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Chase & Status on musicians working with brands

Appearing at Advertising Week Europe today was Saul Milton, one half of electronic music duo Chase & Status. Milton, who has previously worked with brands including Red Bull, shared his opinions on the pros and cons of musicians teaming up with commercial partners...

Staalplaat Soundsystem and the book that's also a paper turntable and a music instrument

A quick post to let you know about the really REALLY nice book i received the other day. I can't stop playing with it. The publication celebrates Staalplaat Soundsystem's brilliant work

Semiconductor's New Installation Is a Portal into the Cosmos

Catching the Light, 2014, multi-channel HD moving image with 6 metre wide Alucore screens. Images courtesy the artists. Portholes peek out into deep space in Semiconductor’s recent multi-channel moving image installation, Catching the Light. Show More Summary

Entertaining End Credits: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

We've featured the talented animator Pete Oswald here on Abduzeedo before and are excited to share some of his recent collaborative work we stumbled upon. Enter the comedic end titles to the hilarious and highly entertaining Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Show More Summary

'Projection Napping' Puts Sleeping Giants on NYC Buildings

Here's a peaceful take on the often energetic medium of projection mapping: Projection Napping. Art collective Dawn of Man has been illuminating buildings all over New York City with peaceful sleepers, carefully designed to lean against their wall's edges, or indents in their bricks. Show More Summary

The Future Is Here, And It's a Japanese Pop Concert

SXSW may have come and gone, but this next-level performance from Japan's Perfume lives on. Watch visual wizard Daito Manabe once again cast his technical spells in the video above: a six-minute tour de force of projection mapped illusions,...Show More Summary

IMG MGMT: A Reflection on the “Spiritual Archeologist” Klaus Dona

last weekArts : Art Fag City

I find his work annoying and frustrating, the presentation simple and slight. The ultimate aim is to misinform the already mindless—yet I love every one of these objects. I shouldn’t, but I do. To me, they represent the confusion and insanity of life, and give me hope that anyone’s misguided psychology can have something redeeming. I see a reflection of myself in Klaus.

On Being-Hated: Werner Schroeter, Erika Staiti, “Community”

Let’s start with where I can’t go. I could have one lover, maybe two; I could text someone I don’t know from the Internet and meet them on a street corner, kiss them when we don’t yet know each other’s names. I could stand on the same street corner, abandoned callously by someone else’s lover, […]

Monday Links: Medieval Reactions, Alien Art Handlers

last weekArts : Art Fag City

Only the New Yorker editorial staff could get away with the line “It feels good to live like the one per cent.” Yes, after reviewing the bacon cheeseburger, chicken paillard, and the fudgy brownie, that’s exactly the emotion I would have, too. Show More Summary

Tools For Tap Dance: Pocket Steps

Learn about what tap dancers call "pocket steps" and find out how to create your own. Hint: Great tap steps usually start with a little stealing.

Movie Nightmares Collide in Dream Sequence Supercut

From 8 1/2 to The Big Lebowski, the most famous dreams and nightmares in movies collide in Subconscious Cinema, a new supercut from Gabriel Adelman, a.k.a. Dreamscience Films. Weaving together surreal snippets from the minds of Martin...Show More Summary

This C-SPAN Bot Proves Politicians Say the Same Things

INVESTIGATION and SERVICE and TIME from CSPAN Five on Vimeo. "SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE, INVESTIGATION, SERVICE, TIME, INVESTIGATION..." Sometimes the use of strong, simple language becomes so favored a tool in politicians' repertoires that it seems like buzz-worthy keywords are the only ones coming out of their mouths. Show More Summary

Last of China’s Lotus Feet Women

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

As the last generation of Chinese women with bound feet ages into their final decades, Jo Farrell set out to photograph the survivors of this brutal beauty tradition. Their toes contorted under and flattened over time, their heels pulled tight into a bracing arch, these “lotus feet” are now wrinkled by time and a life not […]

Scriptnotes, Ep 188: Midseason Finale — Transcript

The original post for this episode can be found here. John August: Hello and welcome. My name is John August. Craig Mazin: Yeah, my name is Craig Mazin. John: And this is episode 188 of Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters. Now, Craig, if I bring up the term […]

[Longreads] Additivism: 3D Printing's Call to Action

It took over a year of intense reflection and exploration for San Francisco-based new-media artist and art activist Morehshin Allahyari and London-based writer and artist Daniel Rourke to create The 3D Additivist Manifesto, a research...Show More Summary

Watch Four Glowing Tops Spin Music

Images via When artist Myriam Bleau spins her four clear acrylic LED-embedded tops, she can change and inform an algorithm running an electronic musical arrangement. For her performance, Soft Revolvers, each top is linked to an instrument and their motion data is captured by sensors. Show More Summary

The Robot Revolution Is Here

? Building a robot has been one of humanity’s longest-standing dreams. Mechanical helper beings appear in the stories of ancient civilizations the world over, from Greece to China to Israel. On the flip side, the thought of robots running amok is one of our most enduring collective nightmares, a la Terminator and The Matrix. Show More Summary

Designers Craft a Moving Typography Inspired by Famous Artists

Textures from We are Maniacs on Vimeo. A is for the aluminum sculptures of César, Z for the Zoetropes of Peter Hudson. In between, odes to Olafur Eliasson (D for diffraction), Ryoji Ikeda (F for flash), and Dan Flavin (N for Neon) flow...Show More Summary

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