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Man in Drag, ca. 1920s

“Sometime around 1920, my great grandfather made a bet with his friends that he could put on his sister's dress, walk downtown to the photographer's studio, and get a portrait taken- without getting arrested. He won.” - Macandthecowboys/ reddit

New Yorkers Love Leaving Their Dogs Tied Up Outside

When Erik Carter moved to New York form Dallas in 2010 he noticed pretty quickly that things were a bit different out east. It wasn’t only the obvious things like weather or attitude; most people in Dallas don’t tie their dogs up outside. “Everyone has a dog in their arms or in their car,” Carter said about Dallas. Show More Summary

A Photographer Processes Her Parents’ Cancer by Documenting It in These Raw and Touching Images 

Nancy Borowick often uses the world surreal when discussing the past two years of her life: Her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that would take his life a year and a day later, and then, her mother, who had also been battling cancer, succumbed to the disease a day before the one-year anniversary of his death. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Doing Candid Wedding Photography

Weddings have changed drastically in the past few years. Couples want more from a wedding these days, they don’t want the traditional, normal photography anymore. They frequently ask for documentary or candid wedding photography because...Show More Summary

AP Photographer’s Afghan Killer Sentenced To 20 Years in Prison

Former Afghan police unit commander Naqibullah, who received a death sentence following the murder of Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus and wounding AP correspondent Kathy Gannon, will not be executed after all. Afghanistan’s...Show More Summary

30 Beautiful Portraits of Maude Fealy from the Early 1900s

Maude Fealy was an American actress who during the early twentieth century was one of the leading ladies of the American stage. Her youthful beauty made her a popular subject for postcards, here are some of our favorites... See more...

These Photographs Are the Only Real Record of Canada’s Alcatraz

During its 178-year-long history, most Canadians knew Kingston Penitentiary only by reputation. Often referred to as Canada’s Alcatraz, the Ontario maximum-security prison housed around 400 of the country’s most dangerous criminals, and was known for its historically harsh treatment of inmates. Show More Summary

Photographing the Different Stages of Grief Is a Beautiful and Poetic Way to Get Over a Broken Heart

Six months after she experienced a painful breakup, Laura Stevens, who describes herself as a romantic and emotionally driven person, decided to work through those emotions by using her friends and a few strangers to pose for stagedShow More Summary

A Proud Racing Dad Photographs the All-American Soap Box Derby 

Usually, when Robbie McClaran attends the weeklong All-American Soap Box Derby, he’s too busy serving as a pit crew member for his two daughters, Tucker and Aubrey, to take more than a simple snapshot at the annual Akron, Ohio, event. But, last July, McClaran finally got the time to photograph race day in depth. Show More Summary

The Photography Show

I’ve spent the last few days in Birmingham, UK at The Photography Show. I was invited by my friends of Fujifilm UK to give some talks, do some demos and hang out with a bunch of fine people. As tradition...

All These People Live Within 35 Miles of the Arctic Circle

London-based photographer Cristian Barnett was looking at a map of the world when an idea for a project—a pretty crazy one at that—came to him in a flash. He would, he decided, photograph life along the Arctic Circle, a circle of latitude at 66 degrees and 33 minutes north of the equator that crosses the borders of eight countries. Show More Summary

Arkansas Wants Every Person in Your Photos To Sign a Model Release. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

The next case in a seemingly never ending list of bills aimed at limiting photographers’ rights is SB-79 which was passed by the Arkansas Senate on Tuesday. The bill aims to “Enact the Personal Rights Protection Act: and to Protect the Property Rights of an Individual to the Use of the Individual’s Name, Voice, Signature, [...]Show More Summary

‘Police Buffer Zone’ Bill Attacked By Law Enforcement Groups and Legal Experts

The bill proposing to ban recording police within 25-feet of them faced strong opposition from concerned citizens and civil right activists, and was said to be changed to 15-feet after its author received death threats. What might be the bill’s death strike has now come from legal experts as well as the very same people [...]Show More Summary

10 Photography Tips for Mirorrless Cameras

More and more people are choosing mirrorless cameras over digital single reflex lens cameras (DSLRs). Some do it because they are transitioning from a compact camera, others because they are too intimidated by the size and feature set of a DSLR. Understanding your Mirrorless First, in order to work your camera, you need to understand […]

Portrait Photography Tips for Shy Models

When looking at a portrait, the first thing we tend to notice is where the subject is looking or what message they are sending through their eyes. This post addresses both photographers and those having their photograph taken. Tips for Models First of all, it is not uncommon for some people to dread having their […]

These Inventions from the 1940s are Weirder Than Anything You’ll Find

Facing a decrease in demand during the war years, the Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corporation created a catalog full of facetious inventions, simply “to take their minds off the ugly fact that they had no brushes to sell.” In a photo...Show More Summary

A Photographer’s Version of the Great American Novel

The work Victoria Sambunaris created during her 14 years of road trips around the United States looks like it could be pulled from “America the Beautiful.” She didn’t set out to create a book, but the project, which had her traveling...Show More Summary

How To Do Cinematic Color Grading Like A Pro

Ever noticed how movies have a very distinct look that gives off a cinematic look. The process of taking the footage and giving it a specific look is called Grading. There are a few ways to achieve that look and the team at the Photoshop Training Channel provides one of the best color grading primers I’ve seen [...]Show More Summary

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