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Watch 13 photographers catch a reflector they throw behind the back (or not)

Two weeks ago we asked you if you can toss a reflector behind your back folded and catch it open. Apparently, it was not as an easy task as we thought. (you can practice, 5-in-1 reflectors are cheap, just remember they are out to get you). 13 photographers took a shot at this dangerous trick. [...]Show More Summary

Wanna start with Photoshop? These are the three books you need to read!

With so much information in the world, sometimes it can be hard for newcomers to sift through the noise when they want to learn how to use Photoshop. For me, I started by purchasing the software. I tried to work out what each tool did, then realised I was getting nowhere…although I did manage to somehow to [...]Show More Summary

24 Amazing Vintage Photos Show the Change of Kingston, Jamaica from the 1930s

Kingston is the capital and largest city of Jamaica, located on the southeastern coast of the island. It faces a natural harbour protected by the Palisadoes, a long sand spit which connects the town of Port Royal and the Norman Manley...Show More Summary

Tips on How to Find the Northern Lights in Iceland

Dreaming of photographing the Norther Lights? There is no better spot for taking the most spectacular Aurora Borealis shots than Iceland. Last October, I spent 21 days chasing the Aurora in the land of ice. When I arrived in Iceland, I had no idea how to track down an Aurora. Show More Summary

Long Train Running: 1900

Circa 1900. "Steel viaduct over Des Moines River, Iowa -- Chicago & North Western Railway." 8x10 glass negative by William Henry Jackson. View full size.

Olympus Pen F Review – Retro Cool

4 days agoArts / Photography : Shotkit

The original Olympus PEN F was introduced in 1963.  It quickly gained a following thanks to its beautiful, yet simple, design and its small...

The Best Wide Angle Lens for your dSLR

4 days agoArts / Photography : Shotkit

This guide attempts to answer the question of what is the best wide angle lens for your Nikon or Canon dSLR. Whilst a staple in...

Before Laptops, iPads and Seat Back Videos: 13 Vintage Color Photos Show What Travelers Did to Pass the Time on Long Flights in the 1950s and 60s

What did we ever do to pass the time on aircraft before laptops, iPads, Ipods and seat back videos with 1000 choices of entertainment? In the 1950s and 60s inflight entertainment as we know it today was in its infancy and rudimentary. Show More Summary

The Best New Camera Gear From PhotoPlus Expo 2016

4 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Gear Our favorite things we saw on the showroom floor Pop Photo selects the best new gear on view at PhotoPlus 2016 in New York City.

30 Shocking Historical Photos of the Lviv Pogroms in 1941

The city of Lvov (L'viv) in southeastern Poland was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1939, under the terms of the German-Soviet Pact. There were over 200,000 Jews in Lvov in September 1939; nearly 100,000 were Jewish refugees from German-occupied Poland. Show More Summary

This 250° fisheye lens is so wide it can almost see behind itself

Entaniya’s fisheye lenses for GoPro cameras have proven to be quite popular since they were initially released. They led to the creation of something Entaniya calls “One Shot VR“. This is essentially footage shot with a single 250° fisheye lens and then mapped into a VR sphere. It doesn’t contain the complete surroundings, but as [...]Show More Summary

Tall, Dark & Handsome: 1940

December 5, 1940. "Joseph Mullen Inc., 18 E. 50th Street, New York. View from window." Taking in the spires of St. Patrick's Cathedral and, across Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center's International Building at 45 Rockefeller Plaza. Large-format acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.

Kodak’s Ektra is a smartphone aimed at photographers

I have to admit, this announcement has surprised me a little. Named the Ektra, after its classic 1941 rangefinder, it seems to hold one major difference. Well, aside from the fact that one’s actually a camera, and the other’s a smartphone. The difference is that this one appears to be Kodak in name only, being produced [...]Show More Summary

Sigma announces pricing and availability for 18-35mm and 50-100mm T2 APS-C Cine lenses

Sigma recently made a big leap into the world of the cinema by announcing 8 new cine lenses all at once. While most are expected to be released throughout the course of 2017, pricing and availability for the first two has now been announced. Those two lenses are the 18-35mm T2.0 and 50-100mm T2.0 lenses for APS-C sensor cameras. Designed for super [...]Show More Summary

The Kodak Extra Is a “Photography First” Smartphone With a Real Shutter Button

4 days agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

Gear It's based on a classic design from the 1940s. Kodak's new smartphone is meant to look and feel like a camera.

28 Stunning Black and White Photographs Documented Daily Life in Istanbul During the 1950s

Ara Güler (born 1928) is an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist, nicknamed "the Eye of Istanbul" or "the Photographer of Istanbul". He is considered one of Turkey's few internationally known photographers. In the early years of the 1950s Turkey underwent profound political and transformation along with much of the Mediterranean. Show More Summary

A glass full of water makes for some great photography illusions

Optical illusions using glass and water have always been popular with photography. Whether it’s reflections of objects on top of each other or the world seen through a water droplet, it’s a fascinating subject. So, it’s no wonder that so many photographers want to give it a try. One such photographer is Brazilian born Alexandre Watanabe, also [...]Show More Summary

This guide to astrophotography will have you shooting stars in no time

Yesterday we showed you South of Home Photography’s beautiful photographs of the New Zealand winter night sky. If you’re just starting out with astrophotography, it can be difficult to know where to begin. How should you plan? Is your gear up to the challenge? Do you need specialist equipment? What settings should you use? Today we [...]Show More Summary

34 Vintage Funny Halloween Costumes Can Make You Laugh

Halloween costumes are not always scary, sometimes they're also funny. These vintage snapshots below will prove this. See more »

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