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Why “Do What You Love” Career Advice Leads To “I Live In A Van Down By the River” For Creative Professionals

I have been thinking a lot recently about the direction that I want to take my photography business, and this week I came across two really interesting ways of looking at career advice for creative professionals. First, there is the “do what you love” genre of career advice for creatives.  Then, there are statistics. For [...]Show More Summary

A Beginner’s Guide to Working With Flash Off-Camera

I spent the first three years of my photography career avoiding the use of speedlights off-camera because I couldn’t wrap my head around the concepts and science behind them. I tried to cover it up saying things like “I’m a natural light...Show More Summary

Gear Avoidance Syndrome: It Might Be Healthy For Your Photography

GAS, also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is very common among photographers. It simply means that you just can’t get enough new lenses, equipment and upgrade your cam as soon as possible in order to have more options and – according to the seemingly prevalent opinion – become better. But have you ever thought about [...]Show More Summary

Study Shows Photographers Are Among The Sexiest Of Creative Types

Good news, photographers, it turns we’re some seriously sexy mother jumpers. Though we’re still pretty ugly compared to musicians, we are more attractive than comedians and poets. The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s...Show More Summary

Inventive Video “Lightspeed” Combines Light Painting With Stop Motion Photography

It starts out a lot like most timelapses, a sweeping landscape, some cool star trails, a trip to a southern California desert and then BA-BAM! An illuminated skeleton pops up out of the ground and takes us on an adventure through the desert as he morphs into a menagerie of animals right before our eyes–no CGI [...]Show More Summary

Portraits Inspired by Yousef Karsh

This past week we looked at the work of Yousef Karsh. T […] Categories: Featured Going Pro LE News and Info (Read more...)

Rode unveils RodeLink wireless audio system

Australian microphone maker RØDE has announced a new digital wireless system called RØDELink. It uses 2.4GHz transmission with 128-bit encryption while transmitting on two channels simultaneously. The system can monitor and change frequencies as needed to maintain the strongest signal, transmitting a 24-bit/44.1k signal up to 100 meters. Show More Summary

Composition in a nutshell

Photography is a collaboration of the technical with the creative. Once you’ve negotiated exposure, and how to manipulate light to paint your photos, it’s time to think about composition, or how you construct your photos and place your subject or subjects within the frame to create an image. 1. Pick your subject; tell your story […]

Que Sera, Sera: 1922

San Francisco circa 1922. "Dorris touring car at Shreve & Co." Latest entry in the Shorpy Parade of Archaic Chariots. Photo by Christopher Helin. View full size.

A Photo From the Jersey Shore with Commentary by Digital Photo Academy Instructor Bill Blanchard

Today I’m happy to bring you another image with technical data, thoughts and comments from photographer and instructor at Digital Photo Academy, Bill Blanchard. This time, the subject of the photo is one of my favorite places, the Jersey Shore.  You may recognize the Fun Town Amusement Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. The entire pier (as well as Casino […]

Microsoft Adds 3D Holograms to Real World

Microsoft's new HoloLens is a holographic headset that lets you physically interact with Windows throughout your home.

8 Quotes From Master Photographer Ansel Adams and How You to Apply Them to Your Photography

The technology of photography has been evolving at a very rapid rate. Most of our cameras are almost obsolete by the time we purchase them! But one thing about photography hasn’t changed over the years and that is the art of photography. Show More Summary

Painter Found Guilty Of Plagiarism For Painting A Photo

A Belgian court has recently found Luc Tuymans’ painting of a local politician to be in breach of a photographer’s copyright. The photographer whose photo was copied, Katrijn Van Giel, sued the painter leading to his conviction of plagiarism. Originally sued for $57,000, Tuyman’s could end up paying over half a million Dollars if caught [...]Show More Summary

Imperial Air: 1931

October 1931. "Imperial Airways aircraft refueling at Semakh, British Mandate Palestine." 5x7 glass negative, Matson Photo Service. View full size.

Downward Spiral: 1936

Washington, D.C., circa 1936. "U.S. Supreme Court interiors. Stairwell looking down." Safety negative by Theodor Horydczak. View full size.

How to Crop Like a Boss in Photoshop

I have a habit of shooting for the crop (see my previous article ‘No Telephoto lens No Problem – Shoot for the crop‘) which often means that my final vision is a 4:2 proportion, or even a 4:1 panorama style image, instead of the most common 3:2 that is the default for most digital cameras. Show More Summary

Documentary Photographer Uses Forced Perspective Photography To Help Preserve Mongolia

Often in photography, we are told to be different, to do things in ways that are original, unique. Do something that sets yourself apart from the rest of the pack. It’s good advice, especially as the vast pool of photographers inevitably becomes more and more saturated. In a series of photographs by Daesung Lee, the [...]Show More Summary

RØDE Enters Wireless Audio With RØDELink and Filmmaker Kit

Rode made a name for themselves as quality microphones suppliers and many sound guy swear by their mics (as do I). While they do make great microphones, one thing was always missing from their offering, a wireless system. The kind of transmitter that goes in the pocket (along with a lav mic) for the speaker and [...]Show More Summary

Album Cover Fee Story Followup – An Open Letter From The Photographer

A few days ago we covered a story about a couple in dispute with a photographer over ‘Album Cover Fees’. The story went incredibly viral getting coverage on around the blogosphere (dailymail, NBC 5, Petapixel, dpreview and DIYP were among the outlets who covered the story). In all this coverage (us included) there was no deep [...]Show More Summary

Photographer Comically Photoshops Himself Photobombing Actors In Stock Images

There’s some pretty interesting and bizarre stock photography floating around the Internets and we’ve also undoubtedly seen some pretty clever uses for it. But, The Stock Photobomber (Matt Vescovo) may have just stole the show with his tongue in cheek series of Photoshopped stock images. Show More Summary

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