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Microsoft Thinks Artificial Intelligence Is the Secret to Better Photos

2 days agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

Camera makers have long boasted about how good their auto modes are at automatically judging a scene and delivering the best possible exposure, but Microsoft Research is taking the concept one step further with their new iPhone camera app Pix. Show More Summary

Pop Quiz: July 28th, 2016

2 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

News Test your photography knowledge with our weekly trivia challenge This week's photography trivial challenge on everything from technical nerdiness to photo history.

7 Travel Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Travel photography has been captivating people for years. But capturing unique travel photos isn’t easy, and often people who are starting out make the same mistakes several times. There’s no doubt that a well composed, and well lit travel photograph, with an interesting subject, has the power to convince someone to head to a destination. Show More Summary

Thousand-Stair Yard: 1920

Somewhere in San Francisco circa 1920. "Oakland touring car." Latest entry in the Shorpy Baedeker of Barely Distinguishable Broughams. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.

30 Stunning Color Photographs Taken by a Russian Writer From the Early 1910s That Look As Though They Were Snapped Yesterday

A self-portait taken in a mirrow, showing the camera Leonid Andreyev used for his earliest stereoscopic photographs, 1903. Leonid Andreyev was the last great writer of pre-revolutionary Russia. He was also a pioneering photographer,Show More Summary

Best Action Cameras Reviewed & Tested in detail for 2016

Action cameras are mostly used In extreme sports, and are lately becoming increasingly more popular. These cameras are unique in a way that they can mounted on almost anything, your bike, surfboard, helmet, you... The post Best Action Cameras Reviewed & Tested in detail for 2016 appeared first on Camera Dojo.

Microsoft just gave us the ultimate point & shoot app for phone photography

The promotional video for Microsoft’s new Pix app is very impressive. Sure, sometimes you want to get as much control as you can, so you fire up Camera+ or 645 Pro. Sometimes, though, you just want to bring up the app and grab a half decent snap. Now, Microsoft have now launched Pix, a camera application [...]Show More Summary

Pentax K-1 Camera Review

2 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Gear Pentax’s first full-frame DSLR shines The Pentax K-1 is the perfect DSLR for those who want a full-frame body at a low price…

50 Rarely-Seen Candid Photographs of President Theodore Roosevelt From the Early 20th Century

Theodore Roosevelt is mostly remembered as the twenty-sixth President of the United States, but this dynamic, multi-talented, charismatic man became a hero to millions of Americans for many other reasons. By the time he rose to the presidency...Show More Summary

Photographer shoots adorable dog photos before and after a trim at the groomer

Before and After photos are pretty common when it comes to people. Weight loss, fitness gains, makeovers, etc. When it comes to animals, not so much. For photographer Grace Chon, a visit to the groomer’s became an exciting opportunity. Grace is no stranger to producing cute photos of dogs, she has several of her own [...]Show More Summary

Build your own DIY field monitor for shooting with DSLRs

Whether you’re shooting video or stills, field monitors can be invaluable. For video the advantages are obvious. Nailing focus is a lot easier on a big screen. That works for stills, though, too. Field monitors get very expensive, very quickly, though. In this two part video series, YouTuber GreatScott, takes us step by step through the creation of a DIY field [...]Show More Summary

This Photographer Made It His Mission to Capture the “Forgotten” Lives of the Working Class

“The rich have their own photographers,” said the late Milton Rogovin, who devoted his entire career as a documentarian to highlighting the other half—the poor and working classes—with the respect they deserved. He will soon be celebrated at the San Jose Museum of Art in the exhibition “Life and Labor: The Photographs of Milton Rogovin” from Aug. Show More Summary

More Ways to Create Better Images Without Buying More Gear

Jay Maisel has to be one of the most interesting photographers alive today. He is 85 years old and he still makes a point of carrying his camera with him every day, everywhere he goes. I recently watched a few videos where Scott Kelby...Show More Summary

Canon 5D Mark IV to come with a 30MP sensor?

Rumours about the 5D Mark IV seem fairly scarce. At least compared to most of the new camera releases we’ve seen over the years. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s called the 5D Mark IV. Canon Rumors now report that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV may be released with a 30MP sensor. If true, it would be an [...]Show More Summary

Models Beware! Warning and safety tips for new models

For the second time in as many months somebody has tried to use my images to deceive models about their skill level in photography. Because of this deception it’s certainly no giant leap to accuse these individuals of ill intent, especially if they are actively seeking out images of models in their underwear in their [...]Show More Summary

This Ingenious Car From 1923 Turned Into a Boat

In 1921, John A. Cowan patented a car roof that slips off and turns into a lightweight flat-bottomed boat. The idea even was featured on the October 1923 issue of Practical Electrics magazine:Why go to the trouble of hiring a boat when out on a fishing trip when the top of your automobile makes a very serviceable skiff? As a matter of fact, John A. Show More Summary

Getty asks photographer to pay for her own photo, photographer responds with $1 billion lawsuit

Getty can be pretty quick to send out infringement letters, as well they should. In the case of a real infringement, they absolutely must be protecting the rights of their contributors. But what happens when Getty screws up and sends an infringement notice to the creator of the photograph? What then happens if Getty also try [...]Show More Summary

Now This Is How You Face-Swap

Brian Cassidy has perfected the skill of superimposing his visage onto dolls, angels, even babies. The post Now This Is How You Face-Swap appeared first on WIRED.

35 Wonderful Color Photos of Ireland in the late 1940s

These color photos are vintage found slides capturing landscape and life of Cork, Kerry Counties in Ireland in the 1949. See more »

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