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Space Photos of the Week: Gasbag Starburst Galaxy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Making Stars

Auroras on Uranus, sand dunes on Mars, and a look at Earth glittering with lights at night.

These Concrete Relics in Arizona Helped Satellites Spy on the Soviets

They were once part of a top secret spy operation. Today they lie in ruin.

An Angry Rhino Bites An Elephant and Gets Outta Dodge

A group of conservationists got more than they bargained for whilst trying to transport a rare, one-horned rhino from one park to another.

The Lovely British Scenery Where the Plague and Anthrax Once Rained

The landscape looks perfectly ordinary, but it holds a sinister secret.

Visit the Nuclear Bunkers That House a Million People in Beijing

It's a bargain apartment—as long as you’re not picky about fresh air.

Space Photos of the Week: Mystery Supernova Won’t Say Where It’s From

Behold swirling storms on Jupiter, a monstrous black hole, and the Milky Way's galactic bulge.

Step Inside a Saudi Rehab Prison for Jihadists

Government officials embrace a unique method of reform.

How Reggaetón Exploded All Over Cuba Without the Internet

Three million people download music from hard drives delivered by hand.

Space Photos of the Week: Codependent Spiral Galaxies Dunno Who They Are Anymore

An up-close of Mars dunes, dwarf planets, and a massive protostar from this week in space.

Inside China’s Almost-Totally-Legal $400M Fishery in Africa

Few things so clearly represent China's influence in West Africa as the ships pulling fish from its fisheries.

The Sad, Unnatural Habitats of Polar Bears in Captivity

They live out their days in zoos, aquariums, and shopping malls.

Wanna Be a Cop in Milan? Well, So Do 10,000 Other People

Think finding a job is hard? Try getting one in Italy, where thousands of people will turn up for one position.

Space Photos of the Week: Three Young Stars Decide to Peace Out

A close-up of Saturn's moons, deposits on Mars, and erupting lava from this week in space.

The Workers Who Snap Selfies Dangling From Skyscrapers

They hang from ropes hundreds of feet in the air, washing windows and cleaning wind turbines. And they post it all to Instagram.

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