a mirrorless camera like the X1D for a number of reasons. Firstly is the obvious: it has predominantly produced cameras with very large mirrors since its first consumer camera in 1948 - the 1600F. Show More Summary

These People UFO So Much Harder Than You

Three Danish photographers set out to find America's true believers. The post These People UFO So Much Harder Than You appeared first on WIRED.

What I Learned photographing my own wedding

Dear friends, family, and loved ones: on June 11, 2016 I just married the love of my life, Cindy. It was (one of) my favorite days with her, and also one of the most stressful days to prepare for. It was a celebration of love, friendship, and shared experiences. Needless to say, being one of [...]

Registering your hobbyist drone in the USA only costs $5 and here’s how to do it

We posted about the new drone regulations for commercial drone use a few days ago, but what about hobbyists?  For most hobbyists, all you need to do is register, and that’s only if your drone weighs more than 250g. If your drone weighs less than that, just go out and fly, but for those with [...]Show More Summary

Wonderful Vintage Photochrom Prints of the Netherlands before 1900

Here is a small collection of wonderful photochrom prints that show the Netherlands before 1900. Buiten Amstel, Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands Dam and Maashaven, Dordrecht, Holland Dam square, Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands De Passage, Rotterdam, South Holland, the Netherlands Dutch fisherman, Marken Island, North Holland, the Netherlands See more »

Color Vintage Photos of Lovely Children as Cowpokes in the Past

These color vintage photos will bring us back to childhood in cowpoke costumes from the 1950s to 1970s. See more »

Alice Under Control: 1908

New York, 1908. "The end of the rampage -- 'Alice' under control, and thinking it over. Two zookeepers with restrained elephant lying on the ground after running free around the New York Zoological Park (Bronx Zoo)." Gelatin silver print from the William Temple Hornaday papers, Library of Congress. View full size.

Bill Cunningham, Influential Street Fashion Photographer, Dies at 87

2 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

News In nearly 40 years shooting for the New York Times, this modest journalist changed how we look Bill Cunningham, influential fashion photographer for the New York Times, dies at 87…

The Secret to Finding the Hero Angle in Food Photography

Have you ever stared at a photo of a food dish, and instantly thought that something looked a little odd? Like the shot wasn’t quite bang on, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Chances are the dish hasn’t been shot using its hero angle. Show More Summary

52 Vintage Snapshots Capture Young Women Jauntily Posing in Trees From Between the 1920s and 1950s

“You know, I don’t know how one can walk by a tree and not be happy at the sight of it?” writes Fyodor Dostoyevsky in The Idiot. Perhaps this sentence could also be used to explain the theme of women in trees that was so popular between...Show More Summary

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