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4 Tips to help you tell a story with your video

Knowing what to shoot and learning how to tell a story in your videos can be a challenge. It’s something you pick up with over time with experience, but where do you begin? Rob Nelson’s latest video on Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips helps get you started with some solid story telling advice. While the primary subject is video footage, the same principles [...]Show More Summary

Bentley creates a 53 billion pixel car commercial

There's a car in this picture somewhere - zooming in to the full 53 billion pixel image allows you to find it. As part of its latest marketing campaign, car manufacturer Bentley has created a 53 billion pixel image, made up of more than 700 individual photographs. Show More Summary

32 Color Photos Show Trams of Germany in the 1970s

These color photos were taken by English photographer Tom Burnham that show the tram system in Germany during the 1970s. See more »

DSLR Astrophotograpy: A Difference in Style

DSLR astrophotography is the easiest way to get started with capturing the mysterious deep sky. Digital single-lens reflex cameras are the most versatile, and you can go from shooting portraits in the daylight to taking pictures of stars, galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical objects, in the nighttime. DSLR astrophotography has opened doors for everyone interested […]

Canon patents 40-800mm F4.5-5.6 lens, it would be great if it’s made, but I am skeptical

Canon just patented a 40-800mm lens. Isn’t this just incredible. In old point and shoot terms the box would have been marked X20. You have to admit it’s impressive. I mean, the only thing that comes close to that is my old 14-400 modem. Oh, it is full frame too. It’s not that there were not huge zooms ranges [...]Show More Summary

Street Photography in Tokyo with Dave Powell

Today we came across this great little video of a photographer that we’ve admired for some time (and who has even written a post for us here at dPS). It was produced by SmugMug and features Dave Powell of the Shoot Tokyo photo blog.Show More Summary

The New ICP : Still the house that Capa built?

The legacy of social consciousness through photography was a cornerstone of ICP, created by Cornell Capa in NYC. Once housed way upper East Side in a mansion, then moved to mid-town, and now, its new iteration is right on one of the most historic streets in NYC: Bowery! So, what’s different? Well, a lot, and […]

Slow motion video shows glass shattering at 343,000 fps

YouTube channel ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ has posted a new video showcasing its fastest frame rate content to date: 343,915 fps, to be precise. The duo behind the channel, Dan and Gav, used a Phantom v2511 camera to record glass Pyrex dishes shattering with speeds starting at 28,546fps. Show More Summary

Victorian Women Hairstyles: One of the Most Uncomfortable Fashions of all Times

These hairstyles are very unique, but really uncomfortable for women in Victorian era. See more »

Adobe ACR 9.6.1 update supports Fujifilm X-T2

Adobe has updated its Camera Raw application to make it compatible with raw files created by Fujifilm’s new X-T2 camera. The latest version, 9.6.1, also fixes some reported bugs that prevented the opening of uncompressed DNG files that...Show More Summary

Store House: 1928

Circa 1928. "Mrs. Ellis's store, Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia." 8x10 inch acetate negative by Frances Benjamin Johnston. View full size.

Vertigo: 1959

May 1, 1959. "Downtown San Francisco -- California Street East Bay vista from Nob Hill." 8x10 inch acetate negative, photographer unknown. View full size.

Paul C. Buff updates its product lineup with two new DigiBee flash units

Paul C. Buff have today announced their first new flash units since the Einstein six years ago with the launch of the DigiBee DB800 and DB400 studio strobes. Essentially, they’re digital AlienBees, but smaller, and with a few cool new features. Photographer Nino Batista got his hands on the first two off the production line and put together this video [...]Show More Summary

8 Quick Tips to Produce Better Forest Photography

As my nation (USA) celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service, renewed interest in our untouched landscapes is growing, and that’s a great thing. Even with the selfie-crazed tourists crowding our parks and national monuments,Show More Summary

Humans Have Been to the Moon! Here Are 10 Proofs That The Apollo Moon Landings Were Not Fake

Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon on 21 July 1969. So did Buzz Aldrin. So did 10 other people after that. Humans have been to the Moon! Despite this fact, there remain a hardcore of people who are convinced that the Apollo 11 Moon landings...Show More Summary

Survey: Why is the Editorial Market Unfair to Photographers?

3 days agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

In the current editorial photography market, budgets are shrinking as contract terms become less favorable for photographers. As a follow-up to our story “What Lawyers See When They Look at Editorial Photography Contracts,” we surveyed photographers who shoot editorial assignments about the financial challenges of the editorial photography market. Show More Summary

This timelapse short film of China uses Prisma to look like a painted animation

Launched for iOS around five weeks ago, Prisma seems to have taken the world by storm. At least, it has if the images scrolling through my Facebook feed have been anything to go by. According to their website “Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists”. District 7 Media have taken [...]Show More Summary

SLIK introduces SLIK LITE tripod line

Tripod maker SLIK has introduced its new LITE series. The new models feature a ball head and come in a variety of sizes. Both aluminum and carbon fiber versions are available. All models feature a detachable LED flashlight in the bottom...Show More Summary

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