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This Texan Supernatural Expo Is Everything You’d Imagine

Laura Buckman photographed a paranormal event in the small city of Lewisville. There were mediums, priests, and even a wedding. The post This Texan Supernatural Expo Is Everything You’d Imagine appeared first on WIRED.

How To Create and Use Color Lookup Tables in Photoshop

The last few version of Photoshop (from PS 6, I think) have a powerful tool called LUT (or Look Up Tables). You can think of LUT as a way to apply a color scheme to a photo. Kinda like color grading or coloring. In fact, LUTs are often used in the video industry to create a [...] The post How To Create and Use Color Lookup Tables in Photoshop appeared first on DIY Photography.

Zack Wittman?

Dorchester, Mass, USA 2014 Zack Wittman? (b.1992, United States) recently graduated from Central Michigan University’s photojournalism program. He has been featured in Time Lightbox, PDN Magazine and various newspapers including The Boston Globe, where he interned in 2014. Show More Summary

The inventor of the CMOS sensor is working on a revolutionary 1-billion pixel sensor

Quanta Image Sensor. Remember that name; it could be the new sensor type that will replace the CMOS in your current camera. No need to worry though that the inventor of the CMOS will be forgotten, as professor Eric Fossum who invented it is also behind the development of the QIS. Dartmouth’s Thayer School of [...]Show More Summary

Interesting Vintage Photos of Classic Movie Stars Spending Time

Here is an interesting collection of lovely vintage pictures of classic movie stars spending time with their pets. A collie with Jane Powell Alfred Hitchcock talking with his little friend Alice Faye with her dog Animal lover Audrey Hepburn and her pet Annette Funicello and her first shaggy dog See more »

Dead End: 1958

Mrs. Smith was bringing in the wash when she heard the crash. Circa 1958, more vehicular mayhem in Oakland, California. 4x5 negative. View full size.

Girl to Man: time lapse shows teenager’s three-year transgender transformation

21-year-old Jamie Raines of Essex, England never felt quite comfortable being in a girl’s body, so just before his 18th birthday he started taking testosterone as part of a gender transition. Over the course of more than three years, Jamie documented the transformation his body underwent by taking a photo a day. The 1,400 photos [...]Show More Summary

On set with Alfred Hitchcock - Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photos of The Master at Work

Whether recreating Alpine ski slopes in a London studio, mastering the complex technical setups for Rope, or filming on location in smalltown California, Alfred Hitchcock kept a firm grasp on every aspect of his films’ production. Nathalie...Show More Summary

How Zack Seckler Uses Humor and Style in Photography

  When dPS first heard about Zack Seckler’s unique style and perspective on photography, we thought you might like to hear about his though process and see some of his work here. So I did an email interview with Zack to ask him a few...Show More Summary

Fashion Era: The Evolution of Swimsuits Over the Years

Take a look back at how swimsuits, especially the 2-piece variety, have changed over the years... Late 1880’s: The 1880s until about the early 1900s was about full coverage when it came to swimwear. Women were not supposed to reveal too much skin so that men would not get the wrong impression of them. Show More Summary

Two Dourpower: 1919

San Francisco circa 1919. "Mitchell touring car at Golden Gate Park." Latest entry in the Shorpy Cavalcade of Cantankerous Conveyances. View full size.

Here Is A Clever System For Labeling Your Lens Caps, Body Caps And Rear Lens Caps

Here is a quick question, how many lenses do you have? More than 1? Great. How do you match each lens with its front and rear lens caps? I used to put the name of the lens on the cap with a tape (both on the front and the rear ends) but after watching this [...]Show More Summary

The Lives of Home-Schooled Children in Upstate New York

When Rachel Papo moved to Woodstock, New York in 2010, she met a mother who was home schooling her 5-year-old daughter. Papo had never met anyone who home-schooled his or her child and was intrigued. Turned out, it was fairly common in the area. Show More Summary

Sony RX10ii Field Test

Chris and Jordan from The Camera Store put the Sony RX10ii through it’s paces from both the still and video side of things. They look at whether it has made big improvements over the previous iteration of this camera, and who it is best suited for. Show More Summary

View of a lineman working on power or telephone lines at an intersection in Pratt, Kansas, 1911

View of a lineman working on power or telephone lines at an intersection in Pratt, Kansas, 1911. Various offices and storefronts are apparent in the background. (via Kansas Memory)

Dreaming for a living: The conceptual composite photography of Colin Anderson

Australia-based conceptual artist Colin Anderson is re-defining what it means to be a modern photographer. An early adopter of Photoshop, Anderson creates complex allegorical images from a number of visual elements, including stills captured with a medium format camera and 3D elements created from scratch. Show More Summary

Far More Than Just a Beautiful Face – Lauren Bacall's 30 Most Glamorous Moments in the 1940s and 1950s

Since she strutted her way onto the screen as a teenager in the 1940s, Lauren Bacall has smoldered over American culture as a unmistakable presence of pure charisma. One of the great sharp-tongued heroines of the noir years, she'd eventually...Show More Summary

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