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Motorcycle + Toy Horse = MOTORHORSE

Screencap via Extreme garage inventor Colin Furze goes medieval in his latest feat of engineering overkill, the MOTORHORSE. Part motorbike, part plastic horse, the unholy fusion of mare and machine is like that scene in Mary Poppins where they all ride carousel horses off into an animated meadow, but set to English alt. Show More Summary

[Behind-the-Scenes] Julie Taymor Adapts 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Julie Taymor's A Midsummer Night's Dream Behind the Scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream on Vimeo. When award-winning director Julie Taymor takes on a new project, it typically translates to sold-out shows. Now, with just a movie ticket...Show More Summary

Nothing That Meets the Eye: Double Trouble

“Nothing That Meets the Eye” is a series of essays in which I think through the aesthetic and affective fallout of some of the odder, ubiquitous, and more stubborn byproducts of our culture of copies, reproductions, and fakes. It is only fitting that I end this series back where it began, in the presence of Elaine Sturtevant’s […]

More great double exposure in True Detective's new title sequence

HBO crime drama True Detective is back for a second series, with an all new cast and another great double exposure title sequence by US studio Elastic.

Enter Mind-Bending Simulated Realities at a New Exhibition

UNSOLICITED MEMORIES; ARCHIVAL EXERCISES from andrea wolf yadlin on Vimeo. In Argentine author Adolfo Bioy Casares’ hallucinatory 1940 novella, The Invention of Morel, a shipwrecked fugitive washes ashore on a deserted island. There, he finds islanders who mysteriously appear and vanish without ever noticing him, and two sets of suns and moons. Show More Summary

Meet Kingsley, football's latest furry friend

News broke yesterday – all but flooring Twitter in the process – that illustrator and Turner-Prize winning artist David Shrigley had designed (though some might say conjured) a new mascot for his beloved Partick Thistle FC. And like almost everything Shrigley does, it certainly stirred debate...

A Renegade Art Show Pops Up on an NYC Subway Platform

Image courtesy Apostrophe NYC On June 19th, as commuters exited the J train at the Kosciusko Street stop deep in Bushwick, Brooklyn they were met by a pop-up exhibit of 14 emerging artists. Merging the aesthetics of a gallery space with...Show More Summary

Rose McGowan on the Male Gaze and Teenage Killers in her Directorial Debut 'Dawn'

Images courtesy of RSA / Black Dog Films. Rose McGowan's directorial debut, Dawn, a 17-minute short is 1960's period piece and art thriller, hybridized into a cautionary tale for young women the world over. Dawn, released for general...Show More Summary

Scriptnotes, Ep 202: Everyman vs. Superman — Transcript

The original post for this episode can be found here. John August: Hey, this is John. So today’s episode has Three Page Challenges in it that use some F-words, so if you’re listening to this in the car, there’s a very good chance we will end up using some of those F-words in the podcast. […]

What’s With all the Creepy Art on True Detective?

last weekArts : Art Fag City

Last night's hotly anticipated debut of True Detective's second season on HBO was really confusing. Of course, fans of the show expect to have no idea what is going on with the series' convoluted plots, but one scene in particular caught us off guard. Show More Summary

Gouache in the Wild, James Gurney

Unfairly overlooked among artists’ mediums, gouache is the neglected stepchild of watercolor — disdained by transparent watercolor purists (who I can’t help but picture as cartoon aristocrats, painting with their pinkie fingers extended), and looked at in confusion by oil and acrylic painters. Show More Summary

[Premiere] Aliens and Ancients Dance in Alagoas' New Music Video

Combining both live action and VFX, the video for Alagoas’ new song Ghosts by animator and director DVEIN creates an eerie atmosphere of ritual, celebration, and deception. Drawing inspiration from the song’s lyric, “We’ll be the West...Show More Summary

Release of Gouache in the Wild

(Link to trailer on YouTube)"Gouache"—hard to spell, but fun to paint with.Today is the release of the new video tutorial about painting on location in gouache, or opaque watercolor. I'll tackle six different subjects, with each episode focusing on a different approach to the medium. Show More Summary

Personal but Highly Political Highlights from the 2015 Venice Biennale

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

VENICE — As I feel my way through a curtain and into a pitch-black, cavernous space, a white square shimmers in the distance.

IFX Reviews Tyrannosaurs Video

Review of Tyrannosaurs: Behind the Art, reprinted from ImagineFX Magazine, August 2015 (Rating: 5 out of 5 stars) Dinosaur King / Master illustrator James Gurney educates and delights with an in-depth look at how he created two paintings for Scientific American magazine. Show More Summary

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