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museum shenanigans

Last Friday was College Art Day at the SC State Museum in Columbia. Art Departments from colleges and universities all over the state set up tables at this event and provide information to several bus loads of high school art students from the midlands area. Show More Summary

plaster disaster

Disaster is not the correct word, it just rhymed. It's more like a "plaster evil master plan" or as my freshmen students call it, "project 2". With the horrors of "project 1" building their character and with me asking ridiculous questions...Show More Summary

awkwardly trying to take a photo of myself

My Instagram account exists in an awkward place. Somewhere between artist, runner, hiker, professor, dad, husband, dog-lover, semi-professional eater and beach bum. I see people on Instagram every day who have entire accounts dedicated to any one of these endeavors. Show More Summary

a love story

Do y'all have a Waffle House restaurant where you are? Google says they're in 25 states in the US. I know they started in Georgia, so I'm not sure if it's mostly a southern US thing or if it's an east coast thing or what. If you have a Waffle House near you or if you've ever had the joy of eating in one, this will be a funny story. Show More Summary

my brain is mushy

I've got critique brain. If you don't teach studio art classes at the college level, that may not mean much to you. What I mean is, in the last 24 hours I've critically analyzed and thoroughly discussed 30 projects in a critique setting. Show More Summary

can you meet for pizza?

Ali came through town last week. Do y'all know Ali? I met Ali about 8 years ago when she was introduced to me while she was applying to our MAT program. She had a kid on her hip and she was quick to say it was not her kid. The next year she became my student and served as my studio worker (Queen of Sculpture) for a good while. Show More Summary

a snowday with kids

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Some of you may not live in the South. We have a bit of a reputation when it comes to the way we deal with winter weather and with our recent winter event I thought it might be a good time to tell you how it really is down here. Usually when there's any mention of the word "snow" by a meteorologist, it generates a buzz among snowbirds. Show More Summary

binge watching

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Remember when TV was memorable? I’m talking about a TV series that would offer season after season of half hour or hour-long entertainment. There used to be shows that told stories and had jokes and maybe they weren’t the best quality stories or jokes, but you could remember them. Show More Summary

coffee talk

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

For a few years, comedian Jerry Seinfeld quietly went about making an interesting series of videos. After ending his sitcom he had lived his life laying low and doing comedy when he wanted. Then he had the idea to record himself going to coffee with several of his comedian friends. Show More Summary

an actual break

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

So the crazy-busy semester ended and Christmas break began. The break started out weird by having a whole week between the last exam and graduation. So we were kind of out of school and kind of not out of school. I had several end of semester sorts of things to attend to on the computer but I managed to stay off campus most of the week. Show More Summary

that new semester smell

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

"spring 2018" That's what the little blue folder says on my computer. It's a very exciting folder. I taught my first university level class 15.5 years ago. The class was "3D Design 1" and was an intro class to three dimensional materials and composition. Show More Summary

the truth about butts

2 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

You want to know the truth behind Butt Drawing Monday? For a year and a half now I've been drawing one butt each week and featuring it on Instagram with the hashtag #buttdrawingmonday. If you haven't seen this yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Show More Summary

do you remember stillness?

3 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

The bathroom door in my childhood home had a Native American lady carrying her son bundled on her back. It was right there on the back of the door. If I had been raised Catholic I’m sure it would have been the Virgin Mary. Some days it almost became a dragon’s face. Show More Summary

i'm writing this to you

3 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Hey, This semester has had some pretty heavy moments that happened mostly second hand. What I mean is, I've watched other people go through stuff and felt terrible for them. When you're me, you spend a lot of time pretending you don't have emotions when actually you feel so much empathy for the people around you. Show More Summary

remember fall semester?

3 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

So since I left you hanging all semester long, here's a quick tour of the fall semester: We welcomed the start of the semester with a pancake breakfast for our Art majors living in our new Art Village on campus. Oh, and remember the Great American Eclipse of 2017? It was pretty cool. Show More Summary

dear blog

4 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

ok, so this is awkward. we haven't talked in a while, blog. i know i've said i'd update a few times over the last few months but other things got in the way. it's my fault. i'm sorry. the thing is, school started after that last post. Show More Summary

John Angel Sculptor

Central, in Kings Square Bridgwater is this amazing war memorial which caught my eye recently. I looked for a signature but could find none. I am assured however that it is signed and it is 'an Angel', that is John Angel, a celebrated sculptor on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Show More Summary

turns out it was the summer of sand sculpture

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

Who knew? Sometimes you name the summer and sometimes the summer names itself. This summer started out as "The Summer of Free" in the hopes that we would be able to find free adventures all summer. The summer budget is a mess here. There's...Show More Summary

oops we did it again

7 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

The last beach trip of summer is done. It felt like the days flew by but when I think back on the events of the week, we packed a lot of stuff in those 7 days. No wonder we were tired when we got back home. This photo pretty much sums up the week. Show More Summary

fun is a dog

8 months agoArts / Sculpture : Nightswimming

This summer has been busy. Probably sounds lame coming from a person who is "off" for summer break. Especially if you're one of the people who has seen pics from our summer adventures on Instagram. It looks like the McAbees are always having fun and always going somewhere. Show More Summary

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