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This is the last chance to download your Vines before they’re gone

Launched and subsequently acquired by Twitter in 2012, Vine has been a valuable outlet for many creatives.  The service that let you post your life in six second chunks announced its closure in October, and now it’s finally moving onto the next step in its evolution. Show More Summary

'20s Male Fashion – 39 Interesting Vintage Snapshots Show What Men Wore in the 1920s

The 1920s was really a boom period for women fashion, but probably wasn't for men. Check out these vintage photos to see what men wore in the 1920s. See more »

What is the “Visual Anchor” in Your Photo?

Imagine a boat at sea, that is swaying in the ocean. Without an anchor— it would float away (and possibly be captured by pirates). What is your “visual anchor” in your frame? Treat the same metaphor to your photos; your viewer is looking at your image. Show More Summary

What Exactly is Fine Art Photography?

People frequently ask me what exactly is fine art photography? Before I answer, I usually take a big breath and brace myself to answer the question in the time it takes to ride a few floors in an elevator as they usually expect a quick answer. Show More Summary

Alvin Langdon Coburn: Pictorialist Pioneer of the United States – 31 Picturesque Vintage Photos Express His Photography Style in the Early 20th Century

Pictorialism is the name given to an international style and aesthetic movement that dominated photography during the later 19th and early 20th centuries.... For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving,Show More Summary

Let’s Watch Popcorn Explode At 30,000 fps in 4K

News High-speed cameras will forever make boring things look fascinating When it comes to watching everyday things happen, the slower the better.

Gray Gotham: 1939

September 1939. "A grey day in New York City, looking northeast from University Place." Medium format acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott. View full size.

Sleeping Beauty: Grief, Bereavement and the Family in Memorial Photography

Memorial photography was a method to deal with grief in Victorian times. People were not usually photographed in life, so their loved ones wanted a memorial: a last look. It was a way to honor and cherish their loved ones after death, to have a lasting memory. Death from disease was common. See more »

How Did the Nazis Find Out About Anne Frank’s Family? Was They Betrayed? There's a New Theory!

Jewish teenager Anne Frank and her family may have been discovered “by chance” in their secret apartment in Amsterdam, according by the Anne Frank House museum. Anne Frank Research conducted by the Anne Frank museum contributes a new perspective on Anne Frank's arrest. Show More Summary

Mastering composition with a little help from Will Smith (sort of)

Perhaps “with help from a little Will Smith” would’ve been a little more accurate, but still. The “rules” of composition are widely known and hotly debated. On the one side, you’ve got those who swear by them, live by them, and can’t break free from them. Show More Summary

2016 Camera of the Year: Fujifilm X-Pro2

2 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Gear In a year of bravura performances, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 claimed the spotlight early and earned a standing ovation The Fujifilm X-Pro2 wowed us in 2016 even among some strong competition.

Old North Church: 1909

THE SIGNAL LANTERNS OF PAUL REVERE DISPLAYED IN THE STEEPLE OF THIS CHURCH APRIL 18 1775 WARNED THE COUNTRY OF THE MARCH OF BRITISH TROOPS TO LEXINGTON AND CONCORD. Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1909. "Christ Church (Old North)." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

03: Assignment Three; Environmental Portrait

OK… time to shine. This must be a photograph in which the subject inhabits about 25% of the image. There is not much specifics to this assignment. After the difficult magazine assignment shoot, it is time to relax and make something fun. Show More Summary

3 facts about histogram you may not have known

If you’re not sure whether you’ve achieved good exposure, using a histogram is the best way to check it. But there are some misconceptions about histogram you’ll hear from many photographers, even the most experienced ones. On the other hand, there are some facts few people knows or shares. Show More Summary

Story of a Young Girl Who Took Beautiful Strips of Self-Portraits from the Booth in Her Town Each Year from the Mid-1930s

This is Catherine Nichepor. She comes from the USA. According to Photobooth Journal, Catherine was very curious about the new Photomaton machines she had read about in the news. When the first booth arrived in her town in the mid 1930s, she was one of the first to try it out. Show More Summary

White House photographer Pete Souza reflects on his time following President Obama

Jobs like White House Photographer fascinate me. It’s not that I’m particularly interested in doing that kind of work (quite the opposite, in fact). But that it’s so far removed from the type of photography that most of us do on a daily basis. There’s many different challenges. Show More Summary

Top 5 Prestigious Photography Classes Worth Completing

If you’ve always been passionate about photography and you want to learn more about how to take breathtaking pictures, you should consider attending a photography class. Since photography is a discipline that is studied by people all over the world, it makes sense that there are a lot of course options available to you, depending […]

I Frankensteined a model from all her best parts

I had the pleasure of shooting with Amy Wilder again! It is always such a joy to shoot with someone who is so on top of their shit. This girl knows how to work it. Normally when I do a shoot I’m trying to get as much “right” in one frame as possible. Aka the […] The post I Frankensteined a model from all her best parts appeared first on DIY Photography.

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