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Nikon Will Increase Lens Prices In Europe Up To 30% Come January 1st, 2016

In a very odd move, considering its less-than-glowing financial reports, Nikon will be increasing lens prices in Europe as of the beginning of 2016. Over 30 lenses and teleconverters will be affected by this increase, which is expected to range between 4.28% and 29.4%. Nikon has also started selling refurbished gear in certain European countries, [...]Show More Summary

Flare Adapter Lets You Purposely Leak Light Into Your Images

Some photographers do anything they can to avoid lens flares; others seek it out like their lives depend on it. If you fall into the latter category, Technical Farm has a product around the corner that might pique your interests. It’s called the Flare Adapter. As its name suggests, the Flare Adapter is a lens [...]Show More Summary

Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II USM real-world sample gallery

Canon's new EF 35mm F1.4L USM II lens has some pretty big shoes to fill. Its older brother, now on the market for 17 years, has become both a benchmark and a staple of many a pro Canon shooter's kit. We've had the Mark II version for a few days, and we've spent that time shooting some environmental portraits, landscapes and lots more in between. Read more Tries to Predict When The Sunsets Will Be Good For Photography

When there’s a good sunset happening outside, it’s hard not to know about it, even if you’re trapped in a windowless office. Social media like Instagram and Facebook won’t let a good evening sky go to waste. In fact, earlier this week, NYC-based IG and FB users bombarded the services with pictures of a particularly pretty sunset. Show More Summary

Introducing the PDN & Rangefinder 2015 Gift Guide - with DPReview editor's picks

Our friends over at Photo District News and Rangefinder Magazine have just published their first ever holiday gift guide, with contributions from Rolling Stone, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, TIME and our very own editor, Barney Britton. Click through to read the full guide!

Vintage Photographs Show Manhattan Doorways in 1975 and 1976

Roy Colmer's Doors, NYC is comprised of some 3,200 photographs of doorways taken in 1975-1976 in Manhattan. The photographs, with their terse descriptive titles, serial organization, and constrained subject-matter, evoke the Conceptual and Minimalist sensibilities of their time. Show More Summary

6 Photographers Demonstrate the Evolution of Creativity and Inspiration

A short while ago we shared a fascinating video about the power of perspective and how 6 photographers captured the same person, playing changing characters, completely differently. It was a brilliant experiment, but it left me wanting to see how different photographers would capture the same character or object. The next video in the series, [...]Show More Summary

Atmosphere Aerosol is Instant Fog for Photographers

Have you ever come across an image where the sun is perfectly casting its light down through the trees to illuminate a thick blanket of haze? What if you could somehow achieve that look without relying on mother nature to summon up a blanket of fog? Well, now you can with the help of a [...]Show More Summary

2015 Holiday Gift Guide For People Who Love Photography

Giving a gift to a photographer can be a tricky thing. We’re picky about our gear, and those T-shirts with cheesy photography jokes aren’t quite as clever as they might seem. But have no fear! We have carefully curated a list of thoughtful, photo-specific gifts that will put a smile on the face of anyone from the casual shooter to the diehard camera nerd.

Using Emotions to Take Storytelling Images

A forgotten woman and her daughter – tips for storytelling If you travel to remote places you will be sure to get extraordinary photos. Be brave, take a risk, and allow the warm winds of far off places take you on a journey you won’t forget. Show More Summary

Canon Cameras Now Come With Free Insurance!

In a bold move, you can now add piece of mind to a Canon pro camera gift this season. At no additional cost! MELVILLE, NEW YORK, November 24, 2015 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, launched a promotion for CarePAK PLUS (which includes accidental damage protection) just in time for the […]

Introducing the PDN and Rangefinder Gift Guide

Our team at PDN and Rangefinder has put together our first annual Gift Guide, your perfect companion for this holiday season. The Gift Guide is featured in the upcoming issues of both magazines, and is also available for free online....Show More Summary

Best Fashions of the 1930s – A Look at 1930s Style Through the Covers of LIFE Magazine.

From innocent saddle shoes to solemn wartime fashion, a look at 1930s style through the covers of LIFE Magazine. October 18, 1937 cover of LIFE magazine. (Alfred Eisenstaedt—LIFE Magazine) June 7, 1937 cover of LIFE magazine. (Alfred Eisenstaedt—LIFE Magazine) June 28, 1937 cover of LIFE magazine. Show More Summary

Parody ‘NoPro’ Video Celebrates Every Day Achievements Captured With a GoPro

GoPro’s brand has been built on the idea that consumers would use their action cameras to capture incredible feats of human achievements. As glorious and romanticizes as it may sound, the reality is, that’s not usually the case. But just because a video doesn’t contain someone base jumping off a jagged cliff or backflipping a [...]Show More Summary

Appointment With Dentistry: 1950

Circa 1950, it's the latest installment of the exciting new reality series "Dental Office." Medium-format negative of unknown provenance. View full size.

This Flat, Lensless Camera Could Push the Boundaries of Computational Imaging

Researchers at Rice University have created FlatCam, a revolutionary lensless camera that measures in at only a few millimeters thick. The key to this camera is the lack of lens. Rather than relying on comparatively bulky optics to focus an image, FlatCam uses a sensor beneath an incredibly thin mask of quartz and patterned chrome. [...]Show More Summary

What Steve McCurry and Paul Theroux Saw When They Traveled Through the American South

Throughout his storied photojournalism career, Steve McCurry has traveled extensively on most of the world’s continents, but besides the occasional trips to visit his grandparents in South Carolina as a boy, he hadn’t seen much of the American South. Show More Summary

How to Create 5 Different Looks Using Lightroom

Most often you may strive to capture photos which most closely reflect the scene the way it looks to your eye. On the other hand, with having powerful editing software at your fingertips and an insatiable creative streak, sometimes you may find yourself experimenting with altering your images to create different “looks”. Show More Summary

Video Field Test: Theron Humphrey and the Sony A7R II

For our latest Field Test video we not-quite south of the border to Marfa, Texas. There, photographer Theron Humphrey and his internet-famous dog Maddie help us test the Sony Alpha 7R II and a collection of Sony FE lenses. Despite the oppressive heat and rough roads of Big Bend National Park, the impressive sunsets are well worth the trip. Read more

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