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i'm writing this to you

Hey, This semester has had some pretty heavy moments that happened mostly second hand. What I mean is, I've watched other people go through stuff and felt terrible for them. When you're me, you spend a lot of time pretending you don't have emotions when actually you feel so much empathy for the people around you. Show More Summary

remember fall semester?

So since I left you hanging all semester long, here's a quick tour of the fall semester: We welcomed the start of the semester with a pancake breakfast for our Art majors living in our new Art Village on campus. Oh, and remember the Great American Eclipse of 2017? It was pretty cool. Show More Summary

dear blog

ok, so this is awkward. we haven't talked in a while, blog. i know i've said i'd update a few times over the last few months but other things got in the way. it's my fault. i'm sorry. the thing is, school started after that last post. Show More Summary

John Angel Sculptor

Central, in Kings Square Bridgwater is this amazing war memorial which caught my eye recently. I looked for a signature but could find none. I am assured however that it is signed and it is 'an Angel', that is John Angel, a celebrated sculptor on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Show More Summary

turns out it was the summer of sand sculpture

4 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Who knew? Sometimes you name the summer and sometimes the summer names itself. This summer started out as "The Summer of Free" in the hopes that we would be able to find free adventures all summer. The summer budget is a mess here. There's...Show More Summary

oops we did it again

4 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

The last beach trip of summer is done. It felt like the days flew by but when I think back on the events of the week, we packed a lot of stuff in those 7 days. No wonder we were tired when we got back home. This photo pretty much sums up the week. Show More Summary

fun is a dog

5 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

This summer has been busy. Probably sounds lame coming from a person who is "off" for summer break. Especially if you're one of the people who has seen pics from our summer adventures on Instagram. It looks like the McAbees are always having fun and always going somewhere. Show More Summary


5 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

It's time for the Summer Studio Sale. The one day of the year you can come to my house without fear of being shot at! Saturday, July 22 you'll be able to tour my small drawing and sculpture studios and purchase super cool artwork at super affordable prices. Show More Summary

vacation part two

6 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Packing up and getting out of town for a few days refocuses my brain. I become hyper-aware of the people around me. I notice the pattern and fit of their clothing. I observe their behavior and wonder how it compares to their behavior back home. Show More Summary

vacation part one

6 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Vacation was good to me. It always is. I’m not just talking about rest and relaxation or getting away from the normal day to day. I’m talking about imagery and concept related to making art. When my brain is able to coast a little, space opens up and ideas fill that space. Show More Summary

life after advice

6 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

My undergraduate degree was a BA in Studio Art with teacher certification. I wanted to be a teacher and I thought that working in a K-12 public school was probably the way to go. Near the end of my degree, one of my mentor professors had a conversation with me and told me I should switch to the BFA degree. Show More Summary

the difference between mermaids and noise

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

I'm sitting at my dining room table. Ten feet in front of me several teams of hummingbirds are warring over the favored nectar bank. The window that separates us is one of the best features of the house. Just beyond the window is the front porch and hummingbird traffic zone. Show More Summary

that time we had class on the beach

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Two years ago I was building a sand fort on the beach with my kids. We had spent the week in the sand building new and interesting things each day. Beach walkers would stop and ask questions and say nice things. I joked with G whileShow More Summary

barrier island trip

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

I've been hearing about the barrier island trip for at least 5 years. Blue and Violet's school takes a big field trip in 5th grade. It's the first overnight trip which, I assume, is why they start pumping the trip to students 5 years early. Show More Summary

Sculpture Deathmatch 2017!

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Each spring we host the Sculpture Deathmatch in the sculpture studios at Lander University. It is the biggest sculpture event of the year. What exactly is it? Two teams of sculptors go head to head in a 12 hour sculpture competition....Show More Summary

The Gallery/Museum Screw Up Hall of Fame

8 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

subtitled: In Which The Artist Bites The Hand That Feeds Him The earliest exhibit and award I received after my undergrad degree was in 1999. This means I've been active in the exhibition world for about 18 years now. As an artist, I...Show More Summary

a little lent

9 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Ash Wednesday was three days ago and here I am thinking about Lent again. Sometimes I give up things. Sometimes I start doing things. The idea is to be a better human in some small way by the end of the 40+ days. I have realized that this has more to do with the thoughtful consideration of each day than it does the removing or adding of an activity. Show More Summary


Really is this green. Quantocks Old England


11 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Violet came home from school the other day with a sad face. This was odd because she’s a very happy 7 year old. I heard my wife say, for my benefit, “Ask daddy about it, I’m sure he can help you”. The dad mind immediately kicked into high gear. Show More Summary


12 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Yesterday there was drama, excitement and danger. It. Was. Awesome. Yesterday was December 28. It was sunny and an unseasonable 65 degrees. Blue, Violet and I slept late while G got up early and went to work. If you're new here, my job during summer and winter break is to keep the kids alive. Show More Summary

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