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A black and white photography challenge by a colourblind photographer

Earlier this year I wrote what I felt was quite a personal article about what it is like to be a colourblind photographer. In the coming weeks and months after writing and publishing it (and having it widely re-shared across some very...Show More Summary

Why this photographer switched to Olympus after shooting Nikon for 42 years

Not too long ago, switching brands seemed a silly expense. Bouncing back and forth between Nikon and Canon was just far more cost and hassle than it was worth. Some photographers simply bought into both brands (it worked out cheaper than swapping every couple of years). Show More Summary

6 Types of Bracketing Your Camera Can Do and How to Use Them

Bracketing is a method of taking multiple images of the same scene at different settings in order to capture more detail in your shot. You might not be aware that there are actually a number of bracketing techniques besides the most common method which is exposure bracketing. Show More Summary

Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Filming of 'Sunset Boulevard' in 1950

Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett. It was named after the thoroughfare that runs through Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. The...Show More Summary

Photographing Sandstone Falls in West Virginia

Sandstone Falls is an extremely wide waterfall on the New River in southern West Virginia. It's a unique waterfall that is great for photography. The post Photographing Sandstone Falls in West Virginia appeared first on Loaded Landscapes.

10 tips to grow organically on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the major platforms for photographers to share their work. So naturally, you want to build your audience there and get many people to see your work. If you don’t want to buy fake followers from a vending machine,...Show More Summary

How to easily take Long Exposure photos on your iPhone

Here is a way to easily take long exposure images with the Apps that come with your iPhone. Apple’s iPhone has become one of the most used cameras in the world and, over the years. They have added some very cool features to their camera and photos applications on the phone. Show More Summary

10 days in India: 45 photos of chaos, color and community

After 36 hours of traveling, of which 20 were spent in-flight, I arrived to India for the long-awaited 10-day journey with The Giving Lens for which I spent months preparing in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas: eating Indian food, reading about cultural norms, talking to friends from India, watching Lion (that counts, too). Show More Summary

Instagram’s new alert system fights animal abuse

A recent National Geographic’s investigation has revealed a disturbing fact: in the Amazon, the locals keep wild animals in captivity to lure the tourists to take selfies with them. This makes the animals suffer, it’s harmful and even deadly for them. Show More Summary

Color Photos That Capture Street Scenes of East Germany in 1960

These fascinating photos from Normann were taken by his dad who visited East Germany in May 1960. Dresden rebuilt Church in ruins, Dresden East Berlin Stalin Allé Eisleben Andreaskirche Eisleben, Lenin statue See more »

36 Beautiful Portrait Photos of Victorian and Edwardian Actresses With Their Autographs

Actresses of Victorian/Edwardian eras were really elegant, and beautiful. A photo collection from Ken will show you how beautiful they were. Each of them had own autograph. 1. May De Sousa. May Alvos de Sousa (1884-1948) was an American singer and a Broadway actress. 2. Daisy Bray. Daisy Bray is an actress of the Edwardian era. Show More Summary

The Best Bag For The DJI Spark

If you own a drone, you know that moving it around could be quite challenging. While most drones feel solid, the propellors never seem to be quite safe ???? I got to play with the DJI Spark for a bit and aside from being a modern miracle of technology, it demanded some friends. The first of […] The post The Best Bag For The DJI Spark appeared first on DIY Photography.

What it’s like to photograph a sandstorm

One of the windiest nights I’ve ever taken pictures turned into perhaps the single most rewarding — and frightening — landscape photography experience of my life. I was on the Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley, a place I had visited twice in the past, though under much tamer conditions. Show More Summary

“Every Frame a Painting” officially calls it quits

For those who’ve never seen it, the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting it’s run by Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos. They dissect movies. But not in the way many other channels do. They talk more about the psychological, metaphorical, symbolic and emotional side of movies, rather than the technical. Show More Summary

CamFi Pro boasts the fastest wireless image transfer speeds in the world for tethered shooting

Coming in far cheaper than the branded proprietary Wi-Fi options, CamFi has been a pretty popular accessory. But now they’re back with the new and improved CamFi Pro, which boasts the fastest wireless transfer speeds of any such system. Show More Summary

LensRentals merges with LensProToGo, creating the largest rental inventory in the US

LensRentals has announced that they are merging with another major rental company, LensProToGo. After over a decade of existence, the two rental giants have decided to join forces in an attempt to bring their customers the best rental experience. Show More Summary

These three vintage lenses produce crazy bokeh

It’s the holiday season and it seems like Christmas lights are everywhere you look. Photographer Mathieu Stern has taken advantage of this and he’s turned those lights into some crazy bokeh. In his latest video, he uses three cheap vintage lenses and turns the Christmas lights into rich, sparkly, “bokehlicious” backdrop. Show More Summary

Spiked: 1952

April 1952. "Bandleader Spike Jones and his City Slickers performing in Grand Forks, North Dakota." From the Look magazine photo assignment "Spike Jones: There's a Method in His Madness." Musicians in the band include Sir Frederick Gas, George Rock, Guy Raymond and Dick Morgan. View full size.

Don't Drop This: 1943

December 1943. "Without engaging a hotel room, traveling servicemen may take a shower, shave, and wash and iron clothes at the United Nations service center." Another entry in Esther Bubley's curiously comprehensive series of photos for the Office of War Information, documenting shower facilities for enlisted men in wartime Washington, D.C. View full size.

Working as a Rockette: Rare and Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos Capture Everyday Life of Famous Dancers in 1964

The December 11, 1964, issue of LIFE magazine featured an article titled The Rockettes Go On and On: World's Most Famous Kick, with illustrated with photographs taken by Arthur Rickerry, they show how the dancers themselves prepped for four shows a day, seven days a week, on one of the most famous stages in the world. Show More Summary

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