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The Lenscapt is either the silliest or most genius idea for lens caps ever

I really don’t know what to make of this one. It’s either a stroke of genius or absolutely ludicrous. I’m talking about Lenscapt, which is a new type of lenscap for DSLRs, mirrorless and other cameras. It’s being funded through Kickstarter and at first, I thought it seemed pretty daft. Show More Summary

“View Image” button is now removed from Google Image Search”

A few days ago, Getty and Google announced the upcoming changes as a result of a licensing deal. The announced changes have arrived, and now you can’t see the “View Image” button on Google any longer. Instead, if you want to see the photo, you’ll have to go directly to the website where it’s hosted. Show More Summary

Swiss skier crashes into photographers at the Winter Olympics

Photographing sports or car races always bears a certain amount of risk (both for the sportsmen and the photographers). Yesterday, photographers at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang had a close encounter with Swiss skier Lara Gut, who crashed into them. Show More Summary

25 Rare and Candid Photographs of Geli Raubal, Adolf Hitler's Half-Niece and His Only True Love

On 18 September 1931, a 23-year-old woman was found dead in a sumptuous nine-room Munich apartment, a single shot wound into her heart. Her name was Geli Raubal, the apartment was rented to Adolf Hitler, and the young woman happened to be Hitler’s niece. Show More Summary

Weekly Photography Challenge – Hands

Last week I sent you off to photograph feet – this week let’s try the other appendages – hands! Hands can be young or old, tough or tender, but are always very expressive. What do the hands you’re photographing have to say? Add someShow More Summary

Developing the Film Washi V 35mm and 120 format “film” at home

Washi Film V is probably the most special film announced in 2017 and I’ve had the privilege to be present when Lomig, the founder of Washi Film, introduced it at the Salon de la Photo in Paris last year. Since then I have always wanted...Show More Summary

Do photojournalism contests glamorize pain and suffering?

In a break from the past, World Press Photo (WPP) released the short list of finalists in advance of naming the winners to their annual contest – arguably the most prestigious in all of photojournalism.1 The photos are remarkable for their composition, exposure and intimacy. Show More Summary

For the first time, Sports Illustrated publishes nude unedited photos for their Swimsuit Issue [slightly NSFW]

For its 2018 Swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated is taking a very different route than before. For the project titled “In Her Words,” the magazine didn’t pose models in swimsuits this time. Instead, they’ve launched fully nude, unedited, black and white images of models, with messages to society written on their bodies. Show More Summary

The beginner’s guide to using grids with softboxes

Every day I see people posting in Facebook groups asking about softboxes and whether or not they should buy one with a grid. Personally, I always advise going for one that comes with a grid. Even if you don’t know why you might needShow More Summary

Photographer hires Nigerian scammer to be a documentary filmmaker, and the results are beautiful

Not long ago, photographer Adam Grumbo received a Facebook message from a “hot American girl.” It turned out to be a scammer from Nigeria, who wasn’t very good at pretending to be someone else. Instead of reporting or blocking him, Adam tried something unexpected. Show More Summary

ProGrade is the memory cards company that Lexar could have been

When Micron announced they were quitting the Lexar brand last year, it came as quite a shock. Many long-time Lexar fans were worried about where their future memory cards would be coming from. A short time later, the Lexar brand was acquired by Longsys, a Chinese manufacturer of flash storage. Show More Summary

Lensbaby Burnside 35 is a 35mm f/2.8 lens with variable bokeh and vignette

Lensbaby has announced a new creative lens today: Burnside 35. It’s a 35mm f/2.8 wide angle adaptation of the Petzval lens design. Burnside 35 adds swirling bokeh and vignette around your subject, with an effect slider that operates as a second internal iris. Show More Summary

A Treatise on Landscape Photography’s Dark Side

5 days agoArts / Photography : PDNPulse

By Matt Payne The process of having thoughtful conversations with landscape photographers from all over the world on my podcast has really made an impact on my own thoughts and beliefs relating to all sorts of landscape photography topics. Show More Summary

Interview with Landscape Photographer Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson is a photographer from the Seattle area. His portfolio is full of amazing photos from the western United States, as well as some other locations, like Iceland. I recently had the opportunity to interview Trevor and ask him some questions about his work. Show More Summary

Rare Photographs Capture British Punk Scene of the 1970s

When punk first broke in the UK in 1976, music journalist John Ingham was on hand to document the very heart of the scene. Struck by the music, fashion and sheer iconoclasm of a little-known outfit called the Sex Pistols, Ingham conducted...Show More Summary

41 Color Snapshots That Capture Everyday Life of Japan during the Postwar Era

These amazing photos from petethepunk1 were taken by Norm Olson who worked for Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church in post-war Japan, from 1951 to 1955. See more »

Working on the Railroad: 1901

October 1, 1901. "Track elevation and stone mixer, Chicago." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Photographic Company. View full size.

Photography Equipment Comparisons – Entry-Level Versus High-End Gear Does it Matter?

Photographers tend to get obsessed with having the latest, greatest toys. But does it matter which camera or bits of equipment you use? If so, how much? Or is it more about how you use it, and the skills you possess? Let’s take a look...Show More Summary

Perfect Eats: 1942

April 1942. "In the Perfect Eat Shoppe, a restaurant on 47th Street near Chicago's South Park; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norris (standing at rear and left), proprietors." Photo by Jack Delano for the Office of War Information. View full siz...

31 Cool Pics Prove That Men's Hairstyles From the 1970s Were So Romantic

It's easy to see that the 1970s men's hairstyles were long and flowing, and they probably made men look cool and so romantic. Take a look... See more »

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