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One of the Most Talented Beauties of Hollywood: Glamorous Pictures of Young Jeanette MacDonald in the 1930s

Jeanette Anna MacDonald (1903-1965) was an American singer and actress best remembered for her musical films of the 1930s. During the 1930s and 1940s she starred in 29 feature films, four nominated for Best Picture Oscars (The Love Parade,...Show More Summary

Leica launches a pair of API-Summicron full frame 75mm & 90mm f/2 prime lenses

Leica has just announced a pair of API-Summicron lenses for its full frame mirrorless cameras. Those would be the Leica API-Summicron-SL 75mm f2 ASPH and Leica API-Summicron-SL 90mm f2 ASPH. While designed for full frame, they will also work on Leica’s crop sensor cameras, too. Show More Summary

This huge crow photobombs a weather report

Photobombs can be the most annoying or the most hilarious thing. I especially love it when animals photobomb humans. This photobomb that interrupted KTVU’s weather report is funny as hell and so darn cute! What seems to be huge crowShow More Summary

Upcoming workshops with Hudson Henry

Our friend Hudson Henry is hosting two upcoming workshops, one a five-day excursion in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, the other a three-day workshop out on the Oregon Coast. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to study with Hudson, these are perfect opportunities to deepen your photo skills with an expressive and eloquent teacher, one […]

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August 5, 1930. "The big league has nothing on this game. A good action shot of a couple of the girls at the 'Y' camp at Plano, Illinois." Witteman Bros. Collection "Albertype" collotype print, Library of Congress. View full size.

The Ideal Female Body Shape of the 1920s

In 1928, a group of Hollywood film studio artists drew “the ideal screen type.” An amalgamation of the famous disembodied parts of Hollywood stars, the ideal screen type was doe-eyed and fair, holding her willowy arms at a coy akimbo. Show More Summary

You don’t need talent to be a great photographer

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” Does this mean you can become a great photographer even if you don’t consider yourself talented? Yes, you can. Photographer Manny Ortiz firmly believes this and shares some tips to help you become a great photographer, no matter how (un)talented you may be. Show More Summary

How to Photograph the Sheer Beauty of Soap Bubbles

Most of us are fascinated by soap bubbles and love playing with them since childhood. Watching bubbles float in the air and burst is a pleasure every child and even adults enjoy. Soap bubbles have an exciting range of color and textures. Show More Summary

Travolta Dress: The Story Behind the Dress Princess Diana Wore to Dance With John Travolta at the White House in 1985

When Princess Diana visited President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, at the White House in 1985, she stepped onto the ballroom dance floor — with a man known for his electrifying moves on the big screen.“I put my hand in the middle...Show More Summary

Quick tips for making sharp and precise selections in Photoshop

  The Magic Wand Tool or the Quick Selection Tool can make general selections fast and easy. But they’re not 100 percent precise and you’ll often have uneven and jagged edges. Unmesh Dinda (aka PiXimperfect) shares some quick tips to fix this and make selections very precise. Show More Summary

Build yourself a charging station to save time and get organised with your batteries

Charging batteries is a pain in the backside. I remember when I used to shoot events with four Nikon SB-900 speedlights with SD-9 packs attached to each of them. That was 96 AA batteries I had to charge up the night before every event. Show More Summary

Who really invented the selfie?

Selfie is a social phenomenon that probably won’t go away anytime soon. Many of us remember the times without the internet and social media with selfies all over them. But were there ever the times without selfies? The BuzzFeed crew decided to research it, and they share their findings in this humorous video. Show More Summary

Nikon mirrorless rumoured to have new 16mm flange distance “Z-mount” lens mount

The word from CES 2018 is that Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless will have an entirely new lens mount. At least according to Nikon Rumors. Despite simply being a rumour, I can’t believe that this isn’t true. At least the technical specifications,...Show More Summary

Playing Stuck in the Mud – A Creative Exercise for Photography

Do you remember that game called Stuck in the Mud we used to play as kids? It goes something like this; one kid is elected to be “it” and runs around to tag as many people as possible. When tagged, the other players have to freeze and...Show More Summary

Autel takes on DJI’s Mavic Pro with their new EVO drone

Well, GoPro might be out of the drone game, but it looks like challengers are stepping up to take on DJI. First there was Yuneec’s new Typhoon H Plus, and now Autel Robotics have announced their new EVO; A compact folding drone to take the DJI Mavic Pro head on. Show More Summary

40 Stunning Portraits of 19th Century Russian Beauties in Traditional Costumes

These photos were taken in the end of 19th century and now are kept in the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography. The women in the photos are wearing traditional costumes of different regions of Russia. And though you can see...Show More Summary

9 tips to improve your photos on the spot by Bob Holmes

We’ve all had those days: you want to take photos, you need to do it, but you feel like the inspiration has deserted you forever. Even a famous photographer Bob Holmes feels like this sometimes. But fortunately, there are ways to overcome it, and he shares his methods with you. Show More Summary

How to remove people from travel videos and photos without editing

The problem with visiting popular tourist destinations is, obviously, other tourists. Anywhere you go that’s pretty and popular is flooded by a stream of other people, too. They’re in your shots and you’re in theirs. There are a couple...Show More Summary

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