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Japan’s Skyline is Full of Self-Replicating Architecture

Tokyo-based artist and filmmaker Aujik imagines Japan’s futuristic cities as self-replicating organisms.

Wednesday Links: Tiffany Trump’s “Music” Discovered, Larry Gagosian Pays Taxes

last weekArts : Art Fag City

Yet another art app no one asked for: Google Arts & Culture. It seems to do many of the same things as Artsy with an eye cast more toward art history. And users can visit architectural wonders using Google Cardboard. And of course, search for artwork by color. Show More Summary

Freelancers -Increasing Your Income Isn’t as Difficult as You Think

Like most freelancers, you constantly work at getting better at everything you do, but at times you seem to hit a plateau. If only you could find a way to increase your productivity, improve the quality of your deliverables, or both....Show More Summary

We Went to Artscape: The Artist-Run Art Fair

last weekArts : Art Fag City

We returned to Open Space's Artist-Run Art Fair at Artscape in Baltimore. Michael: About fifteen feet into the garage, I was struck by the impression that the scrappy Artist-Run Art Fair had suddenly started to look much more like... an art fair. Paddy : So, the elephant in the room: "The White Guilt Confessional Booth".

During the RNC, Two Art Projects Amplify the Voices of Ohio’s Citizens

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

CLEVELAND — Every television ad is for a presidential candidate, the phone rings off the hook with endless robocalls, and people from all over the country knock on the door to make sure I know where to vote.

Crystals and Flowers Explode in New Infinity Room on Tokyo's Artificial Island

Japanese digital art collective teamLab presents their most stunning immersive installations for a show called 'DMM.Planets.'

Video release

The music video Wesley and Lazarus have been working on in California was released today. It has taken them months to get this shot, edited, produced and then finally getting the record company to release it. It was shot around Santa Rosa and San Francisco, really beautifulI am proud.....Here's a link

6 Male Artists Making Inspiring Feminist Work

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — We all know about the terrible gender disparity in the art world. As ladies, we live with systemic sexism on a daily basis.

A Mountain of CG Bodies Reaches Heaven in a Minimal Short

In a music video for Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi’s, artist Alan Warburton creates structures using the human body like a paintbrush.

Extra Fantômes. The real, the fake, the uncertain

In a world where scientific rationalism rules, interest is on the rise for alternative forms of relating to the world and to others.

Carmencita - The First Woman to Appear in Front of an Edison Motion Picture Camera, 1894

The first short films were clear targets for anti-obscenity activists, and this 21-second clip of what the Library of Congress calls the first woman to be in front of an Thomas Edison movie camera is “one of the first ones that we think was banned,” says Wheeler. Show More Summary

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